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Family Subtree Diagram : Descendants of Levi Bloyd (1780)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Marriage (six children) (a child) Marriage (three children) Marriage (two children) Marriage (four children) Marriage (five children) Marriage (a child) (six children) Marriage (a child) Marriage Marriage (six children) Marriage Marriage Marriage Marriage (two children) Marriage (seven children) (four children) Marriage Marriage (a child) Marriage (four children) Marriage (four children) Marriage (a child) 1780 - 1847 Levi Bloyd 67 67 1881 Ena Belle Bloyd 1788 - 1843 Barbara Winn\ Wilson 55 55 1810 - 1892 William Riggins Bloyd 81 81 William Riggin Bloyd married Anna Sanford, who died shortly after the
birth of their only child, William Washington Bloyd.  William Riggin
Bloyd later married Lydia Thurber, daughter of James Thurber of Hancock
County.  Five children were born of this marriage, then Lydia Thurber
Bloyd also died.
After the death of his second wife, William Riggin Bloyd crossed the
plains to California in 1852, in company with his brother Benjamin Bloyd
and nephew Frank Bloyd.  They went to Siskiyou County, which is about 20
miles south of the Oregon line.  There they engaged in the business of
preparing and selling mining and building timbers.
In 1855 they returned to their old home in Illinois via the Isthmus of
Panama and New York.  William Riggins Bloyd purchased 320 acres of land
near Centerville, Iowa.  A year later he sold the land and returned to
Illinois and purchased 280 acres a short distance south of Tennessee, in
McDonough County, from a man named Mourning.  About 1860 he sold this
land, as he was then planning on another trip to California.
The Bloyd Immigrant Train
The lure of the West always had a strong appeal for William R., and in
1861, he organized a company to cross the plains to California.  His
previous experience, combined with his natural leadership, made him a
competent commander.  The principal members of the party were the four
children of Levi and Barbara Bloyd who had come up with their parents
from Kentucky to Illinois thirty years before.  On this trip William R.
took his orphan children along. 
Just as soon as it was safe to travel, those members of the party who
started from Illinois gathered at the home of Joseph and Nancy Foster
Bloyd Goodell. Their home was at the old Abijah Tyrrell mill site on the
east branch of Crooked Creek.  Nancy had married Abijah Tyrrell and they
had four children, after which she was left a widow.  She then married
Joseph Goodell.  Also in the party was William Riggin Bloyd's sister,
Charity Winn Bloyd.  She had married her cousin, Emerson Bloyd, in
Hancock County, Illinois.  They had six children, three of whom lived to
be grown.
The party drove as far as Centerville, Iowa, where William Riggin and
his son William Washington Bloyd  and family joined them.
Continuing their westward journey about one day's travel, the company
was increased by three families of the Gumms, who had come up from
Missouri by previous arrangement.  The Bloyds, Gumms, and McCubbins were
old friends from Kentucky.(If you recall, Thomas and David McCubbin each
married Gumm sisters.)

Members of the Wagon Train

Now that the caravan was complete, it contained about 35 persons:
William Riggin Bloyd, who was the captain of the company. 
Benjamin Bloyd, brother of William R.
Frank Bloyd.
William W. Bloyd, son of William R. Bloyd by his deceased first wife, Anna Sanford Bloyd.
Elizabeth Cowan Bloyd, wife of William W. Bloyd.
[Winfield] Scott Bloyd, son of William W. Bloyd.
William Bloyd Jr. ["Willie": William Wilford Bloyd], son of William W. Bloyd.
Charles [Bingley] Bloyd, son of William Riggin Bloyd by his second wife, Lydia Thurber Bloyd.
Poliana Anthanette Bloyd, daughter of William Riggin Bloyd and Lydia Thurber Bloyd.
Leander Bloyd, son of William Riggin Bloyd and Lydia Thurber Bloyd.
Joseph Goodell, brother-in-law of William Riggin Bloyd.
Nancy Foster Goodell, wife of Joseph Goodell and sister of William Riggin Bloyd.
Gilbert Tyrrell, son of Nancy F. Goodell by her first husband, Abijah Tyrrell.
Stephen Tyrrell, son of Nancy F. Goodell by her first husband, Abijah Tyrrell.
Robert Goodell, son of Joseph Goodell.
Levi Goodell, son of Joseph Goodell.
Emberson Bloyd, brother-in-law of William Riggin Bloyd, also a cousin.
Charity W. Bloyd, wife of Emberson Bloyd and sister of William Riggin
Bloyd Jefferson Bloyd, son of Emberson Bloyd.
Sarah Bloyd, daughter of Emberson Bloyd.
Benjamin Bloyd, son of Emberson Bloyd.
Dr. Nathaniel Thurber, brother-in-law of William Riggin Bloyd
Mrs. Thurber, wife of Nathaniel Thurber.
Paulina Thurber, daughter of Nathaniel Thurber.
James Thurber, son of Nathaniel Thurber.
Two other Thurber children whose names are not available.
Andrew Barnes
Jeanette Barnes, wife of Andrew Barnes.
Amanda Barnes, daughter of Andrew Barnes.
Ellen Barnes, daughter of Andrew Barnes.
Marion Barnes, daughter of Andrew Barnes.
Ida Barnes, daughter of Andrew Barnes.
James Gumm and family.
Hardin Gumm and family.
James Gumm, Jr., son of James Gumm.
Andrew Shields.
Sharon Ray, who had been an employee of William Riggin Bloyd in Illinois.

Only three men in this train had crossed the plain once before:
William Riggin Bloyd, Benjamin Bloyd, and Frank Bloyd.  Benjamin Bloyd,
brother of William Riggin Bloyd, was going to California for his health.  He
left his family in Illinois and returned after two years, fully restored.


Articles of equipment on this trip included the following items: 
William R. Bloyd had two wagons and eight yoke of oxen.
Emerson Bloyd had one wagon and four yoke of oxen.
Joseph Goodell had one wagon and four yoke of oxen.
Nathaniel Thurber had one wagon and four yoke of oxen.
Gilber Tyrrell had one wagon and two yoke of oxen.
Adam Barnes had one wagon and one yoke of oxen.  Hitched in with his
team was a yoke of cows that belonged to William Riggin Bloyd.
James Gumm had one wagon and one team of mules.
Hardon Gumm had one wagon and one team of horses.
Sharon Ray drove one of William Riggin Bloyd's teams of oxen.
Benjamin Bloyd had two fine horses.
There were nine head of loose stock.

Joining Forces

The Bloyd train traveled as a unit until they got well out on the
plains where they joined another small wagon train that was under the
direction of Captain Gillis.
On one occasion, a band of Indians stole about a dozen of their horses,
including the two fine horses that belonged to Benjamin Bloyd.  As soon
as the stock was missed, a detachment of men went in hot pursuit.  They
soon overtook the Indians.  As the stock they had stolen were all slow
moving, the Indians had to abandon their loot in order to make good
their own escape.
When this augmented train neared the Rocky Mountains, they felt they
would be safer with more men for defense, and they joined with a larger
train, making a combined train of about two hundred wagons.  This long
train remained as a unit until they got well into Nevada.  There the
combined trains with which the Bloyd train had first united branched off
and went north, and passing through the Honey Lake Valley, camped at
Susanville, California. 
At Susanville, the two small groups divided and the Bloyd section drove
over the mountains to McCloud River, and from there to Red Bluff, Tehama
County, their destination.  It was now September, 1861, and the train
had been on the road nearly six months.
1828 Benjamin Bloyd 1825 - 1905 Charity Winn Bloyd 80 80 1817 Nancy Foster Bloyd Abijah Tyrrell Gilbert Tyrrell Stephen Tyrrell Joseph Goodell Robert Goodell Levi Goodell 1820 - 1878 Emberson Bloyd 58 58 July 22, 2001
I have been trying to straighten out a couple of loose ends, one of them John Bloyd (born 1803 in Green County, KY) who married Devotion____ , children's names included Rhoda and Emberson. To me this would suggest that he is a descendant of John Bloyd Sr. However, he can't be John Bloyd Jr. because he has different spouses and children... So, I thought, thought I, what if this marriage I have been attributing to John Bloyd Jr. to Matilda ______ (before 1810) had offspring, among them John III, also maybe the James and Levy? (about 1810, no later than 1821).

Also then, we have been told that Emberson Bloyd (b 1823) , who married Charity Winn Bloyd, daughter of Levi Bloyd, was her cousin; in fact that her father and his father were brothers. That means Emberson's father was either John Sr. or Eli.   Lo and behold, my stray John Bloyd has named his children Emberson, Rhoda and Elijah (also Alfred..). Most of those names are definitely "our line." So perhaps he fits on the family tree with John Jr. as his father, though how he got born in Indiana is a big
question mark to me. I will follow up on the Indiana census to see what Bloyds we have there.
Anyway, just speculation...

1850 Illinois Census, Hancock County, page 297B, dwelling #394 FAM #395,September 19
Emerson Bloyd, 27, farmer, born IN
Charity, [age not indicated],  born KY
William, [age not indicated],  born IL, attended school within the year
Jefferson, [age not indicated],  born IL, attended school within the ye
Benjamin Bloyd, 22, laborer, born KY

1860 Illinois Census, McDonough County, Lamoine Township, page 844, dwelling #3444, July 25
Emersen Bloyd, 37, male, farmer, value of personal estate 100, born IN
Charity, 35, born KY
William, 18,  born IL, attended school within the year
Jefferson, 15,  born IL, attended school within the year
Sarah A, 2,  born IL
Martha Jarvis, 7,  born IL

1880 census, Yuba Township, Sutter County, CA, 19 & 20 June, 1880
SD 3, ED 138, Page 26
Bloyd, Levy J.  38 farmer, b. IL
        Amanda  35  wife
       Sawanda  13 dau  <<=== Is this Rosy?  Name is messy on census.
        Ella         11 dau
       William     9  son
       Henry       7  son
       Annie       5 dau
       Mary       3 dau
Bloyd, Emberson 60 brother[sic]  <<=== should be father
          Charity     54 wife
         Benjamin   19 son
1845 - 1930 Levi Jefferson Bloyd 85 85 1858 - 1912 Sarah A. Bloyd 54 54 1860 - 1915 Benjamin Bloyd 55 55 1900 census, Kaweah Township, Tulare County, CA, 14 June 1900
Bloyd, Benjamin  39, b.IL, fa.b.IL, mo.b.KY
         Laura wife 33  b.MO, fa.b.IN, mo.b.MO
      William A.  10  son b.CA
      Jesse E.  8 son   b.CA
      Laura C   7  son[sic] b.CA
      Charity M. 4 dau b.CA
      Albert D.  2  son b.CA
      Alice E.  1 dau b. CA
Living 3 houses away is Levi Bloyd b.1845, wife Amana b.Nov 1844, and their son Henry W,b.Sep 1872.
Next door to Levi is Frank Longcor b.1874, his wife Mary b. July 1877, and their children, Florance(?) b.Jan 1895, Milton b.March 1896 and Malette b.Jan 1898, all born in CA.
1813 Anthonetti Sanford 1835 William Washington Bloyd 1870 Census in California:
William Bloyd, age 59
William W. Bloyd, age 35
Elizabeth , age 33
Winfield,, age 11

1880 cenus, Tulare County, CA, SD 4, ED 100, Page 5, 15 June, 1880
41-41                          born, Fa.b., Mo.b.
Bloyd, Wm W. 44 farmer IL, KY, NY
     Elizabeth  44        Nova Scotia, Scotland, Scotland
     Winfield S. 21      IL, IL, NS
     Willie W.  19      Iowa, IL, NS
      Levi     16         CA, IL, NS
      Charlie 12        CA, IL, NS
     Clara E.  8        CA, IL, NS
     Ida Bell  6         Ca, Il, NS
   Louise  18 dau-in-law  CA, Iowa, Iowa
  William  69 father    KY, NC, NC
1837 Elizabeth Cowan 1858 Winfield Scott Bloyd 1920 census, Lucerne Township, Kings County, CA
Winfield S. Bloyd head 61
  Emily E. Bloyd wife [ age is almost blank - it could be 60 something]
  14 people are listed as Lodger
1861 William Wilford Bloyd 1930 census, Santa Cruz County, CA
Willie W Bloyd, 69,  born IL
Mary H. Bloyd 68 wife, born England
Minnie A Roff  68 lodger
1822 Lydia Thurber 1841 Charles Bingley Bloyd 1847 Poliana Anthanette Bloyd 1851 - 1916 Leander B. Bloyd 65 65  
Leander B. Bloyd Obituary
     Walla Walla, Washington Bulletin 8/26/1916

     Headline: L. B. Bloyd Killed in Automobile Accident
     Prominent Columbia County Farmer Crushed When Car Crashed Over Cliff.
     Was Only Occupant of Auto Accident Yesterday Ten Miles From Prescott.

     Leander B. Bloyd, wealthy Columbia County farmer and veteran of the Civil War, went to his death yesterday morning when the automobile in which he was driving backed over a cliff on the main road about 10 miles northeast of Prescott, near the Columbia County line. The car turned over four times  during the descent, crashing downwards for a distance of 150 feet. Mr. Bloyd, the only occupant of the machine, was killed instantly.

     The accident occurred at about 6:30 o'clock yesterday morning. Mr. Bloyd left his home about nine miles northeast of Prescott at 6 o'clock to visita neighbor. He urged his wife to accompany him, but she decided to  remain at home.  The car, a new Overland, had been purchased by Mr. Bloyd this summer, and he was inexperienced at driving.  Yesterday is said to have been the first time he had it out alone.

     The hill where the tragedy occurred is about a mile from the Bloyd home,and it is thought the accident happened by Mr. Bloyd throwing the car into reverse when about halfway up the hill, instead of putting it into low as he  intended. Responding to the gear, the car jumped backwards over the  cliff before the driver had time to get it under control. When examined later, the machine was found in reverse gear with the emergency brake set.

     At about 7:30 a visitor from the ranch which Mr. Bloyd had gone to visit stopped in at the Bloyd residence and when questioned declared Mr. Bloyd had not arrived when he had left and that he had not seen him on the road.

     Mrs. Bloyd, becoming anxious, made telephone inquiries at the farm houses along the road. No one living past the hill had seen him. Deciding that her husband had had trouble on the hill, which is about a mile from the house, Mrs. Bloyd set out, accompanied by a neighbor. When she neared the  hill she saw the machine at the bottom of the canyon.  She was the first to reach the scene of the accident, and  found her husband dead beneath the machine, crushed to his death. He had been killed instantly.

     Coroner J. W. Cookerly was summoned and arrived on the scene within a short time. He found that the accident  had happened a mile inside the Collumbia County line, but upon a telephone order from the Columbia County  prosecuting  attorney, he took charge of the body anyway, bringing it to this city.

     The deceased was one of the wealthiest and best known farmers in Columbia County. He was born in the Middle West 66 years ago, and crossed the Plains with his parents at eleven years of age settling in California. When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted with the northern forces at Vancouver, Wash., and served throughout the conflict. He has been an active member of the G.A.R. during late years.

     Eighteen years ago, he came north with his family, locating in the Walla Walla valley. For the past 14 years he had lived continually on his farm ten miles northeast of Prescott. The extent of his farming operations is shown by the fact that on Saturday he disposed of 30,000 bushels of wheat,a portion of his total holdings, at $1.20 per bushel.
     Besides his wife, he leaves three daughters, Mrs. A.B. Ronderma , Mrs. O.M. Mall, and Mrs. F. C. Fender, all  residing near Prescott.

     The body has been removed to the Cookerly and Cantonwine chapel, and the funeral will be held from there tomorrow afternoon, the exact hour to be announced later.

     Note from the transcriber: Leander Bloyd was the son of William Riggen Bloyd and Lydia Thurber. He was born      March 08, 1851 and died August 25,1916.
1862 Mary Hancock Worswick Chester Allen Bloyd Lizzie Ritchie 1856 - 1856 Monroe D. Bloyd Found this at the site listed below.  There's a picture of his tombstone. It's at the Webster Cemetery, Webster, Hancock County, IL.  I believe Sandi and I had found this at the Hancock Co. Historical Society.  I wonder if he could have been the son of Emerson (Emberson) and Charity Bloyd?
Monroe D.
Son of
E. & C. Bloyd
Aug 21, 1856
from Paula  (9-21-2001)
Thomas John Bassett 1858 Louisa Samuels 1813 Elijah Bloyd 1809 - 1850 Levi Bloyd 41 41 1870 census, Butte Township, Sutter County, CA, page 33
Bloyd, L. J. 25 b.IL
     Amanda 25 b.IL
      Rosy   3 b.CA
      Ella    2 b.CA
260-247  [ 3 houses away from L.J.Bloyd]
Bloyd, Emberson 51 b.IN
          Charity    45  b.KY
          Sarah    12  b. IL
          Benjamin 10 b.IL
262-249 Two houses away from Emberson there is a Frank Bloyd, 25, b.IL, living with a Terrell family.
    This may be the Francis M. Bloyd, son of Elijah & Deborah Bloyd, who went to CA with Wm R Bloyd and Benjamin Bloyd on their first trip to the gold country.

Is the following Levi the son of Levi Bloyd, b.1809, or the son of Emberson Bloyd?

1920 Census, 3rd Judicial Township, Fresno County, CA
SD 6, ED 11, Sh ??, Line 82, 29 Jan 1920
Bloyd, Levi J.  retired farmer,  74, b.IL, parents b.KY
      Harriet   wife,    66,  b.IL, fa.b.PA, mo.b.IL
   Longcor, William stepson, 42, b.CA, parents b.IL

1930 census, Dinuba Township, Tulare County, CA
SD 14, ED 54-6, Sh 2B, 4 April 1930
Bloyd, Levi  85, age at 1st marr. 19, b.IL, parents b.IL
     Harriet  77,  age at 1st marr. 17, b.IL, parents b.IL
  Longcor, William, stepson, 51, b. CA, parents b.IL
Gibson Goodell Steve Goodell John Jerome Kanawyer 1864 Levi Bloyd 1900 census, Lucerne Township, Kings County, CA, 21 June 1900
Bloyd, Levi 36, married 14 years, b.CA, Fa.b.KY
       Rose B. 34 b.CA
       Hazel E. 12, b.CA
      Raymond O. 8 b.CA

1910 census,
Bloyd, Levi  46
         Rose  44
       Raymond son 18
       Stanley son 6
Living 4 houses away is
Mrs. Willie Bloyd,  head  74
     Ida Parsons  dau 35
    Charley Bloyd son 42
    Ruby Bloyd, granddaughter 21
    Clara Dewhurst boarder 21

1920 census, Harrford City, Kings County, 2 & 3 Jan 1920
Bloyd, Lee  head 54, b.CA, parents b. "United States", contractor, building houses
          Rose wife 49, b.CA, F.b.MO, M.b.KY
        Stanley son 16, b.CA
Living 3 houses away is
Parsons, Rose head, 58. immigrated 1906, b.England
1868 Charlie Bloyd 1872 Clara E. Bloyd 1874 Ida Bell Bloyd 1866 Rose B. ? 1887 Hazel E. Bloyd 1891 - 1948 Raymond Allen Bloyd 57 57 1889 William A. Bloyd 1892 Jesse Emberson Bloyd 1843 William Bloyd 1844 - 1909 Amanda Longcor 64 64 1867 - 1892 Amanda 'Rose' Bloyd 25 25 1868 - 1919 Ella C. Bloyd 51 51 1869 - 1944 William E. Bloyd 74 74 For 1910 census, see notes for James J. Parsons.

1930 census, Denuba City, Tulare County, CA, 15 April 1930
Bloyd, William E. head 59, age 1st marr. 50, b.CA, F.b.IL, M.b.US
           May         wife, 48, age 1st marr. 16, b.TN, F.b.KY, M.b.IL
Andrews, Paul J. stepson 24, b.KY, F.b.TN, M.b.TN
            Douglas stepson 18,  b.CA, F.b.TN, M.b.TN
            Christine Stepdau 12, b.CA, F.b.TN, M.b.TN
Bloyd, Louis B. stepson[sic] 7,b.CA. F.b.CA, M.b.TN <<=== This must be Wm E. & May's son
1872 - 1964 Henry Bloyd 91 91 1875 - 1961 Anna S. Bloyd 85 85 1877 - 1939 Mary Allie Bloyd 61 61 1854 - 1932 Harriet ? 78 78 1857 - 1936 Joseph Edward Anderson 79 79 1886 - 1969 Lenora P. Anderson 82 82 Death Cert filed Kern CO, CA  Cert #0235.
Lenora Parlee Hicks (widow) born Dec 2, 1886 in CA died Jan 31, 1969.  Daughter of Joseph E. Anderson born in MO and Rosa Bloyd born in WA.  Occupation Housewife for 58 yrs.  Place of death Memorial Hosp., 420 34th Street, Bakersfield, Kern CO, CA. Length of stay in county of death was 31 yrs.  Usual residence was 521
El Tejon Oildale, Kern CO, CA.  Informant was Miss Eva J. Hicks of 113 Ferguson St., Oildale.    Burial was Feb 3, 1969 Hillcrest Mem. Park. Mortuary was Hillcrest Mortuary.   Cause of death Cerebral Anoxia due to
Cardiac arrest. Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery. Bakersfield, Kern County, California

Hicks, Lenora P.  --- Services will be held at Hillcrest Mortuary Chapel, Monday at 2 p.m. for Mrs. Lenora P. Hicks,  82.  521 El Tejon Avenue, Oildale, who died in a Bakersfield hospital January 31.  The Rev. Edward C. Garrison, pastor of Sacramento Church of the Nazarine, will officiate and interment will follow in Hillcrest Memorial Park.  Mrs. Hicks was born in Red Bluff and was a resident of Kern County for the past 31 years.  She was a member of the Greenfield Church of the Nazarene. Survivors are a son Ray E. Hicks; three daughters,  Mrs. Rose Walker, Mrs. Darlene Barnes, Miss Eva Jean Hicks,  all of Oildale, four grandchildren and ?__? great grandchildren.
1863 - 1920 James J. Parsons 56 56 1910 census,Fresno County, CA, 16 April 1910
Parsons, James J. head 46 m.9 yrs b.OH, F.b.OH
             Ella C.    wife 31 m.9 yrs b.CA, F.b.IL
            Alvahs J.  son  21  all born CA
            Ruby M.  dau  19
            Daisy D.  dau 15
            Elvin C.   son 8
            Tita M. W. dau 6
Bloyd, W. E.  bro-in-law 39  b.CA, F.b.IL, M.b.IL
Longcor, Ella D. cousin 33  b.CA, F.b.IL, M.b.IL
1889 - 1968 Andy Vance Hicks 79 79 1913 - 1976 Rose Hicks 63 63 1875 - 1931 Frank Milton Longcor 56 56 1913 - 1976 Ray E. Hicks 63 63 1915 - 1966 Edwin Allen Hicks 51 51 1921 - 1989 Eva Jean Hicks 68 68 1886 Pearl Parsons 1888 A. J. Parsons 1890 Ruby A. Parsons 1895 Daisy Parsons Matilda Longcor 1865 - 1910 James D. McCulloch 45 45 1899 - 1958 Rita McCulloch 59 59 1894 - 1941 Florence May Longcor 47 47 1896 - 1974 Milton Frank Longcor 78 78 1898 Myrtle Charlotte Longcor 1900 - 1968 Henry Jefferson Longcor 67 67 1882 May ? 1859 - 1927 Allen Ensley McClanahan 67 67 1866 Laura Clark 1892 William A. Bloyd 1893 Laura C. Bloyd 1896 Charity M. Bloyd 1897 Albert D. Bloyd 1899 Alice E. Bloyd 1810 Matilda Pate 1850 census, Moredock Precinct, Monroe County, Illinois, 11 Sep 1850
Matilda Bloid, 35, b.TN
Mather Bloid, 18, laborer,  All b.Monroe County, IL
James Bloid, 15
Daniel Bloid, 13
Napolean Bloid, 8
Mary Jane Bloid, 7
Anthony Bloid, 25, farmer b.Monroe County, IL
Zacharia Moore, 23, farmer, b.  "
John Moore,  22,  farmer,  b.   "

This could be the husband of Matilda:
1840 census, Monroe County, Illinois
Elijah Bloyd males 1 <5 [James?], 2 <10 [Anthony & Mather?] , 1 <40 [Elijah]
          females  1   <30 [Matilda?]
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