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Angel Akhazriel (Who Took Moses)'s father was Angels (Malachim) in Heaven.  His paternal grandfather was Names of Hebrew & Christian Dieties. He had 39 brothers named Angel Hanael (Grace of God), AKA, Angel Orifiel (Angel of the Apocalypse), Angel Jopiel (Iofiel) (Zophiel) (Zaphiel) (Zaphkiel) (Guardian of Eden), Angel Yefefiah (Yofiel) (Iofiel) (Jophiel) (Mosaic teacher), Sariel the Angel, Angels Mahanaim (God's Army), Angel Metraton (Leader of Bnei Yisroel), Jerahmeel the Angel, Talmudic Angel Zadkiel (Who Stayed Abram's Hand) (Tzadkiel) (Satqiel) (Zachiel), Talmudic Angel Zagzagel (Moses' Tutor), Angel Arsyalalyur (Asuryal) (Warner of Noah), Angel Man of Macedonia, Destroying, Parallels to the Judeo-Christian, Angel Cerviel (Assistant to Young David), Angel Uriel (Guard at Eden's Gate), Angel Kolazonta (Overcome by Aaron), Raguel the Angel, Penuel the Angel, Angel Kepharel (Notable of Tabor), Angel Chamuel (Comforter and Wrestler) (Chamuel) (Kemuel) (Camiel), Seraphim Attendants, Angel Azrael (Angel of Death), Angel Izidkiel (Notable of Tabor), Angel Azza (Who Objected to Enoch's Elevation), (AKA) Angel, Cherubeam (Keruvim) Guards of the Tree of Life, The, Angel Joel (Yahoel) (messenger to Adam), Angel Samael the Dark Archangel, Angel Shamshiel (Guide of Eden), Angel Nathanael (Xathanael) (Zathael), Angel Sandalphon (Crown Weaver), Angel Lahash (Intercepter of Moses' Prayers), Angel Hadarniel (Heaven's Gatekeeper), Angel Mariokh (Mariuk) (Protector of Enoch), Angel Raphael (Rafael) and Angel Eserchie (Aid to Moses).  Angel Akhazriel (Who Took Moses) is no longer alive.

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