Frick, George Edgar

Birth Name Frick, George Edgar 1a
Gramps ID I12929
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E14709] 1927-01-30    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Frick, Claude Edgar [I13669]1903-09-11
Mother Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021]1907-11-301986-07-23
    Brother     Frick, John William (Bill) [I15024]
    Brother     Frick, Samuel Ray (Sam) [I15025]
    Brother     Frick, Jacob Claude (Jake) [I15026]
    Brother     Frick, George [I18239]
    Brother     Frick, Jake [I19303]
         Frick, George Edgar [I12929] 1927-01-30
    Sister     Frick, Elizabeth [I12120] 1928-05-16 1928-05-16
    Sister     Frick, Juanita (Neet) [I12874] 1928-05-16
    Brother     Frick, John William [I18026] about 1929


    Family of Frick, George Edgar and Metts, Living [F6788]
Unknown Partner Metts, Living [I15950] ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Frick, Living [I15951]
Frick, Living [I15952]
Frick, Living [I15953]


  1. Frick, Claude Edgar [I13669]
    1. Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021]
      1. Frick, John William (Bill) [I15024]
      2. Frick, Samuel Ray (Sam) [I15025]
      3. Frick, Jacob Claude (Jake) [I15026]
      4. Frick, George [I18239]
      5. Frick, Jake [I19303]
      6. Frick, George Edgar
        1. Metts, Living [I15950]
          1. Frick, Living [I15951]
          2. Frick, Living [I15952]
          3. Frick, Living [I15953]
      7. Frick, Elizabeth [I12120]
      8. Frick, Juanita (Neet) [I12874]
      9. Frick, John William [I18026]


Source References

  1. Summer.FTW [S261992]
      • Source text:

        Date of Import: Sep 27, 2000

      • Source text:

        Date of Import: Sep 27, 2000