Frick, Jake

Birth Name Frick, Jake 1a 2a
Gramps ID I19303
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Frick, Claude Edgar [I13669]1903-09-11
Mother Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021]1907-11-301986-07-23
    Brother     Frick, John William (Bill) [I15024]
    Brother     Frick, Samuel Ray (Sam) [I15025]
    Brother     Frick, Jacob Claude (Jake) [I15026]
    Brother     Frick, George [I18239]
         Frick, Jake [I19303]
    Brother     Frick, George Edgar [I12929] 1927-01-30
    Sister     Frick, Elizabeth [I12120] 1928-05-16 1928-05-16
    Sister     Frick, Juanita (Neet) [I12874] 1928-05-16
    Brother     Frick, John William [I18026] about 1929


  1. Frick, Claude Edgar [I13669]
    1. Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021]
      1. Frick, John William (Bill) [I15024]
      2. Frick, Samuel Ray (Sam) [I15025]
      3. Frick, Jacob Claude (Jake) [I15026]
      4. Frick, George [I18239]
      5. Frick, Jake
      6. Frick, George Edgar [I12929]
      7. Frick, Elizabeth [I12120]
      8. Frick, Juanita (Neet) [I12874]
      9. Frick, John William [I18026]


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