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Family Subtree Diagram : Greenhalgh

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Greenhalgh family that ran the Royal Tiger Pub before Robert B Robinson James's marriage to Hannah is suspect. Two Sarah's and no William baptism. Lives with: Both families together at 345 Church St, Westhoughton, Lancashire, England in 1881 Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Work with: Thomas B Richardson took over the Royal Tiger Pub after the Greenhalgh family had finished with it. 1852 - 1931 William Mather 78 78 Born: Little Bolton, Lancashire.

Living in Little Bolton in 1861.

In 1871, Samuel (29, Head) and William (19) were spinners iving at 51 Halliwell Road (with Martha Murry, aged 60, a housekeeper). 

In 1901, William and Mary (49 & 50) were at 1 Messiah Street, Little Bolton with Rebecca (23), Mary J (22), James G (20), and Wilfredo (15).

In 1911, William and Mary (59 & 60) were at 250 Waterloo Street, Bolton with Rebecca (33), Mary Jane (32) and Wilfred (25).

In 1915, William was a retired "Operative Cotton Spinner" when son Wilfred married Mary Alice Hardman.

In 1920, living at 28 Howard Street, Bolton when his son Private J G Mather was reported Killed in France during WW1.
1819 - 1913 Robert Buchan Richardson 94 94 Robert was a Scott.  Cannot trace in 1851 or 1861 (in England or Scotland)

In 1871, Robert was living in St. Peter's Parish, Halliwell.

In 1887, Robert married Hannah Mather, 25 years his junior.

In 1894, Robert and Hannah took over the Royal Tiger Pub at 4 Nobel Street, and they ran the pub for over a decade.  Robert must have been one of Bolton's oldest landlords.  He probably left the pub after Hannah died in 1908.

In 1901, Robert and Hannah were with Hannah sister Ruth Inman and her three girls in 1901 at 2+4 Nobel St., Royal Tiper Pub, Bolton.

Hannah died in 1908, and Robert carried on till 1913, living to ripe old age of 94.
Marriage (four children) 31 Dec 1876 (Bolton) Abode: Little Bolton No more children Marriage (eight children) 1 Jan 1839 (St Mary, Deane) No more children Marriage (a child) 1911 (Salford) XTo be completed Marriage (a child) 1 Jul 1905 (L. Bolton) No more children Marriage 1903 (Bolton) No more children Marriage (nine children) 15 Nov 1832 (St Mary, Leigh) No more children Widowed (five children) 22 Nov 1815 (Bolton) Marriage (three children) 20 Mar 1915 (L.B.) No more children Marriage (a child) 1942 (Halliwell) Marriage 1966 (Breightmet) XTo be completed 1851 - 1932 Mary Greenhalgh 81 81 Living with a sister-in-law Cheetham in 1891 1877 Rebecca Mather A Rebecca Mather married John Thomas Bailey in Bury in 1899, but our Rebecca was still single and at the family home in 1901, so this isnt her.

Rebecca was still in Bolton with both parents and brother Wilfred in 1911, aged 33.
1878 Mary Jane Mather Mary Jane had married and was widowed by 1911. She has one child with Squire Jones, which died before the census was taken.

Its possible Mary Jane may have married again after 1911, but there are no marriages or deathe recorded for Bolton.

1880 - 1920 James Greenhalgh Mather 39 39 Thomas G was names James G on the 1881 census

There is another James and Mary Elizabeth Mather (nee Morris) family from Westhoughton, married in 1888.

13 Apr 1920, Private J G Mather 52681 was killed dureing WW1 in France (Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun), aged 39, son of William and Mary Mather of 28 Howard Street.

1885 - 1968 Wilfred (Wilfredo) Mather 83 83 In 1901, Wildredo was 15 and with his parents.

In 1911, Wilfred (25) was still living with both parents and sister Rebecca in Bolton.  Wilfred may have married Bertha Ruffey at Salford later that year, but the 1915 marriage to Mary Alice Hardman id s better match.

20 Mar 1915, Wilfred Mather (29) an Operative Cotton Spinner, a bachelor of 4 Boston St. Bolton, son of William Mather, a retired Operative Cotton Spinner married Mary Alice Hardman (26).
1817 - 1888 Thomas Greenhalgh 71 71 Thomas, son of James was a Coal Miner from Westhaughton.

In 1841, Thomas, a Collier, and Mary (both 20) were with son James (1) at Chequerbent, West Houghton.

Thomas has his mother "P Greenhalgh", aged 70 (born abt 1780 in Eccles) with him in 1851, described as a "Pauper".

There is another Thomas and Mary Greenhalgh from Harwood, slightly older who had John, Martha, Benjamin and Betsy in 1851.  This is another family.
1821 - 1890 Mary Grundy 68 68 1840 James Greenhalgh Between 1861 and 1871 there are 22 possible marriages of James Greenhalgh in Bolton alone!  Only one is at Deane to Anice Taylor in 1867.

25 Sep 1867 at St Mary the Virgin, Deane, James Greenhalgh, son of Thomas, miner, married Anice Taylor, daughter of Joseph Taylor, labourer.
1859 - 1873 Rebecca Greenhalgh 13 13 Rebecca died aged 13 and was buried at Westhoughton with her parents (who died after her), so first in grave.  1884 - 1967 Bertha Ruffley 82 82 Living in Worsley, Lancashire in 1901 with parents Joseph and Elizabeth 1913 Harold Mather Although probably living in Salford or Bolton, Harold was born in Barton, home of his grandmother (Bertha's birthplace).

Decendants of Harold may be the only other surviving Mathers (appart from myself).
1880 Mary Elizabeth Drury ~1854 - 1858 Catherine Greenhalgh 4 4 We only know Chaterine existed from Christening and BMD indexes, as she was never alive at the time of any census. 1847 Margaret Greenhalgh 1844 - 1852 Catherine Greenhalgh 8 8 Only "C Greehhalgh", age 5, Scholar in 1851 census, but Deane Christening records confirm she is Catherine (the same as a later sister).
1848 - 1852 Alice Greenhalgh 4 4 1842 - 1843 William Greenhalgh 1 1 1877 - 1907 Squire Jones 30 30 Hi parents were Dquire Hiram Jones (b.1859) and Mary (b.1844) 1793 - 1858 James Greenhalgh 65 65 James's first wife was possibly Hannah Blakeley, married in 1815.  The marriage and following baptisms show James is a spinner. However, James's marriage to Hannah is suspect. Two Sarah's and no William baptism, so perhaps another marriage.

In 1851, James (58) and Alice (40) are listed at 33 Duncan Street with seven children.  Rachel and Sarah were baptised on the same day, daughters of James and “Elizabeth”.  This appears to be an error, as mother’s maiden name “Hardman” is registered for all the children (after 1837).

In 1861, Alice Greenhalgh (50) was a widow and now a “Beer Seller”.  She lived with two of her children Joseph (21, a book-keeper) and Sarah (15) at 2+4 Nobel Street, West Bolton.
1811 - 1880 Alice Hardman 69 69 1828 John Greenhalgh 1826 William Greenhalgh Jesse was baptised April 1832, son of James (a spinner of G.B.) and Hannah 1834 Mary Ann Greenhalgh "Mary" was 7 in 1841, and known as "Mary Ann" in 1851. 1840 Joseph Greenhalgh 1842 - 1852 Rachel Greenhalgh 10 10 1845 Sarah Greenhalgh 1847 - 1858 Ellen Greenhalgh 11 11 1790 - 1831 Hannah Blakeley 41 41 1824 Thomas Greenhalgh 1836 - 1847 Robert Greenhalgh 11 11 1838 - 1847 James Greenhalgh 9 9 1849 - 1850 Wright Greenhalgh 1 1 Wright never made it to the 1851 census.  He was born in Wesr Bolton in 1849, and died 1850, aged 1. 1851 William Greenhalgh William was born after the March 1851 census. 1830 - 1832 Handel Greenhalgh 2 2 Handel son of James and Hannah was baptised Feb 1830 and died in 1832.  He was recorded as 9 months, but should have been 2y and 9 months. 1826 - ~1832 Sarah Greenhalgh 6 6 1905 - 1980 Rebecca Mather 74 74 Wilfred Mather 1888 Mary Alice Hardman 20 Mar 1915, Wilfred Mather (29) married Mary Alice Hardman (26), Cotton Weaver, Spinster, 611 Halliwell Rd. Bolton, daughter of Robert Hardman, a Tinsmith. 1917 - 1983 Hilda Mather 65 65 5 Jan 1942, Hilda Mather (24), Fitter, Spinster, 30 Laycock Avenue, Bolton, daughter of Wildred married Joseph Hadley at St Matthew, Bolton, Lancashire. 1915 - 1941 Robert Mather 26 26 1920 John Mather 1922 Joseph Hadley 5 Jan 1942, Hilda Mather (24) married Joseph Hadley (20)  R.A.F., Bachelor, 4 Hartley St., Bolton, son of John Hadley, Deceased, Labourer at St Matthew, Bolton, Lancashire. Margaret Hilda Hadley Peter Brierley
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