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Family Subtree Diagram : Mather (Lowton)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? A letter from Rev Edward L Mather to Horace Mather (dated 9 April 1877) reveals that MATHER is a Saxon term for "Mower" The wills are crutial in construction this family. John's will of 1623 names his younger brothers. Williams will of 1638 names his younger siblings, but not brother John or sister Imman. Immen Mather's will of 1633, spinster names her sisters and nephew Thomas and niece Imman, so John was a brother. Another Rev. Richard Mather from Castle Northwich with origins in Warrington. Had a brother Nicholas. Roger a farmer and Betty married at Deana Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Never Met: The Mass. Mather families are probably not entitled to use the Mather crest of Sir Christopher Mather Marriage (three children) Lowton, Winwick XTo be completed Widowed (six children) 29 Sep 1624 (Bury). Abode: Liverpool No more children Marriage (four children) Massachusetts XTo be completed Marriage (four children) 4 Brothers, Descends of Sir Christopher Marriage (six children) Marriage (three children) Marriage (a child) Winwick, Lancashire Marriage Marriage (nine children) Lowton, Winwick Marriage (two children) Newton Marriage (two children) 1599 (Middleton) Marriage 1629 XTo be completed Marriage (three children) Lowton Marriage (five children) Warrington & Northwich Marriage 26 Aug 1656 Widowed Widowed Marriage 2 Aug 1655 No more children Marriage 25 Jan 1835 Lowton No more children Marriage (three children) Dorchester, Suffolk, MA Relative of: The Horace Mather book reports that "Rev E. L. Mather is a decendant of Sir Christopher Mather of Yorkshire.  Is must be several generations back! Representative of: Richard was executor of Immen's will of 1633 Lives with: It is likely William and Margaret lived together, possibly with others, as they were close, and both unmarried.  
William left margaret £100 is his will. Know each other: Did the two Reverend Richard Mathers know each other?  One from Warrington, the other for Lowton, Leigh, people must have on occasion confused the two! Relative of: Rev. Increase Mather, in his " Life and Death of Mr. Richard Mather" (Cambridge, 1670), says : "There is in the Parish of Winwick, the County of Lancaster, a small country town or village called Lowton, in which village Richard Mather was born, Anno 1596. His parents, Thomas and Margaret Mather, were of ancient families in Lowton aforesaid, but by reason of some unhappy mortgages they were reduced to a low condition as to the World." He does not give the name of the father of Thomas. Subordinate of: Increase visited his brother in Ireland when he was young.  He studied at Trinity College, Dublin while he was there. Funding of: In 1699, soon after Nathanial had died (in 1697), Mary Mather of London, Widow, wrote her Will, dated 29 April 1699 (with later Codicils added in 1699 and 1705).  She gave £25 to her "Brother-in-Law Mr Increase Mather, his Execurors or Administrators". Funding of: Mary Mather bequether one part of her estate "to Mr Wareham Mather, son of Mr Elizar Mather deceased" 1596 - 1669 Rev Richard Mather 73 73 After the settlement of the Plymouth Bay Colony by the Forefathers in 1620, Puritanism remained the dominant religion in force throughout New England. Richard Mather arrived in the colony 17 Aug 1635, and a year later became pastor of the Dorchester parish.

After Catherine died in 1655, Richard married the widow of Rev. John Cotton.  "Richard, son of Thomas, the first of the family that came to this country, was born in 1596, came to this country in 1635, and settled in Dorchester, Mass."

Richard Mather was the first minister of Toxteth Park Chapel, Liverpool from 1618 to 1634.  The "Ancient Chapel" as it was known, was opened in 1774 and the bell is dated 1751, although the first chapel there was opened 1618.

Richard Mather, minister of Dorchester, Mass., was born in Lancashire, England, in 1596 and educated at Oxford. At the age of fifteen he was invited to take the instruction of a school at Toxteth, near Liverpool. After suffering for some time that anxiety and distress, which the knowledge of his own character as a sinner produced, he in his eighteenth year found peace, and joy in the gospel of the Redeemer. In May, 1618, he was admitted a student of Oxford—but in a few months afterwards he became the minister of Toxteth, being ordained by the Bishop of Chester. Here he continued about fifteen years without any interruption of his benevolent labors. He preached every Tuesday at Prescott, and he always seized the opportunity which his attendance upon funerals afforded, for imparting instruction to the living. He was silenced for non-conformity to the established Church in 1633, but through the influence of his friends was soon restored. He was again suspended in 1634, as he had never worn the surplice, and could not adopt the ceremonies which were enjoined. Having resolved to seek the peaceable enjoyment of the rights of conscience and
the purity of Christian ordinances in New- England, he escaped the pursuivants, who were endeavoring to apprehend him, and embarked at Bristol, in May, 1635. On the 17th of August he arrived at Boston harbor. He was in a few months invited to Dorchester — and, as the first church had removed with Mr. Warham to Windsor, on Connecticut River, a new church was formed, of which he was constituted the teacher, August 23d, 163a He assisted Mr. Elliot and Mr. Welde in 1640, in making the New-England version of the Psalms. The model of church discipline, which he presented to the Synod of 1648, was the one which was chiefly adopted in preference to those prepared by Mr. Cotton and Mr. Partridge. He died in the peace of the Christian, April 22d, 1669, aged
seventy-three years. Though in his old age he experienced many infirmities, yet such had been his health that for half a century he was not detained by sickness so much as one Sunday from his public labors. He was a pious Christian, a good scholar, and a plain
and useful preacher. He was careful to avoid foreign and obscure words, and unnecessary citation of Latin sentences, that all might understand him. While his voice was loud and distinct, there was also a vehemency and dignity in his manner. He married for his first wife Catharine Holt, daughter of Edmund Holt, Esq., of Bury, England, and by her he had six sons, four of whom were born in England and two in this country. Several of them became dislinguished ministers. His second wife was the widow of the famous John Cotton, lie wrote the discourse about the Church covenant, and the answer to thirty-two questions, published in 1039, which pass under the name of the elders of New-England. He wrote also a modest and brotherly answer to Mr. Charles Herle's book against the independency of churches in 1644 ; a reply to Mr. Rutherford, or a defence of the answer to Mr. Herle's book in 1646;—an heart-melting exhortation, &c., in a letter to his countrymen of Lancashire in 1650 ;—a catechism;—a treatise of justification in 1652; a letter to Mr. Hooker to prove that it was lawful for a minister to administer the sacrament to a congregation not particularly under his care; an election sermon about 1660;—an answer to Mr. Davenport's work against the propositions of the Synod of 1662. He also prepared for the press sermons on the second Epistle of Peter, and an elaborate defence of the churches of New-England. — Mien's Biographical Dictionary.
1575 - 1633 Thomas Mather 58 58 "Richard Mather was born in a Village called Lowton, situate in the Parish of Winwick, Anno Christi 1596. His parents Thomas and Margaret Mather were of ancient families in Lowton aforesaid, but by reason of some unhappy Mortgages, they
were reduced into a low condition in regard to their outward estate."

Thomas is not mentioned in his siblings wills (because he had died in 1633, the same year as his father John).
1568 - 1621 Margaret (Margerite) Abrams 53 53 1596 - 1655 Katherine Holt 59 59 Rev. Richard Mather married Catherine (his first wife), the daughter of Edmund Holt (or Hoult) of Bury, England. 
1639 - 1723 Rev Increase Mather 84 84 Increase graduated at Harvard in 1656, was the president of Harvard College and a great man in the colony.

Having in 1656 graduated from Harvard College, he went to Ireland to visit his brother Samuel, where he entered himself as a student at Trinity College, Dublin, and at 19 years old proceeded M.A. there.  After 4 years away from home Increase returned to New England in 1661, and was invited to preach at the North Church in Boston.  He was ordaned pastor there 27 May 1664.

Increase had two sons, also Elizabeth, Maria and five other daughters, all of whom became mothers except one that died young.  There may have been another son.  In the Will of Mary Mather of London dated 1699, se leaves some of her estate to "Mr Samuel Mather, son of the aforesaid Mr Increase Mather"
1628 - 1684 Timothy Mather 56 56 Timothy, second son of Rev. Richard and Catherine, was born in Liverpool, England, in 1628, and died in Dorchester, Mass., Jan. 14, 1684. He married (1) Elizabeth, the daughter of Maj. Gen. Humphrey Atherton of Dorchester, who bore all his children, five sons and one daughter. In March 1678-9, he married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of Amiel Weeks.

"Timothy, lived in Dorchester with his father, born in England 1628 and died 1684."

Timothy was the only son of Rev. Richard Mather not to enter into the ministery.
Maria Cotton 1663 - 1728 Rev Cotton Mather 65 65 1626 - 1671 Rev Samuel Mather 45 45 Samuel, settled in Dublin, Ireland.

Samuel Mather, minister of Dublin, Ireland, was the son of the preceding, and was born in Lancashire, May 13th, 1626. Accompanying his father to this country, he was graduated at Harvard College in 1643. He was appointed the first Fellow of the College, and he was held in such estimation by the students whom he instructed, that when he left them they put on badges of mourning. When he began to preach, he spent some time in Rowley as an assistant to Mr. Rogers. A church having been gathered in the north part of Boston, he was invited to take the charge of it, but after preaching there one winter, several circumstances induced him to go to England in 1650. The church which he left, was afterwards under the pastoral care of his brother, Dr. Increase Mather. In England he was appointed Chaplain of Magdalen College, Oxford. He then preached two years at Leith in Scotland—thence he went to Ireland in 1655, and was made a senior Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, Here also he was settled the minister of the church of St. Nicholas, as colleague with Dr. Winter. Though he was a most liberal non-conformist, and refused several benefices, that were offered by the lord Deputy, because he did not wish to have the Episcopalian ministers displaced, yet soon after the restoration he was suspended on a charge of sedition. Returning to England, he was minister at Burton Wood till he was ejected by the Bartholomew act in 1662. He afterwards gathered a church at his own house in Dublin, where he died in peace October 29th, 1671, in the forty-sixth year of his age. He was succeeded by his brother, Mr. Nathaniel Mather. As a preacher he held the first rank, and his name was known throughout the kingdom. His discourses were remarkable for clearness of method. It was his constant desire to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, and to promote the objects for which He died. He published a wholesome caveat for a time of liberty in 1652;—a defence of the protestant religion against popery in 1671 ;—an irenicum, or an essay for union among the Presbyterians, independents, and anabaptists;—a treatise against stinted liturgies;—a piece against Valentine Greatarick, who pretended to cure disuses by stroking ;—a course of sermons on the types of the old testament, with some discourses against popish superstitions.
1631 - 1697 Rev Nathaniel Mather 66 66 1631, Nathaniel Mather was born at Much Woolton (now Wooton) near Liverpool.

Nathaniel (1630–1697), who graduated at Harvard in 1647, was vicar of Barnstaple, Devon, in 1656–1662, pastor of the English Church in Rotterdam, his brother's successor in Dublin in 1671–1688, and then until his death pastor of a church in London;

Nathaniel Mather, minister in London, was the son of Rev. Richard Mather and brother of the preceding, and was born in Lancashire, March 20th 1630. After his arrival in this country with his father, he was educated at Harvard College, where he was graduated in 1647. He afterwards went to England and was presented to the living at Barnstaple by Oliver Cromwell in 1656. Upon his ejectment in 1662, he went into Holland and was a minister at Rotterdam.  About the year 1671 or 1672, he succeeded his brother Samuel Mather, at Dublin. Thence he removed to London, where he was pastor of a congregational church, and one of the lecturers at Pinner's Hall. He died July 26th, 1697, aged 67 years He was buried in the burying ground near Bunhill fields, and there is upon his tombstone a long Latin inscription written by the Rev. Dr. Watts, which ascribes to him a high character for genius, learning, piety, and ministerial fidelity. He published the righteousness of God by faith upon all who believe, 1694 ;—a discussion of the lawfulness of a pastor's officiating in another's church ;—twenty-three sermons preached at Pinner's Hall and Lime-street, taken in short hand as they were delivered, but most of them corrected by himself 1701 ;—and a Fast sermon.
1637 - 1669 Rev Eleazar Mather 32 32 "The chair in the Antiquarian room [i.e. the rooms of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.] belonged to Thomas. Richard sat in it when a child. He was married in 1624 ; his children that were born in Europe sat in the chair before he came to this country - Samuel, Timotliy, Nathaniel, Joseph. The last named sat in it when he brought the chair to America. Eleazer and Increase were born in Ainerica."

Eleazar (1637–1669), who graduated at Harvard in 1656 and after preaching in Northampton, Massachusetts, for three years, became in 1661 pastor of the church there; father-in-law to Rev. John Williams (minister) 1664-1729 {Harvard Class of 1683} of Deerfield Massachusetts.

"Eleazer, first Minister of Northampton, Mass."
~1540 Sir Christopher Mather 1840 - 1916 Rev Herbert Mather 76 76 Reverend Herbert Mather has several brothers who all all chergymen of the church of England, including Rev Edward L Mather.  However, I cant find Herbert on any UK census.

Wikipedia has: Herbert Mather (1840–1916) was an Anglican bishop in the last decades of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th. He was educated at St Andrew's University and Trinity College, Cambridge and ordained in 1867. He began his ordained ministry as vice-principal and then the principal of Carmarthen Training College. He then became chaplain to the Bishop of Newfoundland and incumbent of the cathedral. After this he was the rector of All Saints' Huntingdon and rural dean of Gartree. From 1891 to 1897 he was Provost of St Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness when he was ordained to the episcopate as the 4th Bishop of Antigua. Returning to England he was an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Hereford until his retirement in 1912.
1826 - 1914 Rev Edward Lushing Mather 88 88 Reverend of Christ Church, Bootle, Liverpool.

Edward married Mary Chesters Grice (1849-1926) in the summer of 1882 at Northwich, Cheshire. Census returns identify two daughters.

In 1881 Edward L Mather was living with his brother at Bridgenorth.  He gave his occupation as "Clergyman Without Cure of Souls"

In 1881 Edward (another, possinly his son, or nephew b.1852 Manchester) was a Minister (Primitive Meth Chapel Northwich).  He had a son Edward (28) and daughter Elizabeth (15), presumably from an earlier marriage.

Evelyne Radcliffe (b1885) – elementary schoolteacher (1911)
Iza Helen (b abt1888) - assistant schoolmistress (1911)
<unknown> <unknown> 1634 - 1636 Joseph Mather 2 2 Joseph died young. 1628 - 1684 Elizabeth Atherton 55 55 1650 Rev Samuel Mather Samuel, minister at Windsor, Ct. 1658 - 1691 Nathaniel Mather 32 32 Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel of Dorchester was baptised 10th of 2nd Month 1681.  There are also 4 children (Hannah, Joseph, Mary and Susanna) of Jeremiah and Hannah Mather of Dorchester baptised in the 1690, so did Nathaniel have a brother Jeremiah?  Also Timothey son of Richard in 1861-81. 1653 - 1688 Richard Mather 34 34 Richard, born Nov. 22d, 1653, died Aug. 17th 1688.
Settled at Lyme, Connecticut, USA.
1663 - 1734 Atherton Mather 71 71 Atherton, settled at Siiffield, Ct. 1661 - 1691 Joseph Mather 29 29 1669 - 1688 Nathaniel Mather 19 19 1665 - 1745 Elizabeth Mather 80 80 Wife of William Greenough and Josiah Byles  1664 Maria Mather Maria, married a Fifield and/or Walton. 1644 - 1736 Esther Stoddard 91 91 1666 Warham Mather 1664 - 1704 Eunice Mather 39 39 Eunice, born Aug. 2d, 1664, and married Rev John Williams of Deerfield. 1668 Eliakin Mather 1655 - 1694 Katharine Mather 39 39 ~1528 - 1601 John Mather 73 73 Margaret ~1598 Ellin Mather 1598 Margaret Mather 1839 Rev Frank A Mather Rev. F. A. MATHER of Coalbrookdale, near Iron Bridge

Frank A Mather, was Rector of St Leonards, Bridgnorth in 1881, aged 42 and married to Jessie C. Mather.

Rev. F. A. MATHER presented Sunday School sports prizes in Preston, Lancashire in Sept 1912.  He may have had a daughter assisting the event.
1831 - 1914 Rev Federick Vaughan Mather 83 83 Rev. F. VAUGHN MATHER was Canon of Bristol, Eng.  He had a son, Canon John Cyril Vaughan Mather (b.10 Sep 1862) ~1590 - >1633 Richard Mather 43 43 Richard was the younger brother of John (in John's Will) Jane D. >1633 Margaret D. 1638 William Mather Williams will does not mention any wife or children.  He leaves his estate to his siblings and other relatives. D. >1638 Margaret Mather Appears to be unmarrried, as her unmarried brother William left her £100 in his will of 1638. ~1590 Jane Greene Married sister of William Mather.

Jane Mather married John Greene in Winwick, 20 Aug 1612
~1600 Alice Harte Married sister of William Mather ~1605 Ann Mather Married sister of William Mather (in his will).

Her father's describes her as "To Anne wife of Robert Batte, of Croft my natural daughter £3." is his will.
~1580 - 1623 John Mather 43 43 John was a churchwarden at Winwick. Margaret >1604 Thomas Mather ~1612 Immen Mather ~1550 - 1633 John Mather 83 83 John Mather was the grandfather of Richard Mather, the puritan minister and one of the founding fathers of early Massachusetts.

It is reported in a book about the life of Richard Mather, this John's parents were John & Margaret.  However, this may be an error, as all the Johns appear to have Margaret as a wife!.

John Mather is described as "of an ancient family of Lawton or Lowton, co. Lancaster." He was father of Thomas Mather of Lowton, Parish of Winwick, co. Lancaster who by his wife Margaret (parentage not given) left a son the celebrated Rev. Richard Mather.
~1570 - 1626 Richard Mather 56 56 Catherine Cay ~1602 John Mather ~1605 Nicholas Mather D. 1633 Immen Mather Immen died a spinster.  She, William and Margaret was left the residue of her father's estate. ~1605 Robert Bate ~1590 - 1638 John Mather 48 48 Elizabeth Darrowe Brother-in-law George Darrowe and Hamlet Warbottom mentioned in John's will, so Darrowe must be Elizabeth's maiden name. ~1612 Richard Mather ~1616 Nicholas Mather ~1622 John Mather ~1600 - 1640 Rev Richard Mather 40 40 Richard Mather was friends with his "worthy friend Mr
Burrowes, vicker of Runckhorne [Runcorn]"

His Kinsman (i.e. Brother) Nicholas Mather of Warrington was executor of his will.
D. >1640 Elizabeth Wroe Elizabeth was to remain Richard's Widow after 1640, in order to inherit and benefit from his estate.

Elizabeth had a brother Richard Wroe, friends with Richard Mather (as mentioned in his will).

~1625 Samuel Mather Benjamin Mather Martha Mather Daughters Martha, Mary and Hester Mather were named in Richard's will of 1640. Mary Mather Daughters Martha, Mary and Hester Mather were named in Richard's will of 1640. Hester Mather Daughters Martha, Mary and Hester (i.e. Ester) Mather were named in Richard's will of 1640. ~1600 - 1676 Sarah Cotton 76 76 Sarah was the Rev. Richard Mather's second wife.

Sarah was the widow of the distinguished Rev. John Cotton who was one of the earliest of the New England Fathers, and pastor of the first church in Boston.
~1600 <male> Story ~1600 Rev John Cotton Sarah's second husband (after Story) was John Cotton ~1631 - >1705 Mary Benn 74 74 A borther of Increase Mather appears to have married a Mary, and Nathanial, as he was in London, appears the most likely brother.  Mary Benn was the daughter of the Revd. William Benn of Dorchester.

In 1699, soon after Nathanial had died (in 1697), Mary Mather of London, Widow, wrote her Will, dated 29 April 1699 (with later Codicils added in 1699 and 1705).  She gave £25 to her "Brother-in-Law Mr Increase Mather, his Execurors or Administrators".  Alos Mary Mather bequethed one part of her estate "to Mr Wareham Mather, son of Mr Elizar Mather deceased"

1813 - 1895 Roger Hart 82 82 Roger was born 1813 at Lowton, son of Roger a farmer and Mary.

25 Jan 1835, Roger Hart of Deane Parish, Farmer married Betty Mather.  William Hart, a likely brother was witness.

In 1841, Roger and Betty (27 & 21) were at Lowton.  Roger was a silk weaver.

Roger had a brother William who on 17 Jul 1834 married Mary Mather at Winwick.  Between 1844 and 1861, William and Mary (not Betty) had 7 children, 3 died (registered as HART+MATHER at Lowton).

In 1851, Roger and Betty Hart (37 & 31), both born at Lowton,  were at Goldborne, Lancashire.  Goldbourn and Lowton are SW of Leigh between Leigh and Newton-Le-Willows, so this may be another couple.

Betty died in 1859, and 17 May 1864, Rogar Hary, Widower, Farmer of Lowton, son of Roger (dec) married Catherine Lowe (Widow), daughter of Jamy Boardman.

Roger Hart, a Gentleman of Lowton died 8 Mar 1895 leaving £381.  Executors were John Bent (farmer) and John Hart (probably a brother).
1819 - 1859 Betty Mather 39 39 This cannot be the Betty Mather, daughter of John & Mary of Atherton, as she was still with her Mother in 1841.

This is Betty, daughter of Charles and Mary Mather of Lowton, baptised at St. Luke.  Charles is a weaver.

Betty must have married very young in 1935 if she was on 20 in 1841, and Roger 28.  She was only 15 years.

In 1841, Roger and Betty (27 & 21) were at Lowton. Roger was a silk weaver.

In 1851, Roger and Betty Hart (37 & 31), both born at Lowton, were at Goldborne, Lancashire.

Betty died at Lowton in Mar 1859, aged 39.  They had no children (although Charles had a Brother William who married Mary Mather and they had several children at Lowton).
1658 Catherine Wise 1681 Timothy Mather 1683 Samuel Mather 1686 - 1749 Joseph Mather 63 63 Joseph married Pheobe DeWolf and had a son John Mather (1721-1804) who married Mercy Nancy Higgins (1727-1782)
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