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PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Living Moran 1923 - 1993 James Anthony Moran 70 70 1923 - 1991 Catherine Ann Kampf 67 67 1904 - 1975 Anthony M. Moran 70 70 1905 - 1998 Blanche Bernadine Spinner 93 93 1892 - 1937 Joseph Kampf 44 44 1896 - 1976 Elizabeth Schaudenecker 80 80 Living Moran Living Moran Living Moran 1929 - 1995 Velma " "Pat" Moran 65 65 Deloras Moran 1881 - 1960 Carl Henry Spinner 78 78 Living O'Brien 1915 - 1991 Lloyd A. Spinner 75 75 1903 - 1971 Harry Spinner 68 68 1907 - 1974 Grace A. Spinner 66 66 1908 - 1987 Bracy Hester 78 78 1916 - 1987 Arlene A 71 71 Living Spinner 1909 - 1993 Mark Spinner 84 84 1882 - 1939 Mary Elizabeth Hornechek 57 57 Could be Harnecheck Mihaly Kampf Catherine Bambach Mathew Schaudenecker 1876 Barbara Lovite 1916 - 1993 Barbara Kampf 76 76 1914 - 1983 Ludwig Kampf 69 69 1920 Tibor Kampf 1926 Joseph Kampf 1922 William Kampf 1925 Albert Kampf 1927 Elizabeth Kampf 1924 - 1993 UNKNOWN Betty 68 68 Living Mary Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Koclanis Living Koclanis Living Koclanis Living Koclanis Living Takacs Living Takacs Living Takacs Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Baily ? Living Rogers Living Rogers Living Rogers Living Shimko Living Shimko Living Rogers Living Rogers Living Rogers Living Rogers Living Susan Living Moran Living Moran Living Moran Living Judy Living Moran Living Moran Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Stone Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Kampf Living Stone Living Stone Living Stone Living Stone Living Stone Living Elmore Living Elmore Living Elmore Living Elmore Matthew Schaudenecker D. 1971 Barbara Schaudenecker Anthony Mueller Living Mueller Living Mueller Living Mueller Living Kut Living Mueller Living Mueller Living Mueller Living Mueller Living Kut Living Kut Living Kut Living Kut 1863 James Francis Moran 1869 Ellen McDonald Living Iacovelli Living Iacovelli Living Sparrow Living Moran Living Moran 1923 - 1988 Eddie Berle Robbins 65 65 Information gained from actual knowledge.  Marriage and birth informati
on from actual documents.  Death information from SSI.
1924 - 1981 Dorathy May Gortz 57 57 Marriage and death information from actual documents.  Other information f
rom information in her files.
From her passport, dated 7/9/1946.  Address 7514 Coles, Chicago.  In Engla
nd from May through at least October, 1946.  
1887 - 1959 Walter Ladislaus Gortz 71 71 Address:<ADDR> 7443 S. Coles; Chicago; IL
Death announcement shows address as 7443 S. Coles, Chicago.  Says th
at he was born in Cleveland.  Says he lived in Chicago for 50 years as a b
artender and cook. 
Death information gained from death notice and gravestone.
Found draft registration.  Waiter.  Birthdate, birthplace, everything el
se match.  This means that he and my grandmother probably met in Chicago.
Found his son's death again.  It shows that he was born in 1913.  Draft in
formation doesn't show any children.  Something wrong there.  Could Walt
er Clarence be from a previous marriage?  At the same time why didn't he s
how up on the draft information?
A bunch of articles/ads in the Suburbanite Economist in 1943.  Walter Gor
tz is the mc for various groups at the Top Hat club.
Parental information gleened from death certificate.
1894 - 1960 Dora May Boyer 65 65 Cause of Death:<CAUS> Septicemia
Per her death certificate, she lived in Chicago for 40 years.  That wou
ld have put her in Chicago around 1920.  Last address was 7614 S. Saginaw.
Birth information gained from census and death certificate.  Marriage info
rmation gained from family information.
Death certificate shows her b/d as 1894.  Information from gravestone.
1922 Florence E. Gortz Possible address and phone.  10834 W. Kaibab Dr., Sun City, AZ 85373, 623-
1920 - 1986 Charles Rydberg 66 66 1940 - 1993 Lawrence C. Rydberg 53 53 Living Rydberg Living Rydberg 1913 - 1968 Walter Clarence Gortz 55 55 When he lived in the Chicago area, he lived at 10025 Agatite in Schiller P
There is a Doris Gortz who might fit the background of being his wife.  S
he died in Florida.
If he was born in 1913, I truly wonder if he might have come from a previo
us marriage.  Some things just don't add up.
1901 - 1989 Lillian Amelia Boyer 87 87 In 1920, Aunt Lillian was living with Aunt Hattie in Detroit.  Everythi
ng matches. 
During the 1920s, she was one of the original wing walkers.  Perform
ed on a Curtiss Jenny.  Performed as Lillian Boyer's Flying Circus.
1857 - <1920 Franklin (Frank) H. Boyer 63 63 I found Franklin listed in the PA census from 1860 through 1880.  In 18
85 Franklin appears in the Hooper Nebraska census.  All dates match.
1900 census from Nebraska shows his birth as Sept., 1856.
1900 census also shows George Mitchel as being a laborer on the farm and h
is father Jerry as being a carpenter.  Both lived in the Boyer househol
As of 1910 there is no list of anyone from the household being in Nebraska
1869 - 1958 Elizabeth Krupp 89 89 From her death certificate, she lived in Chicago for 35 years.  If th
is is close to correct that means she came to Chicago in about 1923.
In the 1900 census you find Louisa and Franklin Boyer in Dodge County, Neb
raska.  All of the information that appears on this sheet is primarily fr
om that sheet.
Death notice shows her living at 120 E. 21st. St., Chicago. Death notice s
hows her as being 89.  Death date from funeral home card. 
Marriage information from copy of actual marriage certificate.
As of the 1900 census, it shows that she was here for six years.  It sho
ws her coming here in 1884.    In the column for how long you have be
en in the U.S., it is hard to tell if this number is 6 (1884 arrival
), or 16 (1874) arrival.
The 1900 census shows that she, and her parents, were all born in German
y.  Shows her as being naturalized in either 1884 or 1889 (hard to read
).  1920 census shows here emigrating in 1880 and naturalized in 1895.
As of 1910 there is no list of any of the family being in Nebraska.
In 1920 census, Elizabeth Boyer is shown as being a servant for Sarah We
il in Cleveland, Cuyhoga County, OH.
Information from gravestone.
Death Certificate - Shows parents as unknown.  Shows her living in Chica
go for 35 years.  If that's correct, she came to Chicago in 1923.
1894 - 1981 Harry Jacob Boyer 87 87 1930 census shows Harry & Herbert living together in LA.  Shows Harry as b
eing married when he was 24.  I found Harry J. Boyer & Pearl Boyer divorc
ed August 26, 1912
In 1920 he's in Detroit as a bev. co. salesperson.  Rose B is his wife.
1917 draft card shows he had a wife and 1 child.  1920 census shows wif
e, no children.
1893 - 1965 Herbert F. Boyer 71 71 1920 census he's in Detroit with Lillian, Harry and Hattie.
1930 census Herbert & Harry are living in LA.
Shows that Herbert was a widow.  If this is correct, that means that Herbe
rt was married some time after 1920 and his wife died some time before 193
0.  It would appear that they didn't have any children, or if they did th
ey ended up with someone else.
1917/1918 Draft card shows his birthday as 1893 not 1892.  It also shows t
hat he had one eye.  Also shows that he's married.
1900 - 1972 Edgar Bryant Robbins 71 71 In 1910 census he & Ulus are living with John Jones & Annie. 1903 - 1928 Eva May Forbes 25 25 Most of Eva's information came from her.  Some information came from cens
us information.
Since her mother was full blooded Cherokee, she's 1/2.
Dawes #15481.
1879 Ruth Parris Ruth is full blooded Cherokee.
Dawes #15479
Census Card #M3057
1874 - <1910 Joel Washington Robbins 36 36 Information from Annie's diary and LDS website.
Marriage information verified by LDS website.
1900 census shows he was born in 1875.
1875 - 1957 Annie Ananda Henderson 81 81 As of 1910 census Annie is married to John Jones.  Much of Annie's and inf
ormation about her siblings came from a small diary that Annie kept.  I ha
ve a copy of that diary.  One problem with that diary is that in many cas
es she refers to people by their nicknames.  Also, the spelling can be o
ff some times.
In the 1910 census for Arkansas.  I found Edgar and Ulus Robbins.  They we
re being shown as the stepsons of John Jones.  Annie A. was shown as Jo
hn Jones wife.  She was 34 in 1910, he was 62.  On the next line Elizabe
th Henderson (Annie A. Henderson's maiden name before she married Joel Rob
bins) was shown as being born in about 1845 in Kentucky.  Her parents a
re both being shown as born in Kentucky.
1905 - 1947 Elsie Robbins 42 42 1894 - 1937 Willie Vernie Robbins 43 43 In 1900 Willie ends up with Pleas Jones and Lula (?) Jones.  They're in Ga
rner, AR.  Shows Willie as being their nephew.  
1898 - 1987 Ulus Calvin Robbins 88 88 Shows up in Kansas City, MO in 1930.  Carpenter.
In 1910 census he and Edgar are living with John Jones & Annie
1927 Ruth Ann Robbins Ruth's & MA's information came from them. D. 1956 Audry Miller 1932 - 2004 Donald Edward Robbins 71 71 Living Robbins Living Robbins Living Robbins Living Biorkonan Judy Robbins 1841 - 1918 Elizabeth M Covington 77 77 Ray Miller Robbins Ross Richard Robbins Robert Carl Robbins Nicholas Howard Robbins 1928 Willaim Ray Robbins 1952 - 1980 Richard George O'Brien 27 27 1891 - 1983 Hattie J. Boyer 91 91 In 1910 census, Hattie is shown as a servant for the Blamber (sp?) fami
ly in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.  She is not shown in the Nebraska c
ensus for that year.  Her birth year, and other information appea
rs to be correct.
1899 Carrie Boyer 1930 census.  See info. for Clyde. 1925 Patrick Joseph O'Brien Living O'Brien Living O'Brien Living Pavloff Living O'Brien 1835 - 1902 John William Henderson 67 67 [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #5059, Date of Import: Dec 27, 2000]
Served American Civil War from July 1862 to 6 May 1865 in Company F,
Monroe's Arkansas Cavalry, Confederate Army.
1890 - 1980 BERTHA PURPLE 90 90 1903 - 1989 UNKNOWN Besssie 86 86 1935 - 2001 Harry D. Spinner 65 65 1834 Bernard Spinner 1845 Mary Goodwater 1868 Mary Spinner 1867 Benj Spinner 1870 John Spinner 1872 William Spinner 1874 Katie Spinner 1876 Anna Spinner 1877 Barnhard Spinner 1879 Fred Spinner 1911 - 2003 Gilda L. Spinner 91 91 Living Bennett UNKNOWN Keating William Bennett 1811 - 1875 Benjamin Bonneau 63 63 1813 - 1893 Mary Louisa Caurrier 80 80 1784 - 1857 Benjamin Bonneau 73 73 1789 Anne Marie Robert 1791 Andre Caurrier 1789 Marie Therrin 30 Jan 1742/43 - 1809 Dominique E. Benjamin Bonneau 12 Jan 1748/49 - 1785 Marie Catherine Giroux 1745 Jacques Robert 1740 Marie LeBeau 1906 - 1991 UNKNOWN Florence 85 85 Living Spinner Ernie Werner 1896 Henry M. Hoxie 1899 Clyde M. Goodman Shown in the 1930 Census for Wayne County, Lockmoor, MI.  Shows him bei
ng an insurance salesman.
1896 - 1896 John Boyer 5m 5m Living Lief Living Wasak Living Lief Living Lief Living Lief 1879 George Forbes George Forbes appears in the 1910 census.  Shown in Cherokee, OK under t
he Indian population figures.  He is shown as being white, his wife is sho
wn as being indian.  Shows him being born in Kentucky and both his paren
ts being born in Kentucky.  Showed he owned is own home, which was a far
m.  Showed he couldn't read, or write.  All tribal information was blan
k, which would make sense since he was white.
Also shown in the 1900 census.  Ditto information.
1849 - 1891 Zachariah Taylor Parris 42 42 1852 UNKNOWN Betsy 1546 - 1609 Richard Eliot 63 63 1542 - 1617 Bridget Carswell 75 75 1917 - 2001 M. A. Thayer 84 84 Living Gortz Living Gortz 1851 - 1934 John Jones 83 83 1900 - 1991 Coy Denton 91 91 1924 Joel Denton Robbins 1929 Howard Ivan Robbins 1862 - 1948 John A. Henderson 86 86 1866 - 1926 Henry Sylvester Henderson 59 59 Have found Henry in various census in Arkansas from 1880 thru 1920. 1866 Arnetta Henderson 1869 - 1932 Margaret Henderson 63 63 1871 Mary Emily Henderson 1875 Alice Henderson 1864 Levi M. Henderson 1863 Joseph W. Henderson 1861 Melvina Alice Henderson 1857 Nancy L. Henderson 1855 Abner M. Henderson Show's up in the 1910 census as a doctor. 1877 Isabella Henderson 1849 Emiline F. Traywick Napolean's 1920 census says his mother was born in TX Mary Ellen Henderson 1877 Hilliard Henderson 1879 Agusta Henderson 1882 Napolean Henderson Matthew Henderson 1856 Hillard A. Traywick Marriage information came from the state of Arkansas records for that ti
me period.  I was looking something else up and accidentally came across t
Miles Traywick 1877 John Traywick Charlotte Traywick 1886 Joseph Traywick James Traywick 1892 Ernest Traywick Mary T. Weatherford Hiram Henderson Mimmie Henderson Walter Henderson Beulah Henderson 1870 Sarah Ann Loutan 1889 Milton Henderson 1891 Anna Isabella Henderson 1892 Myrtle Lou Henderson Gilbert Henderson Emmett Henderson Erastus Henderson Adelle Henderson Newton Tucker Maybelle Tucker Dora Tucker Odos Tucker John Tucker Gracie Tucker Clyde Triroklu William Tucker Grover Tucker Edward Harris Lilly Harris 1847 - 1932 Joel Dial Robbins 85 85 1851 - 1896 Martha Louiza Brabbin 44 44 ~1904 Alvin Forbes 1907 - 1994 James H. Forbes 87 87 ~1908 Bettie Forbes 1812 - 1890 Henry Boyer 77 77 I found Henry in the 1860 PA census.  It appears that he was born around 1
812, or 1813.  His wife is listed at various times as Abigail, Abyby, a
nd Abbie.  He was listed as a farmer.  He is still alive in 1880 wh
en he is listed as a retired farmer.  No census for 1890.  Not listed in 1
Found Henry in census from 1840 through 1880.
Henry living next to Daniel in 1880.  In 1880 census wife listed as Abigai
In 1870, it shows Penn Twp., Snyder County, and Salem P.O.  In 1870 Danie
l, Sarah and Franklin (13) are living with Henry.  It appears that Willi
am is married and living next door.
In 1850 there is an Emilia.
LDS site shows Henry Boyer born either 3 or 8 Mar. 1812 to Catherine Newm
an & Jacob Boyer.  Shows him dying 3 Feb. 1890.
~1819 UNKNOWN Abigail In the 1870 census she is marked as being deaf, dumb, or blind also that s
he couldn't write.  1850 census does not show anything about being deaf, d
umb or blind.
This could be Abigail Hicks.  b. Feb 1812, died 2 Dec 1865.  Nope, dates d
on't match.  AH was married to Henry Boyer in 1806.
1841 - 1909 William H. Boyer 68 68 Notes from 1870 census shows William H. married to Catherine.  Shown in 18
60 census.
Also got this information and confirmation of mother and father from LDS s
Notes on children from 1880 & 1870 census.
Marriage info. comes from #years married in 1900 census.
~1843 Emelia Boyer The 1860 census shows that Amelia was married within the year.  She w
as 17 at the time.  William Boyer was 19.  Was Amelia William's wife?
~1846 Daniel H. Boyer Information from the 1870, 1880, Snyder, Penn. Census. ~1853 Sarah Boyer Ella A. 1874 John H. Boyer ~1871 Harriett E. Boyer 1818 - 1893 Matilda Hubbard 75 75 1851 Drennan Roll: Disputed, 45 as Matilda Parris
1880 Census (CN): Tahlequah, 1739 as Matilda Parris
D. 1930 George Henderson 1922 Macie Sunshine Robbins 1898 Carinal Traywick ? 1888 Oliver Henderson 1920 census. Bet 1862 and 1866 Franklin London Emory Melvina Emory Franklin Emory Chieftain Emory Walter Emory Belle Emory Odie Emory James Emory UNKNOWN Margaret ~1799 - ~1865 Abner Newton Henderson 66 66 Abner Henderson was a farmer and a millwright by occupation. At his deat
h, he owned 320 acres of land. He emigrated to arkansas from Alabama in De
cember, 1844, locating in Pike County Arkansas. He was prominently indenit
ified with the interests of this county until his death which occurr
ed in 1865. His widow followed him, passing away in 1881. He an his wife w
ere both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
Census: 1850 Pike Co., AR
Thompson Township
Abner Henderson 51 m Farmer $120 N. Carolina
Levisa (Alford) 42 f Virginia
John 15 m Alabama
William 14 m Alabama
Abner 11 m Alabama
Jackson 6 m Arkansas
Martha 10 f Alabama
Mary 2 f Arkansas
Jane Phineter 34 f Virginia
~1808 - 1881 Levisa Vice Alford 73 73 ~1836 - 1930 William Pleas Henderson 94 94 ~1837 - 1926 Abner Newton Henderson 89 89 1840 - 1886 Martha Ann Henderson 46 46 1842 - 1921 Louis Marion Henderson 79 79 1844 - 1881 Andrew Jackson Henderson 36 36 1848 - 1890 Mary Elizabeth Henderson 42 42 ~1812 Henry S. Brabbin 1780 - ~1843 James Brabbin 63 63 HEAD OF FAMILIES—VIRGINIA, 1783 - AMHERST COUNTY
Sorrow, Henry 5 -
Estate File State of GA Archives in Atlanta for Oglethorpe County
Sorrow, Henry 1810-1815
Child Annual returns 1810-1815
Polly Bond Guardian 1814
Inventory & Appraisement
Sale Bill 1810
Administrator - John Tiller
Following were legatees who signed for their legacy:
Jno S Sorrow
Polly Sorrow (her mark)
Wm Sorrow
Randal Sorrow
James Sorrow
Rubin Eads
James Brablin (his mark)
(Most of the above signed more than once for different amounts-WDT).
It appears that both Henry Sorrow and John Tiller were in Amherst Coun
ty VA in 1783 and neither were there in 1785. Both were probably in Ogleth
orpe County (then Wilkes County) by 1785.
1800 Census Oglethrope County Hardman's Dist. 11th
3 males 10 - 16 years of age John Sumpter, Randolph, James
1 male 16 - 26 years of age William
1 male over 45 years of age Henry
2 females under 10 years of age Ann, Polly
1 female 16-26 years of age Elizabeth
1 female 26-45 years of age Mary
Henry received 200 acres on Millstone Creek in 1877 and also bought 100 ac
res on Millstone Creek from Herod and Phereby Thornton on the 6th of Jan 1
787. This 100 acres had been granted to Herod as a headright in 1786. Henr
y's property adjourned that of John Tiller. Henry's being granted 200 acr
es would indicate that he was not married nor did he own any slaves wh
en he arrived in Wilkes County. However, I have several children born befo
re 1784. It is possible that Henry came first to Oglethorpe and then his f
amily came, possibly with his father who is believed to have arrived lat
er although his father was selling his land in Albermarle County, VA in 17
85 to John Eads so it might not have been much later.
Answer from Keith Moody concerning legatee James Brablin in Henry's esta
te papers.
Hello Wayne Tiller,
Henry Sorrow's daughter Sally Sorrow married:
1)1795 Oglethorpe Co Ga to Zechariah Kidd
2)1806 Oglethorpe Co GA to James Barbin/Brabin (Sep. 18, 1806)
See posting #62 on the Sorrow Genforum "First four
generations" for more info on Henry Sorrow's children.
I have more info on more recent generations if you are
Keith Moody
1779 - >1858 Sarah E. Sorrow 79 79 1818 Jane Goodman 1838 William Jefferson Brabbin 1841 - 1862 George Washington Brabbin 21 21 1845 Sarah Ann Brabbin Samuel Allen Jr. 1847 Nicey Brabbin 1850 - 1887 Jane Brabbin 37 37 1848 - 1897 John Wilkie Moore 48 48 D. 1798 William Brabbin UNKNOWN Rosemary 1809 Stacy Ann Brabbin 1804 - 1884 Isaiah Dodson 79 79 1810 Mary Brabbin 1814 William Whitley Tempy Bowling D. <1730 Henry Brabin D. 1737 UNKNOWN Elizabeth John Brabbin Lucy Johnson 1842 Susan A. Irvin UNKNOWN unknown ~1918 - 2004 Clyde H. Goodman 86 86 From LDS. There was a Clyde Goodman who was born in Michigan 24 Sep 191
7, who died in California 30 Oct. 2004.  He died in San Bernardino.
1921 Shirley Goodman 1812 - 1869 George Washington Parris 57 57 1851 Drennan Roll: Disputed, District 45
Indian Name: Georgea Tulusquit
Given Name: George Washington (Georgea-Tulusquit)
* Burial: Parris Cemetery, Lost City, Cherokee Co., Oklahoma
* Note:
1. Tombstone inscription transcribed and photographed on location in Sep 1
The Cherokee "Trail of Tears" 1838-1839
1836 - 1896 Mary Parris 60 60 1833 Herny Lowrey 1838 - 1865 Moses Parris 27 27 1840 - 1882 John Parris 42 42 1843 - 1911 Wilkerson Hubbard Parris 68 68 Dawes Commission Summary
Nov 27, 1900
Tahlequah, I. T.
My name is Wilkerson H. Parris. I am 55 or 56 yrs old; my post-office a
nd district is Tahlequah. I am a Cherokee by blood. I want to enroll mysel
f, my wife and my children. My wife's name is Jane; she is a Cherokee by b
lood. We were married in '68. She is about 53 now. The names of our childr
en are Jackson, about 19 and Charlotte, about 12.
1880 roll, pg 789 #1587, W. H. Parris, Tahlequah
1880 roll, pg 789 #1858, Jane Parris, ditto
1896 roll, pg 1222 #2484, Wilkerson H. Parris, Tahlequah
1896 roll, pg 1222 #2485, Jane Parris, ditto
1896 roll, pg 1222 #2487, Jackson Parris, ditto
1896 roll, pg 1222 #2488, Charlotte Parris, ditto
These are all the children I have living with me now and we have always li
ved in the Cherokee Nation.
The name of Wilkerson H. Parris is found on the authenticated 1880 ro
ll as W. H. Parris, and on the 1896 census roll as Wilkerson H. Parris. H
is wife is found upon the authenticated 1880 and 1896 census rolls, and th
eir children, Jackson, and Charlotte Parris are identified on the census r
oll of 1896. They all being fully identified according to the page and num
ber of the rolls as indicated in the testimony, and having made satisfacto
ry proof as to residence the said Wilkerson H. Parris and his wife Jane Pa
rris, together with their children as enumerated herein, will be listed f
or enrollment as Cherokee citizens by blood.
1847 - 1910 Jane Rattlinggourd 63 63 1845 Henry Parris 1847 Noah Parris Paulina Virginia Williams ~1794 - 1863 Moses "Tu Lu Squit" Parris 69 69 History of the Cherokee Indians, by Emmet Starr,
Candidate in Hickory Logs District (Pg. 52)
Circuit Judge, 1849 (Pg. 294)
Councilor - Illinois District, 1853 (Pg. 278)
Senator - Illinois District, 1841 (Pg. 269)
Signed Agreement July 12, 1839, on behalf of Western Cherokees (Pg. 122)
Signed Constitution of Cherokee Nation September 6, 1839, (Pg. 130)
Supreme Court of Cherokee Nation - Associate Justice 1844 (Pg. 292)
The Muster Roll of Cherokee Indians who emigrated West of the Mississip
pi River, Page 41, shows Moses Parris and his family. Males under 10 (1
), under 25 (2), under 50 (1). Gemales under 10 (1), under 25 (1), und
er 50 (1).
Moses Parris appears on the 1896 Old Settler Payroll, page 260, together w
ith sally and Melissa.
Facts about this person:
Event September 25, 1831
Emigration Roo, No. 13, agrees to remove to Arkansas Country, Living in Hi
ghtower, GA., 7 red people.
"Our People and Where They Rest" Vol. 1, page 45, Vol 11, page 124
Education Bet. 1806 - 1907
Spring Place Mission School
Census 1851
Old Settler Roll, Illinois, 1 (1896, page 371)
Moses Parris, son of George Parris, Sr., was born about 1794 and died in 1
868 in Indian Territory near Tahlequah. His Indian name was"Tu-lu-squit."
"Unhallowed Intrusion" by Don Shadburn
He served in Company G, First Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, Captain James L
eon Butler, Colonel Stand Watie.
Note: Indian Name: Tu Lu Squit
Education Spring Place Mission School, 7-29-1806 thru 2-23-1807
1851 Old Sttler Roll: Illinois, l (1896 page 371)
Served in Company G, First Cherokee Mounted Volunteer, Captain James Le
on Butler, and Colonel Stand Watie.
From Ancestry.Com Lamb, Rutherford, Blair, Lumbers, home page:
Moses married Annie Wickett about 1813 in Cherokee Nation, Forsyth Count
y, Georgia, born abt. 1783, Cherokee Nation, Forsyth County, Georgia.
The following children belonged to them: Johnson A. Parris, born abt 181
5, Cherokee Nation East
Green Parris, born abt 1822, Cherokee Nation East, Emeline Parris, born Ju
ne 29, 1827, Cherokee Nation East
Sallie Parris, born about 1833, Cherokee Nation East
The Jim Hicks Home page shows these children belonging to Mary Langley.
1790 - 1851 Mary Langley 61 61 Richard Parris 1799 Annie Wickett William Quincy Wickett Charlotte Standingdeer 1823 - 1909 Harriet Thomas 85 85 1822 - 1902 Priscilla Wood 80 80 1790 Annie Self 1780 Penny Langley Melissa Parris Jackson Wright Thomas Johnson Parris Delilah Chicken Bryant Parris Rachel Parris 1821 - 1898 H Greenwood "Green" Parris 77 77 Janes Hendricks 1827 Emaline Parris 1825 - 1865 William Crawford Beatty 40 40 Robert Beatty Sarah Phillips 1833 Sallie Parris Lewis Carter Tyner ~1758 - 1811 George Parris 53 53 George changed the spelling of his name from Pearis to Parris perhaps to d
istinguish himself from his white half brother and sisters. On Dec 21, 17
73 George was in a land deal with Cherokee headmen,Oconosota, Willimawah,E
we and his father Richard,the three chiefs deeded 150,000 acres of la
nd to George for 100 English pounds,a tracked of land in the Cherokee dist
,crossing the middle fork and to the noo fork of Saluda River and the he
ad branches of Enoree River,near the middle fork of Tiger River on the ind
ian Boundry.
APRIL 1775
The next yr George deeded his father 100,000 acres for 500 English poun
ds ,reserving 50,000 acres for himself.
During the revolution it is know ,George served the Britsh as a scout a
nd some think maybe an interpreter,since his father was sometimes employ
ed by traders and British agents. It is recorded that in 1809 George Parr
is gave Charles Goodwin ,a lawyer of Edgewood ,power of attorney statei
ng that he was leaving SC.
It is also recorded that in 1808 James Vann named Parris as one of his tru
sted executors along with richard rowe another half blood ,in his last wi
ll and testament. Following Vann's death in 1809,Parris acted as a lawf
ul executor in the Cherokee Nation in carrying out certain provisions of V
ann's will respecting his Springs Place estate.
George Parris had two cherokee wives,Caty Baldridge and her sisterwere mot
hers of several children of George's,this is what some speculate,others s
ay that his wives were daughters of Aarron Price.
Parris moved to a place on Baldridge Creek west of the Chattahoochee riv
er in what was later the 14th Dist.of Forsyth Co.
Personal Tax List 1806:
2 white tihes-----3 slaves ages 12-16------7 slaves over age 16-----13 hor
11.96 amount of tax
George is said to have fathered 10 children in GA in the 1800's
JUNE 1,1790 George bought 203 acres in Clover Bottom from mitchell clay f
or 300 pounds, and on the same day bought 1 acre on the east side of New R
iver for 10 pounds ,and 109 acres on Black Lick Creek for 50 pounds
Facts about this person:
Census 1806
property tax ,Giles Co,VA
Namesake 1806
PEARISBURG,Giles Co,VA was formed
Alt. Namesake 1808
Pearisburg,Giles Co,VA est.
Alt. Namesake 1835
PEARISBURG,Giles Co,VA incorp.
Alt. Namesake 1914
PEARISBURG,Giles Co,VA reincorp.
Event 1 May 13, 1806
1st court in Giles co VA,George's house
Event 2 1809
moved to Forsyth Co VA
Event 3 1819
mentioned in 1st removeal treaty
EVENT 4 1790
1725 - 1794 Richard Pearis 69 69 Richard Pearis (born 1725; died 1794 at Nassau), probably born in Irelan
d, was a son of George and Sarah Parris who died in 1752 and 1753, respect
ively. Richard, as a young man, served in the French and Indian War and w
as distinguished by a certain notoriety as an interpreter and trader amo
ng the Indians at Old Chota and other Indian town sites before the Americ
an Revolution. In 1768, he left Winchester, Virginia, and moved to Greenvi
lle, South Carolina, settling on Reddy River. Here, where no white man h
ad cleared land before, he established a large plantation and built a gri
st mill and trading post, stocking it with goods hauled from Charlesto
n. He is known to have sired two children by a Cherokee wife (Pratchey Moy
toy): George Parris, born about 1760, and his sister Nelly (married to Jo
hn Dougherty, son of James Sr.) Some years later, his white wife, Rhoda, b
ore him a son and two daughters: Richard Pearis, Jr., Elizabeth, and Sar
ah (Cunningham).
* This information was culled from "Unhallowed Intrusion: A History of Che
rokee Families in Forsyth County, Georgia" written by Don L. Shadburn, pub
lished by WH Wolfe Associates in Apharetta, Georgia. (c) 1993 by Don L. Sh
adburn. From page 611.
Captain Richard Pearis was sent by the British to arouse the Indians again
st the white settlers. His second marriage was to a Cherokee Indian. Throu
gh the son George, being l/2 Cherokee, he was able to receive 10,000 acr
es of land from the Cherokees, even though it was illegal to buy land fr
om them at that time. The plantation in Greenville, South Carolina was cal
led The Great Plains. Richard became an Indian trader and interprete
r. He was one of the first white men that learned to speak the Cherokee la
nguage. Because of his loyalty to the British, he was banned from the Colo
nies and died in poverty in the Bahamas.
* Information from the Aday-MacDonald Family Home Page:
Richard Pearis, probably born in Ireland. As a young man, he served in t
he French and Indian War and was distinguished by a certain notorie
ty as a interpreter and trader among the Indians at Old Chota and Other In
dian Town sites before the American Revolution. In 1768 he left Wincheste
r, Virginia, and moved to Greenville, South Carolina, settling on Reedy Ri
ver. Here, where no white man had cleared land before, he established a la
rge plantation and built a grist mill and trading post, stocking it with g
oods hauled from Charleston. He is known to have sired two children by a c
herokee wife. Some years later, his white wife, Rhoda, bore him a son a
nd two daughters.
* From "Homeward Bound, The Bahamas Islands to 1850" By Sandra Riley. 
1734 - 1770 Pratchey Moytoy 36 36 Ani"-Ga"tage"wi=Kituah or Wild Potato(Wa-Wli Vann) Cherokee Nation Clan 1787 Caty Baldridge : There is a lot of confusion as to which Baldridge was the mother of Geor
ge's children. Hannah and Caty were sisters, born about two years apart. (
Caty was born in approx. 1758, and Hannah was born in approx. 1760.) Rath
er than try to guess, I will just leave my entry as having both names in i
1800 Nellie Parris Lucretia Parris D. 1858 John Parris 1642 - 1716 Heinrich Nicolaus Rettinghausen 74 74 1813 Aaron Parris William Parris Caty Parris 1786 Jesse Parris ? Betsy Parris 1800 - 1837 Sallie Parris 37 37 George Parris Jr. 1794 - 1858 Robert Parris 63 63 1772 - 1830 Noah Langley 58 58 Information from 1831 Georgia Voters
117 . LANGLEY, Noah
Prescribed Oath List wife 6 children
1834 Forsyth Co. Langley, Noah 9
Forsyth County, GA 1834 Census shows a Noah Langley as head of household w
ith a total of 9 in the family.
Event: census 1790 1790 Fayette Dist, Ansom Co, North Carolina Event: cens
us 1830 1 Quality: 3 1830 Hall Co, Georgia Note:
Langley, Noah
State: Georgia Year: 1830
County: Hall Roll: M19_18
(Part of Forsyth was in Hall Co, for 1830 cenus.)
Change Date: 3 OCT 2002 Event: census 1840 2 Quality: 3 1840 885th Milit
ia Dist, Forsyth Co, Georgia Note:
First Federal Census for Forsyth Co, GA
Noah Langley
State: Georgia Year: 1840
County: Forsyth Roll: M704_41
1 male 15-20
1 male 60-70
2 females 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 female 50-60
1812 1st Regiment Chambers' Georgia Militia
Event: census 1790 1790 Fayette Dist, Ansom Co, North Carolina Event: cens
us 1830 1 Quality: 3 1830 Hall Co, Georgia Note:
Langley, Noah
State: Georgia Year: 1830
County: Hall Roll: M19_18
(Part of Forsyth was in Hall Co, for 1830 cenus.)
Change Date: 3 OCT 2002 Event: census 1840 2 Quality: 3 1840 885th Milit
ia Dist, Forsyth Co, Georgia Note:
First Federal Census for Forsyth Co, GA
Noah Langley
State: Georgia Year: 1840
County: Forsyth Roll: M704_41
1 male 15-20
1 male 60-70
2 females 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 female 50-60
1795 - 1852 Andrew Wood 57 57 Rachel Parris 1750 - 1799 Lock Langley 49 49 1709 William Dunbar 1638 Ermgard Rittenhousen 1680 - 1752 George Pearis 72 72 WILL OF GEORGE PEARIS VIRGINIA
Dated: Nov. 15, 1749. Proven Sept. 14, 1752
In the name of God Amen. I, George Pearis Senior of the County & pari
sh of Frederick in the colony of Virginia, being through the abundant mer
cy and goodness of God, though weak in Body, yet of a sound & perfect memo
ry & understanding, do constitute this my last will and testament and desi
re it may be received by all as such revoking & disallowing all other wi
ll or wills testimony or testaments heretofore by me made or declared eith
er by word of mouth or by writing and Imprimis, I most humbly bequea
th my soul to God my maker, expecting his most gracious acceptance of it t
hrough the all sufficient merits & mediations of my most compassionate Red
eemer Jesus Christ who gave himself to be the atonement for my sins a
nd is able to save to uttermost those who come to by him, seeing he ever l
iveth to make intercession for them & who I trust will not reject his G
od fearing penitent sinner when I come to him for mercy.
In this hope & confidence I render up my soul in death, humbly beseechi
ng the most Blessed and Glorious & only on God most Holy, most merciful a
nd gracious for the time of my dissolution and then to receive me to himse
lf unto that peace and rest and in Incapable Felicity which he has reserv
ed for all that love and fear him. Amen. Blessed by God.
Imprimis, I give my body to the Earth from whence it was formed and ord
er it to be buried at the Presbyterian meeting house in the county aforesa
id in faith awaiting its Resurrection form thence at the last day. As f
or my burial, I desire I may decrease without pomp or state at the discret
ion of executors hereafter named who I doubt not will attend with all requ
isite care and prudence as to my wishes.
I will and positively order that all my lawful debts be paid and fully dis
Then I give and bequeath to my Daughter Christian Neally one English Cro
wn by reason I gave her a childs part already.
Item I give and bequeath to my eldest son George Pearis one English Crow
Item I give my second son Richard Pearis that tract of land I bought of Pe
ter Nelson whereon he now dwells to him, his heirs and assigns for ever to
gether with my best riding horse and my wearing apparel.
Item I give and bequeath to my third and youngest son Robert Pearis that t
ract of patent land which I bought of William Hoge whereupon I now dwell f
or the use of him and his heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife Sarah, one end of my d
welling house ever which end she thinks best to choose during her lifeti
me or widowhood and also I do order and allow her twenty bushels of whe
at and twenty bushels of Indian corn to be paid to her year by ye
ar by my said son Robert Pearis during her life or widowhood together wi
th one third part of all my movable estate not disposed of yet.
All bonds and bills and book debts what so ever accepted the remainder whe
reof shall fall to my son Robert after all my debts be discharged.
Item I do leave that tract of land which I bought of Richard Morgan in t
he care of my son Robert for the space of seven years ensuing the date her
eof and the expiration of seven years I order it be sold and price there
of lett out on interest and principal sum together with interest sha
ll be paid to my grandson George Pearis's oldest son called George at t
he age of twenty one years. But if in case said grandson should not live t
ill the age of twenty one years then I order said tract of land to my seco
nd son Richard Pearis and his heirs and assigns forever.
Item I do give to my grandson John Neally the sum of twenty five pounds cu
rrent money to be paid and discharged to him in horses and mares by my s
on Robert at the age of 21 years and lastly I do nominate and appoint my d
ear and loving wife Sarah to be executrix and my son Robert Pearis to be e
xecutor of this my last Will and Testament toget
<1710 Sarah Pharis 1760 Nellie Parris 1775 John Langley 1778 Ozwell Langley 1811 Levi Melchedic Covington On the LDS website, there's a L.M. Covington shown being married to Maragr
et M. Sawyer.  The problem is that it also shows this same individual as b
eing born in Arkansas.  In later census information, it shows that Le
vi M. Covington was born in Kentucky, not Arkansas.
1820 Margaret M. Sawyer 1846 - 1920 John Henry Forbes 73 73 Marriage information came from LDS site.
It appears that right after they were married, John and Nancy moved in wi
th his family.  Don't know how long they stayed.
Further information from the 1880 census for Kentucky.
1840 - 1917 Nancy Parker 76 76 1824 - 1901 Robert Forbes 76 76 1860 & 1870 census forms.
It appears that John Henry Forbes and his wife Nancy Hayes were married a
nd right afterwards moved in with the Forbes family.  Don't know how lo
ng they stayed.
1824 - 1916 Malinda Phebe Branstetter 92 92 ~1875 - 1972 Lucy Belle Forbes 97 97 1864 - 1935 James Thomas Edward Crocker 71 71 1910 Census John & Nancy Forbes, James' in-laws, are living with them. 1895 Minnie B. Crocker 1899 Maggie Crocker 1902 Nancy A Crocker 1910 Roy Lee Crocker ~1846 - <1860 Emiline Polly Forbes 14 14 ~1848 - <1860 Phebe Forbes 12 12 1849 - 1914 Eli Green Forbes 65 65 1849 - 1944 Sarah Truett 94 94 1852 Mary E. Forbes John Stephens 1855 Emaline Forbes Johathan Tincher 1857 - 1937 Charlotte Forbes 80 80 T.J. Bonds 1867 Robert Forbes Jim B. Allen 1862 Martha Jane Forbes Bob Stephens 1759 - 1854 John Forbes 94 94 1778 - <1870 Mary Polly Hines 92 92 ~1794 - 1841 Henry Branstetter 47 47 ~1800 Elizabeth Craig ~1760 Elizabeth Whitsell 1730 Robert Forbis 1759 - 1811 Johann Michael Brandstetter 52 52 1765 - 1825 Mary Railsbach 60 60 Paul D. Branstetter or last name could have been Snavely 1823 Joel Robbins 1824 Sarah Parker 1765 - 1831 Benjamin Robbins 66 66 Bet 1749 and 1776 - 1879 Sarah Wells ~1842 Benjamin Robbins ~1844 Sarah Robbins ~1848 John Robbins ~1850 Martin Robbins D. 1810 F N Wilson Eliza Robbins 1787 Benjamin Robbins UNKNOWN Elizabeth 1791 - 1879 Soloman Robbins 88 88 1795 - 1820 Mary Elizabeth Sellers 25 25 1801 - 1878 Mary Martha Wilson 76 76 1795 Danial A. Robbins 1807 - 1896 Sara Metson Wilson 88 88 1742 - 1819 Arthur Robbins 77 77 1748 - 1822 Mary Penolope Sellers 74 74 Daniel Robbins 1774 Johnathan Robbins Unknown Robbins 1765 - 1814 Arthur Robbins Jr. 49 49 Rebecca Anderson 1775 - 1828 William Absolom Robbins 53 53 Eliza Predgen 1790 - 1821 Joel Robbins 31 31 1790 - 1836 Mary Reaves 46 46 1720 - 1781 Williams Robbins 61 61 1723 - 1775 Mary Wells Battle 52 52 1738 Luraney Robbins 1721 - 1790 David Michael Horn 69 69 D. 1726 Elizabeth Robbins Thomas William 1745 - 1831 William Robbins 86 86 Phebe Williams 1747 Jethro Robbins UNKNOWN Timcy 1749 Millicent Robbins 1750 Thomas Robbins 1752 Margaret Robbins John Green 1760 - 1819 John Robbins 58 58 Catherine Drew 1689 William Robbins Bet 1701 and 1719 - 1809 Sarah Maddox 1675 - 1725 Thomas Robbins 50 50 1643 - 1698 Mary Hansford 55 55 Lidia Robbins May Robbins Simon Robbins 1755 Rowland Robbins Zilla Robbins 1621 - 1678 Thomas C. Robbins 57 57 1642 - 1675 Mary Hansford 33 33 1698 - 1713 John Robbins 15 15 1595 - 1655 John Robbins 60 60 UNKNOWN Dorothy Ann Robbins 1670 - 1670 George Robbins 1666 Richard Robbins 1671 - 1720 Henry Chiles 49 49 Captain Henry Chiles was born about 1669 in Jamestown, James City Count
y, Virginia
He elected as Vestryman in Saint Peter's Parish Church, New Kent County, V
He served as Justice of the Peace in July 1702 in New Kent County, Virgini
He served as Church Warden in October 1704 in Saint Paul's Parish Churc
h, Hanover County, Virginia.
He served as Justice of the Peace in 1714 in New Kent County, Virginia.
He signed a will in 1718.
He died in 1719/20 in Saint Paul Parish, Hanover County Virginia.
Son Valentine, Manoah with Mary
Henry was deeded 400 Acres of land on the Northern side of thePamunkey Riv
er in King William Couty by Richard Littlepage.
A will made 4-29-1718 in Hanover Co., Va the widow Chiles andsigned by Mar
y. In the Tidewater Va. Families by Virginia LeeHutcheson.
On the Quit Rent rolls (Tax Rolls) Henry was listed as owning700 acr
es of Land in King william Co. in 1704 and also 700 acresin New Kent C
o. in the Parish
of St. Peters and St. Pauls.
1668 John Robbins 1893 - 1929 William Carl Sawyer 35 35 1619 Christopher Robbins 1840 UNKNOWN Catharine Shown in both 1870 and 1880 census.
1910 PA Miracode list shows Catharine as Grandmother.  It turns out that t
his is another C. Boyer living in the same county at the same time.  Th
is one was married to Henry Boyer.
~1865 Gertie A. Boyer Went through all of for gert* boyer.  Came up with nothing. 1867 - <1930 Hughlin E. Boyer 63 63 From 1920 census information.  Penn Twp. Snyder Cty.
Went through everything else with  Nothing else.
~1869 Lydia J. Boyer In 1880 census.  Lydia is with her parents in Penn, Snyder, PA.
No other information found.
~1876 Agnes M. Boyer Agnes appears in the 1880 census.
Nothing else found.
1871 Cora G. Cora is shown in the 1930 census for Snyder, PA.  No Hughlin or Eva P.  Ci
ty is Selinsgrove, PA
~1902 Eva P. Boyer >1908 Nancy Forbes 1879 UNKNOWN Carrie 1900 Annie E. Boyer 1889 Lolla Boyer 1778 - 1845 Jacob Boyer 67 67 1786 - 1860 Catherine Newman 74 74 1810 - 1854 Samuel Boyer 44 44 1828 Elizabeth Boyer 1819 - 1894 Elias Boyer 75 75 1822 - 1900 Catherine Bayer 78 78 Anna Boyer 1825 - 1856 Franklin Boyer 30 30 In 1850 census it appears that Catharine (his mother) is living with him a
nd his wife.
Polly Boyer 1737 - 1836 Leonard Boyer 98 98 1734 Margaretha Johanson Jansen 1695 - 1777 John Conrad Johnson 82 82 1700 - Mar 1731/32 Elizabeth Papen 1709 - 1779 Andreas Bayer 69 69 Arrived 10 September 1731 with father Christopher on the ship "Pennsylvan
ia Merchant"
He was a farmer who lived on the banks of the Perkiomen Creek, near Ziegle
rville, PA. He is listed in the 1776 Assessment list for Frederick Twp., M
ontgomery Co. In 1754 he was overseer of highways in Frederick Twp.
The marriage is found recorded in three different places. Augustus Ev. Lut
heran Church at Trappe, New Providence Twp., Montgomery Co; Records of R
ev Casper Stoever that show that it took place in New Providence; and t
he Old Gohenhoppen Church, were all the family data was recorded about 17
52 showing the marriage date as July 8, 1733.
1714 - 1744 Susanna Catherine Berkheimer 30 30 1680 - 1741 Balthaser Berkheimer 61 61 1682 - 1745 Anna Margaretha Brakemeier 63 63 Written 1966 by Charles Berkheimer
This little study of the American Ancestors of the Berkheimer (unreadabl
e) began a long time ago with the question of a little boy which (unreadab
le) father could not answer. It was, "Where did your grandpa come from?" (
unreadable) grandpa was not quite sure. It was not until I thought that o
ne day I (unreadable) have a grandchild who might ask me the same questi
on that I began to make a serious effort to find out. By that time mo
st of my grandfather's generation had gone to be with their fathers and f
ew more left to give me (unreadable). Since that time I have had the rewar
ding experience of interviewing hundreds of their descendants in Pennsylva
nia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Neb
raska, Colorado, California, and Minnesota. Each person had some clu
es to offer and much definite information. Most of them expressed a desi
re to find out who our immigrant ancestors were and when they came to Amer
It is impossible to give credit to all who have contributed information ab
out their forebears and other relatives. On the Family Genealogical Char
ts which I have deposited in the Historical Libraries at York and Norristo
wn, Penna., however, each source of information is noted. Let me menti
on a few of my benefactors to whom I tried to show appreciation before th
ey passed away. Miss Leah Berkheimer, of Philadelphia, loaned me the manus
cript of her aunt, Mrs. Mary Berkheimer Van Kirk, who had worked on the Mo
ntgomery County Berkheimers; Mr. B. F. Berkheimer, of Greenville, Ohio, h
ad much information about Ohio Berkheimers; Mr. LeRoy Keefer, of Milton, P
enna., knew the Northumberland County descendants of William Berkheimer; t
he George R. Seifert papers in the York County Historical Society are t
he work of a professional genealogist and gave me definite data concerni
ng the descendants of George and Lydia Seifert Berkheimer; Mr. George Berk
heimer, of "Berkheimer's Corner," Cumberland County, knew the John and Lyd
ia Slathower Berkheimer descent; Mrs. Arabella Berkheimer Waltersdorf h
ad invaluable clues concerning her family, the descendants of Henry and Ba
rbara Berkheimer, of York County, Penna. It was a tremendous privile
ge to get to know these fine folks whom, otherwise, I would never have me
t. They have now gone to their rewards.
Dr. David Berkheimer, of Yellow House, Berks County, Penna., made extensi
ve research on the Penna. Berkheimers and generously loaned me his repor
t, whish had not been reduced to genealogical form, except for the Bedfo
rd County Berkheimer Line, to which he belongs. He has completed this latt
er portion of the family genealogy, and has permitted me to use the sever
al generations which appear herewith, on my assumption that they are ve
ry likely to be descendants of the very first Berkheimer immigrant to Amer
Professor Clarence Norman Myers, of Norristown, Penna., and of Haverford C
ollege, has made a most unique and thorough study of the available data co
ncerning the original immigrants and where they lived and were burie
d. He has also, with his professional competence, confirmed my thesis conc
erning our original family name. Professor Myers lived with his Berkheim
er grandparents in Philadelphia as a boy and has a subjective intere
st in our study.
Of course, there were many tedious, but enjoyable, days of research in t
he library of Congress, the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and els
ewhere. Even then I have been unable to relate to our family tree many fam
ilies who probably belong there. This indicates the fact that this stu
dy is quite fragmentary. It is a beginning and I sincerely hope that so
me other member of the family might take it up and some day carry it to gr
eater completion. Of course, a genealogy is never completed.
This story I started for my grandchildren just had to include some eviden
ce as to how the fa
1677 - 1751 Johann Christopher Bayer 74 74 !information from the American Boyers Vol.I Chapter 4.
Christopher Bayer (Johann Christoph Beyer) was born about 1677 in the
neighborhood of Grunstadt in Dackenheim, Palatinate, Germany, according to
information recorded about 1751 by the Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran Chruch, U
Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. He was still living in 1751, but no reco
has been found on his death or burial. The Lutheran Parish Records of
Gross-Karlbach and Dackenheim indicate that he resided at Dackenheim fr
om 1716
to 1728. He came to America from Rotterdam on the ship Pennsylvania Mercha
John Stedman, master, landing at Philadelphia September 11, 1731. With him
came his wife and children. They settled in Frederick Twp., Montgomery Co.
Pa., and became identified early with the Old Goshenhoppen Church. A warra
for 50 acres of land in Upper Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., was issued to
Christopher on March 3, 1737. The tract of land was near Spring Mountain
House. He married in 1702 in Germany, Anna Maria Kuehleisen. He and his wi
may be buried in the old graveyard of the Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran Churc
h, but
their graves are not identifiable.
1681 - 1751 Anna Maria Kuehleisen 70 70 Sarah Boyer 1822 - 1890 Nancy Ellen Lynks 68 68 1822 - 1913 Eliza Jane Lynks 91 91 This came from the 1860 & 1870 census information.
Marriage information came from LDS site.
1842 Daniel Parker 1845 Martha Parker 1846 Mary Parker 1850 Susan Parker 1851 Margaret Parker 1856 Edward Parker 1858 Alfrell Parker ? 1862 Patrick Parker 1865 William Parker 1565 Hermann Hagerhoff 1802 Mary Cornett 1790 - 1840 John Franklin Young 50 50 The Reverend John Franklin Young, his wife, Susan Elizabeth Parker, the
ir children and household migrated from Greenville, South Carolina to Laur
el County, Kentucky in 1812. Following the Daniel Boone Trace they arriv
ed in the area that is now known as Wood Creek Lake Boundary. With a partn
er, John Phillips, they owned forty thousand (40,000) acres of land the
re since the days of George Washington, 1785, according to the Peck Survey
Considering the land not suitable for habitation at that time, the famili
es moved on beyond McWhorter to Pond Creek. The party awoke the morning af
ter their move to find themselves blanketed under four inches of snow.
Their hardships were as many and varied as those endured by pioneers of a
ll times. They hewed farms, homes, schools and church houses out of the wi
lderness. Revered Young gave the land, built the building and became the f
irst pastor of the Rockcastle Church of Jesus Christ as is recorded in t
he minutes of the meetings signed by Frankie Seborn Young, the secretary a
nd daughter-in-law of Reverend Young.
The sons, grandsons and great grandsons of Rev. John Franklin Young and Su
san Elizabeth Parker became ministers, teachers, attorneys, physicians a
nd respected citizens of the community through these six generations.
Per Mrs. JOHNSON, John Franklin YOUNG moved from the area near
Greenville, SC with his family about 1818, perhaps earlier. She does
not specify Rev. YOUNG's church affiliation, but later members of this
family were active in the Baptist church.
Mrs. JOHNSON reports that three of the YOUNGs' daughters married
JOHNSON brothers, William, Joseph and Aaron. Marriage records have
not been found in Laurel County; however Mrs. JOHNSON suggests the
possibility that the couples may have been married by the girls'
father, and the marriages never recorded at the court house.
The time of death of John Franklin YOUNG is not known, but Mrs.
JOHNSON states that "within 3 days of (John Franklin YOUNG's) will,
Phoebe (one of the daughters) married James WYATT" (her second
husband.) Using the 1850 ages of her youngest son by Joseph JOHNSON
and her first daughter by James WYATT, compiler has placed John
Franklin YOUNG's death at about 1840. His place of death and burial
are not known by compiler as of 18 July 1995.
Bruce Nichols reports that the Young family moved to north Greenville
District, SC about 1796 probably from North Carolina. Then they migrated t
Laurel County, KY about 1812. "...Rev. Young became a Primitive Baptist
minister in Clay County (the part that later became LCK) not long aft
er he moved
there. he had numerous slaves and died about 1840. His estate among
his nine known children was disputed and final settlement was not made unt
il 1846.
John's wife had some connection to the large parker family of LCK in SC a
nd later in KY,
but we are unsure where they all fit.
John F. Young and his wife Susan Elizabeth probably had another daughter w
is not listed on the family group sheet. There are reports of a "Sarah" be
ing a daughter
of this couple, but compiler has been unable to find the documentation whe
re this child
was first mentioned in her research.
Being the owner of slaves and seeing the result of man's inhumanity to ma
n, Rev. Young advocated the abolition of slavery twenty five years befo
re the Emancipation Proclomation. A man of rank of the community having pi
erced with a sword one of the twin colored boys playing on the Rev. Young
's lawn, and having killed the child, was challenged to a duel by the ag
ed minister who killed him.
This information obtained from "Reverend John Frank Young" 1760 - 1850 Lon
don, Kentucky 1972
1794 - 1840 Susan Elizabeth Parker 46 46 NOTES:
Per Wilma JOHNSON, Susan Elizabeth and her husband, Rev. John
Franklin YOUNG, moved with their family from the area near Greenville,
S.C. to Laurel Co., KY about 1818, possibly earlier.
About ten years after beginning this family genealogy, compiler discover
that she had no documentation for a daugher, Sarah, of John Young and Sus
an E. Parker.
The only data contained in the file for Sarah was her given name. For th
is reason, Sarah Young, daughter of John F. Young and Susan Elizabeth Park
er has been deleted from the family group
until such time as documentation of her membership in this family can be f
1. Wilma PARKER JOHNSON; 1398 E. Pittsburg Church Rd.; London, KY
40741-9046. (Desc. of VAUGHN and JOHNSON families of Laurel Co.)
1785 John F. Young 1787 - 1860 Bartheny Young 73 73 BIO: Per Wilma PARKER JOHNSON, Rev. John Franklin YOUNG and his wife
left SC for KY about 1818. Their three daughters, Bartheny, Phoebe
and Susannah each married one of the JOHNSON brothers.
Mrs. JOHNSON writes "William and Bartheny's family claims he was
in the War of 1812--a KY battalion, but they had children in SC during
the time, so maybe it was a SC militia. No marriages for these three
females have been found in KY. They may have been married by Rev. maybe not recorded in the courthouse".
On the 1850 census, there is a 63 year old Bartheny JOHNSON, b.
NC, living in the home of Allen HICKS and Phoebe. Wilma says this is
Phoebe (YOUNG) JOHNSON WYATT HICKS and her sister, Bartheny. Compiler
questions the relationship since Bartheny is listed as 32 years older
than the 31 year old Phoebe. Both women are recorded as being born in
NC (not SC), however, could Phoebe be Bartheny's daughter?? Children
in the home have surnames of JOHNSON and WYATT --both are reported to
have been earlier marriage names of Phoebe YOUNG.
In 1860, there is a "Themy" JOHNSON in the home of Hiram JOHNSON
and wife, Martha (SNICKS). Again, Bartheny is reportedly born in NC
and her age is given as 71. Compiler has calculated approximate dates
for Bartheny's birth, marriage and death based on evidence found thus
1. Wilma PARKER JOHNSON, 1398 E. Pittsburg Ch. Rd., London, KY 40741
(desc of VAUGHN and JOHNSON families of Laurel Co., KY)
2. U.S. Census 1850, KY, Laurel Co.; #513/#513. (HH of Allen HICKS)
Microfilm # 432-209
3. U.S. Census 1860, KY, Laurel Co.; p. 6; #37/#37. M.F.#653-380.
(HH of Hiram JOHNSON)
1799 Phebee Young 1804 - 1891 Hiram Young 87 87 1796 - 1887 Frederick Lynks (Lincks) 91 91 1820 - 1893 Felix Parker 73 73 1836 Edward Parker 1710 - 1755 Sarah Hickman 45 45 Bet 1560 and 1583 - 1622 John Robbins UNKNOWN Unknown 1535 Thomas Robbins D. 1606 Elizabeth Palmer ~1508 - 1584 Richard Robins 76 76 UNKNOWN Unknown Elizabeth Robbins Alice Robbins 1757 - 1796 Margaret Haynes 39 39 1762 - 1844 David Haynes 81 81 He was a Revolutionary War Patriot
From manuscript of Mary & Kenneth Haynes, Bakersfield, CA.
From manuscript of Andrew Burdett, 4940 Lima Rd., Geneseo NY 14454.
Rev. War Pension record, dated 3 Jan 1833.
1678 - 1740 Matthew William Sellers 62 62 Matthew is richly documented in the deeds and tax lists of two counties (d
ue to shifting county lines and county creation) -- Chowan as early as 171
7, Bertie in 1722 (the area of Matthew's residence is today in Northampt
on Co.).
He died in late 1739 or early 1740 -- his last deed appearance was in t
he Bertie Co. records (Bk. F, p.55) as a witness in July 1739, and Februa
ry 1740 (Bk. F, p.195-196), in which his son Benjamin ("of Edgecombe Co.
") sells land in Bertie Co. to Benjamin Hill, "one parcel of fifty acr
es my father Matthew Sellers bought of Benjamin Foreman whereon my moth
er now lives, and the other fifty acres which my father bought of John Mah
are, and also 170 acres patented in my father's name, all the said lands j
oining together."
This deed refers to some of Matthew's deeds and land deals of the pa
st -- Chowan Co. Bk. B-1, p. 471 (the 50 acres from Benjamin Foreman); pro
bably Bertie Co. Bk. C, p.313 (from John Mohare); and Patent Book 3, p. 1
36 (the 170 acres). Letters of Administration were granted to Matthew's wi
dow Catherine in August 1740 in Bertie Co. court. Later, Benjamin appea
rs in a Northampton Co. deed (Bk. 1, pp.108-109) -- he was now living in E
dgecombe Co. however -- dated December 22, 1743, between Benjamin Hill a
nd Henry Sowerby, which mentions him as "the son of Matthew Sellers, dec'
d" and as the former owner of 270 acres on the south side of the Maherin R
iver and the north side of Kerby's Creek. As may be obvious by now, this 2
70 acres is the same land Benjamin Sellers sold in February 1740. Benjam
in now lived in Edgecombe Co.
~1690 Nathaniel Hickman Penelopy Unity 1678 - 1761 UNKNOWN Catherine 83 83 1637 William Sellers 1687 John Sellers 1746 Charity Robbins 1682 - 1749 William Battle 67 67 William Battle was only eight years old when his father died. William w
as raised by Lawrence & Mary Mageo who were named in a suit against Richa
rd Pope regarding land on the Pasquotank River. 1 
1684 - 1769 Sarah Hunter 85 85 1653 - 1728 William Hunter 75 75 1657 - 1746 Rebecca Besse 89 89 Vol 26, #4, The American Genealogist, pg 193-4. Oct 1950
[Plymouth Colony Wills, see The Mayflower Descendant, 14:152] names
and DAVID. (more data in this article)
"REBECCA b about 1656/7; not in father's will; called Rebecca Hunter in
mother's will. She m. 17 Feb. 1671/2, William Hunter of Barnstable when
about 15, and we thus place her as the daughter of Anthony Besse and
born after his will was made.
REBECCA married William Hunter of Barnstable, as proven by her
mother's will naming her granddaughters Alice and Rebecca Hunter.
Vol 26, #4, The American Genealogist, pg 193-4. Oct 1950 [Plymouth Colo
ny W daughters DORCAS, ANN, MARY, and DAVID. (more data in this article "R
EBECCA b about 1656/7; not in father's will; called Rebecca Hunter in m
ot about 15, born after
his wil REBECCA married William Hunter of Barnstable, as proven by her mo
Note: --Other Fields
CONC: ills, see The Mayflower Descendant, 14:152] names JANE and ELIZABET
H, and sons NEHEMIAH ) her's will. She m. 17 Feb. 1671/2, William Hunt
er of Barnstable when and we thus place her as the daughter of Anthony Bes
se and l was made. ther's
will naming her granddaughters Alice and Rebecca Hunter
~1855 James Albert Covington ~1857 Mary S. Covington ~1859 Amanda Covington ~1861 Martha Covington 1851 John William Covington 1875 - 1963 Charity Ellen Robbins 88 88 1865 Lee Boyman 1832 George Edward Boyman 1842 Martha Jane Kemp ~1913 Dorthey L. Hoxie ~1915 Elenor E. Hoxie 1920 Mildred E. Hoxie ~1894 Rose Bessie 1920 census shows her father as being born in Poland, and her mother bei
ng born in Bohemia.
1859 Louisa Hoxie ARVL: 1900 U.S.  Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT:, Inc., 2004. Original data: United States. 1900 United States Federal Census. T623, 1854 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C. Wayne, Michigan, ED 174, roll T623 753, page 4B. UNKNOWN Unkown 1881 Mable Hoxie 1883 Bert W Hoxie 1887 Edward Hoxie Rachael Parris 1812 - 1884 John David Parris 72 72 1638 Margaret Rettinghausen 1809 Lucretia Parris George Parris 1648 Heirich Nicolaus Rettinghausen D. 1848 Nancy Parris James Parris Lueretia Parris 1764 - 1844 Rebecca Clay 80 80 1786 - 1860 Robert Alexander Pearis 74 74 1797 Eleanor Pearis 1785 George N Pearis 1789 - 1850 Charles Lewis Pearis 61 61 1792 Julia Pearis 1793 - 1881 Rhoda Pearis 88 88 1791 - 1860 Samuel Pepper Pearis 69 69 1796 - 1874 Rebecca Pearis 78 78 1695 - 1753 Sarah Pharis 58 58 1756 Kate Parris 1725 UNKNOWN Rhoda 1752 - 1815 Sarah Pearis 63 63 1750 Richard Pearis 1748 Margaret Elizabeth Pearis David Pearis 1710 - 1742 Ah Nee Wa Kee Moytoy 32 32 Blood: Full Blood Cherokee
Clan: Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi = Kituah or Wild Potato (Wa-Wli Vann)
1700 - 1779 Cornelius Dougherty 79 79 Benjamin Hawkins describes old Cornelius Dougherty's place, abandoned by 1
797, near the town of Quanasee. He calls Doughterty "an old Irish trader
." He was said to have been 120 years old when he died. He was original
ly a member of the party of James II who fled to America after the Glorio
us Revolution and taught the Cherokees how to steal horses from Virgini
a, according to Samuel Cole Williams. He first went into the Overhill tow
ns of the Cherokee in 1719. According to Rogers and Rogers, Alexander Doug
hterty (Cornelius' father?), an Irish trader from Virginia, was the fir
st white man to marry a Cherokee, in 1690.
"Indian Countryman" of Hiqwassee
1686 - 1730 A Ni Ga Wi 44 44 1687 - 1741 The Pidgeon Moytoy 54 54 Moytoy Pigeon, of Tellico
Supreme Chief of the Cherokee 1730 -- 1760
The Eastern Band of Cherokee, by John R Finger, Univ of TN Press, Knoxvill
[Earliy Cherokee society was atomized into clans with individual chiefs]..
Sir Alexander Cuming boldly addressed this problem in 1730 by traveli
ng to Cherokee
country and proclaiming a single chief, Moytoy, as the first chief and Ki
ng of his people.
Moytoy :
a Cherokee chief recognized by the English as "emperor" in 1730. Both t
he correct form and the meaning of the name are uncertain; the name occu
rs again as Moyatoy in a document of 1793; a boy upon the East Cherokee re
servation a few years ago bore the name of Ma’tayi, for which no meaning c
an be found or given.
Old Frontiers, by John P Brown, also details a Moytoy of Settico who was r
through VA after the death of "Emperor" Moytoy of Tellico.
As tribes acquired firearms from Europeans and used them against neighbori
ng tribes, a "weaponry race" began. Tribes accelerated trade to acquire fi
rearms for military purposes. Initially the guns were purchased with fu
rs and skins. The South Carolina Colony, established in 1670, was encourag
ing the tribes to trade their Native American prisoners of war which we
re then sold into slavery. In 1705, there were complaints from North Carol
ina that the South Carolina governor's trade in Native American slaves h
ad so angered the tribes that an Indian war was inevitable.
Several tribes, including the Cherokee, assisted colonists in driving o
ut their mutual enemy, the Tuscarora, in a war that lasted from 1711-171
3. However, with the Tuscarora out of the way, the tribes begin to addre
ss their grievances with the colonists -- primarily the sale of Native Ame
ricans into slavery despite agreements to discontinue this practice.
The result was a war, in 1715, in which the combined tribes in the regi
on threatened to wipe-out the South Carolina Colony. Ultimately, the colon
ists were able to mass their forces and after achieving several victori
es the tribes began to sue for peace. Peace was made with the Cherokee w
ho were given a large quantity of guns and ammunition in exchange for the
ir alliance with the colony.
In 1721, a treaty was signed with South Carolina to systematize trade b
ut the most significant condition was the establishment of a fixed bounda
ry between the Cherokee and the colony which was the first land cession ma
de by the Cherokee to the Europeans. The population of the Cherokee Nati
on was probably 16,000-17,000 including 6,000 warriors. Although allied wi
th the English, the Cherokee began to favor the French who had establish
ed Fort Toulouse near present Montgomery AL. The French showed greater res
pect for the Indians than the British who considered them an inferior rac
e. (It should be noted that the English also considered non-English whit
es as inferior).
To prevent a Cherokee alliance with the French, Sir Alexander Cuming visit
ed the prominent Cherokee towns and convinced the Cherokee to select an "e
mperor", Chief Moytoy of Tellico, to represent the tribe in all dealings w
ith the British. In addition, he escorted seven Cherokees to England who m
et with the King and swore allegiance to the crown.
A treaty was signed obligating the Cherokee to trade only with the Britis
h, return all runaway slaves, and to expel all non-English whites from the
ir territory. In return, the Cherokee received a substantial amount of gun
s, ammunition, and red paint.
Although the seven Cherokee who made the trip were presented the to the ki
ng as "chiefs", only one could be considered a prominent Cherokee -- the o
thers being young men who went for the adventure. The chiefs of the tri
be declined due to their responsibilities for hunting and defense. Howeve
r, one of the young men was Attacullaku
1740 - 1826 Jane Dougherty 86 86 1742 - 1818 James Dougherty 76 76 1728 - 1820 Sour Mush 92 92 1752 - 1813 John Dougherty 61 61 1740 Nancy Dougherty 1734 - 1807 Jacob Sr Robbins 73 73 <1623 Stephen Bailey 1879 - 1917 James Calvin Moore 38 38 1870 John Moore 1874 Martha Moore 1872 Rhiney Moore 1876 Candora Moore 1885 Josephine Spinner ~1877 Eliza Jane Forbes ~1871 Henry Forbes ~1873 - 1895 Alfred Forbes 22 22 1881 - 1971 Fred Forbes 90 90 1886 - 1969 Asa Forbes 82 82 1888 Unkown Spinner 1775 - 1832 Leonard Boyer 56 56 1808 - 1866 Amand Spinner 58 58 1809 - 1880 Kreszens Schmer 70 70 1840 - 1841 Josef Spinner 1 1 1845 - 1849 Otto Spinner 4 4 1836 - 1858 Maria Rosa Spinner 21 21 1842 Ferdinand Spinner 1850 Karl Spinner 1848 Karolina Spinner 1780 - 1810 George Boyer 30 30 1769 - 1830 John Boyer 60 60 1765 - 1835 Christina Boyer 70 70 1783 - 1855 Samuel Boyer 72 72 1771 - 1771 Elizabetha Bayer 1d 1d 1763 - 1813 John William Boyer 50 50 1761 - 1829 Henry Boyer 68 68 1767 Catherina Bayer 1766 Anna Elizabeth Bayer 1650 - 1692 Quatsi of Tellico 42 42 1640 - 1730 Amatoya Moytoy 90 90 The first English appointed ruler of the Cherokees. Originally from Litt
le Hiwassee or Taseetchee of the Valley towns. He and Jacob the Conjuror w
ere known as the leaders of Taseetchee. He was the brother of Old Hop a
nd Little Carpenter's mother. He was known as the Rain Conjuror, and di
ed in battle in 1741. He was originally the Head warrior of Tellico. He w
as appointed Emperor at Nequassee in 1730 by Jacob the Conjuror, and by el
ection of the head chiefs. The title was called the Crown of Tenase.
It is believed that Amatoya Moytoy had 3 sons and 8 daughters. These inclu
de Chief Kanagatoga "Old Hop", Nancy Moytoy, and two daughters with unkno
wn names. Nancy Moytoy is believed to have been the mother of Chief Attaku
llakulla "Little Carpenter", Killaneca the Buck, Betsy and Tame Doe. Ta
me Doe was the mother of Tsistuna-Gis-Ke (Nancy Ward), and Longfellow of C
Full blood Cherokee
1710 - 1761 UNKNOWN Raven 51 51 1728 Ammoushossittee Moytoy 1686 - 1679 Woman Ani Wi 7 7 1705 - 1790 Clogoittah Moytoy 85 85 1728 Bad Water 1722 Oukaii Oukah 1708 - 1792 Kitegista Moytoy 84 84 1720 - 1807 Great Eagle 87 87 1704 - 1783 UNKNOWN Oconostota 79 79 1710 - 1781 Attakullakulla Cherokee 71 71 1724 Kollannah Moytoy 1716 Ounaconoa Moytoy 1718 Skalilosken Moytoy 1714 Killaque Moytoy 1704 A Gansta Ta 1710 - 1807 UNKNOWN Willenawah 97 97 Doyosti Polly 1736 UNKNOWN Oconostota Amasgosite Cherokee 1717 Tatitowe Cherokee 1709 Killaque Cherokee Clogoittah Cherokee 1715 Kollannah Cherokee 1726 UNKNOWN Tatitowe UNKNOWN Skalilosken UNKNOWN Kollannah UNKNOWN Quatsy 1712 Tathtowe Moytoy 1683 - 1741 Nancy Moytoy 58 58 1712 - 1760 Tame Doe Attakullkulla 48 48 1706 Clogoittah Moytoy 1730 Amonscottie Moytoy 1710 Do Yo Sti 1712 - 1761 UNKNOWN Raven 49 49 1728 Ama Scossite 1726 - 1800 Cherokee Madian Piegon 74 74 1795 Charity Langley 1880 Census
Census Place: Finley, Christian, Missouri
Source: FHL Film 1254681 National Archives Film T9-0681 Page 42D
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Charity WOODS Self F W W 80 SC
Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: ---
Jefferson WOODS GSon M S W 17 KS
Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: GA Mo: AR
Noah B. WOODS GSon M S W 16 AR
Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: GA Mo: AR
Census Place: Finley, Christian, Missouri
Source: FHL Film 1254681 National Archives Film T9-0681 Page 42D
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Wm. R. BOYD Self M M W 29 MO
Occ: Farmer Fa: --- Mo: ---
Mattie BOYD Wife F M W 24 MO
Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: ---
Evalina BOYD Dau F S W 2M MO
Fa: MO Mo: MO
Census Place: Ozark, Christian, Missouri
Source: FHL Film 1254681 National Archives Film T9-0681 Page 38C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Samuel BOYD Self M M W 61 GA
Occ: Farmer Fa: IRE Mo: SC
Prisilla BOYD Wife F M W 58 GA
Occ: Keeping House Fa: GA Mo: GA
Bettie BOYD Dau F S W 21 MO
Fa: GA Mo: GA
Frances BOYD Dau F S W 14 MO
Occ: At School Fa: GA Mo: GA
1780 - 1842 Penelope Penny Langley 62 62 1760 - 1833 John Langley 72 72 1872 George Parris Sarah Parris UNKNOWN Lucinda 1770 John Lincks 1830 - 1903 Martha Lincks 72 72 1824 - 1906 Margaret Lincks 81 81 1825 - 1886 John Lincks 60 60 1828 - 1896 Lucinda Lincks 67 67 1823 Robert Lincks 1836 James Lincks 1827 Charlotte Lincks 1833 Zilpha Lincks 1834 - 1923 Robin Lincks 88 88 1837 - 1916 Martha Patsy Young 79 79 1879 - 1962 Germany Francis Lincks 83 83 1874 - 1950 Fred Lincks 75 75 1876 - 1939 Henry Dutch Lincks 63 63 Louisa Robinson 1868 - 1954 Hiram Lincks 85 85 1867 Thomas Tom Lincks 1866 Susan Lincks <1800 Elizabeth Allen 1775 - 1837 Tavener Tavner Hayes 62 62 Fought in the War of 1812 1800 - 1822 Nancy Hayes 22 22 1750 Jane Wood 1750 - 1807 William Hays 57 57 John Hayes Alexander Hayes <1782 Abner Henderson 1790 - 1860 Mary Ann Orrick 70 70 1785 - 1860 David Alford 75 75 Served in War of 1812 (Morgan Co. A 0243912; pay records 19 Nov 18
13 - 27 Mar 1815) and fought in the Battle of New Orleans Jan 1815.
On June 20, 1851 he applied for bounty land in Pike County Arkansas becau
se of his service in the War of 1812.
On April 13, 1855 he applied again for bounty land. He claims to have assi
gned the first 80 acres to a David Bixby. This bounty land applicati
on is made under a different act of Congress and David mentions his servi
ce in the Creek Indian War.
1760 Robert Alford Robert ALFORD was born about 1760 in England. He has referencenumber 472
1. SOURCE: Some family information received fromDorothy Kennedy Partain, P
ike County Archives & History Society,Murfreesboro, AR. She received the i
nformation from David L.Kelley who received part of it from Emily (Alfor
d) Darnell. Allinformation on this family (all descendants) is from this s
ourceunless otherwise stated.
Children were: David ALFORD.
1813 - 1880 Calvin H Alford 67 67 1806 - 1897 John Alford 91 91 1815 - 1876 Madison Ewing Alford 60 60 1820 - 1886 Nancy Ann Alford 66 66 1823 - 1864 David Winston Alford 41 41 1829 Elizabeth Alford James M Alford 1856 Margaret D. Covington 1785 - 1870 Hannah Henderson 85 85 1784 - 1850 James Sawyer 66 66 1760 - 1785 Hannah Haynes 25 25 1742 - 1788 James I Sawyer 46 46 !WTS Gen. pg 71 says he m. Jean HUNTER but a letter fro m Alberta PAYTON s
ays this is wrong and he m. Hannah HAYES as his 2nd wife. Hi s first wi
fe is not known. Alberta bases her information on a deed from Willia m SAW
YER of Lancaster, NC to James. James also appears in the Patriot Ind
ex of the NSDAR for NC. Vey MCNALLY of Idaho Falls, ID says his 1st wi
fe is Mary __ _____ and the couple had 3 children, David, Benjamin and Mar
He is the grant ee of a deed from a William SAWYER to land in Mecklenbe
rg Co., NC ("The Sawyer Family" by Paul "Dean" SAWYER includes a copy of d
eed). He is mentioned in his mother's Will dated 22 Mar 1788 as having pre
viously received 100 lbs. and a "b ond" (note?) from him to his fath
er as cited and reproduced on pg. 14 of "Sawye r Family History", by Haz
From Vey McNally:
Residence: He is the 6 th child of William SAWYER & Sophia CLEMSON, b. & r
aised on the Wm. Sawyer "pla ntation" in Lancaster Co., PA who migrat
ed to Mecklenburg Co. NC and located on the 400 acre farm his father purc
h. in 1771. He inherited the farm from his fa ther in 1777.
Marriage: He m. (1) Mary GARRISON who is m/o David b. abt 1774, Benjami
n, b. 28 Jun 1776, Mary b. abt 1778 (2) Hannah HAYNES who is m/o their s
on James, b. 18 Aug 1784 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
Death: All of his children were orphaned upon his d. in 1788. He left h
is property of over 1300 acres equ ally divided among his 3 sons in his wi
ll dated 28 Aug 1787 and to his dau., Mary, he left money. He and his 2
nd wife d. in Mecklenburg Co., NC and are bur. side by side in the Steel C
reek Cem. there.
Family: His 3 sons, David--Benjam in--and James all moved from Mecklenbu
rg Co., NC to Logan Co., KY in l797 where they purchased farms, m. Henders
on sis. and raised their respective families.
Address: Paulette Haynes; 1431 E. 500 N.; Anderson; IN;
1755 - 1830 Hannah Barnett 75 75 Michael married Hannah Barnett daughter of Hugh Barnett Jr. and Elizabe
th Ashmore "Charity" about 1775 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Han
nah was born in 1755 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. She died before 18
50 in Logan County, Kentucky. She was buried in Logan County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:
64 M i Carnes D. Henderson was born in 1774 in Russellville, Logan Count
y, Kentucky.
Carnes married Parthena Parks daughter of David Parks Jr. and Mary Carn
es on 17 May 1817 in Logan County, Kentucky. Parthena was born in 17
99 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
+ 65 M ii Hugh Henderson Sr.
+ 66 M iii Andrew Henderson
67 M iv Thomas Henderson was born in 1777 in Mecklenburg County, North Car
olina. He died in 1811.
Thomas married Mary Balch on 10 Mar 1802.
+ 68 F v Charity Henderson
+ 69 F vi Elizabeth Henderson
+ 70 F vii Hannah Henderson
71 F viii Margaret Henderson was born about 1787 in Mecklenburg County, No
rth Carolina. She died before 1840 in Logan County, Kentucky.
Margaret married John McMillen on 8 Jan 1816 in Logan County, Kentucky.
72 M ix Robin Henderson was born in 1793 in Kentucky.
73 F x Mary Henderson was born about 1798 in Logan County, Kentucky.
+ 74 F xi Nancy Henderson
1750 - 1850 Michael Henderson 100 100 (Page 232) This Indenture made this twenty fifth day of April in the ye
ar of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven and of the Commonweal
th the twentyfifth between MICHAEL HENDERSON and his wife HANNAH of the o
ne part and JAMES BARNETT of the other part both parties Citizens of Log
an county and State of Kentucky Witnesseth that the said Michael Henders
on for and in consideration of the Sum of four hundred dollars to him pa
id by Said Barnett Rect is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained a
nd Sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and Sell and confirm un
to the Said James Barnett his heirs or assigns forever, all that Tra
ct of parcel of land lying in Logan County and Waters of Gasper River boun
ded as followeth. Beginning at a white Oak standing on the South ba
nk of a Creek a branch of Gaspers River running thence South thirty eig
ht degrees East Sixty eight poles to red Oak and branch thence North For
ty five degrees East one hundred and fourteen poles to a hickory and two r
ed Oaks, thence North twenty Six degrees West one hundred and twenty fo
ur poles to a (bottom line not completely microfilmed)(page 233) Seven pol
es to three Post Oaks, corner to ASHMORES Survey and with his line south S
ixty three poles to the Beginning Containing Eighty five acres and forty t
wo poles by calculation Said land was patented to Michael Henderson Mar
ch the Second one thousand eight hundred and Seven Together with all its a
ppurtenances whatsoever and all the rights title interest claim and proper
ty of him the Said Michael Henderson in and to the same to have and to ho
ld the land hereby conveyed to James Barnett his heirs or assigns for h
is or their proper use and the Said Michael Henderson for himself h! is he
irs and Executors doth covenent and promise to and with the Said Barnett h
is heir or assigns that the premises herein mentioned, now are & forever s
hall remain free from all Gifts of Dowers or right of Dowers Judgeme
nt of Executions whatever obtained in or through Said Henderson, and the S
aid Michael Henderson and his Heirs all the Land herein prescribed, and So
ld with all its appurtenances unto the Said James Barnett his heirs or ass
igns against him the Said Henderson and his Heirs and all and every oth
er person or persons claiming under them of either of them doth and forev
er will warrant and defend by these presents In Witness whereof I the Sa
id Michael Henderson and Hannah my wife have hereunto Set our hand and aff
ixed our seals the day and year above written Michael Henderson (Seal) h
er Hannah X Henderson (Seal) mark Logan County Sct Clerks office April t
he 25th 1811 I ARMISTEAD MOREHEAD clerk of the County Court aforesaid do c
ertify that the within Indenture from Michael Henderson and Hannah his wi
fe to James Barnett was this day acknowledged before me in my office by t
he Said Michael and Hannah to be their act and deed and ordered to be reco
rded & She the Said Hannah declares that she relinquishes her right of dow
er to the within named land and promises freely and voluntarily & witho
ut the threats or persuasions of her Husband and that she wishes the sa
me admitted to record In Testimony that I have recorded the said Indentu
re together with this certificate as required by Law I hereunto set my Ha
nd the date above written Armd Morehead
1812 - 1870 Nancy Sawyer 58 58 1822 - 1909 Elizabeth M Sawyer 87 87 1808 - 1880 David Haynes Sawyer 72 72 1818 - 1894 Thomas D Sawyer 75 75 1816 - 1848 Hannah Barnett Sawyer 31 31 1807 - 1879 Michael Henderson Sawyer 72 72 1820 - 1914 Mary Parks Sawyer 94 94 1805 - 1886 William J Sawyer 81 81 1814 James Sawyer 1803 Charity Dial 1803 Carter Parker 1748 - 1822 Mary Penelope Sellers 74 74 Mary Penelope and Arthur Robbins had 9 children:
1) Elizabeth: d. in Brunswick Co m. to Henry Willits
2) Arthur JR.: d. 1765 d. April 1, 1814 Brunswick Co NC m. Rebecca
3) Daniel
4) Jonathan: b. 1774
5) Penelope: b. 1783 m. Joel Reaves
6) Unk Female: m. Michael Ward
7) Benjamin: b. 1765 Edgecombe Co., NC d. 1831 Cooswada, Autauga Co.,
Alabama. m. Sarah Wells 1788 in Brunswick Co
8) William Absolom: b. 1775 d. March 3, 1828 m. 1st Eliza Pridgen, 2nd
Drucella Murrell
9) Joel: b. 1790 d.Sept. 1821 Brunswick Co., NC m. Mary R
1785 - 1847 James G Covington 62 62 <1800 Phebia Pherby Donohue Issac Forbes Thomas Forbes 1816 Henry Forbes 1749 Polly Bostick 1749 Daniel Wells 1793 - 1850 Benjamin Robbins 57 57 1795 - 1851 Daniel Arter Robbins 55 55 1791 - 1879 Solomon Robbins 88 88 1798 - 1845 Mary Robbins 47 47 1738 - 1816 Sarah Hickman 78 78 1710 - 1761 Benjamin Sellers 51 51 He died in 1761 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
He married Sarah Hickman (dtr of Nathaniel Hickman and Sarah). She died
abat. 1816 in Edgecombe Co. NC
They had seven children:
1) Elisha: b. bef. 1740 d. 1801 Brunswick Co., NC m 1st Sarah unk, 2nd
Mary Willits
2) Benjamin: b. bef. 1740 in Edgecombe Co NC d. 1817 Brunswick Co NC m.
1st Unk. Bryant, 2nd Letitia Unk.
3) Matthew: b. 1743 d. 1807 Livingston, KY m. Ann Corbett
4) Joel: b. abt. 1745 d. abt. 1780 m. Amelia
5) Jeconias: b. abt. 1746 d. 1813
6) Mary Penelope: b. abt. 1747 in Edgecombe Co NC d. April 2, 1822 in
Brunswick Co., NC m. Arthur Robbins April 14, 1764
7) Simon: b. abt. 1748 d. 1817 in Brunswick Co., NC m. Winney Baker
Matthew is richly documented in the deeds and tax lists of two counties (d
ue to shifting county lines and county creation) -- Chowan as early as 171
7, Bertie in 1722 (the area of Matthew's residence is today in Northampt
on Co.).
He died in late 1739 or early 1740 -- his last deed appearance was in t
he Bertie Co. records (Bk. F, p.55) as a witness in July 1739, and Februa
ry 1740 (Bk. F, p.195-196), in which his son Benjamin ("of Edgecombe Co.
") sells land in Bertie Co. to Benjamin Hill, "one parcel of fifty acr
es my father Matthew Sellers bought of Benjamin Foreman whereon my moth
er now lives, and the other fifty acres which my father bought of John Mah
are, and also 170 acres patented in my father's name, all the said lands j
oining together."
This deed refers to some of Matthew's deeds and land deals of the pa
st -- Chowan Co. Bk. B-1, p. 471 (the 50 acres from Benjamin Foreman); pro
bably Bertie Co. Bk. C, p.313 (from John Mohare); and Patent Book 3, p. 1
36 (the 170 acres). Letters of Administration were granted to Matthew's wi
dow Catherine in August 1740 in Bertie Co. court. Later, Benjamin appea
rs in a Northampton Co. deed (Bk. 1, pp.108-109) -- he was now living in E
dgecombe Co. however -- dated December 22, 1743, between Benjamin Hill a
nd Henry Sowerby, which mentions him as "the son of Matthew Sellers, dec'
d" and as the former owner of 270 acres on the south side of the Maherin R
iver and the north side of Kerby's Creek. As may be obvious by now, this 2
70 acres is the same land Benjamin Sellers sold in February 1740. Benjam
in now lived in Edgecombe Co.
1675 - 1761 Matthew Sellers 86 86 Matthew is richly documented in the deeds and tax lists of two counties (d
ue to shifting county lines and county creation) -- Chowan as early as 171
7, Bertie in 1722 (the area of Matthew's residence is today in Northampt
on Co.).
He died in late 1739 or early 1740 -- his last deed appearance was in t
he Bertie Co. records (Bk. F, p.55) as a witness in July 1739, and Februa
ry 1740 (Bk. F, p.195-196), in which his son Benjamin ("of Edgecombe Co.
") sells land in Bertie Co. to Benjamin Hill, "one parcel of fifty acr
es my father Matthew Sellers bought of Benjamin Foreman whereon my moth
er now lives, and the other fifty acres which my father bought of John Mah
are, and also 170 acres patented in my father's name, all the said lands j
oining together."
This deed refers to some of Matthew's deeds and land deals of the pa
st -- Chowan Co. Bk. B-1, p. 471 (the 50 acres from Benjamin Foreman); pro
bably Bertie Co. Bk. C, p.313 (from John Mohare); and Patent Book 3, p. 1
36 (the 170 acres). Letters of Administration were granted to Matthew's wi
dow Catherine in August 1740 in Bertie Co. court. Later, Benjamin appea
rs in a Northampton Co. deed (Bk. 1, pp.108-109) -- he was now living in E
dgecombe Co. however -- dated December 22, 1743, between Benjamin Hill a
nd Henry Sowerby, which mentions him as "the son of Matthew Sellers, dec'
d" and as the former owner of 270 acres on the south side of the Maherin R
iver and the north side of Kerby's Creek. As may be obvious by now, this 2
70 acres is the same land Benjamin Sellers sold in February 1740. Benjam
in now lived in Edgecombe Co.
1653 - 1675 UNKNOWN Catherine 22 22 1586 Jane Wormeley 1704 - 1766 Agatha Chiles 62 62 1730 UNKNOWN Mary 1724 - 1805 Johann Friedrich Brandstetter 81 81 1726 - 1805 Anna Barbara Mag 79 79 1700 Peter Mag 1693 - 1743 Johann Michael Brandstetter 50 50 1697 Maria Katharina Gampfer Johannes Junger Gampfer 27 Feb 1667/68 - 1712 Marie Margaretha Stegner <1785 John Craig 1829 - 1924 Margaret Jane Branstetter 94 94 1824 - 1864 William Henry Branstetter 40 40 1834 Catherine Susan Branstetter 1834 Mary A Branstetter 1831 Thomas N Branstetter 1841 John W Branstetter 1837 Missouri Emily Branstetter 1839 Barbara N Branstetter 1639 John Haynes 1597 UNKNOWN Barbara 1595 - 1660 Dorothy Alice 65 65 1593 Wilhelmim Hagerhoff 1672 - 1758 Anne Robins 86 86 1663 William Robbins Benjamin Robbins John Dunbar 1581 - 1582 John Robins 1 1 1545 - 1606 Elizabeth Parkes 61 61 1617 - 1700 William Robbins 83 83 John Robins 1545 - 1606 Thomas Robins 61 61 1579 - 1643 Bridget White 64 64 1610 - 1704 Isaac Robinson 94 94 1604 - 24 Mar 1654/55 Mary Robinson 1511 UNKNOWN Joane 1584 Mary Wormeley 1486 - Jan 1530/31 Joan De Holdenby 1480 - 1531 Thomas Robins 51 51 1465 - 1535 UNKNOWN Margaret 70 70 1703 Hannah Clemson 31 Jan 1690/91 - 1758 John Cheadle 1520 - 1546 Edward Robins 26 26 1520 - 1535 William Robins 15 15 1512 - 1535 Joys Robins 23 23 1510 - 1546 Thomas Robins 36 36 1505 - 1531 Joan Robins 26 26 1718 - 1778 Bartholomew Haynes 60 60 Manuscript of James Cook, Cornerville, TN, 15 Feb 1943. Now in the possess
ion of Noris "Rick" Haynes, Germantown, TN.
From the Family History File of Vey Lenore Sawyer McNally, Idaho Falls, Id
aho. Excerpt from the MS of Col. Milton Haynes. Bartholomew Haynes was bo
rn in 1718, in either New Jersey or Connecticut; married about 1752, in La
ncaster Co., PA. He died in l788, in Northumberland Co., PA, with a will w
ritten, 22 Feb 1788, and proved, 27 Sep 1788. At the time the will was wri
tten his wife was named as Jane. In 1756, Bartholomew was living in the We
st end of Hanover Township, Lancaster
Co., PA, and is listed on the tax list of Hanover as "fled" from the India
ns. He was taxed again in Hanover Twp, in 1759, and taxed 1770, and 177
2, in Paxtang Twp. In 1781-1787, he was taxed in Northumberland Co. Accord
ing to the pension application made by his son, David Haynes, the fami
ly of Bartholomew Haynes moved to Northumberland prior to the commenceme
nt of the Revolutionary War, and lived on the Chillisquaque Creek.
Will written and witnessed in Northumberland Co., PA, 27 Sep 1788.
1683 - 1760 Joseph Haynes 77 77 1778 - 1826 Mary Sawyer 48 48 1709 - 1744 Ann Chiles 35 35 1722 - 1788 UNKNOWN Jane 66 66 1713 - 1803 Sarah Strickland 90 90 1715 - 1795 Nathaniel Hickman 80 80 I'm not going to try to unscramble the ancestors of this Nathaniel HICKMA
N; there are many variations.
The will of Arthur WEST, dated 12 Apr 1727, proved May 1730 in Bertie Co
., NC:
Devisees and legatees: Robert, son of Henry WEST (land on Fishing Creek
), Nathaniel HICKMAN (land on Fishing Creek),
Brother, Joseph WEST. Sister, Mary WEST. Wife and Executrix, Mary.
Witnesses: Arthur WHITCHED, William WEST, Edward TOWERSON.
Source: Abstracts of NC Wills, J. B. Grimes, Gen. Pub. Co.
[I don't know if this Nathaniel connects with Arthur West.]
Per Sandra E. Wyman's 12 Feb 1996 e-mail: Nathaniel was father of Sarah HI
CKMAN. Nathaniel HICKMAN w
ith wife Sarah in Edgecombe Co., NC is closely associated with Thomas DIX
ON in 1748 land.
Per Marie (21 Feb 1996); Nathaniel HICKMAN qualified as executor of Willi
am HICKMAN, deceased.
A record dated 1805 states that William HICKMAN of Jackson Co., GA, and Na
thaniel HICKMAN were sons of Nathaniel HICKMAN, Sr.
Nathaniel HICKMAN's 1795 will in Edgecombe, NC; Heirs: Sarah, Nathaniel, W
illiam, and Snowden.
Source: An Abstract of NC Wills, F. A. Olds, Gen. Pub. Co. WB-C/341
[Incomplete data -- See abstract below.]
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Nathaniel HICKMAN's birth & death dates and places. Nathaniel's wife, Sara
h; children, Sarah, Nathaniel, Jr., William, Elizabeth & Mary; spous
es of children
EDGECOMBE COUNTY NC Deed Book 1, Dec Court 1761 - Jan Court 1763: 17
62 21 Jun. Abraham Dew (mark) of Edgecombe Co., planter, to Wm. Hickm
an of same, for £10 a tract of land, acares not stated, on the bank of Toi
snot Swamp, it being part of a grant to said Dew bearing date Feb. 11, 176
1. Also signed by John Dew. Wit: Nathaniel Hickman. DB 1, p. 302. 17
61 14 Nov. Nath'l Hickman one of the witnesses on a deed from William Ho
rn to Edward Moore. DB 1, p. 335 1761 14 Nov. Nath'l Hickman one of the wi
tnesses on a deed from William Horn to David Mann. DB 1, p. 350. 1762 ___
_. Nathaniel Hickman one of the witnesses to a deed from William Tayl
or to Duncan Lamon. DB 1, p. 601. EDGECOMBE COUNTY NC DEED BOOK C - Apr
il Court 1763 - May Court 1768 1763 27 Apr. Nathaniel Hickman of Edgecom
be Co. to Thomas Spell, for £15 a tract of 100 acres on the north ba
nk of Tar River and on Indian Creek adjoining Drew Smith, which land was p
urchased by said Hickman from Christopher Guin. Wit: Joseph Howell, John J
ones, John Morris. DB C, p. 58. 1765 24 Jun. Charles Jones, Junr. and wif
e, Patience (X) Jones of Edgecombe Co. to Jacob Robins of same, for £20 Vi
rginia money a tract of land on the south side of Little Mill Swamp adjoin
ing Nathan Hickman, it being the plantation whereon one John Artess then l
ived. Wit: Hardy (X) Blackwell, Mark Philips, James Downing. DB C, p. 33
9. 1765 26 Apr. Thomas Spell and wife Elizabeth (X) Spell, of Edgecombe C
o. to Henry Irwin, Esq., for £37 10s Proc money the 75 acre plantation whe
reon said Thomas Spell then lived, on the nroth bank of Tar River and on I
ndian Creek adjoining Drew Smith, Beverly Belcher, Benjamin Richardson a
nd Thomas Newsome, it being part of a purchase patent granted to John Gre
en for 2000 acres bearing date 6 Dec 1732, conveyed by said Greene to Fran
cis Bettis, from Bettis to Charles Evans, from Evans to Christopher Gui
n, and this 75 acres was part of 100 acres conveyed from said Guin to NATH
ANIEL HICKMAN, and from Hickman to said Thomas Spell. Wit: Geo. Miller, Jo
seph Moore. DB C, p. 350. 1765 10 Jun. Jesse Blackwell (mark) of Edgecom
be Co., planter, to John Arliss, Junr. of same, for £10 Proc money a tra
ct of ladn on the Mill Branch adjoining Arthur Dew and Hickman, it being p
art of a tract granted to said Blackwell bearing date 3 Nov 1761. Wit: Jes
se Pitman, Nath'l, Senr. DB C, p. 369. EDGECOMBE CO. NC
1668 - 1706 Mary Williams 38 38 1634 - 1744 William Hickman 110 110 1615 - 1630 Edward Hickman 15 15 1580 Nathaniel Hickman William Hickman 1515 - 1610 Margaret Cliffe 95 95 1634 Nicholas Hunter 1500 - 1610 Edmund George Chadderton 110 110 1559 - 3 Mar 1633/34 Thomas Parker 1744 - 1828 Daniel Baldridge 84 84 1720 - 1823 Rebecca Clark 103 103 John Baldrige, the firstborn child of William and Janette, had remain
ed in Ulster Province in the far north of Ireland when his parents emigrat
ed to America. In about 1733, in Coleraine, County Londonderry, John marri
ed Rebekah Clark who had been born in that area in about 1720. With the
ir then three young children, John and Rebekah (Clark) Baldrige also emigr
ated to Pennsylvania, purportedly aboard the "Village Belle", arrivi
ng in Philadelphia in about 1737. They colonized land in Martic Townsh
ip in southern Lancaster County just a few miles northwest of John's paren
At some point in time, Rebekah's parents, William and Margaret Clark, al
so emigrated from Ulster Province, Ireland, to Lancaster County. William C
lark's Last Will and Testament, executed on May 10, 1763 and filed for pro
bate just 11 days later, was recorded in Will Book "A", Page 219, Offici
al Records of Lancaster County. In it, William Clark recognizes his son-in
-law, John.
The children of John and Rebekah probably totaled at least 16 and perha
ps 18, including the 13 on the family page (all born in Lancaster Count
y, except for the first three who were born in Ulster Province, Ireland) a
nd possibly 3-5 others.
In about 1765, John and some of his older sons, along with other Scotch-Ir
ish neighbors, traveled south to North Carolina and bought acreage in o
ld Mecklenburg County (northwest of the present-day city of Charlotte
). An abstract, dated May 13, 1765, attesting to the purchase by John Bald
rige of land along Indian Camp Creek and the Catawba River can be fou
nd in Tryon-Lincoln County Deeds, Volume 1, Pages 670-671. Three other dee
ds involving similar purchases or rentals of land in that area by John Bal
drige appear on pages 155-159 of Volume 4, Mecklenburg County, North Carol
ina, Deed Abstracts.
John returned to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, only to die there in la
te July 1766 before he could relocate his family to North Carolina. John B
aldrige's Last Will and Testament, dated 15 July 1766 and filed for proba
te on 31 July 1766, was recorded in Will Book "B", Volume 1, Page 448, Off
icial Records of Lancaster County. It is generally considered that John Ba
ldrige was buried in the cemetery of Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church, a
lthough there is no known tombstone there bearing his name.
The widow, Rebekah (Clark) Baldrige, now in her late 40's and the moth
er of 16 or more Baldrige children, married Aaron Boggs on 19 May 17
69 in St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster (church record extant). Rebek
ah (now spelled Rebecca) and Aaron Boggs moved with most of the younger Ba
ldrige children to old Mecklenburg County (to what is now Lincoln Coun
ty - northwest of the city of Charlotte), North Carolina. Rebecca we
nt on to give birth to three Boggs children, giving her a grand tot
al of at least 19 (perhaps 21), the last being born in about 1778 with Reb
ecca in her late 50's.
Rebecca (Clark) Baldrige Boggs died on 1 July 1823 at the probable a
ge of about 103 years. Her very weathered tombstone still stands in the ce
metery of Knob Creek Methodist Church, Belwood, in eastern Cleveland Count
y, North Carolina.
At some time around 1770, perhaps occasioned by the death of their fath
er in 1766 and remarriage of their mother in 1789, the older sons of Jo
hn and Rebecca moved their families from Lancaster County southward to Nor
th Carolina, primarily to Orange County and to the lands of old Mecklenbu
rg County. Others of their many children married and lived out their liv
es in Pennsylvania, some migrating westward to Westmoreland County.
1715 - 1766 John Baldridge 51 51 John Baldrige, the firstborn child of William and Janette, had remain
ed in Ulster Province in the far north of Ireland when his parents emigrat
ed to America. In about 1733, in Coleraine, County Londonderry, John marri
ed Rebekah Clark who had been born in that area in about 1720. With the
ir then three young children, John and Rebekah (Clark) Baldrige also emigr
ated to Pennsylvania, purportedly aboard the "Village Belle", arrivi
ng in Philadelphia in about 1737. They colonized land in Martic Townsh
ip in southern Lancaster County just a few miles northwest of John's paren
At some point in time, Rebekah's parents, William and Margaret Clark, al
so emigra