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Letter Name State/ Province Country Latitude Longitude
" “Dead Fall Section” Newberry County, South Carolina [P2944]        
  “Delmar” Section, Edgefield County, South Carolina [P2823]        
  “Pine Ridge”, Lexington County, South Carolina [P4247]        
  “The Dutch Fork”, South Carolina [P2862]        
  “The Dutch Fork”, Newberry County, South Carolina [P2834]        
  “The Dutch Fork”, South Carolina [P2599]        
  “The Hills”, Yorkshire, ENG [P4075]        
  “Utopia” Community, Newberry County, South Carolina [P3070]        
# # 32613 [P3214]        
& & ultimately cirrhosis of liver [P2545]        
( (possibly) France [P1669]        
  (prob) France [P1165]        
  (prob) in exile [P1755]        
+ + [P3298]        
, , Montgomery, PA [P3469]        
. . Humbert, Stokenham, Devonshire [P4109]        
  .ctle. Co., Delaware [P4329]        
1 10 BC Lugundum (Lyons) [P1602]        
  1006 BC [P1324]        
  1015 BC [P0747]        
  1026 BC [P1323]        
  1081 BC [P1322]        
  109 BC [P1335]        
  1091 BC [P1321]        
  11 BC [P1611]        
  1137 BC [P1317]        
  1175 BC [P1316]        
  1180 BC [P1315]        
  1183 BC [P1614]        
  12 BC [P1620]        
  123 BC [P1034]        
  1387-1384 BC [P1206]        
  14 AD [P1618]        
  1414 BC [P1205]        
  143 BC [P1035]        
  1529-1480 BC [P1204]        
  159 BC [P1036]        
  1676 BC [P1105]        
  170 BC [P1037]        
  1736 BC [P1199]        
  1745 BC [P1693]        
  1751 BC [P1203]        
  18 BC [P1601]        
  1805 BC [P1104]        
  1812 BC [P1704]        
  1830 - Bibb Co, Alabama [P2649]        
  1840 - Talladega Co, Alabama [P2650]        
  1844 BC [P1710]        
  1873 BC [P1706]        
  1877 BC [P1690]        
  1892 BC [P1692]        
  1903 BC [P1708]        
  1904; F.C. Mar 28, 1904; M.M. Apr 25, 1904 [P2407]        
  1917 BC [P1695]        
  1918 Death Certificate No. 9273 [P2470]        
  1920 Death Certificate No. 17074 [P2464]        
  1921 Death Certificate No. 7466 [P2472]        
  1923 Death Certificate No. 20707 [P2529]        
  1925 Death Certificate No. 10608 [P2511]        
  1933; Retired Army 1961; [P2400]        
  1951 BC [P1699]        
  1973 BC [P1701]        
  198 BC [P1038]        
  1994 BC [P1712]        
2 2 Years, 4 months, 4 days [P2953]        
  20 AD [P1636]        
  20 BC Campania [P1616]        
  2003 BC [P1697]        
  2052 BC [P1689]        
  2122 BC [P1694]        
  2151 BC [P1696]        
  2181 BC [P1698]        
  2213 BC [P1700]        
  2237 Harrington St, Newberry, SC [P2818]        
  2241 BC [P1702]        
  2276 BC [P1703]        
  23 BC [P4143]        
  2306 BC [P1705]        
  232 BC [P1039]        
  2341 BC [P1707]        
  2349 BC [P1715]        
  2399 BC [P1717]        
  2454 BC [P1709]        
  2494 BC [P1713]        
  2578 BC [P1720]        
  26 BC [P1600]        
  2710 BC [P1722]        
  2765 BC [P1724]        
  28 AD [P0876]        
  2823 Broad River Rd, Columbia, SC [P3026]        
  2860 BC [P1726]        
  29 AD [P1623]        
  2910 N. 7th St. Phila, Phila, PA [P4266]        
  2910 N. 7th St., Phila., PA.-Rev. George Cowan of Fairhill Baptist Ch. [P4268]        
  294 BC [P1040]        
  2944 BC [P1711]        
  2958 BC [P1728]        
  2nd Creek, Newberry Co., SC [unmarked] [P2146]        
3 3 AD [P1632]        
  30 BC [P1609]        
  3070 BC [P1730]        
  3126 BC [P1714]        
  33 BC [P1621]        
  3314 BC [P1716]        
  3378 BC [P1718]        
  339 BC [P1041]        
  35 Broadwalk Villas, Lexington, SC [P3270]        
  3540 BC [P1719]        
  358 BC [P1042]        
  36 BC [P1604]        
  3605 BC [P1721]        
  3675 BC [P1723]        
  3765 BC [P1725]        
  38 AD [P1605]        
  38 BC [P1606]        
  384 BC [P1043]        
  3870 BC [P1727]        
  39 BC [P1619]        
4 4 children by Tallulah Wertz (m1) [P3127]        
  40 BC [P4179]        
  412 BC [P1044]        
  413 S. Wheeler Ave, Prosperity, SC [P2787]        
  43 BC [P1615]        
  47 yr Mason at Death; Died at Columbia [P2408]        
5 50 AD [P1631]        
  54 AD [P1603]        
  54 BC [P1626]        
  5500-4000 BC [P1729]        
  58 BC [P1622]        
6 609 BC [P0734]        
  61 AD [P1628]        
  63 AD [P1633]        
  63 BC [P1617]        
  64 BC [P1610]        
  640 BC [P0735]        
  642 BC [P0736]        
  69 AD [P1630]        
  697 BC [P0737]        
7 721 BC [P1318]        
  7235 BC [P1319]        
  725 Dalrymple Road, Atlanta, Georgia [P3248]        
  726 BC [P0738]        
  742 BC [P0739]        
  750 BC [P1320]        
  759 BC [P0740]        
  772 BC [P1331]        
8 810 BC [P1330]        
  82 years of age [P2978]        
  83 BC [P1608]        
  85 [P2885]        
  87 BC [P1613]        
  870 BC [P1329]        
  885 BC [P0741]        
  890 BC [P1328]        
  893 BC [P0742]        
9 9 BC, Germany [P1607]        
  90 AD [P1629]        
  91 BC [P1334]        
  917 BC [P0743]        
  929 BC [P1327]        
  954 BC [P1326]        
  955 BC [P0744]        
  957 BC [P0745]        
  966 BC [P1325]        
  975 BC [P0746]        
< <Venice, Italy> [P4087]        
? ? [P1786]        
  ? Gilbert, SC [P2580]        
  ?? [P3010]        
  ?Gilbert, SC [P2588]        
[ [Inf. 1800 Nby] [P2143]        
` ` [P4259]        
A A.R. Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Richburg, SC [P3041]        
  Aachen [P1479]        
  Aachen ( Aix-la-Chapelle), Germany [P4142]        
  Abb. Nivelles [P3658]        
  Abbaye De Potigny [P3628]        
  Abbaye St-Benoit-Sur-Loire [P3630]        
  Abbaye Villiers [P3601]        
  Abbeville [P3524]        
  Abbeville County, SC [P0025]        
  Abbeville County, South Carolina [P2641]        
  Abbeville Dist., SC [P3921]        
  Abbeville, Abbeville County, South Carolina [P4237]        
  Abbeville, France [P0998]        
  Abbeville, SC [P0073]        
  Abbeville, South Carolina [P0022]        
  Abbey De Haues B Grenoble [P3878]        
  Abbey de Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile [P4148]        
  Abbey de Pre'aux, Pontaudemer, Normandy [P0352]        
  Abbey Fo St. Hubert, Ardemic [P3885]        
  Abbey Of Bec [P3517]        
  Abbey Of Cormeilles [P3798]        
  Abbey Of Floreffe [P3837]        
  Abbey Of Forcarmont [P3861]        
  Abbey Of Foucarmont [P2323]        
  Abbey Of Fourcarmont [P3846]        
  Abbey of Hanson [P0858]        
  Abbey Of Hasnon [P3841]        
  Abbey Of Lire [P3858]        
  Abbey Of Lorch [P2347]        
  Abbey Of Noyers [P3584]        
  Abbey of Saddell, Kintyre, Scotland [P0944]        
  Abbey Of Saint-Pierre-Sur-Dives [P3863]        
  Abbey of St Cyprian, France [P1297]        
  Abbey of St Denys, Paris, Seine, France [P0882]        
  Abbey of St Lazarus, Bethlethem [P1221]        
  Abbey Of St Pierre De Beaulieu [P3607]        
  Abbey Of St. Lazarus, Bethelehem [P3833]        
  Abbey St. Grestain, France [P3599]        
  Abbey, Preaux, Normandy, France [P1364]        
  Abbott Creek, Monovian, Rowan, North Carolina or Newberry, SC [P2106]        
  Aberconway [P2320]        
  Aberconwy, Arllechwedd Uchaf, Caernarvonshire, Wales [P1111]        
  Aberdeenshire, Scotland [P1408]        
  Aberffraw Castle, Aberffraw, Anglesey, Wales [P1547]        
  Aberhonwy, Breconshire, Wales [P1451]        
  Abingdon, Berkshire [P2393]        
  Abingdon, Berkshire, England/Abingdon, England [P0254]        
  Abingdon, Berkshire, England/Berkshire Co., England [P0255]        
  Abington Abbey, Berkshire, England [P0762]        
  Abington Twp, Montgomery, PA [P3468]        
  Abington Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA [P3448]        
  Abington, , PA [P3466]        
  Abington, Abington Co, PA [P3413]        
  Abington, Abington, PA [P3414]        
  Abington, Abington, Pa [P3436]        
  Abington, Montgomery Co, PA [P3415]        
  Abington, Philadelphis Co., PA [P4262]        
  abt 1237 BC [P1201]        
  abt 1281 BC [P1202]        
  abt 52 BC [P1624]        
  abt 586 BC [P4136]        
  ABT 6 AD [P1635]        
  abt 71 BC [P1612]        
  abt 84 BC Pisa [P1625]        
  Accomac, Virginia [P0093]        
  Accomack County, Virginia [P0101]        
  Accomack, VA [P0098]        
  Acre [P2328]        
  Acre, Palestine [P0494]        
  Acre, Palestine or Damietta, Palestine [P1343]        
  active in church community work in Pros, SC [P2404]        
  Activities: Veterans of Foriegn Wars, Exchange Club, Savannah River Hunting Club [P4014]        
  Adams Run, SC [P2440]        
  Adelberg, Goppingen Dist., Germany [P2161]        
  Admington, England [P4145]        
  Adrianople, Byzantium Empire [P1459]        
  Affligem Abbey, Flanders, France [P1167]        
  Afflighem, Flanders [P2272]        
  aft 1237 BC [P1200]        
  aft 35 AD [P1192]        
  aft 443 BC [P1045]        
  age 21 [P3981]        
  age 50, Beaver Co, Penn [P3979]        
  Aibar [P3671]        
  Aix La Chapelle [P3563]        
  Aix le Chapelle [P2199]        
  Aix-En-Provence [P3506]        
  Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France [P1266]        
  Aix-en-Provence, France [P0962]        
  Aix-la-Chapelle [P4275]        
  Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen) [P1491]        
  Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen), Germany [P0869]        
  Akkon, Jerusalem [P3603]        
  AL [P3908]        
  Al-Mansura, on the Nile, Egypt [P0454]        
  Alabama [P2697]        
  Albon, France [P0777]        
  Alderton, Suffolk [P0175]        
  Alderwood Manor, WA [P3397]        
  Alenon, Orne, Basse-Normandie, France [P2324]        
  Alençon, Eure, France [P1507]        
  Allen, PA? [P4267]        
  Allesley, Warwickshire, England [P0297]        
  Almondbury, Yorkshire, England [P0117]        
  Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England [P0904]        
  Alnwick Castle, SCOT [P4048]        
  Alnwick, Northumberland [P0237]        
  Alnwick, Northumberland, England [P3532]        
  Alnwick, Northumberland, England/Alnwick, England [P0626]        
  Alsace, France [P1676]        
  Alsace, Lorraine, France [P1432]        
  Altdorf [P3851]        
  Altemunster [P3882]        
  Altenberg, Germany [P1945]        
  Alton, Co Stafford [P3807]        
  Alton, Staffordshire [P0533]        
  Alveston, Gloucestershire [P0483]        
  Alzheimer's [P2568]        
  Amelia Co. Virginia [P1990]        
  Amersden, Buckinghamshire, England [P1843]        
  Amesbury, ENG [P4056]        
  Amesbury, Wilts [P3789]        
  Amesbury, Wiltshire [P3507]        
  Amesbury, Wiltshire, England [P2246]        
  Amesbury, Wiltshire, England/Amesbury, England [P0849]        
  Amptill, Bedford, England [P1978]        
  Amsterdam, Noord, Holland [P2178]        
  Anatolia [P3687]        
  Andene Monastery [P0893]        
  Andernach, Rheinland [P1678]        
  Anderson Co., SC [P4026]        
  Anderson County [P0079]        
  Anderson County, SC [P0037]        
  Anderson, S.C. [P0038]        
  Anderson, SC [P0020]        
  Anderson, South Carolina [P3223]        
  anemia, splenic enlargement, hemorrhages [P2544]        
  Angers [P2256]        
  Angers, Anjou [P4126]        
  Angers, France or Tours, France [P0901]        
  Angers, Maine-et-Loire, FRA [P4070]        
  Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France [P2239]        
  Anglesey [P1141]        
  Anglesey, Wales [P1140]        
  Angoulême, Aquitaine [P1495]        
  Angoulême, Charente, France [P0395]        
  Anjou, FRA [P4066]        
  Anjou, France [P0981]        
  Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland [P3974]        
  Anne Arundel, Maryland [P4316]        
  Anson Co., NC [P3376]        
  Anson County, Md. [P0152]        
  Anson, NC [P0049]        
  ANSON, NC [P0050]        
  Antrim or County Kerry, Ireland [P0120]        
  Aosta, Savoy, France [P2309]        
  Aoste, Savoy, France [P1749]        
  Aquileia [P1282]        
  Aquitaine, France [P1302]        
  Aragón, Spain [P1566]        
  Arbroath Abbey, Scotland [P2303]        
  Ardenne [P0892]        
  Ardenne, France [P0378]        
  Argyllshire, Scotland [P0980]        
  Arkansas [P2678]        
  Arklow Castle, , Wicklow, Ireland [P3748]        
  Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland [P3745]        
  Arles [P3702]        
  Army Veteran of World War II [P3080]        
  Arques [P3667]        
  Arras [P0863]        
  Arras, France [P1046]        
  Arrived in Chas, SC, on ship Upton [P2500]        
  arrived in S.C. [P1812]        
  Artlenburg [P3852]        
  Arundel [P2245]        
  Arundel Castle, West Sussex [P1184]        
  Arundel, England [P0211]        
  Arundel, Essex, England [P1442]        
  Arundel, Sussex [P0218]        
  Arundel, West Sussex, England [P1345]        
  Ascalon, Palestine [P2367]        
  Ashe, Suffolk [P0182]        
  Ashenfield, Canterbury, Kent [P1395]        
  Ashenfield, Waltham [P3892]        
  Asheville, North Carolina [P3260]        
  Ashford, Hertfordshire, England/Ashford, England [P0243]        
  Ashill, Norfolk [P0268]        
  Askaoln [P1312]        
  Astorga, Galicia, Portugal [P1515]        
  Astorga, Galicien [P3581]        
  At 10 days of age [P3262]        
  At 19 years of age [P2924]        
  At age 10 [P3263]        
  at Father’s home, Kelly’s Creek [P4322]        
  At Home, Chapin, South Carolina [P3053]        
  At least one child out of wedlock [P2510]        
  at sea [P0443]        
  Atapuerca [P1582]        
  Atapuerca, Spain [P2377]        
  Atapuerta [P3692]        
  Athens, Clarke County, Georgia [P4248]        
  Athens, Georgia [P3169]        
  Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland [P0922]        
  Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia [P3104]        
  Atlanta, GA [P3188]        
  Atlanta, Georgia [P3018]        
  Atonement Lutheran Church, Newberry, SC [P3340]        
  Aubigny, Normandy [P0321]        
  Auburn, Darlington County, S.C. [P3479]        
  Augusta, Ga. [P3357]        
  Augusta, Georgia [P2890]        
  Auhausen, Germany [P1964]        
  Aull Family Cemetery, Prosperity, South Carolina [P2658]        
  Austrasia [P2273]        
  Austrasia, France [P0881]        
  Autointoxication [P2463]        
  Auton [P3674]        
  Auxerre [P1427]        
  Auxerre St-Etienne [P3673]        
  Avallon, Burgundy [P3700]        
  Aveillant [P3634]        
  Aveillare, France [P2310]        
  Aveillave, Savoie, France [P1745]        
  Avignon [P3685]        
  Avranches [P2316]        
  Avranches, Normandy, France [P0375]        
  Ayrshire, Scotland [P2128]        
B Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England [P2032]        
  Baconthorpe, Norfolk, England [P2038]        
  Baddesley [P3859]        
  Baden, Germany [P1779]        
  Baden,Germany [P4180]        
  Badlesmere, Kent [P4117]        
  Baisy, Brabant [P2358]        
  Baly’s Creek, Westopher Parish, Charles City Co., VA [P0069]        
  Bamba, León, Spain [P1740]        
  Bamberg [P1660]        
  Bamberg County, South Carolina [P2672]        
  Bamberg, Germany [P2345]        
  Bamberg, SC [P4197]        
  Bamberg, SC. [P2083]        
  Bamburg [P2366]        
  Banbury, Cheshire, England [P4338]        
  Banti’s Disease: A syndrome combining [P2543]        
  Bapaume [P4309]        
  Bapaume, France [P4213]        
  Baptised 12 Apr 1862 [P2578]        
  Baptised 14 Feb 1864 [P2520]        
  Baptised 8 April 1911; Army Nurses Corps [P2583]        
  Baptised July 8, 1855 [P2577]        
  Baptist Hospital, Columbia, SC [P3206]        
  Baptist Medical Center, Columbia, South Carolina [P3185]        
  Baptized 13 October 1867 [P2515]        
  Baptized 14 July 1878 [P2526]        
  Baptized 19 June 1872 [P2524]        
  Bar [P3632]        
  Bar-le-Duc, France [P0941]        
  Barbastro [P3725]        
  Barcelona [P1424]        
  Barcelona, Spain [P0780]        
  Barcelona, Spain or Aragón [P1571]        
  Barcheston, Warw, Eng [P3754]        
  Barflete [P2280]        
  Barnard Castle, Durham, England [P1980]        
  Barnard Castle, Gainford, Durham, England [P0314]        
  Barnard Castle, Gainsford, Durham, England [P4114]        
  Barnwell County, SC [P2633]        
  Barnwell County, South Carolina [P3330]        
  Barnwell Dist. South Carolina [P1933]        
  Barnwell District, SC [P2503]        
  Barnwell District, South Carolina [P2631]        
  Barnwell, S.C. [P3484]        
  Barnwell, South Carolina [P3015]        
  Barrow, Leicestershire [P4110]        
  Barton, England [P1185]        
  Barton, Lancastershire, England [P1762]        
  Bass, Lower Lorraine [P2340]        
  Batesburg-Leesville, SC [P2788]        
  Batesville, Mississippi [P3317]        
  Battle of Bannockburn, Scotland [P0399]        
  Battle of Blore Heath, Salop, England [P0195]        
  Battle of Boroughbridge, Yorkshire [P0950]        
  Battle of Carno, Arwystli, Montgomeryshire, Wales [P1550]        
  Battle of Clontarf, Dublin [P1290]        
  Battle of Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland [P1127]        
  Battle Of Cyfeil, Ketell, Wales [P1456]        
  Battle of Evesham [P0461]        
  Battle of Evesham, Worcestershire, England/Battle, England [P0476]        
  Battle of Fontenoy [P0599]        
  Battle of Granby, South Carolina [P2189]        
  Battle of Hastings, England [P0619]        
  Battle of Huesca [P1481]        
  Battle of Lewes, Sussex [P0484]        
  Battle of Mag Ailbe [P0614]        
  Battle of Mechain, Montgomeryshire, Wales [P1541]        
  Battle of Penmynydd, Dindaethwy, Anglesey, Wales [P1005]        
  Battle of Poitou, Poitou, France [P1510]        
  Battle of Ramleh, Ramleh, Palestine [P1079]        
  Battle of Shrewsbury [P0938]        
  Battle of Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Salop [P0204]        
  Battle of Sluys [P0548]        
  Battle of Stamford Bridge, England [P1752]        
  Battle of Strathcarron [P0851]        
  Battle of the Bulge [P3244]        
  Battle of the Bulge in World War II [P3060]        
  Battle of the Standard [P1087]        
  Battle of Thuim [P1751]        
  Bavaria [P1054]        
  Bavaria, Germany [P3534]        
  Bavinchoven, Near Camel [P3797]        
  Baxter Cemetery, Newberry, South Carolina [P3112]        
  Bayerex, Clvds, France [P0659]        
  Bayeux, Clvds, France [P0377]        
  Bayeux, France [P1278]        
  Bayonne [P2247]        
  Bayonne, France [P1107]        
  Beauchamp Court, Worcestershire, England [P1848]        
  Beaudesert Castle, Warwickshire, England [P0536]        
  Beaudesert, Warwickshire, England [P0517]        
  Beaufort District, St. Peters Parish, SC [P1835]        
  Beaufort, SC [P2073]        
  BEAUFORT,SC [P4002]        
  Beaume [P3869]        
  Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England [P0963]        
  Beaumont-sur-Risle, France [P1208]        
  Beaune, Cote-d'Or, France [P1475]        
  Beaver Co, Penn [P3973]        
  Beaver County [P3971]        
  Beaver County, Pennsylvania [P3977]        
  Beavertown, Pennsylvania [P3994]        
  Bebenhausen, Germany [P4188]        
  Bec Abbey, Normandy [P1876]        
  Became King of France in 987 [P1879]        
  Bedfordshire, England [P0562]        
  Bedlisgate, England [P0132]        
  Beeston Castle, Cheshire [P1158]        
  bef 181 BC [P1627]        
  bef 20 AD [P1634]        
  Beinfaite, Normandy [P1384]        
  Belgium [P0653]        
  Bellencombre, Seine-Maritime, France [P1366]        
  Bellfast, Ireland [P0081]        
  Belton, South Carolina [P3183]        
  Belvoir [P1067]        
  Belvoir, Leicestershire, England [P0210]        
  Benauges, France [P1500]        
  Benavente [P3572]        
  Benavente, Italy [P1249]        
  Benedictine Abbey of St. Walburg in the Holy Forest, Alsace [P2348]        
  Benton, Hudson, Smoke Family Cem., Hwy. ? [P2050]        
  Beoley, Worcestershire, England [P3752]        
  Bere Ferrers, Devonshire, England [P1847]        
  Berestova [P3640]        
  Berestovo, Kiev, Ukraine [P2298]        
  Bergen, Norway [P1128]        
  Berkeley Castle [P3509]        
  Berkeley, Charles City, Va [P1971]        
  Berkeswell, Warwicks, England [P2053]        
  Berkhamsetad Castle, Hertfordshire [P1114]        
  Berkhamsted Castle, Hertfordshire, England/Berkhamsted, England [P1383]        
  Berkshire, England [P1866]        
  Bermondsey [P2379]        
  Bermondsey Abbey [P0933]        
  Bermondsey, London, England [P0932]        
  Bernard Castle, , England [P1998]        
  Bernard, , England [P4335]        
  Berswell, Warwick, England [P2054]        
  Bertie Co., NC [P2124]        
  Betchworth, Surrey [P0235]        
  Beth Eden Lutheran Cemetery, Newberry County, SC [P2702]        
  Bethany Methodist Church Cemetery, Saluda, SC [P2936]        
  Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Prosperity, South Carolina [P3114]        
  Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P3158]        
  Bethel Cemetery, El Dorado, Arkansas [P2736]        
  Bethel Cemetery, White Rock, SC [P2547]        
  Bethel Cemetery, White Rock, South Carolina [P3039]        
  Bethel Cmtry, El Dorado, Arkansas [P2737]        
  Bethel Lutheran Cemetery, White Rock, South Caorlina [P2874]        
  Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Chapin, SC [P2894]        
  Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery, White Rock, SC [P2550]        
  Bethelehem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Irmo, SC [P2973]        
  Bethersden, Kent, England [P2167]        
  Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery, Pomaria, South Carolina [P2992]        
  Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pomaria, SC [P2768]        
  Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery, SC [P3090]        
  Bethnal Green, Stepney, Middlesex, England [P4081]        
  Bethune, S.C. [P3489]        
  Between Chapin & Lt. Mountain, Lexington Co, SC [P2644]        
  Beulah Methodist Cemetery, Gilbert, South Carolina [P3088]        
  Bibb Co, AL Will Book D, p. 33 [P2575]        
  Bibb Co., Alabama [P2574]        
  Bibb County, Alabama [P2634]        
  Big Creek, Calhoun County, Mississippi [P2911]        
  Billingford, Norfolk [P1032]        
  Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL [P3951]        
  Bisham, Berkshire [P0246]        
  Bisham, Berkshire, England [P0244]        
  Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, England [P1822]        
  Bishop’s Frome, Herefordshire [P0189]        
  Bishop. [P2075]        
  Bishops Castle, , England [P1820]        
  Bishopville, S.C. [P3501]        
  Bithynia [P1154]        
  Bivar, Castile [P1590]        
  Bivar, Spain [P1589]        
  Black Cove, Angus [P3615]        
  Blackville, South Carolina [P3130]        
  Blair, SC [P2606]        
  Blaney, South Carolina [P3240]        
  Blaubeuren, Ulm Dist., Germany [P1958]        
  Blauzahn, Germany [P1149]        
  Bleeding Dysentary/Senility [P2473]        
  Bletchley, , England [P3737]        
  Blois [P3847]        
  Blois, France [P0907]        
  Blore Heath, co. Salop, England [P2259]        
  Blount County, Alabama [P2628]        
  Bodeaux Castle, Gascny [P4183]        
  Bodfeld, Hartz [P2350]        
  Bodfeld, Hartz, Germany [P1440]        
  Boiling Springs United Methodist Church Cemetery [P2659]        
  Boland Cemetery #1, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P2887]        
  Boland Cemetery #2, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P2917]        
  Boland Cemetery #3, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P1797]        
  Boland Cemetery #4, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P2952]        
  Boland Cemetery #4, Newberry County, SC [P1793]        
  Boland Cemetery #4, Newberry County, South Carolina [P1792]        
  Boland Cenetary [P1801]        
  Boland Family Cemetery, Little Mtn. SC [P1796]        
  Bolington, Oxfordshire, England [P4133]        
  Bolton Castle,,Yorkshire,England or Danby Wiske, North Allerton, Yorkshire, England/Bolton, England [P0106]        
  Bond County, Ill. [P0058]        
  Bond County, Illinois [P0061]        
  Bonillon [P3884]        
  Bonwicke, Yorkshire, England [P2180]        
  Bordeaux [P3548]        
  Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux, France [P4131]        
  Bordeaux Cathedral, Gascony [P4210]        
  Bordeaux Cathedral, Gascony, France [P4151]        
  Bordeaux, FRA [P4064]        
  Bordeaux, France [P4207]        
  Bordeaux, Gironde, FRA [P4332]        
  Borgo S. Dalmazzo [P3626]        
  Borgona [P4293]        
  Born an Avant, Adopted by Jacob & Annie [P2074]        
  Boroughbridge [P2252]        
  Boroughbridge, ENG [P2253]        
  Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, England [P3751]        
  Boston, Massachusettes [P3310]        
  Boston,Lincs.,England [P2139]        
  Bosworth, Leicestershire [P1370]        
  Boulogne, France [P0909]        
  Boulogne, Lorraine, France [P1156]        
  Bourgogne, Burgundy, France [P1254]        
  Bourgogne, France [P0259]        
  Bourgogne, France, of Reims, France [P1229]        
  Bouteville, France [P1498]        
  Boves, Somme, France [P4112]        
  Boyds Crossing, Newberry County, SC [P2794]        
  Boynton, Wiltshire [P0419]        
  Brabant, France [P0915]        
  Brackley, England [P1418]        
  Braga Cathedral [P3582]        
  Braine [P1241]        
  Braine, France [P2327]        
  Braines, Loire Atlantique, France [P1466]        
  Bramber Castle, Bramber, Sussex, England [P1448]        
  Bramber, Sussex, England [P0303]        
  Brampton, England [P1837]        
  Brampton,,England [P2138]        
  Braunschweig, Germany [P1083]        
  Bravik [P1287]        
  Brd Bethel Cmtry nr Eldorado, AR [P2735]        
  Breast Cancer [P2413]        
  Brecknock, Surrey, England [P1447]        
  Brecknock, Wales [P1082]        
  Brecon, Breconshire, Wales [P1545]        
  Brecon, Breconshire, Wales/Brecon, Wales [P1449]        
  Breconshire, Wales [P1159]        
  Bredelais, Wales [P0404]        
  Bretagne [P2257]        
  Bretagne, France [P1076]        
  Breteuil, Eure, France [P4144]        
  Bridlington, Yorkshire, England [P2171]        
  Brimsfield, Gloucestershire [P0417]        
  Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England [P1021]        
  Brisarte [P3589]        
  Bristol [P0764]        
  Bristol Parish / Henrico Co / VA [P0070]        
  Bristol Parish, Prince George County, VA [P0066]        
  Bristol Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA [P4261]        
  Bristol Twp., Philadelphia, PA [P3447]        
  Bristol, Bucks Co., Pa [P3437]        
  Bristol, England [P2276]        
  Bristol, Gloucestershire [P1169]        
  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England [P0489]        
  Bristol, Tennessee [P3236]        
  Bristol, TN [P3373]        
  Bristol, TN-Mrs. Lynch’s house on Windsor Ave. [P4278]        
  Bristol, VA [P3370]        
  Britain [P1097]        
  Brittany [P2116]        
  Brittany, France [P0506]        
  Broad Creek, Prince Geo Count, Maryland [P3986]        
  Broad Creek, Prince George Co, Maryland [P3982]        
  Broad River Township, Lexington County, SC [P2461]        
  Broke, Wiltshire, England [P1838]        
  Bromley, Co Stafford [P3827]        
  Bromley, Stafford, England [P2300]        
  Bromley, Staffordshire, England [P1218]        
  Broomscroft, Shropshire, England [P3755]        
  brought 4 sons w\ to America; Daughters ? [P1814]        
  Bruges [P1301]        
  Brunswick, Georgia [P2442]        
  Brunswick, Glenn County, Georgia [P3235]        
  Buckinghamshire, England [P0994]        
  Buglawton, Cheshire, England [P0991]        
  Buissiere [P3880]        
  Bulgaria [P3729]        
  Bulloch Co. Ga. (now in Jenkins Co.) [P3355]        
  Bunbury, Cheshire Co., England [P4339]        
  Bur Bethel Luth Ch Cem, White Rock, SC [P2548]        
  Bur Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery, Pomaria, SC [P2767]        
  bur Capers Chapel Mth Ch Cem, Peak, SC [P3048]        
  Bur Clayton Mem Univ Cem, Newberry, SC [P2708]        
  Bur Colony Lutheran Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P2766]        
  Bur Elmwood Cem, Cola, SC [P2551]        
  Bur Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, SC [P2714]        
  bur Epting Fam Cem [P2477]        
  bur Fam Cem [P2482]        
  bur Family Cem, Chapin, SC [P2465]        
  Bur Holy Trinit Lutheran Church Cemetery, Lt. Mtn. SC [P2507]        
  Bur Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Lt. Mtn. SC [P2504]        
  Bur in West End Cem, Newberry, SC [P2610]        
  Bur Kendrick Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana [P2746]        
  bur Lake Murray [P2485]        
  bur Lake Murray w/ memorial St Peter's [P2487]        
  Bur Memorial Gardens, Newberry, SC [P2791]        
  bur Mt Horeb Luth Ch Cem [P2445]        
  Bur Mt Tabor Lutheran Church Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2792]        
  Bur Mt. Horeb Lutheran Cem, Chapin, SC [P2772]        
  Bur Mt. Pilgram Lutheran Cem, Prosperity, SC [P2712]        
  Bur Mt. Tabor Lutheran Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2773]        
  Bur Newberry Memorial Gardens, Newberry, SC [P2795]        
  Bur Peak Cem, Peak, SC [P2512]        
  Bur Pros Cem, Prosperity, SC [P2449]        
  bur Prosperity Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P2448]        
  Bur Prosperity Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P2707]        
  Bur Rosemond Cemetery [P2810]        
  Bur Rosemont Cem, Newberry, SC [P2715]        
  bur Rosemont Cem, Newberry, SC [P2474]        
  Bur Rosemont Cem, Newberry, SC; retired [P2602]        
  Bur Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC; mem [P2607]        
  Bur Sease-Fike Cem, Little Mt, SC [P2612]        
  Bur Sease-Fike Cemetery, Newberry, SC [P2467]        
  Bur Springwood Cem, Greenville, SC [P2775]        
  Bur Springwood Cemetery, Greenville, SC [P2769]        
  Bur St James Luth Ch, Lex, SC [P2600]        
  bur St Peter's, Piney Woods [P2479]        
  bur St Phillip’s Luth Ch Cem, Pros, SC [P3264]        
  Bur St Thomas Luth Ch Cem, Chapin, SC [P2597]        
  Bur St Thomas Luth Ch, Chapin, SC [P2838]        
  Bur St. Lukes Luth Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P2764]        
  Bur St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pomaria, SC [P2589]        
  Bur St. Peters Piney Woods, Chapin, SC [P2710]        
  bur St. Peters Piney Woods, Chapin, SC [P2863]        
  Bur St. Phillips Lutheran Church Cem, Newberry, SC [P2816]        
  Bur under waters of Lake Murray, SC [P2495]        
  Bur West Hampton Mem Park, VA [P2756]        
  Burgate Parish, Eng [P2008]        
  Burgate, Suffolk, England [P1979]        
  Burgh, Cumberland, England [P0563]        
  Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland, England [P0559]        
  Burgh-on-Sands, Carlisle, Cumberland, England [P2220]        
  Burgh-on-Sands, Cumberland [P0955]        
  Burgh-on-Sands, nr Carlisle, Cumberland, ENG [P4051]        
  Burgh-On-The-Sands, Near Carlisle [P0956]        
  Burgh-on-the-Sands, near Carlisle, Cumberland, England/Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA [P0954]        
  Burgos [P2270]        
  Burgos, Castile [P4150]        
  Burgos, Castille, Spain [P4208]        
  Burgos, SPA [P4330]        
  Burgos, Spain [P1014]        
  Burgundy [P1672]        
  Burgundy, France [P1428]        
  Burial Rosemont Cemetery, Whitaker Funeral [P2617]        
  Buried at Overbrook Cem., McCormick, South Carolina [P4011]        
  Buried at Ruhamah Meth. Ch., Starr, Sc [P4037]        
  Buried Florence National Cemetary, SC [P2398]        
  Buried Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P3254]        
  Buried in Lowther’s Hill cemetery [P1896]        
  Buried Lebanon Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana [P2748]        
  Buried Mount Tabor Lutheran Church Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2796]        
  Buried Piney Woods Church, SC [P2858]        
  Buried Prosperity Cemetery [P2452]        
  Buried Prosperity Cemetery, SC [P2415]        
  Buried Rosemont Cemetary, Clinton, SC [P2573]        
  Buried Rosemont Cemetery, New Berry, SC [P2691]        
  Buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, South Carolina [P2690]        
  Buried Summer Graveyard, Little Mountain, SC [P1929]        
  Buried Summer Graveyard, Pomaria, South Carolina [P2639]        
  Buried under waters of Lake Murray, SC [P2498]        
  Buried Werts Cemetery, Silverstreet, South Carolina [P1927]        
  Burlington Co., NJ [P3450]        
  Burnwell Castle [P3864]        
  Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England [P2230]        
  Bush River Baptist Church Cemetery, Newberry Co, SC [P2939]        
  Bush River Community, South Carolina [P3296]        
  Bush River Memorial Gardens, Columbia, SC [P2430]        
  By Pequot indians, Bay Colony, CT [P1765]        
  By Rev. Wilber K. Sligh [P4227]        
  by Tho.G.Watson, Just.ofPeace [P4324]        
  Bywell, Northamptonshire [P1405]        
  Bywell, Northamptonshire, England [P0315]        
C Cabin Point, Surry, Va [P1972]        
  Cabin Point, VA [P4314]        
  Cabo Ateras Isla De Cefalonia [P3682]        
  Caen, Calvados, FRA [P4047]        
  Caen, Calvados, France [P0857]        
  Caen, Calvedos, France [P3522]        
  Caen, FRA [P4045]        
  Caen, Normandy [P2244]        
  Caernarvonshire, Wales [P0310]        
  Caernavon, Wales [P3508]        
  Caerphilly Castle [P0492]        
  Caerphilly Castle, Glamorganshire, Wales [P1670]        
  Cainell, Near Rome [P3865]        
  Cainell, near Rome, Italy [P0332]        
  Calabarra [P4291]        
  Calahorra, Spain [P4156]        
  Calcis/Birmingha, Jefferson/St.Cla, AL [P3914]        
  Calhoun City, Mississippi [P3313]        
  Calhoun County, Mississippi [P2910]        
  CALHOUN, SC [P4008]        
  California [P4234]        
  Calne, Wiltshire or Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire [P0267]        
  Calne, Wiltshire, England/Calne, England [P0266]        
  Calvert, Maryland [P3978]        
  Camden District, South Carolina [P2155]        
  came to USA (via Rotterdam) from Germany [P1816]        
  came with wife. [P1815]        
  Camischio, Ivrea, Savoie [P0774]        
  Camp Chase, Ohio (CSA-POW) [P2530]        
  Camping Creek Area, Newberry County, SC [P2832]        
  Camping Creek, Lexington County, South Carolina [P3291]        
  Campobello, South Carolina [P3128]        
  Cancer of Stomach [P2462]        
  Cancer of uterus [P2509]        
  Cancer: Head of Pancreas [P2593]        
  Canischio [P3646]        
  Cannstatt, Germany [P1948]        
  Canterbury [P4288]        
  Canterbury Cathedral [P4125]        
  Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent [P4149]        
  Canterbury, ENG [P4331]        
  Canterbury, England [P4209]        
  Canterbury, Kent [P1647]        
  Canterbury, Kent, England [P2242]        
  Capers Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Peak, SC [P2666]        
  Capers Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Peak, SC [NCI-215] [P3086]        
  Capers Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Peak, South Carolina [P3085]        
  Capers Chapel Methodist Church [P2660]        
  Capers Chapel United Methodist Church [P2576]        
  Capers Chapel United Methodist Church, Peak, SC [P3049]        
  Capt, Co H 13 SC Inf CSA [P2480]        
  Carbonierres, Savoy, France [P1748]        
  Cardea, Spain [P2356]        
  Cardinan, Cornwall [P1170]        
  Carlisle [P0917]        
  Carlisle, Cumberland, England/Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA [P0916]        
  Carlton County, South Carolina [P4220]        
  Carolina Memorial Gardens, Charleston, SC [P3196]        
  Caroline, Virginia [P4041]        
  Carr House Parrish, Dorcaster, Yorkshire, England [P3897]        
  Carr Parish, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England [P1773]        
  Carrichfergus, Charles, MD [P0150]        
  Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland [P0846]        
  Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland [P4167]        
  Carrollton, AL [P3935]        
  Carrollton, Georgia ? [P3059]        
  Carter’s City, Gloucester, Va [P1975]        
  Carteret County, N. C. [P0156]        
  Carters Creek, Gloucester, Va [P4313]        
  Cartersville, Georgia [P4249]        
  Cartersville, S.C. [P3349]        
  Carthage [P3666]        
  Carthage, Africa [P1680]        
  Caseborne In Cheriton, Kent, England [P2168]        
  Casseneuil, Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine [P0866]        
  Cassington, Oxfordshire [P0546]        
  Cassington, Oxfordshire, England [P1555]        
  Castile or Meudon, France [P4137]        
  Castile, SPA [P4053]        
  Castile, Spain [P0996]        
  Castle Acre, Norfolk [P1368]        
  Castle Badlesmere, Kent [P0238]        
  Castle Of Bouteville [P3527]        
  Castle Of Gernon, Normandy [P3803]        
  Castle Tutbury, Staffordshire, England [P0430]        
  Castle Wark, Northumberland [P4116]        
  Castle, Broomscroft, Shropshire, England [P3757]        
  Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandy [P4182]        
  Cathedral Of St. Maurice, Magdeburg [P2342]        
  Caucasian, Baptist [P2976]        
  Caucasian/ [P2423]        
  Caucasian/Baptist [P2433]        
  Caucasian/Lutheran [P2402]        
  Caucasian/Presbyterian [P2570]        
  Caucasian; Lutheran [P2582]        
  Caughman-Harman Funeral Home, Chapin Chapel, SC [P2982]        
  Caughman-Harman Funeral Homes, Chapin Chapel [P2886]        
  Caughman-Harman, Lexington Chapel, SC [P3276]        
  Cavenby, Lincolnshire [P0993]        
  Caversham [P3894]        
  Caversham, Berkshire, England [P1376]        
  Caversham, England [P2315]        
  Cayce, Lexington County, South Carolina [P3051]        
  Cayce, SC [P1776]        
  CD 13. [P1780]        
  Cedar Grove Cemetery, Leesville, SC [P2846]        
  Cedar Grove Cemetery, Leesville, South Carolina [P2847]        
  Cedaredge, CO [P3403]        
  Cedaredge, Colorado [P3400]        
  Cefndigoll, Wales [P1018]        
  Celestial Garden Cemetery, West Columbia, South Caorlina [P3225]        
  Celestial Gardens, West Columbia, South Carolina [P3273]        
  Celestial Memorial Gardens, Lexington County, SC [P2849]        
  Cemetery is under Lake Murray [P3284]        
  Cennfuait [P3855]        
  Centreville, Bibb County, Alabama [P4244]        
  Cephalonia [P2352]        
  Cephalonia, Italy [P0879]        
  Ch, Pomaria, SC, to Clinton, SC [P2596]        
  Chalby, NC [P2815]        
  Chapel Hill Cemetery, Big Creek, Calhoun County, Mississippi [P2916]        
  Chapel Hill Cemetery, Big Creek, Mississippi [P2915]        
  Chapham, Bedfordshire, England [P0679]        
  Chapin, Lexington County, SC [P2564]        
  Chapin, Lexington County, South Carolina [P3195]        
  Chapin, SC [P2534]        
  Chapin, South Carolina [P2414]        
  Chapman Cemetery, Pomaria, South Carolina [P2947]        
  Chapter House Of Lewes [P3772]        
  Chapter House Of Llanthony Priory Outside Gloucester [P3790]        
  Chapter House, Lewes Priory, Sussex, England [P1093]        
  Charing, Kent, England [P2015]        
  Charles Ciity Co., VA [P2391]        
  Charles City, Charles City, VA [P1869]        
  Charles City, Va [P1969]        
  Charles City, Virginia [P3245]        
  Charles Co., Md [P0090]        
  Charles County, Maryland [P0094]        
  Charles, Maryland [P0095]        
  Charles, MD [P0096]        
  Charleston County [P0047]        
  Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina [P3102]        
  Charleston, Charleston, Sc [P2136]        
  Charleston, SC [P2100]        
  Charleston, South Carolina [P2889]        
  Charlestown, MA [P2120]        
  Charlotte, NC [P2622]        
  Charlotte, NC; Lowman Home, White Rock, SC [P2569]        
  Charlottesville, VA [P3368]        
  Charroux, France [P1503]        
  Chartres [P4296]        
  Chartres, Eure-et-Loire, France [P0835]        
  Chasseneuil [P2197]        
  Chastellerault, Vienne, France [P1519]        
  Chateau Bethizy B Paris [P3618]        
  Chateau Bethizy, Paris, France [P2205]        
  Chateau Bethizy, Paris, Seine, France [P1228]        
  Chateau de Belin, Gironde, Aquitaine [P0983]        
  Chateau de Belin, Guienne, France [P2207]        
  Chateau de Bures-sur-Dives, France [P1508]        
  Chateau De Vizilla [P3877]        
  Chateau De Vizille [P3879]        
  Chateau Du Loir [P3514]        
  Chateau Pouilly-Sur-Saone [P3714]        
  Chateaux [P3867]        
  Chateaux de Pale, Valencia, Castile [P1027]        
  Chatellerault, Vienne, France [P1520]        
  Chatellerault, Vienne, France or Aquitaine, France [P1517]        
  Chatellerault, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France [P2224]        
  Chattanooga, Tennessee [P3204]        
  Chaumont-En-Bassigny [P3709]        
  Chaworth, Nottinghamshire or Toddington, Bedfordshire [P1511]        
  Cheapside [P0227]        
  Cheapside, Berkshire, England [P0226]        
  Cheny [P3726]        
  Chepsted, Kent, England [P2061]        
  Cheraw Dist., Sc [P2137]        
  Cheraw, SC [P4287]        
  CHERAW, SC [P4088]        
  Cheraws, SC [P0042]        
  Chercamp, Artois [P2343]        
  Cherhill, Wiltshire, England [P0520]        
  Chernigov [P3654]        
  Cherryville, North Carolina [P3032]        
  Chertsey, Surrey [P1411]        
  Chester, Chestershire, England [P1641]        
  Chester, Cumberland, England [P2286]        
  Chester, England [P0371]        
  Chester, PA [P4307]        
  Chester, SC [P1855]        
  Chevening, Kent, England [P2058]        
  Chevering, Kent, England [P2056]        
  children & 5 great-grandchildren [P2605]        
  Chilham Castle, Kent, England [P4128]        
  Chilham, Kent [P0317]        
  Chilham, Kent, England [P2241]        
  Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, FRA [P4062]        
  Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, France [P0967]        
  Chinon, Normandy [P2236]        
  Chinon, Tours, France [P3502]        
  Chize [P3553]        
  Choctaw County, Mississippi [P2740]        
  Choisy, Haute-Savoie, France [P0884]        
  Choisy-Au-Bac [P3567]        
  Chorlton, Malpas, Cheshire, England [P2063]        
  Chowan Co.,NC [P2047]        
  Christ Church, Hants, England [P2217]        
  Christchurch, Hampshire, England/Christchurch, England [P1095]        
  Chronic interstitial nephritis [P2718]        
  Chronic Malaria & Epilepsy [P2525]        
  Chronic Myocarditis [P2594]        
  Chronic Nephritis [P2454]        
  Chrudim, Czechoslovakia [P0623]        
  Chrudin [P0624]        
  Church Of St. Pierre, France [P1467]        
  Church Of St. Stephen, Caen [P3521]        
  Church Of The Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem [P3604]        
  Church, Lexington, SC [P2616]        
  Church: McCormick United Methodist Church, sunday school teacher [P4015]        
  Château-du-Loir, Eure-et-Loire, France [P0982]        
  Cilicia [P2293]        
  Cincinnati, Ohio [P3175]        
  Cirencester [P2365]        
  Cirencester, Gloucestershire [P0209]        
  Citeaux [P1309]        
  City Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia [P3105]        
  Claiborne Parish, Louisiana [P2681]        
  Clamp Family Cemetery, Leexville, SC [P3278]        
  Clare, Ireland [P1638]        
  Clare, Suffolk, England [P1094]        
  Clarksdale, Coahoma County, Mississippi [P3101]        
  Clayton Memorial Univ Cemetery, Newberry, SC [P2709]        
  Clayton, Ga. [P4038]        
  Clemson College, SC [P2528]        
  Clemson University [P0040]        
  Cleobury [P0558]        
  Clerkensell, Berkshire, England [P1865]        
  Clerkenwell, England or Hampstead, England [P1381]        
  Cleveland County, NC [P3383]        
  Cleveland, Bolivar County, Mississippi [P3326]        
  Cleveland, North Carolina [P3107]        
  Clifford Castle, Herefordshire [P0311]        
  Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England [P0414]        
  Clifford Castle, Hertfordshire, England [P0398]        
  Clifford, Hertfordshire, England [P0627]        
  Clifton Springs, NY [P3371]        
  Clinton, Laurens County, SC [P2572]        
  Clinton, Laurens County, South Carolina [P3108]        
  Clinton, SC [P2420]        
  Clinton, South Carolina [P2700]        
  Clontarf, Dublin [P0412]        
  Cluniac Priory Of Marcigny-Sur-Loire [P2260]        
  Cluny [P3697]        
  Co C 15th SC Volunteer Regiment, CSA [P2531]        
  Co, VA or Cherry Point Neck, VA [P4103]        
  CofD: Cerebral Hemorrhage w/Arterioscle- [P3267]        
  CofD: Chronic Endocarditis complicated by [P2453]        
  CofD: Chronic Interstistial Nephritis [P3265]        
  CofD: Chronic myocarditis [P2717]        
  CofD: Chronic myocarditis w/heart block [P2475]        
  Coimbra, Portugal [P1737]        
  Cokehill [P2360]        
  Colchester, Essex, England [P1976]        
  College Park, Georgia [P2990]        
  Colleton Cnty, SC [P2048]        
  Colleton Co, SC [P1919]        
  Colleton Co. [P1918]        
  Colleton Co., SC [P4181]        
  Colleton County, SC [P2029]        
  Colleton County, South Carolina [P2026]        
  Colleton District, South Carolina [P0045]        
  Colleton, South Carolina [P4184]        
  Collin County, Texas [P3336]        
  Colne, Essex, England/Colne, England [P0499]        
  Cologne [P3812]        
  Cologne, Germany [P2295]        
  Colony Lutheran Cemetery, Prosperity, South Carolina [P2692]        
  Colony Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P2693]        
  Colorado [P3956]        
  Colquite, Cornwall [P0217]        
  Columbia [P2783]        
  Columbia College [P2096]        
  Columbia Hospital, Columbia, Richland County, SC [P3120]        
  Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina [P2516]        
  Columbia, S.C. [P2872]        
  Columbia, SC [P0080]        
  Columbia, SC (Buried Elmwood Cemetery) [P2566]        
  Columbia, SC, Bur Bethel Cem, White Rock [P2542]        
  Columbia, SC. [P2085]        
  Columbia, South Carolina [P2024]        
  Comalander Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2962]        
  Comalander Cemetery, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P2963]        
  Comalander Family Cemetery, near Chapin, SC [P2965]        
  Comalander Family Cemetery, Near Chapin, SC [P2966]        
  Combmartin, Devonshire, England [P0989]        
  Compegnie, Syria [P4157]        
  Compeigne, France [P4155]        
  Compiegne [P0865]        
  Compiegne, Oise, France [P0864]        
  Compostella, Spain [P2210]        
  Conches [P1416]        
  Conches, France [P3842]        
  Confederate Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia [P2836]        
  Constantinople [P4176]        
  Constantinople, Byzantium Empire [P1262]        
  Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire [P1098]        
  Constantinople, Turkey [P0299]        
  Conteville [P1593]        
  Conteville, France [P1592]        
  Contributory: Pellagra [P2546]        
  Convent Of St Martin, Tours [P3661]        
  Coombe Castle, Wiltshire, England [P0757]        
  Coosa County, Alabama [P2643]        
  Coraicana, Navarro Co., TX [P3952]        
  Corbeil (near Paris), Marne, France [P1579]        
  Corbeil, France [P0821]        
  Corbell, Near Paris [P3782]        
  Corbiel, Marne, France [P0708]        
  Cordele, Crisp County, Georgia [P3187]        
  Cordele, Ga. [P3356]        
  Cordele, Georgia [P3186]        
  Cordoba [P3704]        
  Cordova [P3720]        
  Corfe Castle [P0304]        
  Corinbra [P3578]        
  Corinbra Cathedral [P3579]        
  Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery, Santee, SC [P2668]        
  Corinth Lutheran Cemetery, Saluda, South Carolina [P3212]        
  Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS [P3943]        
  Coronaco, Greenwood County, South Carolina [P3040]        
  Coronit, Carteret County, N. C. [P0153]        
  Corvey [P3675]        
  Cottingham, Yorkshire [P0580]        
  Coucy, Ardennes, France [P1651]        
  Could also be Stewart [P3255]        
  Could be 1835 [P3289]        
  Count de Barr, France [P1874]        
  Count of Witten [P1884]        
  Counts-Summer Graveyard, Pomaria, South Carolina [P1917]        
  County Kent, England [P1981]        
  Courtenay, Loiret, France [P0717]        
  Courtenay, Loriet, France [P0716]        
  Courtral, Flandre, Occidential, Belgium [P1742]        
  Coutances, Normandy, France [P0878]        
  Covarubbias [P1074]        
  Coventry [P3828]        
  Coweta Co, GA [P4310]        
  Coweta Co., GA [P3917]        
  Coweta Co., GA, Rev.John Bigbee [P4321]        
  Coweta County, Georgia [P2743]        
  Cowles Station, Macon County, Alabama [P4250]        
  Coxdale / Henrico / VA [P0121]        
  Cracovia [P2296]        
  Craven County (now Newberry County), South Carolina [P2501]        
  Craven County, Sumter District, South Carolina [P2156]        
  Crawford County, Georgia [P2686]        
  Crawne, Wiltshire, England [P2052]        
  Cremation [P3961]        
  Crescent City, CA [P3393]        
  Crescent City,California [P4271]        
  Crescent Hill Memorial Gardens, Columbia, SC [P3222]        
  Crim’s Creek, Near Peak, South Carolina [P3042]        
  Crims Creek, Newberry County, South Carolina [P2494]        
  Cristobal, Panama [P4281]        
  Crosland Hill, Almondbury, Yorkshire, England [P0115]        
  Cross Anchor, SC [P4238]        
  Cross Roads Baptist Ch. Cemetary, Anderson Co., SC [P0077]        
  Crossland Hill, England [P0116]        
  Croston Parrish, Lancashire, England [P3898]        
  Croston, B, England [P1770]        
  Croston, Bretherton, Lancs, England [P1769]        
  Croston, Lancashire, England [P3990]        
  Croston, Lancs, England [P1764]        
  Croydon [P2336]        
  Croydon, Pa [P3440]        
  CSA [P2533]        
  CSA, Bentonsville, NC [P2938]        
  CSA, Pivate, Co H, 9th Florida Infantry [P2722]        
  Culler-McAlhany Funeral Home [P3288]        
  Cullicomb, Devonshire, England [P0682]        
  Culpeper Co. VA [P4036]        
  Culpeper Co. Virginia [P1987]        
  Culpeper Co., VA [P4031]        
  Culpepper Co. Virginia [P4190]        
  Culpepper County, VA [P4320]        
  Culpepper, Prince William County, Virginia [P4098]        
  Cumalander Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [NCI-127] [P3035]        
  Cumalander Cemetery, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P3034]        
  Cumberland PA [P2064]        
  Cumberland, England [P0560]        
  Cumberland, PA [P2068]        
  Cumberland, Pennsylvania [P2066]        
  Curry Malet, Somerset, England [P0698]        
  Curry Malet, Somersetshire, England [P0695]        
  Cwmaron Castle, Radnorshire, Wales [P1445]        
  Cypress [P2311]        
  Cyprus, Darlington County, S.C. [P3482]        
  Cysoing [P2375]        
D Dallas County, Texas [P2741]        
  Dallas, Dallas Co, TX [P3948]        
  Dallas, North Carolina [P3203]        
  Dallas, Texas [P4246]        
  Dalling, Norfolk, England [P0947]        
  Damascus, Syria [P2373]        
  Damfront [P2269]        
  Damfront, Falaise, France [P2268]        
  Damietta [P2284]        
  Damietta, Syria [P0832]        
  Damiette [P3806]        
  Daniel D. Varn Family Cem. Colleton Cnty, SC [P2103]        
  Daniel Shealy Family Cemetery, SC [P2833]        
  Darby, Pennsylvania [P3261]        
  Darley, Derbyshire, England [P0766]        
  Darlington , S.C. [P0142]        
  Darlington Co. S.C. [P3345]        
  Darlington County, S. C. [P0154]        
  Darlington county, S.C. [P3472]        
  Darlington County, S.C. [P0138]        
  Darlington County, South Carolina [P0027]        
  Darlington Dist, SC [P3405]        
  Darlington District, S. C. [P0141]        
  Darlington District, SC [P0017]        
  Darlington District, South Carolina [P0164]        
  Darlington, Co. S.C. [P3347]        
  Darlington, Co., S.C. [P3346]        
  Darlington, Co.,S.C. [P3348]        
  Darlington, county, S.C. [P3474]        
  Darlington, S.C. [P0018]        
  DARLINGTON, SC [P0028]        
  DARLINGTON, Sc [P0016]        
  Darlington, Sc [P0048]        
  Darlington, SC [P2431]        
  Darlington, SC. [P0015]        
  Darlington, South Carolina [P0140]        
  DARLINGTON,SC [P4000]        
  Dartington, England [P0556]        
  Darton, Yorkshire [P0253]        
  Darton, Yorkshire, England/Darton, England [P0252]        
  Dasrlington County, S.C. [P0139]        
  Daughter’s Home, Westminster, SC [P4030]        
  Dawson, Navarro Co, TX [P3947]        
  Dayton, Montgomery, OH [P3465]        
  De Soto Parish, LA [P3401]        
  Deadwood, Panola County, Texas [P2688]        
  Decatur, Georgia [P3199]        
  December 11, 1786 [P4277]        
  degree from Florence-Darlington Tech; [P2435]        
  Degrees in Masonry & dates: E.A. Feb 29 [P2406]        
  Delton, Florida [P2733]        
  Denia, Alicante, Spain [P4172]        
  Denise’s Burn, Yorkshire?/Northumbria? [P1457]        
  Denmark [P0641]        
  Denver, Colo [P3963]        
  Denver, Denver Cnty, Colorado [P3959]        
  Derbyshire, England [P0089]        
  Derma, Mississippi [P3311]        
  Descended from Prince of S. Wales [P1873]        
  DeSoto Parish, LA [P3362]        
  Detroit, Michigan [P3126]        
  Deurdan [P2203]        
  Deurdan, Dourdan, France [P1238]        
  Devonshire, England [P0302]        
  DeWalt-Gray-Gallman Graveyard, Newberry, SC [P3125]        
  Dez, France [P4152]        
  Died age 31, unmarried [P3434]        
  Died at age 96 [P2554]        
  Died Camp Chase, Ohio, CSA-POW [P2532]        
  Died from complications of hysterectomy; [P2426]        
  died in infancy [P3927]        
  Died in infancy [P3435]        
  Dijon [P3580]        
  Dijon, France [P1304]        
  Dinwiddie County, VA [P0065]        
  Dinwiddie County, Virginia [P0057]        
  Diptheria [P3133]        
  Discharged from Revolutionary War. [P1808]        
  Ditton [P4212]        
  Ditton Church, Stoke Poges, Buckingham [P4146]        
  Dollendorf, Palinate, Germany [P3454]        
  Domfront [P3686]        
  Donalds, SC [P2418]        
  Donaldsville, SC [P1834]        
  Donyatt, Somersetshire [P0229]        
  Donyatt, Somersetshire, England [P4129]        
  Dorchester, Oxfordshire, England/Dorchester, England [P0256]        
  Dorhan, Horb Dist., Germany [P2160]        
  Dornhan, Horb Dist., Germany [P1947]        
  Dover [P3848]        
  Dover Castle, Dover, Kent, England [P0908]        
  Dover, Kent, England [P2261]        
  Dovesville, Darlington Co., SC [P4009]        
  Down Rosall, , Shropshire, England [P1823]        
  Dr. [P3341]        
  Drafts Mill, Lexington County, South Carolina [P2514]        
  Drayton [P2223]        
  Drayton, Staffordshire [P1554]        
  Dreux [P0394]        
  Drewry’s Bluff,Chesterfield Co., VA [P0029]        
  Driencourt [P3830]        
  Drinkston, Suffolk, England [P2010]        
  Drinkstone, Suffolk, England [P2020]        
  Dronheim [P3872]        
  Dublin [P3771]        
  Dublin, Ireland [P0295]        
  Dublin, Leinster, Ireland [P1372]        
  Dudley Castle, Staffordshire [P0335]        
  Dudley, Staffordshire, England [P1064]        
  Due to Civil War injuries, could kiss his [P2458]        
  Duke of France [P1883]        
  Dumferline, SCOT [P4303]        
  Dumfermline, Fife, Scotland [P4211]        
  Dumfernline [P0975]        
  Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland [P1088]        
  Dunbar, Gervais Street Chapel, Columbia, sC [P3029]        
  Dunfermline [P0918]        
  Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland [P0974]        
  Dungeon of Peronne, Peronne [P1332]        
  Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland [P0923]        
  Dunmow, Essex, England [P0386]        
  Dunnellon, Florida [P2422]        
  Durance in Enfield, Middlesex, England/Enfield, England [P0122]        
  Durango, Colorado [P3953]        
  Durazzo [P2322]        
  Durazzo, Greece [P0363]        
  Durrants, Enfield, Middlesex, England [P0110]        
  Durrants, Middlesex, England [P0124]        
  Durrow, Ireland [P1536]        
  Durrow, Leinster, Ireland [P2321]        
  Dusense Monastery, Germany [P3528]        
  Dutch Fork area, Newberry District, SC [P1914]        
  Dutch Fork area, South Carolina [P4222]        
  Dutch Fork, Lexington Dist., S. C. [P1937]        
  Dutch Fork, Newberry Dist. SC [P1913]        
  Dutch Fork, Probably Pomeria, SC [P2974]        
  Dutch Fork, SC [P2183]        
  Dutch Kills, Long Island, New York, USA [P2176]        
E Earcham, Norfolk [P2370]        
  Earleshall, Otley, Suffolk, England/Otley, England [P0171]        
  Earls Colne, Essex [P0202]        
  Earnwood, Shropshire [P4147]        
  Earsham, Suffolk, England [P2369]        
  Easton, Northampton, England [P2045]        
  Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Newberry, SC [P3006]        
  Eboracum (York), Britain [P1099]        
  Ebstorf [P3733]        
  Echternach [P1679]        
  Eden, AL [P3928]        
  Edgecombe Co. N.C. [P0055]        
  Edgefield Co., SC [P1939]        
  Edgefield Co., South Carolina [P4192]        
  Edgefield County, South Carolina [P2630]        
  Edgefield District, Saluda, South Carolina [P4191]        
  Edgefield, South Carolina [P4236]        
  Edgehill, King George Co., Va. [P2394]        
  Edgemont, North Carolina [P0051]        
  Edinburgh Castle, Lothian, Scotland [P3533]        
  Edinburgh Castle, Midlothian, Scotland [P0906]        
  Edlington, Yorkshire, England [P3749]        
  Education: Timmonsville High School 1943, Clemson University 1952 [P4013]        
  Egersham, Norfolk, England [P0664]        
  Egypt [P0393]        
  Ehrhardt Cemetery [P2087]        
  Ehrhardt, Bamberg County, South Carolina [P2905]        
  Ehrhardt, SC [P2099]        
  Ehrhardt, SC. [P2084]        
  Ehrhardt, South Carolina [P2636]        
  Eighth King of the Saxons in England [P1887]        
  EL PASO, TEXAS [P4090]        
  Elam, Crayford, Kent, England [P2057]        
  Elbert Co, Ga. [P1827]        
  Elbert Co. [P1993]        
  Elbert Co. Georgia [P1992]        
  Elbert Co. Georgia, buried in the old William Rucker Cemetery [P1995]        
  Elbert County, Georgia [P1826]        
  Elbert or Hart Co, Ga. [P4106]        
  Elbert, GA [P4328]        
  Elbert, Georgia [P1991]        
  elbow; 1920 Death Certificate No. 9906 [P2459]        
  Elgin [P3611]        
  Elim Baptist Cemetery, Coweta County, Georgia [P2987]        
  Elizabethtown, New Jersey, USA [P2174]        
  Elkton, MD [P4306]        
  Ellam, Crayford, Kent, England [P2059]        
  Ellicott City, Maryland [P3228]        
  Ellis Cem, Hartsville, South Carolina [P0143]        
  Ellis Cem., Hartsville, South Carolina [P0144]        
  Elmira, New York [P3320]        
  Elmley Castle, Gloucester [P0258]        
  Elmley, Worcester Co. [P3780]        
  Elmley, Worcestershire, England [P0342]        
  Elms, Tyburn, England [P2325]        
  Elms, Tyburn, Warwickshire, England [P1531]        
  Elmsley Castle, Gloucester [P0350]        
  Elmsley Castle, Worcestershire [P0344]        
  Elmwood Cemetery & Gardens, Columbia, SC [P3342]        
  Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, SC [P2429]        
  Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, South Carolina [P2861]        
  Elmwood Cemetry, Columbia, South Carolina [P3170]        
  Elmwood Memorial Gardens, Columbia, SC [P3290]        
  Elsing, Norfolkshire [P0225]        
  Emigrated 1707 [P0006]        
  Emory Chapel Meth, Coweta County, Georgia [P2908]        
  Emory Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Coweta County, GA [P2988]        
  Emperor of Germany [P1882]        
  Empire, Georgia [P3227]        
  en route to Crusade in the Holy Land [P1663]        
  en route to Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire [P1162]        
  en route to Rome, Italy [P1075]        
  End stope Emphysema - Years [P2417]        
  Enfield, Middlesex, England/Enfield, England [P0123]        
  ENG [P1103]        
  England [P0064]        
  England or St. Nicaise, Meulan, France [P1359]        
  Enoree Baptist Church Cemetery, Newberry, SC [P3300]        
  Epernon, Normandy [P3606]        
  Ephesus [P3570]        
  Eppington [P3391]        
  Epting Family Cemetery [P2478]        
  Epting Graveyard #3, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P3121]        
  Erfurt, Germany [P3163]        
  Eschelbach, Baden, Germany [P1932]        
  Eschemerfield, near Canterbury, Kent, England [P2274]        
  Essendine, Rutland [P1188]        
  Essex [P0183]        
  Essex Co, VA [P1818]        
  Essex Co. Virginia [P1986]        
  Essex Co., VA [P2001]        
  Essex County, VA [P1999]        
  Essex, England [P4122]        
  Essex, Virginia [P4078]        
  Esslingen, Germany [P1961]        
  Estouteville-en-Caux, Normandy [P1210]        
  Esztergom, Komarom-Esztrergom, Hungary [P1564]        
  Etain [P3731]        
  Etchingham, Sussex [P0193]        
  Etchingham, Sussex, England [P0216]        
  Ethelsville, AL [P3926]        
  Ettel, Ammergau [P3887]        
  Eu [P4289]        
  Eu, France [P4140]        
  Eure-et-Loire, FRA [P4067]        
  Europe (France or Germany? Holland?) [P1983]        
  Eurpoe [P1860]        
  Evangelical(Lutheran) Church, Rotenberg, Germany [P4199]        
  Eversham [P0270]        
  Evesham [P0271]        
  Evington, Co. Kent, England [P2134]        
  Evington, Leicestershire, England [P0397]        
  Evreux, Eure, France [P1640]        
  Evreux, Normandy [P2285]        
  Evreux, Normandy, France [P1477]        
  Ewias Lacy, Herefordshire, England [P1535]        
  Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire [P0473]        
  Ewyas, Herefordshire, England [P0474]        
  Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire, England [P4127]        
  Exact cause unknown [P2427]        
  Exning, Cambridgeshire, England [P4119]        
  Exning, Cambs [P4302]        
F f Estaines, England [P1124]        
  f Stanstead, Essex [P1126]        
  Fairfax, SC [P2095]        
  Fairfield Co., SC [P1784]        
  Fairfield, Gloucester, Va [P1970]        
  Falais, Calvados, FRA [P4043]        
  Falais, Calvados, France [P2243]        
  Falais, Calvados, France or Domfront, Normandy [P1013]        
  Falaise [P1595]        
  Falaise, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France [P1060]        
  Falaise, Calvados, France [P1061]        
  Falaise, Normandy [P1059]        
  Falaise, Normandy, Falaise [P3384]        
  Falaise, Normandy, France [P1056]        
  Falls Church, VA [P2619]        
  Family Cemetery, Chapin, SC [P2483]        
  Family Cemetery, Whippoorwhill Rd, Newberry County, SC [P1790]        
  Family Graveyard near New Chapel Meth Ch, SC [P2942]        
  Farrington, Berkshire, England [P1691]        
  Father’s Home, Rev.T.P.Roberts [P4325]        
  Fauquier, Va [P4193]        
  Faversham Abbey, Kent [P2264]        
  Faversham Abbey, Kent, England [P2262]        
  Fawley Church, Buckinghamshire [P4163]        
  Fayette Co., GA [P3933]        
  Fayetteville, North Carolina [P3173]        
  Fecamp [P1152]        
  Fecamp, S-Infr, France [P1153]        
  Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France [P1151]        
  Ferns, co. Wexford, Ireland [P1399]        
  Ferrieres, Normandy, France [P0431]        
  Fettercairne, Kincardineshire or Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland [P0925]        
  Fetteresso [P3613]        
  Fifth King of the Saxons in England [P1890]        
  Finland [P0640]        
  First Baptist Cem., Hartsville, S.C. [P0148]        
  First Baptist Cem., Darlington County, S.C. [P3491]        
  First Baptist Cem., Hartsville, S.C. [P0145]        
  First Baptist Church, Newberry, South Carolina [P4255]        
  First Cousin to John Abraham Boland (husband) [P3095]        
  First Cousin to Laura A. Boland (wife) [P3110]        
  First King of the Saxons in England [P1894]        
  Fisher Co [P3950]        
  Flanders [P0358]        
  Flanders, Belgium [P0912]        
  Flanders, FRA [P4046]        
  Flanders, France [P0854]        
  Flanders, Nord, France [P0783]        
  Fletcher, NC [P2670]        
  Fleurey-Sur-Ouche [P3554]        
  Fleury-sur-Ouche, France [P1237]        
  Fleury-sur-Ouche, Orne, Normandy, France [P2287]        
  Florella [P3838]        
  Florence Co.,S.C. [P3353]        
  Florence County, SC [P2820]        
  Florence National Cemetery, Florence, SC [P2401]        
  FLORENCE, SC [P4089]        
  Florence, SC [P2432]        
  Florence, South Carolina [P2395]        
  Florida [P2725]        
  Foisny [P2329]        
  Fontainebleu, France [P1194]        
  Fontevault [P3868]        
  Fontevraud, Anjou [P3503]        
  Fontevrault [P3552]        
  Fontevrault L'Abbe, Maine-et-Loire, France [P0965]        
  Fontevrault, Anjou [P2208]        
  Fontevrault, Anjou, France [P2235]        
  Fontevrault, FRA [P4063]        
  Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, FRA [P4060]        
  Fontevrault-L'Abbe, Maine-Et-Loire, France [P1222]        
  Fontrevault, France [P1224]        
  Fontrevavult [P3513]        
  Fordoun, Kincardineshire, Scotland [P0926]        
  Forest City, North Carolina [P3232]        
  Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire [P1450]        
  Forres, Morayshire, Scotland [P0927]        
  Forrest City, North Carolina [P3233]        
  Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Georgia [P3331]        
  Fortenay [P3590]        
  Forteviot, Perth, Scotland [P0929]        
  Foucarmont [P3860]        
  Foucarmont Abbey [P0329]        
  Founded the Capetian line which ruled France from 987 to 1328 [P1880]        
  Fountains Abbey, England [P0678]        
  Four children. [P0005]        
  Fourth King of the Saxons in England [P1891]        
  France [P0384]        
  France? [P4130]        
  France? Germany? Holland? [P1988]        
  Frankfort, Brandenburg, Germany [P1053]        
  Frankfort-Am-Main [P3595]        
  Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau [P0860]        
  Frankley, Worcestershire, England [P3762]        
  Frankley, Wrcstr, Engl [P3759]        
  Franklin, Georgia [P3066]        
  Franklin, North Carolina [P3167]        
  Frederick County, Virginia, USA [P2169]        
  Frederick, Maryland [P3972]        
  Frederick, MD [P2067]        
  Fresneda, Castile [P2354]        
  Fresneda, Spain [P1244]        
  Frick Cemetery, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P3011]        
  Frierson, LA (DeSoto Parish) [P3396]        
  Friston Hall, Finsbury, Suffolk, England [P2009]        
  Fritzlar [P3710]        
  from Standard Warehouse Co; mem of [P2603]        
  Fromista [P3668]        
  Ft White, Florida [P2724]        
  Fulda, Germany [P0146]        
  Fulmer Family Cemetery, near Pomaria, South Carolina [P2907]        
  Furman, S.C. [P3496]        
G GA [P3907]        
  Gael Castle [P3796]        
  Gaffney, South Carolina [P3004]        
  Gainesville, Florida [P3065]        
  Gainsville, GA [P3374]        
  Galacia [P3550]        
  Galeph, Cilicia [P3823]        
  Galicia [P1198]        
  Galicia, Spain [P1338]        
  Galloway [P3616]        
  Galloway, co. Wigtown, Scotland [P1175]        
  Galloway, Scotland [P0930]        
  Galloway, Wigton, Scotland [P1171]        
  Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland [P1402]        
  Galway, Galway, Ireland [P2154]        
  Garcez [P1584]        
  Garden City Beach, SC [P2623]        
  Garlende, France [P0706]        
  Gartringen, Germany [P1953]        
  Gascony [P1758]        
  Gascony, France [P0547]        
  Gaston, South Carolina [P3200]        
  Gastonbury Abbey, Somerset [P3539]        
  Gastonia, North Carolian [P3189]        
  Gastonia, North Carolina [P3190]        
  Gatton, Kent, England [P0134]        
  Gellone [P1480]        
  Gencay [P3701]        
  Geneva, Alabama [P2900]        
  Geneva, Switzerland [P0798]        
  Genf, Switzerland [P1026]        
  Gent [P3608]        
  Gent, Belgium [P0853]        
  George Epting Family Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2539]        
  Georgia [P2677]        
  Georgia or Alabama [P3360]        
  Germantown Pa. [P3456]        
  Germantown, PA. [P0010]        
  Germantown, Phila Co, PA [P3443]        
  Germantown, Philadelphis, PA [P3455]        
  Germany [P0011]        
  GERMANY [P4092]        
  Germany ? [P3453]        
  Germaqny [P0013]        
  Gernon Castle, Normandy [P0369]        
  Gernon Castle, Normandy, France [P0376]        
  Gerona [P3680]        
  Gethsemane Baptist Church Cemetery, St. Matthews, SC [P2665]        
  Gethsemane Baptist Church, St. Matthews, SC [P2664]        
  Gevaudan, France [P0781]        
  Gilbert [P2586]        
  Gilbert, Lexington County, South Carolina [P2522]        
  Gilbert, SC [P2579]        
  Gilbert, South Carolina [P2669]        
  Gimmyingham, England [P1836]        
  Glamis [P3612]        
  Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland [P0924]        
  Glastonbury Abbey [P1687]        
  Glastonbury, Somerset, England [P3536]        
  Glendaloch [P0613]        
  Gloucester [P3510]        
  Gloucester, England [P0260]        
  Gloucestershire, England [P0488]        
  Glouster, VA [P4312]        
  Godstow, Oxfordshire [P0405]        
  Gompher, South Carolina [P3404]        
  Gonesse [P3816]        
  Gonesse (near Paris), France [P1256]        
  Gonesse, France [P2278]        
  Goochland Co. [P4219]        
  Goochland Co., VA [P4218]        
  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Swansea, SC [P3287]        
  Goodrich Castle, Herefordshire, England [P3740]        
  Goodrich Castle, Hrfrd., Eng [P3739]        
  Goodwin Farm, Colleton Cnty, SC [P2104]        
  Goslar [P2349]        
  Goslar, Germany [P1652]        
  Gothia (Getulia [P1197]        
  Governor [P3989]        
  Gowran, Kilkenny, Ireland [P3746]        
  Grace listed as given name in NC2-7 [P3138]        
  Grace Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC [P2804]        
  Graduate of Newberry College [P3020]        
  Grafton, England [P0130]        
  Graham, Texas [P2781]        
  Grajal [P3575]        
  Grajal, France or León, Spain [P1255]        
  grand; 4 step-grand; 5 stepgreat-grand [P2609]        
  Grandeson, Waadt, Switzerland [P1029]        
  Grandview Memorial Park, Rock Hill, SC [P2785]        
  Grant Co., AR [P3941]        
  Grantham, England [P3504]        
  Graus [P3672]        
  Gravesend, Kent, England [P1774]        
  Gravesend, Kent, England/Kent Co., England [P0099]        
  Great Hormead, Co. Hertford [P1356]        
  Greece [P1470]        
  Greeley, Colo. [P3358]        
  Green, AL [P1853]        
  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbia, Richland County, SC [P2625]        
  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbia, SC [P3329]        
  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbia, South Caorlina [P3092]        
  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbia, South Carolina [P3091]        
  Greenlawn Memorial Cemetary, Columbia SC [P0034]        
  Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Spartanburg, SC [P2871]        
  Greenlawn Memorial Park, Columbia, South Carolina [P3174]        
  Greensville County, VA [P3377]        
  Greensville County, Virginia [P0060]        
  Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina [P3019]        
  Greenville, Mississippi [P2428]        
  Greenville, SC [P4217]        
  Greenville, South Carolina [P2994]        
  Greenville, Washington County, Mississippi [P3316]        
  Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama [P3063]        
  Greenwood County, South Carolina [P2694]        
  Greenwood Memorial Gardens, Greenwood, SC [P2671]        
  Greenwood, Greenwood County, South Carolina [P3184]        
  Greenwood, Monroe County, Mississippi [P3325]        
  Greenwood, SC [P2536]        
  Greenwood, South Carolina [P2438]        
  Greer Co., OK [P4327]        
  Greer, South Carolina [P3008]        
  Gremany [P1829]        
  Grey Friars, Co. Worcester [P2282]        
  Grey Friars, Worcestershire [P0343]        
  Griffin, Georgia [P3058]        
  Grimes County, Texas [P2904]        
  Grimsland, NC [P4019]        
  Grismond Castle, Monmouth, England [P1183]        
  Groby, Leicestershire [P4169]        
  Groby, Leicestershire, England [P3736]        
  Groesbeck, Limestone Co, TX [P4333]        
  Grosment Castle, Monmouthshire, England [P1108]        
  Grosmont Castle [P2248]        
  Gueldres, Rhineland, Germany [P0843]        
  Guimarens [P3577]        
  Guines St.Leonard [P3883]        
  Gulfport, Mississippi [P3281]        
  Gunnison, CO [P4269]        
  Gunshot Wound to Chest [P2537]        
  Gutierre Munos [P3547]        
  Gwent, Monmouthshire, England [P1546]        
  Gwynedd, Wales [P1396]        
H Haddington [P4160]        
  Hadleigh, Suffolk [P0180]        
  Haina, Hesse-Cassel, Germany [P1798]        
  Haina, Province of Hesse-Cassel, Germany [P1825]        
  Hainault [P1264]        
  Hainault, Netherlands [P1494]        
  Hallsville, Harrison County, Texas [P2696]        
  Haltiwanger Home, Edgefield County, South Carolina [P4228]        
  Halton, Chestershire, England [P0670]        
  Halton, Yorkshire, England [P0673]        
  Hamilton Parish, Prince Wm. Co., Va [P1967]        
  Hamilton Twp., Mercer Co., NJ [P3451]        
  Hamlet, North Carolina [P3093]        
  Hampshire, England [P0322]        
  Hampstead [P3775]        
  Hampton Parish, York, Virginia [P4305]        
  Handslope, Bucks [P3781]        
  Hannert [P3631]        
  Hannington [P3857]        
  Hanover Co, Va [P2130]        
  Hanover, Va [P2131]        
  Hanslap, Warwickshire, England [P0339]        
  Hanslape, Buckinghamshire [P0469]        
  Hanslope, Buckinghamshire [P0456]        
  Hardeby, Lincoln, England [P2221]        
  Hardeville, South Carolina [P3201]        
  Hargary [P4298]        
  Harlington, , Bedford, Eng [P2004]        
  Harlington, Bedford, Eng [P2002]        
  Harlington, Beds, England [P2005]        
  Harpeden, Oxfordshire, England [P1846]        
  Harrison County, Texas [P2654]        
  Harrison, AK [P3916]        
  Hart Co, GA [P1828]        
  Hartsville, Darlington County, S.C. [P3470]        
  Hartsville, Darlington County, SC [P0032]        
  Hartsville, S.C. [P0035]        
  Hartsville, S.C. buired in Indiana [P3495]        
  Hartsville, SC [P0039]        
  HARTSVILLE, SC [P4094]        
  Hartsville, South Carolina [P3471]        
  Hastings [P3695]        
  Hastings Cemetery, Bond County [P0062]        
  Hastings Cemetery, Bond County, Illinois [P0059]        
  Hatboro, Montgomery Co, PA [P3410]        
  Hatfield, Essex, England/Hatfield, England [P0498]        
  Hatton [P3773]        
  Hauteville Le Guichard [P3681]        
  Hauteville, Normandy [P0934]        
  Haynesville, Louisiana [P2750]        
  Hedingham Castle [P0190]        
  Hedingham Castle, Essex, England [P0910]        
  Hedingham Castle, Kent [P2263]        
  Hedingham, Essex, England [P0500]        
  Hedington, Oxfordshire, England [P0756]        
  Hedinham, Essex, England [P1354]        
  Heinrich Deitmar [P2626]        
  Heleigh [P0185]        
  Heleigh, Cornwall [P0186]        
  Heleigh, Stafford, England [P0213]        
  Heleigh, Staffordshire [P0184]        
  Heleigh, Staffordshire, England [P0231]        
  Heligh, Staffordshire [P0194]        
  Heligh, Staffordshire, England [P1410]        
  Helmingham, , England [P2028]        
  Helmsley, Holderness, Yorkshire [P1072]        
  Helmsley, Yorkshire, England [P1069]        
  Henewood, Postling, Kent, England [P2016]        
  Henrico Co / VA [P0071]        
  Henrico Co. [P0251]        
  Henrico Co., VA [P0067]        
  Henrico Country, VA [P3375]        
  Henrico, Co. [P4274]        
  Henrico, Virginia [P0250]        
  Herdeby (near Grantham), Lincolnshire, England/Grantham, England [P0960]        
  Herdeby, Grantham, Lincolnshire, ENG [P4054]        
  Hereford [P3767]        
  Hereford, England [P1186]        
  Hereford, Herefordshire [P1350]        
  Heristal, Liege (Belgium) [P0886]        
  Hermentrube (near Rouen), France [P1057]        
  Hermentrube, near Rouen, France [P3385]        
  Hertford, Hertfordshire, England [P0372]        
  Hertford, Hertfordshire, England/Hertford, England [P1392]        
  Hertfordshire, England [P0701]        
  Hertingfordbury, H, England [P0108]        
  Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire, England [P0109]        
  Hesbaye, Liege, Belgium [P0900]        
  Hesbaye?, Belgium [P4141]        
  Hessett, Norfolk, England [P2030]        
  Hessett, Suffolk, England [P2012]        
  Hessett, Suffolk, Or Bradfield, York, England [P2034]        
  Hickory, North Carolina [P3210]        
  Hidgley, Bulstrode, Buckinghamshire, Eng [P2040]        
  Hill Co, TX [P3949]        
  Hill Co., TX [P3945]        
  Hillsboro, Hill Co, TX [P3911]        
  Hillsborough, Florida [P2727]        
  Hilton, South Carolina [P3221]        
  Hinckley, Lancastershire, England [P0942]        
  Hleithra, Denmark [P0635]        
  Hohenstaufen [P2346]        
  Holder, Florida [P4251]        
  Holland? [P3407]        
  Hollow Creek, Lexington County, SC [P2716]        
  Holly Hill (?),South Carolina [P1902]        
  Holly Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P3282]        
  Hollym, England [P2179]        
  Holton, Yorkshire, England [P0565]        
  Holy Land [P0199]        
  Holy Land, Palestine [P0308]        
  Holy Trinity Abbey, Caen [P3523]        
  Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2726]        
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2443]        
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P2719]        
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church [P3056]        
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P2505]        
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Little Mountain, SC [P2803]        
  Holyrood Abbey, Scotland [P1174]        
  Homburg-Am-Unstrut [P3688]        
  Home of Maggie’s parents [P4230]        
  Home, Newberry A.R. Presbyterian Church [P2618]        
  Homer, Louisiana [P2679]        
  Homeslip, Buckinghamshire, England [P0338]        
  Homestead, Dade County, Florida [P3486]        
  Honea Path, Abbevile Dist., SC [P3902]        
  Honea Path, SC [P0119]        
  Honea Path, South Carolina [P4243]        
  Honeywood, Postling, Kent, England [P2165]        
  Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England [P0760]        
  Hopewell Township, New Jersey, USA [P2173]        
  Horatio, SC [P2975]        
  Horsham, , PA [P3467]        
  Horton, Buckingham, England [P2043]        
  Hospital [P2409]        
  Hotchkiss, CO [P3395]        
  Hotchkiss, CO [P3402]        
  Hotchkiss, Colorado [P3399]        
  Houghton Park, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, Eng [P2003]        
  House of the Friars Preachers at Trim, England [P2330]        
  Houston, Texas [P2985]        
  HOUSTON, TX [P4003]        
  Hoverington, Nottinghamshire [P0203]        
  Howard’s Grove Hospital, Richmond, VA [P2721]        
  Howe of Haxa [P1294]        
  Hrstmncauxcastle, Sussex, England [P0113]        
  Hubbard, Hill Co, TX [P3915]        
  Hubbard, Hill Co., TX [P3913]        
  Hubbard, TX [P3942]        
  Hudson Mill, Colleton Cnty, SC [P2049]        
  Huelgas, Burgos, Castile, Spain (near Avevalo) [P1009]        
  Huesca [P2288]        
  Huesca, Spain [P2334]        
  Hugh signing as witnesses to the transaction Feb. 13, 1795 [P1898]        
  Hungary [P0793]        
  Hunterdon County, Jew Jersey, USA [P2177]        
  Huntingdon Valley, Pa [P3439]        
  Huntingdon, England [P1385]        
  Huntington, Hunts, England [P0919]        
I Igtham, Kent, England [P4083]        
  Illinois [P3993]        
  Illmington, London, England [P0104]        
  Imbshausen [P3886]        
  In or Near Chapin, South Carolina [P2837]        
  In or near Chapin, South Carolina [P2822]        
  In or Near Little Mountain, Newberry County, SC [P2839]        
  In or near Little Mountain, Newberry County, SC [P4226]        
  In or near Little Mountain, Newberry County, South Carolina [P2870]        
  In or Nr Chapin, SC [P2829]        
  In or Nr Chapin, South Carolina [P2518]        
  in or nr Chapin, South Carolina [P4223]        
  In or nr Chapin, South Carolina [P4239]        
  In or Nr Little Mountain, Newberry County, SC [P4235]        
  infancy [P3957]        
  infant [P3992]        
  Ingelheim [P2198]        
  Ingelheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany [P0868]        
  Ingmanthorp, England [P2111]        
  Ingmanthorpe, England [P2110]        
  Ingolheim [P3386]        
  Inverdovat, Forgan, Fife, Scotland [P0928]        
  Iona [P1288]        
  Ipswich [P1090]        
  Ireland [P0100]        
  Irish Sea [P0236]        
  Irmo, Richland County, South Carolina [P2856]        
  Irmo, South Carolina [P3202]        
  Isle Bouchard, France [P2333]        
  Isle de France, France [P0632]        
  Isle of Man [P0551]        
  Isle Of Prote, Makedhonia, Greece [P1461]        
  Isle of Skye, Scotland [P0939]        
  Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England [P0702]        
  Italy [P1070]        
  Italy or Alsace, Lorraine, France [P1675]        
  Italy, TX [P3939]        
  Itawamba County, Mississippi [P2645]        
  Iva, Anderson, SC [P0076]        
  Iva, South Carolina [P2941]        
  Ivrea [P3690]        
  Iwerne, Dorset, England [P0687]        
J J.F. Hawkins Nursing Home, Newberry, SC [P3069]        
  J.F. Hawkins Nursing Home, Newberry, South Carolina [P2867]        
  J.V. Shealy Cem, now under Lake Murray [P2830]        
  Jaca [P4170]        
  Jackson Co, AL [P3924]        
  Jackson Co, MO [P3923]        
  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida [P2998]        
  Jacksonville, Florida [P2535]        
  James City, Accomack, VA [P0092]        
  James City, VA [P2127]        
  Jamestown, VA [P4315]        
  Jamestown, Virginia [P1974]        
  Jasper County, Georgia [P2932]        
  Jefferson Co., AL [P3930]        
  Jefferson, AL [P3929]        
  Jerulsalem [P3587]        
  Jerusalem [P2255]        
  Jerusalem, Holy Land [P2378]        
  Jerusalem, Palestine [P0730]        
  Joined Mason 1936; Grad Clemson College [P2399]        
  Jomsborg [P1150]        
  Jones, Alabama [P2897]        
  Joppa [P3876]        
  Joppa, Palestine [P0432]        
  Josse [P3831]        
  Jr [P3960]        
  Jr. [P1831]        
  Jupille [P3565]        
  Jutland, Denmark [P1145]        
K Kalbrien [P3889]        
  Kalida Cemetery, Davidson Farm, Woodson Co, Kansas [P3967]        
  Kannapolis, NC [P2782]        
  Kansas [P3246]        
  Kassel, Germany [P0859]        
  Keiser, Arkansas [P3319]        
  Kelso [P3804]        
  Kelso Abbey, Roxburghshire [P2314]        
  Kelso, Rexburgh, Scotland [P1409]        
  Kempsford, Gloucester [P0383]        
  Kempsford, Gloucestershire [P0382]        
  Kemston, Bedfordshire, England [P1403]        
  Kendrick Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana [P2747]        
  Kennington, Surrey, England [P1352]        
  Kent Island, , Md [P4105]        
  Kent Island, Potomac River, Va. [P0160]        
  Kent, England [P0133]        
  Kent,Canterbury,England [P0002]        
  Kentucky [P2751]        
  Kentucky? [P3124]        
  Kersaw, South Carolina [P3234]        
  Kershaw County, South Carolina [P2918]        
  Kestel [P3814]        
  Kevelioc, Co Monmouth [P3794]        
  Kevelioc, Merionethshire (Monmouth), Wales [P1400]        
  Kevelioc, Monmouth, England [P2206]        
  Keynsham [P3896]        
  KIA Virginia during Civil War [P2835]        
  Kidwelly, Carmarthen, England/Wales [P1181]        
  Kidwelly, Carmenthenshire, Wales [P1407]        
  Kiev [P3655]        
  Kiev, Ukraine [P0544]        
  Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland [P3747]        
  Killed by trolley car in Norfolk, VA [P4022]        
  Killigarth & Colquite, Cornwall [P0201]        
  Killinghall, Yorks, England [P2118]        
  Kimbolton, Norfolk, England [P1656]        
  Kinards, South Carolina [P3231]        
  King George, VA [P4074]        
  King of England [P0957]        
  King of France [P1878]        
  King’s Chapel, Havering-atte-Bower [P4168]        
  Kingsdown, Ringwould, Kent, England [P2166]        
  Kingsdowne, Kent [P0318]        
  Kingsland [P2275]        
  Kingsland, Georgia [P4233]        
  Kingsland, Herefordshire, England [P1446]        
  Kingsport, TN [P3372]        
  Kingstree, South Carolina [P3238]        
  Kiplin, Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, England [P0112]        
  Kircudbright, Scotland [P1176]        
  Kirkham [P2117]        
  Kirkham, England [P1068]        
  Kirkland, England [P1062]        
  Kl Heeringen [P3676]        
  Kl Lablet [P3625]        
  Klienengles, Germany [P3044]        
  Klosterneuburg [P2297]        
  Klosternewberg [P3642]        
  Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England [P0672]        
  Knesale, Nottingham, England [P2339]        
  Knole Near, Chevening, Kent, England [P2055]        
  Knole, Kent, England [P2062]        
  Knoll, Kent, England [P2060]        
  Known as Aunt Lizzie [P2591]        
  known as Uncle Bob [P2451]        
  Knoxville, Tennessee (1980) [P3215]        
  Koln [P0914]        
  Konigsberg, Prussia [P1962]        
  Krisheim, Germany [P3408]        
  Kuppingen, Boblingen Dist., Germany [P1951]        
  Kuppingen, Germany [P1952]        
L l'Abbaye de la Celle, France [P0772]        
  l'Isle-Bouchard, France [P2225]        
  La Bureba [P3670]        
  La Charité-sur-Loirem, France or England [P1415]        
  La Cheze, Bourgogne, France [P1521]        
  La Mote, Maidstone, Kent, England/Maidstone, England [P0131]        
  La Mothe-Saint-Heray In Poitou [P3845]        
  La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland [P1030]        
  La-Mothe-St. Heray, Poitou, France [P0584]        
  Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, England [P0850]        
  LaGrange, Kentucky [P3294]        
  LaGrone Cemetery, Harrison County, Texas [P2653]        
  Lakape, Armenia [P1460]        
  Lake City, Columbia County, Florida [P2723]        
  Lake City, Florida [P2613]        
  Lake City, S.C. [P3366]        
  Lake Greenwood, SC [P2419]        
  Lakeland, Polk County, Florida [P2728]        
  LaMarche, Normandy [P1499]        
  Lamborne, Berkshire, England [P0097]        
  Lancashire, England [P4340]        
  Lancashire, Lancaster Co.England [P1842]        
  Lancaster [P0242]        
  Lancaster, England [P0088]        
  Lancaster, Lancaster Co Pa [P1839]        
  Landen, Austrasia, France [P0894]        
  Landen, Liege, Belgium [P0891]        
  Landford, North Carolina [P3132]        
  Landicea, Holy Land [P3770]        
  Langhorne, Pa [P3421]        
  Laodicea, Holy Land [P1357]        
  Laon, Aisne, France [P0883]        
  Larke Stoke & Admington, Gloucestershire, England [P1763]        
  Larmar, Darlington County, S.C. [P3478]        
  Las Fresnedas, Sierra Morena, Puerta Del Muradal [P3573]        
  Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile, Spain [P1007]        
  Last King of the Saxons in England [P1885]        
  Latimer, Buckinghamshire, England [P1844]        
  Laurel, Mississippi [P3324]        
  Laurens County Hospital, Laurens County, SC [P3339]        
  Laurens County, South Carolina [P3177]        
  Laurens, South Carolina [P2893]        
  Lawndale, Rutherford County, NC [P3378]        
  Le Mans [P4286]        
  Le Mans, Anjou [P1875]        
  Le Mans, France [P4153]        
  Le Mans, Maine, France [P2237]        
  le Mans, Sarthe, FRA [P4061]        
  Le Mans, Sarthe, France [P0966]        
  Leatherington Abbey, Suffolk [P0176]        
  Lebanon Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana [P2749]        
  Lechfeld [P3649]        
  Lechladd And Oakham [P2331]        
  Lee County, Mississippi [P2738]        
  Leeds, AL [P3946]        
  Leeke, Co Stafford [P3795]        
  Leeke, Stafford, England [P1401]        
  Leesburg, Georgia [P3198]        
  Leesville Cemetery, Leesville, Lexington County, SC [P2855]        
  Leesville Cemetery, Leesville, South Carolina [P2831]        
  Leesville, Lexington County, SC [P2761]        
  Leesville, Lexington County, South Carolina [P3285]        
  Leesville, South Carolina [P3022]        
  Leicester [P3778]        
  Leicester, England [P1109]        
  Leicester, Leicestershire [P0354]        
  Leicester, Leicestershire, England [P0365]        
  Leicestershire, England [P1362]        
  Leinster, Ireland [P1373]        
  Lenzen [P3717]        
  Lenzen/Elbe [P3719]        
  Leon [P1253]        
  Les Juifs B Chartres [P3559]        
  Letheringham, England [P0188]        
  Letheringham, Suffolk [P0178]        
  Lethglenn [P3856]        
  Lewes [P0228]        
  Lewes Priory [P2250]        
  Lewes, Sussex [P1143]        
  Lewes, Sussex, England/Lewes, England [P1092]        
  Lexington Co SC [P4204]        
  Lexington Co, SC [P2490]        
  Lexington County, SC [P1791]        
  Lexington County, South Carolina [P2403]        
  Lexington Dist, SC [P2502]        
  Lexington District, South Carolina [P2184]        
  Lexington Medical Center, Lexington County, SC [P3135]        
  Lexington, Newberry Co, SC [P1777]        
  Lexington, SC [P2562]        
  Lexington, South Carolina [P2762]        
  León, Spain [P1248]        
  Liberty Hill, Navarro Co, TX [P4304]        
  Liege, Belgium [P1653]        
  Lieutenant, CSA [P2101]        
  Ligny [P3633]        
  Lille [P2202]        
  Lille, France [P0855]        
  Limoges [P3525]        
  Limoges, France [P1089]        
  Lincoln County, NC [P3379]        
  Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England [P0567]        
  Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England/Lincoln, England [P0391]        
  Lincolnshire, England [P0220]        
  Lindler Graveyard #1, Chapin, South Carolina [P3113]        
  Lindler/Bouknight Cemetery, Ballentine, South Carolina [P2922]        
  Little Compton, Newport, RI [P1858]        
  Little Compton, RI [P1854]        
  Little Mount, Newberry County, S C [P1943]        
  Little Mountain, Lexington County, South Carolina [P1799]        
  Little Mountain, Lexington, S.C. [P1800]        
  Little Mountain, Newberry County, SC [P3024]        
  Little Mountain, Newberry County, South Carolina [P1789]        
  Little Mountain, Ninety-Six District, South Carolina [P1794]        
  Little Mountain, SC [P2455]        
  Little Mountain, South Carolina [P2592]        
  Little River Presbyterian Cemetery, Newberry, SC [P3144]        
  Live Oak Cem., Walterboro, SC. [P2076]        
  Live Oak, Suwannee County, Florida [P2730]        
  Lived at Osthofen, Germany. [P3457]        
  Llanbethian, Glamorgan, Wales [P1189]        
  Llanthony Abbey, Gloucester [P1452]        
  Llanthony Outside Gloucester [P3854]        
  Location, Greeley Colo. [P3359]        
  Loch Fergus, Scotland [P1172]        
  Lodge, South Carolina [P2673]        
  London [P3535]        
  London, England [P0107]        
  London, England?, or more probably Hungary [P4138]        
  London, Middlesex, England [P0684]        
  London, Surry, England [P1982]        
  Long Bluff, Cheraw Dist., SC [P0044]        
  Longmont, Colorado [P4258]        
  Longpont, France [P0710]        
  Longueville, Channel Isles [P0825]        
  Longueville, Normandy, France [P1386]        
  Longview, Gregg County, Texas [P2652]        
  Longwy [P1215]        
  Lorca de Navarra [P1586]        
  Lorca De Navarre [P3662]        
  Lorch [P3826]        
  Lorraine [P1275]        
  Lorraine Inferie, France [P0729]        
  Lorraine, France [P0946]        
  Los Huelgas [P2291]        
  Louisiana [P2680]        
  Louisville HS, Louisville, GA. [P2081]        
  Louisville, GA. [P2080]        
  Louisville, Kentucky [P3191]        
  Louvain [P1284]        
  Louvain, Belgium [P1166]        
  Louvain, Brabant [P0842]        
  Louvaine [P2344]        
  Louvaine, Belgium [P0728]        
  Lower Lorraine [P1673]        
  Lowman Home, White Rock, SC [P2553]        
  Lowman Home, White Rock, South Carolina [P3025]        
  Lowndes Co., MS [P3937]        
  Lowther’s Hill Cemetary, Mechanicsville, SC [P1901]        
  Lowther’s Hill Cm. [P0033]        
  Lucca [P2372]        
  Ludgate, London, England [P4216]        
  Ludlow, Shropshire [P1528]        
  Lugoff, South Carolina [P2023]        
  Lune/Elbe [P3734]        
  Luneburg, Saxony [P1488]        
  Lusignan [P2332]        
  Lusignan, France [P0831]        
  Lusignan, Vienne, France [P1353]        
  Luth Ch; Funeral St. Paul’s Luth Ch of [P2585]        
  Luth. Church, Rotenberg, Germany [P4186]        
  Lutheran Ch., Newberry Co., SC [NCB-1-208] [P1849]        
  Lutheran Ch., Newberry Co., SC [NCB-1-209] [P2152]        
  Luthern Church, Rotenbery, Germany [P4202]        
  Luxemburg [P0616]        
  Lydia, South Carolina [P3473]        
M Macclenny, Florida [P4240]        
  Macedonia Lutheran Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC [P3017]        
  Macedonia Lutheran Cemetery, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P3154]        
  Macedonia Lutheran Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P3117]        
  Macedonia Lutheran Cemetery, Prosperity, South Carolina [P3152]        
  Macedonia Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC [P2848]        
  Macheln [P3840]        
  Macon, Georgia [P4232]        
  Madison Co., state of Virginia, United States of America [P4035]        
  Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway [P1276]        
  Magdeburg [P3724]        
  Magnolia Ce., Hartsville, S.C. [P3490]        
  Magnolia Cem., Hartsville, S.C. [P3483]        
  Magnolia Cem., Hartsville, S.C. [P3477]        
  Magnolia Cem., Hartsville, S.C. [P3475]        
  Magnolia Cemetery (Lutheran Section), Charleston, SC [P3103]        
  Magnolia Cemetery, Hartsville, SC [P2571]        
  Maguncia [P3644]        
  Maillezais [P3648]        
  Mainland(?), Montgomery, Pa [P3428]        
  Mainz Or Ingelheim [P4294]        
  Mainz, oder Ingelheim [P4205]        
  Major in General Marion’s Brigade [P1899]        
  Malet, Somersetshire, England [P0697]        
  Malmsbury, Wiltshire [P4162]        
  Mandeville, Normandy, France [P0366]        
  Mandeville, Warwickshire, England [P1164]        
  Mangnolia Cem., Hartsville, S.C. [P3498]        
  Manhemin, the Palatine, Germany [P0004]        
  Mannheim, Germany [P1861]        
  Manning, South Carolina [P2825]        
  MANNING,SC [P4004]        
  Mans, France [P1220]        
  Mansourah [P3820]        
  Mantes [P2279]        
  Mantes, France [P1257]        
  Marbeshall, Essex, England [P2014]        
  Marcigny-sur-Loire, France [P1077]        
  Marine Corps/Navy, served in South Pacific [P2663]        
  Marion County, Florida [P3001]        
  Marion, South Carolina [P4257]        
  Mark Eaton, Derbyshire, England [P0554]        
  Markeston, co. Derby, England [P0589]        
  Marlboro Co, SC? [P0054]        
  Marlboro Co., SC [P1872]        
  Marlborough Castle [P3766]        
  Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire [P0014]        
  Marlborough, Sussex, England/Marlborough, England [P1349]        
  Marlin, TX [P3940]        
  Marmoutier [P3636]        
  married [P1809]        
  Marshall, Essex, England [P2019]        
  Marsolla [P3707]        
  Maryland [P0087]        
  Maryland (prob) [P4104]        
  Maryland? [P2857]        
  Maryville, Tennessee [P2614]        
  Mason [P0041]        
  Mass [P2121]        
  Maubuisson [P2306]        
  Maurienne [P3643]        
  Maurienne, France [P1472]        
  May be Norah F. Metts [P3111]        
  Mayor, Little Mountain, SC [P3230]        
  McBee, South Carolina [P3328]        
  McCaskille, Scotland [P0137]        
  McCormick, SC [P4010]        
  McKenzie Cemetery, Homer, Louisiana [P2675]        
  McKenzie Cemetery, Homer, Louisiana [P2676]        
  McSwain Funeral Home [P3057]        
  McSwain-Evans Funeral Chapel, Newberry, SC [P2805]        
  MD [P0085]        
  MD or VA [P1966]        
  Meath, Ireland [P0313]        
  Mechanicsville, S.C. [P0053]        
  Mechanicsville,S.C. [P4276]        
  Mecklenburg County, VA [P0063]        
  Mecklenburg County, Virginia [P4097]        
  Meersin [P3602]        
  Meggetts, South Carolina [P3241]        
  Meifod yn Powys [P1544]        
  Melfi [P4299]        
  Melk [P3650]        
  Melle [P3843]        
  Mellent, Gloucester, England [P1394]        
  Melrose Memorial Gardens, Swansea, South Carolina [P3286]        
  Melun [P3558]        
  Melun, France [P1233]        
  Mem Chapel Hill Baptist Church; associate [P2434]        
  Member Mount Horeb Lutheran Church [P2552]        
  Memleben [P1437]        
  Memorial Gardens, Columbia, SC [P2621]        
  Memorial Services at St Stephens Lutheran [P2615]        
  Memorials to Lupus Foundation; Brown- [P2436]        
  Memory Gardens, Darlington County, S.C. [P3487]        
  Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee [P3308]        
  Menai Straits, Isle of Anglesey, Wales [P0415]        
  Mendlesham [P0214]        
  Mendlesham, Suffolk [P0215]        
  Mensleben, Saxony, Germany [P1342]        
  Mercer Co., NJ [P4284]        
  Mercer, Missouri [P3301]        
  Mercia, England [P0373]        
  Merevale, Warwickshire, England [P0426]        
  Merionetshire [P4107]        
  Merton [P3663]        
  Messina [P3526]        
  Messina, Sicily, Italy [P1496]        
  Messines [P2201]        
  Metastatic epitheliomata of intestines & [P2456]        
  Mettlach [P3569]        
  Metts-Meetze Cemetery, Little Mountain, South Carolina [P3094]        
  Metz [P3564]        
  Metz, Austrasia, France [P0898]        
  Metz, Middle Lorraine, France [P1422]        
  Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France [P2212]        
  Meudon [P4214]        
  Meulan [P3629]        
  Meulan, Aquitaine [P1235]        
  Meulan, France [P1225]        
  Meulun [P3557]        
  Miami, Dade County, Florida [P2888]        
  Miami, Florida [P2698]