Long, Annie Laurie

Birth Name Long, Annie Laurie 1a 2a
Gramps ID I10059
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Long, Jacob W. [I15022]1873-03-281955-12-09
Mother Shealy, Mamie Ellen [I15023]1878-11-101978-02-28
    Brother     Long, Julian [I10053]
         Long, Annie Laurie [I10059]
    Sister     Long, Lucile [I19295] 1940
    Brother     Long, Julian [I19297]
    Sister     Long, Ruth Lucile [I12932] 1899-05-06
    Sister     Long, Winifred (Winnie) [I12449] 1901-03-17 1978-12-23
    Sister     Long, Julia Winifred (Winnie) [I19296] 1901-03-17 1978-12-23
    Sister     Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021] 1907-11-30 1986-07-23
    Brother     Long, Jacob Carroll [I11359] 1909-09-21 1971-11-24
    Sister     Long, Bessie [I12122] 1914-07-27


    Family of Boyd, Troy and Long, Annie Laurie [F5584]
Unknown Partner Boyd, Troy [I14821] ( * + ... )


  1. Long, Jacob W. [I15022]
    1. Shealy, Mamie Ellen [I15023]
      1. Long, Julian [I10053]
      2. Long, Annie Laurie
        1. Boyd, Troy [I14821]
      3. Long, Lucile [I19295]
      4. Long, Julian [I19297]
      5. Long, Ruth Lucile [I12932]
      6. Long, Winifred (Winnie) [I12449]
      7. Long, Julia Winifred (Winnie) [I19296]
      8. Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021]
      9. Long, Jacob Carroll [I11359]
      10. Long, Bessie [I12122]


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