The Family trees of Vanzas and Darjis from Diu

It all started with the information of the Waghela family treeClick to view the Waghela family tree in SVG format  collected by Manilal Lauchand Waghela in a manuscript dated 15th February 1956 which was in 1997 transcribed by Paresh Lauchand Waghela into an Excel Spreadsheet. It contained the male lineage starting from Amraji, the first Waghela to come to Diu. Paresh Lauchand tried then with limited success to update the information. He tried also to expand it so as to include other families with which the Waghela's had connections (married their wives from, married their daughters to) soon realising that this was a huge task, not possible with the tools he had. That is when Guirish Paresh Waghela searched the internet and found GenoPro (then in version 1!) and used it to organize the information from the Excel spreadsheet. Later on, in 2004-2005, additional information was collected (see Credits) making it possible to publish it here in 24th December 2006.