Family of Long, Jacob W. and Shealy, Mamie Ellen


Married Husband Long, Jacob W. [I15022] ( * 1873-03-28 + 1955-12-09 )
Married Wife Shealy, Mamie Ellen [I15023] ( * 1878-11-10 + 1978-02-28 )
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E29972] about 1893 “The Dutch Fork”, Newberry County, South Carolina  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Long, Julian [I10053]
Long, Annie Laurie [I10059]
Long, Lucile [I19295]1940
Long, Julian [I19297]
Long, Ruth Lucile [I12932]1899-05-06
Long, Winifred (Winnie) [I12449]1901-03-171978-12-23
Long, Julia Winifred (Winnie) [I19296]1901-03-171978-12-23
Long, Rachel Catherine [I15021]1907-11-301986-07-23
Long, Jacob Carroll [I11359]1909-09-211971-11-24
Long, Bessie [I12122]1914-07-27

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