In or near Little Mountain, Newberry County, SC

Gramps ID P4226


  1. Monts, Mamie Ella [I14602]
  2. Family of Shealy, Thomas Anderson and Bowers, Inez L. [F6745]
  3. Family of Wessinger, Jonas Levi and Fulmer, Elvia Louila [F6748]
  4. Family of Shealy, John Anderson and Boland, Rachel Happy [F6268]
  5. Family of Swygert, J. Davis and Fulmer, Emily Hassie [F6749]
  6. Family of Fulmer, Murray Oscar and Fulmer, Mary Jane [F6257]
  7. Counts, M. Allen [I13670]
  8. Fulmer, Minnie Cornelia [I12861]
  9. Fulmer, Emily Hassie [I12860]
  10. Shealy, John Anderson [I12872]
  11. Wise, George Lemuel [I11778]
  12. Fulmer, Elvia Louila [I12864]
  13. Swygert, J. Davis [I13679]
  14. Boland, Rachel Happy [I12444]
  15. Family of Shealy, Jacob Westly and Monts, Mamie Ella [F6746]
  16. Family of Wise, George Lemuel and Fulmer, Ida Flora [F6253]
  17. Shealy, Thomas Anderson [I12856]
  18. Fulmer, Lizzie Catherine [I14284]
  19. Wessinger, Jonas Levi [I12859]
  20. Shealy, Elizabeth Cummings [I12855]
  21. Shealy, Alice Lavenia [I12854]
  22. Bowers, Inez L. [I13678]
  23. Family of Counts, M. Allen and Shealy, Elizabeth Cummings [F6744]
  24. Amick, Bennett Lafayette [I13680]
  25. Shealy, Jacob Westly [I12857]
  26. Frick, Noah Franklin [I16914]
  27. Fulmer, Mary Jane [I12866]
  28. Boland, Joe [I13396]
  29. Fulmer, Murray Oscar [I11786]
  30. Family of Frick, Noah Franklin and Fulmer, Minnie Cornelia [F6751]
  31. Family of Boland, Joe and Shealy, Alice Lavenia [F5373]
  32. Fulmer, Ida Flora [I11779]
  33. Family of Amick, Bennett Lafayette and Fulmer, Lizzie Catherine [F6871]