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Family Subtree Diagram : Mather (Dukes Alley)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? John & Thomas buried at St Peter All baptisms at Congregational Church, St George's Road James was a Joiner James Mather had two Martha's buried in L.B. 1804 and 1808. His wife Ellen may have died and James married widow Charlotte, aged about 47. James & Charlotte were in Little Bolton Hall in 1841 Another James & Alice family from Pendlebury Family from Bolton (Congregational Church, St George's Road), died L.B. There is a Joseph Mather of Bolton who emigrated to Pennsylvania, USA as early as 1682 No more leads for Zach* Mather Married Prestwich Wm. Mather & Margaret Barlow - 18 Apr 1808 - Grappenhall, Cheshire, England William Mather & Margaret Cosser - 31 Dec 1809 - Wooler, Northumberland, England William & Peggy - None Wm & Margaret (not married in Bolton) Who are James & Ann? Thomas, James and Jane all living as neighbours at Back Blackburn Street , West Bolton in 1841 Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Hostile: Three James's baptised at Dukes Alley - Could be confused
James son of James & Ellen Mather, born 20 Feb 1800
James son of James & Ann Mather, born 16 Mar 1800
James son of John & Bettty, born 04 May 1801   Marriage (six children) 3 Dec 1828 (Bolton) Abode: Western Bolton Marriage (nine children) 5 Oct 1791 (St Peter's, Bolton) Marriage (a child) 21 Jan 1816 Widowed (seven children) 12 Nov 1797 (Bolton) Abode: L.B. Marriage 1829 (Eccles) No more children Marriage (four children) 13 Nov 1772 (Bolton) +Possibly more children Marriage (two children) 27 Sep 1785 Marriage 17 June 1822 No more children Marriage (a child) 1727 Tong Marriage (two children) 26 Dec 1734 Tong +Possibly more children Marriage (five children) 4 Jun 1828 (East Bolton) No more children Temporary relation / One night stand (a child) Unmarried Marriage 24 Aug 1834 Marriage (five children) 6 Feb 1825 (Bolton) No more children Marriage (a child) 1856 (Bolton RO) No more children Marriage 1901 No more children Lives with: "Elizabeth", 75, with her daugter and son-in-law William Eardley (a plumber) in 1841 at Partengton Court, Regent Street, Bolton Neighbor: Both James living in Commission Street, Bolton around 1841 and later. Lives with Neighbor: In 1841, Jane is a neighbour of her brother James and his family. 1802 - 1868 Alice Hartley 66 66 Alice's parents were William and Ellen (Artley on Christening) 1829 - 1913 Hannah Mather 84 84 Hannah was with her parents in 1841 (aged 12) and 1851 (aged 22).  She had left home (married) by 1861.

In 1856, Hannah Mather married George Hampson (Bolton RO).  This is the only marriage of a Hannah Mather in the 1850s at Bolton.  They had a son John in Little Bolton in 1863.

In 1861, George & Hannah Hampson (28 & 32) were at 44 Abbey Street, Little Bolton.

In 1871, George and Hannah Hampson (38 & 42) were at 24 Rhyl Street, Little Bolton with son John (7).

Hannah died July 16th 1913, aged 84 years
1835 - 1896 Elizabeth (Betsy) Mather 61 61 1839 - 1896 Mary Mather 56 56 Mary birth was registered Q2 1839, so birth date (from death record) must be an error.  Its also strange that Mary's birth was registered twice, a few days (4 pages) appart. 1846 - 1868 Wright Mather 21 21 The headstone shows Wright was the only son of James and Alice.  Wright possibly had a brother Wright Mather born 1842 that died an infant in 1842, aged less than 1 year. 1763 - 1855 Betty Sutcliff 92 92 From 1788 to 1811 Betty was always known as "Betty", never Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth", 75, with her daugter and son-in-law William Eardley (a plumber) in 1841 at Partengton Court, Regent Road, Salford.  Occupation Widow (which she most probably was) was crossed out.

The only matching Bolton death record for an Elizabeth or Betty Mather aged over 75 after 1841 is a death registered at Atherton for Betty in 1855, aged 87.  The GRO Salford death register shows Betty Mather aged 92
1794 Mary Mather 3 June 1816, Mary mar have married John Allen

24 Mar 1823, Mary may have married James Lee. 

24 Jan 1825, Mary Mather may have Married William Barker (Widow) - tbc.  Her sister Jenny (aka Jane) married the same year.

1792 - 1796 Thomas Mather 3 3 1788 - 1797 John Mather 8 8 1798 - 1855 John Mather 56 56 1811 Elizabeth (Betty) Mather Althogh baptised Betty, Elizabeth was her name when she married, probably to avoid confusion with her mother Betty. ~1802 Alice Taylor 1824 - 1840 Ann Mather 16 16 Ann Mather of Worsley (near Pendlebury) fell of a roof at Edge Fold colliery and died aged 17. 1805 - 1805 Martha Mather 8m 8m 1808 - 1809 Martha Mather 1 1 ~1775 Ellen Mercer 1810 - 1811 Jno Mather 1 1 1806 Stephen Mather Steven, a glass cutter (his father was a joiner), married Jane Sutcliffe in Manchester on 24th Aug 1834.

In 1851, Stephen, a labourer, aged 44, married to Jane (33) from Manchester, and living in Liverpool (shown born in Bolton)

By 1861, Stephen has vapourised !
1800 James Mather James was born just 11 months after the previous son, also James. 1799 - 1799 James Mather 3m 3m 1801 - 1871 James Mather 69 69 In 1826 James (a weacer) had a bastard child born upon the body of Alice Hartley of Chorley and was ordered to pay 1s 6d per week (plus other costs) towards her maintenance.  He married her two years later (see attached images of the orders).

1835-39 (when Eliz and Mary baptised) James was living at 1 Commission Street, Bolton

In 1841, James, a cotton weaver, and Alice (40 & 35) were at Back Blackburn Street with daughters Hannah, Betsy and Mary (12, 7 & 2).

In Feb 1846, they were at Commision Street when Emma died (aged 15mo) and buried at Bolton Holy Trinity.

In 1851, James and Alice (50 & 48) were at 1 Commission Street (next to Stanley Street), Western Bolton with Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary and Wright (22, 17, 11 & 4).

In 1861, James and Alice (59 & 58) were still at 1 Commission Street with Elizabeth (27), Mary (21) and Wright (14).

In 1871. James Mather (69, Widow) was still at the house at Commission Street with daughters Elizabeth and (37) Mary (31)
1778 - 1848 Charlotte Bullough, Wid 70 70 Charlotte was a Widow when she married James, a weaver and bachelor in 1882, both of Bury parish.

Was 71, living at Little Bolton Hall in 1841.  Died 1848, Aged 70 years.
~1809 William Eardley In 1841, William (29) a "Plummer" is Regent Road, Salford with wife Elizabeth (30) and mo-in-law Elizabeth Mathewr (75)

In 1861, The William and Elizabeth family in Chorlton are a different family, a bricklayer.  MMN = HALL.
~1800 James Mather 1750 - 1831 Martha Enwistle 81 81 1788 - 1848 Samuel Mather 59 59 1790 Zacharias Mather Possible grandson of Zacharia of Tonge who died 1783 1793 Elizabeth Mather 1787 Hannah Mather 1745 - 1817 Joseph Mather 72 72 Joseph was not born in Bolton, but was in Little Bolton in 1817 when he died, aged 70. Also, there are no Bolton baptisms of children of father Joseph so he must be from elsewhere.  He married 1772, but no children found until 1787 (14 yrs missing)

Joseph possibly came from Warrington, (with Wife Margery, and Alice, Saml) or Manchester (with wife Betty, and Mary, Thomas) or (with wife Ann and Sarah), although there are other possibilities.

Since he named a son Zacharias, it is assumed he is the son of Zacharias Mather (of Tong - tbc), a very uncommon name!
~1764 Betty Kelsall 1786 Mary Mather 1787 Betty Mather 1797 - >1861 Rev Mather, Joseph 64 64 Joseph was born in Little Bolton (confirmed by baptism and 1861 census)

In Sep 1830, Minister Joseph Mather married Mary Robinson at Cockermouth. Deborah Anna was born there the following year.

In 1841, Joseph (of independant means) and Mary (both 40) were at Petham Road, Brompton, Kensington, London with Deborah (9), Caroline (6), Hannah (4), Frances (3) and Mary (10mo).

Robert Cotton Mather (brother) had a son Robert born in India, who was an Architect in London.  He (27) was with his unmarried cousin Catherine Mather (33) in 1871 who was born in Staffordshire.  This must be Jesse's daughter if he is the only other son.

By 1851, Joseph was a dissenting Minister and a Widow, visiting Samuel and Elizabeth Kinder and family in Wiltshire. 

In 1861, Joseph was still an Independant Minister and a Widow.  He was a 7 Hill Street, Westminster. He had his unmarried daughters Dorothy Robinson (34) and Hannah (23) with him.
D. 1763 James Mather Probably grandson of Zacharias as Alice had died in 1739. ~1704 - 1729 Alice Heywood 25 25 ~1710 - 1776 Sarah Brooks 66 66 ~1740 - 1743 Martha Mather 3 3 1806 - 1890 Hannah Mather 84 84 Hannah married Thomas Tyson, on 4 June 1828 at St. Peter Bolton.  Thomas was a clock and watch maker from Hythe in Kent.  He was 9 years older than Hannah.

Hannah has two children, Elizabeth (1837-) and Edward (1841-)
1797 - 1870 Thomas Tyson 73 73 Thomas was a clock and watch maker from Hythe in Kent.

In 1851, Thomas and Hannah (53 & 44) were at Weston Street, Bolton with Elizabeth (14) and Edward (10).  Their 3 other children died young.
1836 - 1860 Elizabeth Tyson 24 24 1840 - 1867 Edward Tyson 27 27 1765 - 1769 Richard Mather 3 3 Richard is the son of Abraham and Elizabeth Mather of Great Bolton was baptised March 1765.  There is also a burial for Richard son of Abraham in Jan 1769. 1811 John Mather John may be a late son of William and Margaret.  Otherwise it appears his parents were not from Lancashire. 1796 Thomas Mather In 1841, Thomas (40) is living with his widowed sister Jane Chadwick as Back Blackburn Street, West Bolton 1763 - <1841 John Mather 78 78 John recorded as a weaver on the 1791 mrriage record to Betty Suttcliff. They had a daugher Jenny which points towards this being the right marriage. ~1765 Richard Mather Richard Mather (79 in 1841) was living in Stable Road, West Bolton.  Also present was Thomas Walsh (21) and James Walsh (15). 1798 - 1798 Stephen Mather Could be the son of several James Mather, but likely to be this one as this James had another son Stephen baptised later, and space for a child after they married and before James. 1774 - 1848 James Mather 73 73 James may be born Rivington as baptism date matches.  However, I would expect to see a Stephen in the family.  Burials of his daughters show he lived in Little Bolton. James Mather, born 25 Oct 1774, son of William Gresgon and Elizabeth Mather seems more likely, as baptised at Bank Street Unitarian.

Marriage to Ellen shows "James Mathers" is a joiner, but James Mather (65) a Weaver in 1841 married to Charlotte (61) at Little Bolton Hall.
1704 - 1783 Zacharias Mather 79 79 Zacharias or Zacchariah Mather. 

His father was Richard, a collier, and a close relative may also have been a Zachariah Mather (buried 23 May 1665 at St Peter, Bolton).  There's also a Zacharias Mather married to Anna Elizabeth with daughter Anna Regina born 26 July 1700 in Prussia, so there may be a German origin.

Zachariah Mather of of Birkenshaw in Turton, husbandman died and left a Will in 1665.
~1758 William Greshon ~1758 Elizabeth Mather 1841 - 1843 Alice Mather 2 2 1844 - 1846 Emma Mather 1 1 1818 Jane Sutcliff 1809 - 1865 James (Jacobi) Mather 56 56 James son of John

James and Margaret were from Wigan (see 1851 census), they married there in 1828 and the first children were born there.  James (or Jacob) second marriage was Roman Catholic, and shows his father was John.

In 1841, James and Margaret (both 30), were with William (9), James (7), Jane (5), Joseph (2) and John (5 months) at Commission Street, SW Bolton (see map).

In 1851, James and wife Margaret (42 & 40) were in Derby Street, East Bolton with William (19), James (16), Joseph (12), John (10) and Mary (7).

Margaret, wife of James Mather died 4 February 1860, aged 53 years (headstone).  A month later, James married Mary Hornby.  (The only marriage to a Mary 1853-61 is Mary Hornby in 1861).

17 Jan 1861 Jacobum (i.e. James) Mather of Derby Street, son of Joannis (i.e. John) married Mariam (i.e. Mary)  Hornby of Lever Bridge, daughter of Jacobi Hornby at  St Peter & St Paul Roman Catholic Church, Bolton.

In 1861, James and Mary (52, born Wigan & 38) were at 59 Derby Street, Bradford, Bolton with John (20) and Mary (17)
1801 - 1837 William Chadwick 36 36 William Chadwick and Jane Mather married 6 Feb 1825.

James was born about August 1825, son of William a Carder and Jane of Great Bolton

There is another William (weaver) and Sarah at Milnrow, Lancashire (East of Rochdale). Also another William (moulder) and Jane who had son Robert in 1831.  There were no baptisms in the 1840s.  Three East Bolton births registered for Margaret, Martha and Ann are for another family; James Chadwick and Martha Mather married in 1842.
1803 - 1870 Jenny (Jane) Mather 66 66 The 1841 census shows Jane born 1803.  There is no baptism for Jane Mather, but there is for Jenny.  Also, Jane is living with Thomas her brother and neighbour of James, another brother.

In 1841 Jane Chadwick (37) was a Cotton Weaver at Back Blackburn Street, West Bolton with four sons James (14), John (10), William (7) and Thomas (5).  She had Thomas Mather (40) and James Lowe (lodgers?) with her.  Her neighbour was James and Alice Mather and family.

In 1851, Jane (47) was still at 11 Back Blackburn Street with her four sons James, John, William and Thomas (26, 20, 18 & 15).

In 1861, Jane (57) was at 8 Round Croft Street with three unmarried sons James, John and William (33, 30 & 24)
1827 James Chadwick In 1851, Oldest Son (26) living with mother Jane (47) and his three brothers at 11 Back Blackburn Street.

In 1861, Aged 33
1831 John Chadwick 1833 William Chadwick 1825 - 1826 James Chadwick 1 1 1836 - 1905 Thomas Chadwick 69 69 In 1851, Thomas (15) was still with his mother Jane.

Between 1853 and 1860, there are 5 possible Bolton marriages for Thomas Chadwick (inc 2 registry office).  Most likely are Ann Abbatt (1858) or Sarah A Haslam (1860).

Thomas had left home by 1861

In 1871 Thomas (son-im-law) a steel spindle maker, was with his wife Sarah A (both 35) onther-in-law Ann Haslam and his 4 children.
1833 - 1873 George Hampson 40 40 George died 25th July 1873, aged 40 years (but looks like 1893 on headstone) 1863 - 1946 John Hampson 83 83 In 1901 John married Rhoda.

By 1911, John and Rhoda (47 & 41) had been married 10 years.  They had John's mother Hannah with them (82, widow), but had no children.

John Hampson died 4th Oct 1946, aged 83 years
1870 - 1935 Rhoda Bailey 65 65 Rhoda died Sept 13th, 1935, aged 65. 1846 - 1846 Hannah Tyson 3m 3m 1849 - 1850 Thomas Henry Tyson 1 1 1843 - 1848 Henry Tyson 5 5 Baptised at Duke's Alley Independant Baptised at Duke's Alley Independant
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