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Associates of Greek God's father was Greek God Aether (Ethosphere) of Erebus of Chaos and his mother was Greek Goddess Gaia (Earth) of Chaos.  His paternal grandparents were Greek God Erebus (Air) (Erebos) of Chaos and Greek Goddess Nyx (Night) of Chaos; his maternal grandfather was Greek God Chaos (Gaping Void) (Khaos) (Tohu). He had two brothers named AKA Greek God and Pontus (Sea) (Pontos) of. He had twelve half-brothers and ten half-sisters, named Typhon of, Uranus (Sky) of, Anax of Anactoria of, Associates of Greek God, The Cyclopes of, The Hekatonkheires of, The Titans of, AKA Greek God, AKA Greek God, Associates of Greek God, Nereus of, Phorcys of, Thalassa (Sea Surface) of, AKA Roman Goddess, AKA Greek Goddess, Associates of Greek Goddess, Delphyne of, The Erinyes (Furiae) of, Ceto, daughter of, Eurybia, daughter of, Halia, daughter of and Kymopoleia, daughter of.

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