Shealy, Mahaly Catherine

Birth Name Shealy, Mahaly Catherine 1a
Gramps ID I11358
Gender female
Age at Death 73 years, 2 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E12386] 1849-04-08 In or near Chapin, South Carolina  
Death [E12387] 1922-06-08 In or near Chapin, South Carolina  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Shealy, John Andrew [I17989]1820-07-151889-12-16
Mother Sease, Mary Caroline [I17990]1821-01-13
    Sister     Shealy, Elizabeth Lucinda [I12126] 1840 about 1910
    Sister     Shealy, Isabelle [I12446] about 1841 about 1911
    Sister     Shealy, Martha Ann (Emma) [I12447] 1843-04-20 1925-06-17
    Brother     Shealy, Leonard L. [I12448] 1845-03-23 1893-10-27
    Brother     Shealy, Daniel Isaac [I12030] 1847-09-26 1914-06-01
         Shealy, Mahaly Catherine [I11358] 1849-04-08 1922-06-08
    Sister     Shealy, Alice Eugenia (Jane) [I12450] 1851-11-13 1917-06-27
    Brother     Shealy, John Andrew, Jr. [I12451] 1853-09-26 1944-07-24
    Sister     Shealy, Laura Anne Marilla (Susannah) [I12452] 1855-10-10 1928-06-15
    Brother     Shealy, Noah Eusebious [I12453] 1858-04-15 1923-06-02
    Sister     Shealy, Mary [I12454] 1859-04-15 about 1870
    Sister     Shealy, Cummings Ada [I12455] 1862-05-07 1917-01-19


    Family of Long, Drayton Isaiah and Shealy, Mahaly Catherine [F6066]
Unknown Partner Long, Drayton Isaiah [I12869] ( * 1846-01-13 + 1936-01-29 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Long, Bessie Irene [I12935]
Long, Emma C. [I12930]1868-01-221935-09-06
Long, Leila Agnes [I12931]1870-06-041948-08-18
Long, Jacob W. [I15022]1873-03-281955-12-09
Long, Ella (Rilla) [I12933]1880-10-191942-11-17
Long, James A. [I12934]1882-03-051950-03-14
Long, Carrie C. [I12936]1884-08-121894-09-29
Long, Daisy Ethel [I12937]1889-09-131978-04-09


  1. Shealy, John Andrew [I17989]
    1. Sease, Mary Caroline [I17990]
      1. Shealy, Elizabeth Lucinda [I12126]
      2. Shealy, Isabelle [I12446]
      3. Shealy, Martha Ann (Emma) [I12447]
      4. Shealy, Leonard L. [I12448]
      5. Shealy, Daniel Isaac [I12030]
      6. Shealy, Mahaly Catherine
        1. Long, Drayton Isaiah [I12869]
          1. Long, Bessie Irene [I12935]
          2. Long, Emma C. [I12930]
          3. Long, Leila Agnes [I12931]
          4. Long, Jacob W. [I15022]
          5. Long, Ella (Rilla) [I12933]
          6. Long, James A. [I12934]
          7. Long, Carrie C. [I12936]
          8. Long, Daisy Ethel [I12937]
      7. Shealy, Alice Eugenia (Jane) [I12450]
      8. Shealy, John Andrew, Jr. [I12451]
      9. Shealy, Laura Anne Marilla (Susannah) [I12452]
      10. Shealy, Noah Eusebious [I12453]
      11. Shealy, Mary [I12454]
      12. Shealy, Cummings Ada [I12455]


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