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Family Subtree Diagram : Mather (Bank St)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Peter Mather Index to records suggest burial at Turton but other records indicate St. Peter All children of Peter Mather that died young as infants. Peter baptised Horwich, John baptised at Rivington Abode G.B. (possibly Turton). All buried at St. Peter. Another Mather & Howarth marriage Married at Bolton-le-Moors This family appear to live at Tong Moore and John was deported in 1761 for 7 years Buried in acelrs / ceutes (?) Other Mathers (of Peter) 1, 2 or 3 families? Betty daughter of Peter & Betty The Mathers using Bank Street UNITARIAN (Central Bolton) Other children baptised at the time Richard used Bank Street: Jeremiah - Jacob (1758), Jeremiah (1767), Richard (1770) John - Betty (1771), John (1773) & Jenny (1775) Thomas - Anne (1761). Later Elizabeth (1789) & Ruth (1792) by second marriage RICHARD - James (1761) & Susannah (1763) Abraham - 6 children (see above) James - Mary (1763) Peter - Ellen (1771) John and Jenny of Horrock's Fold Can NOT be the same John Mather and Jane Partington of Tong Fold (as only married 1y appart) William, son of James and Alice John a waever married 1751 before images were indexed. The 4 burials record John and Martha from Turton (or L.B.) Ann baptised at Bank Street Unitarian (only baptism) Martha "wife of John" died before John in 1802. Both buried at Deane. Esther (b.1763, base) & Betty (b.1769) were daughters of John Mather & Martha of Manchester Posibly Matrtha Burtenwood or Martha Brown Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Marriage (nine children) 5 Jan 1762 (Walmsley, Turton) +Possibly more children Marriage (two children) 19 Sep 1754 (Tong Moor) No more children Committed (long-term) relationship (two children) Manchester Marriage 1788 (Bolton) No more children Marriage (seven children) 16 Apr 1723 (Bolton), Abode: Turton - UNVERIFIED Marriage (three children) 1755 (Horrock's fold) Widowed (three children) 6 Jan 1757 (Bolton) No more children Marriage (three children) 30 Aug 1784 Marriage (three children) 19 Oct 1770 No more children Marriage (a child) 1793 Marriage (a child) 1818 (Westminster) Marriage 3 Apr 1761 (Bolton) No more children Casual relationship and separation (a child) No more children Marriage (five children) 30 May 1751 (Bolton) Little Bolton +Possibly more children Relative of: Probably brothers as both living near Walmsley (John at Horrock's fold) and both using Bank Street Uniterian 1761-1763. Named After: Possibly named after Abraham's sister-in-law Relative of: Possible brother and sister as married at St Peters only 3 days appart Relative of: Likely brothers as both using Bank Street Uniterian 1761-1763 and have daughters Jenny Representative of: Abraham was witness at Jeremiah's marriage Relative of: James is son of Richard Named After Relative of: A possinle son ot Abraham, baptised 11 Dec 1777 at Ainsworth, Cockey Moor, Middleton (Presbyterian), son of Abraham and Hannah.

Thomas was born at Height, AInsworth in 1777.
Jacob Mather (the son of Jeremiah) of the Height, Harwood died March 17th 1821, aged 62 
This is the only birth at Height (Ainsworth, Cockey Moor, Middleton (Presbyterian), 1776-1780, 21 pages) Relative of: Peter and Richard Mather, both had their children's baptisms listed on the first page of the Walmsley register.
It appears the two families were of some importance. Representative of: James was witness to Peter's marriage, possible brothers or its another James.
Both James and Peter Mather married Howarth in 1762 1765 - >1802 Richard Mather 37 37 There was a Richard Mather, born Bolton alive in 1841, aged 79 living with Thomas and James Walsh (possibly grandchildren).  This may be the same Richard. 1771 Ellen Mather Possibly not of the same family, as baptized at Bank Street Unitarian Protestant and not Walmsley Meeting as for the other children.

Ellen married Richard Booth, a weaver, but there appear to be no children baptised, except possibly Berry 9 Jan 1790 in Blackburn, but would expect others, and from Bolton!

Ellen Booth, pauper, born Heap, aged 79 was living with Samuel and Margaret Kay and family (as a relative) in 1851, but this person appears to have been married to William Booth in 1841, in Bury.
1763 - <1841 John Mather 78 78 John recorded as a weaver on the 1791 mrriage record to Betty Suttcliff. They had a daugher Jenny which points towards this being the right marriage. ~1732 John Mather John appears to have been able to sign his name.

14 April 1761:  John of Tonge was deported for 7 years for theft: On Friday last ended the Quarter Sessions here, when the following Persons were tried, viz. John Mather, of Tonge, near Bolton, Weaver, for feloniously stealing several Pieces of Cotton Velvet, the Property of Mr. James Hartley, of Westhoughton, and order'd to be transported for seven Years.

This explains why there were no more children after Hannah in 1760.
~1732 Esther Howarth 1760 Hannah Mather In 1774, it was possibly this Hannah (aka Nancy) who married Thomas Flitcroft, a weaver ~1740 John Mather ~1740 Martha Burtenwood Esther was recorded as daughter of Martha Burtenwood (bastard child) 1771 - 1771 Anne Mather 11m 11m ~1733 - 1735 Katherin Mather 2 2 ~1781 - 1782 James Mather 1 1 1783 - 1784 Peter Mather 1 1 ~1770 Richard Booth 1761 - 1811 James Mather 50 50 James Mather and Happy Lomax were Samuel's parents, but which James?.  James (b.1769) son of James; or James (b.1761) son of Richard and Ann; or James (b.1763) son of Elias and Mary ... or another?  James son of Richard fits well, both parents using Bank Street and Isaac being the first sons of Richard and Samuel.

James probably lived at Toppings, Turton (unconfirmed, based on brothers Isaac and Solomon.

James was 29 when he married Happy. He may have been married before, quite possibly to Betty Lyon who died in 1789, aged only 20. James had 1 or 2 young children to care for and needed a wife quickly.  James signed his own name on both marriages, although the signatures are not a good match at least he was educatred and sign his name (5 years apart).

James and his future wife Happy were both baptised at Bank Street, Bolton although James was from Turton. Richard and Ann Mather had only been married a few months, so this may be why!

In 1799, Living in Ainsworth when daughter Nanny was baptised.

TO DO: Record of Sun Fire Office: MS 11936/359/555330 - Insured: John Browne and William Holden, Bolton, Lancashire, shopkeepers.  Other property or occupiers: the Woolpack Inn, Bolton (Catharine Holden, innholder); Edward Rothwell, Catharine Partington and James Mather, labourers. (20 March 1789) Held by:London Metropolitan Archives: City of London.
1741 - 1818 Ellen Howarth 77 77 Ellen Howarth (or Haworth) possibly has a sister Hannah who married James Mather in 1762, the same year Ellen married Peter, as James Mather was witness to their mariage. 1763 Esther Mather Esther, daughter of Martha Burtenwood & John Mather - Bas(tard child) 1769 Betty Mather ~1704 - 1765 Peter Mather 61 61 Richard and Peter could be the son of Peter Mather, who died Turton 1765, (based on Peter being an uncommon name).  Also, there is a baptism of Ann, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth of Turton in 1730.

We know from Peter's marriage and Ann's baptism, Peter was a Weaver.
~1703 - 1754 Elizabeth (Betty) Cranshaw 51 51 Elizabeth was known as Betty, a common nickname for Elizabeth, and burial recorded as Betty Mather, wife of Peter Mather of Turton.

Another Bolton le Moors marriage record of 14 Apr 1723 (same date) records her name as Elizabeth Crompton.
~1793 - 1793 Betty Mather Betty was the daughter of Peter and Betty.  She died young in 1793 and was buried at Turton 1786 - 1786 Margaret Mather ~1735 Jennet (Jenny) Hamer John & Jenny of Horrock's fold (1761-63). 1765 Jenny Mather 1761 Betty Mather Betty was the daughter of John and Jenny Mather of Horrock's Fold, baptised 16th Feb 1761 ~1735 - 1768 Elizabeth Saxton 33 33 1758 Jenny Mather 1760 - 1761 Abraham Mather 7m 7m 1774 - 1775 Abraham Mather 7m 7m 1772 Margaret Mather 1771 - 1772 Margaret Mather 1 1 1730 - 1731 Ann Mather 1 1 Ann daughter of Peter and Eliz of Turton ~1726 - 1727 Alice Mather 1 1 ~1726 - 1727 Margaret Mather 1 1 1785 - 1786 Peter Mather 4m 4m 1762 - 1834 William Mather 72 72 Another William (and Margaret his wife) a Cotton spinner were at Warrington.  There are baptism records at the Stepney Independant Chapel for James (10 Aug, bap 11 Sep 1808) and Alice (1815), which are too late to be the Bolton family. ~1765 Margaret Entwistle Margaret was a bastard child, the daughter of Margaret Entwistle (as revealed by son Peter's baptism) 1811 John Mather John may be a late son of William and Margaret.  Otherwise it appears his parents were not from Lancashire. 1802 William Mather William may have married Betty Favien at Bolton St Peter 26 Jan 1826. A widowed Betty Mather remarried. 1788 - 1789 John Mather 1 1 John's birth is recorded in the Rivington Parish register as "John s of Peter & Elin (Haworth) Mather 12 Apr 1788 R", so was (possibly born) and baprised at Rivington. ~1735 - 1802 Alice Rothwell 67 67 Alice and her family must have been close to Abraham's.  John Rothwell was witness to Abraham's first marriage to Elizabeth in 1757.  Then, Andrew Rothwell was witness to her marriage in 1770 1765 - 1769 Richard Mather 3 3 Richard is the son of Abraham and Elizabeth Mather of Great Bolton was baptised March 1765.  There is also a burial for Richard son of Abraham in Jan 1769. ~1770 William Crosley 1789 John Mather Crosley ~1790 Ann Marsh 1820 Ann Crossley 1758 Adam Mather There is only one Burial for an Adam Mather at St Peter and that is a Yeoman from Tong, buried 1732.  This could be his grandfather!

In 1761 Adam's father, John of Tonge was deported for 7 years for theft.
1774 - ~1775 Thomas Mather 1 1 Thomas, like most of the other Mather family of this time, was a hand loom weaver.

There are marriages of Thomas Mather to Betty Johnson (28-Oct-1789) and another to Elizabeth Higginbotton (17-Oct-1802).  These are othere families from Farnworth and Little Hulton, 4 miles south of Bolton.
1724 - 1798 Jeremiah Mather 74 74 Jeremy (1722-1798) and Hannah (1731-1806) are buried at Cockey Moor, AInsworth. Also buried there are their sons Jacob (1759-1821) and Jeremiah (1768-1837).  Also buried is Margaret Mather (1701-1785) which must be his mother! 1777 - 1824 Thomas Mather 47 47 Thomas is the son of Abraham Mather and Hannah Dale, married who 24 June 1777 at Manchester (both of Manchester).

His sister Frances married at Manchester with Sarah as witness and younger brother Richard went to the USA and married there.  Thomas as oldest son would would also be educated and may be a manufacturer. 

In 1805, Thomas Mather of Salford, Innkeeper married Maria Wrenshaw of Hulme by licence.  This could be him, but also Thomas a Wheelwright who married Mary Heys, also in 1805.

In 1841, Thomas (an Agent) and Maria (63 & 58) were in the Market Street district of Manchester. This is probably Thomas (as correct age).  They had a son William (30, born 1808), a Coach Maker and also William Wrenshaw (58, Book keeper)
~1740 - <1837 Moses Cocker 97 97 In 1761, Moses Cocker a weaver of Bolton married Ann Mather, also of Bolton, both over 21.

In 1839, there was another Moses Cocker, son of Benjamin and Betty that died at Edgworth, aged 10.  The name Moses Cocker appears common around Darwen and Blackburn.
~1740 Ann Mather There are no birth or baptism records of Moses and Ann Cocker having children ~1736 - 1799 Abraham Mather 63 63 WARNING: Parent are not confirmed.

Abraham was probably brother of John, Richard and Peter, all whom used the same Bank Street Unitarian chapel.

Abraham Mather, a Chapman (i.e. a peddler or hawker of goods such as wool and cotton) of Bolton and Elizabeth Saxton were married by licence.  Both were able to sign their names.

After Abraham's wife Elizabeth died in 1768 he was left with his young child Richard to look after, but Richard died soon after.  Abraham then re-married Alice Rothwell in 1770.  His signature on Alices marriage record matches that of his previous marriage.
~1735 John Mather John, a weaver, and Jennet married 12 Aug 1755.  In 1761 and 1763 they were at Horrock’s Fold, Turton when Betty and John were baptised.  In 1765, Jenny’s baptism is only shown as Little Bolton.

Jenny is an uncommon name, yet both John and possible brother Abraham had daughters baptised Jennet. There are other John Mather families at Turton, but this one is more likely a brother of Abraham (and others) and using same Bank Street Unitarian chapel.
1737 - 1826 Richard Mather 88 88 WARNING: Parent are not confirmed.

Richard and Peter are most probably brothers, as both families baptisms are listed on the first page of the Walmsley Chapel baptism book.  One Peter's baptism record suggest they may from Hulton (Deane), and sons of John Mather, although it is more likely this is another Peter and they are from Turton and their records are lost!

Another possibility is that Richard is the son of Richard Mather and Susan Smith who married at Manchester 1 Feb  1732. This would explain Richard's daughter Susan (i.e. named after her grandmother).

Richard was of this Parish (Bolton), and a weaver.  He was probably about 24 when he married Ann, which was almost certainly his first marriage (as there are no earlier marriages in Bolton for a Richard Mather).  A Turton burial in 1826 for Richard, aged 89 supports this.

Another likely possibility is that he is from Warrington, son of John a Butcher, and Ellen.  This family also had a Peter, and both Richard and Peter (and Isaac) are missing from the Warrington records.  His other siblings all remained in Warrington and became butchers.  First son Isaac would be named after his younger brother.

Richard and Ann already had Isaac, and James was on the way when they married on 6 April 1761.  Isaac and Susanna were baptised at Bank Street Unitarian, but Isaac had missed his baptism.  They changed to Walmsley Presbyterian (perhaps they were not known there), and had Isaac baptised out of order, followed by the other children in the correct order.

The first children were baptised at Bank Street Unitarian and then after 1763 at Walmsley Presbyterian.

25 May 1826, Richard died in the Turton Workhouse, aged 89.
1729 - 1794 James Mather 65 65 10 Jan 1852, Isabel Barnes and James Mather of Holden had a child Henry Barnes baptised at Haslingden.

30 Jan 1752 (or 1751), James Mather married Alice Cowp at Haslingden.  This was just 3 weeks after his illegitimate son Henry Mather was baptised.  The son was baptised Mather, even though they were not married, so maybe Alice too him in as hers!

1752-1760, James was a weaver at Under Hutchbank when Mary and Alice were baptised.  By 1762 he was at Troy in the Grange.

James was a widower when he married Hannah Howarth.  The only other "Manchester" marriage within 10 years for James is for Esther Mason, the previous year, but this isnt it.  James and Esther continued to have their family in over Darwen past the 1762 second marriage.  The 1752 Haslingden marriage of James Mather and Alice Cowp is therefore another option.

James and Hannah's daughter Mary was baptised at Bank Street, and the abode is recorded as Turton.  This indicated James is of the Turton Presbyterian Mather family.

3 entries for Great Bolton Land Tax (possible for three different people):
1) James Mather (tenant) paid 2d (about the smallest possible sum) Land Tax in 1798 (page 363)
2) Ja Mather (with Jn'o Yates, Ann Haydock and Robert Roberts paid 3d each to William Seddon, Hollins Hey (page 373)
3) Ja's Mather paid 1d (with others) to Jon'n Bowher (page 394)
1771 - 1843 Daniel Smalley 72 72 Daniel died in 1842, but cant find on 1841 census 1791 - 1792 Abraham Mather 1 1 1776 Mary Ramsden 1799 William Mather William may be from another family as born soon after Thomas. ~1730 - 1809 John Mather 79 79 John a weaver on Rebecca and Rachel's burial records.

It appears John was from Little Bolton.  Ann was baptised at Bank St, and the abode is Little Bolton for Rebecca and Rachel's burial, although both are buried at Turton
1731 - 1802 Martha Roscoe 71 71 ~1780 - 1784 Rachel Mather 4 4 ~1769 - 1770 Rebecca Mather 1 1 ~1768 - 1769 Isaac Mather 1 1 ~1762 - 1763 William Mather 1 1 1742 - ~1805 Peter Mather 63 63 WARNING: Parent are not confirmed, and the Peter from Warrington, son of John a butcher is abother Peter, a tobacconist.

There are only 3 Bolton marriages for a Peter Mather, and two of these are a few years appart, suggesting Peter was widowed and married twice.  However, the marriage to Betty Mayo is believed to be another Peter Mather from Hulton.

The family seem to have travelled a bit:  Ellen baptised 1771 at Bank Street, Thomas I was baptised 1774 at Walmsley, Thomas II was baptised 1777 in Blackburn, Peter 1783 at Horwich, and John 1788 at Rivington.  All records show abode as Great Bolton, so it seems they moved to different independant chapels for the baptisms, rather than be moving home, which must be difficult for a hand-loom weaver.

James Mather was witness at Peter's marriage. This may have been his brother.  Richard and Ann's children are also listed on the same non-conformist register, so it is likely Peter had a brother Richard.
1777 Thomas Mather Thomas from Holcombe is a possible son of Peter and Ellen.

20 Jan 1777, Thomas was baptised  at the Lower Chapel, Darwen, Lancashire.  His younger brother Thomas was baptised at Walmsley Meeting House (Congregational) in 1774.  It is possible that these are the same person (as no death record found and the family changed church).

In 1802-1803, Hannah and Ann were born at Birch-hey, Tottington.
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