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Family Subtree Diagram : Dittmer

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Funding of: Peter Henry Dittmer left his eatate of £231-15-9 to his son Harry (the elder), or should he have predeceased him, then to his grandson Harry (the younger) Parent Biological Child Biological Child Adopted Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Marriage (three children) 1-Apr-1945 (St Marys, Upton) No more children Marriage (three children) 30-Jul-1977 (Birkenhead) No more children Marriage (two children) Mar 1982 No more children Divorce Sep 1974 No more children Marriage (three children) 3-July-1919 (Birkenhead) No more children Marriage (a child) 28-Feb-1892 (Liverpool) No more children Relative of: Colin and Wendy have a 429cM DNA connection Neighbor: The Dittmers and Hawkes were neighbours at 33 and 37 Devonshire Road, Upton.  
Between them lived Mrs Ethel Wall at no. 35, who would give her visitors some potent ginger beer. 1924 - 1995 Margaret (Peggy) Edith Hamer 71 71 Lived at 1 Devonshire Rd. in 1939 and before she was married, which is where she met Harry.  My mother recalls "he had come around to do some electrical work at the house and he left fully charged".

Born on April fools day, but she was no fool. She always wanted a big kiss from her nephews.
Colin Keith Dittmer Roger B Dittmer Lynda J Dittmer Jane Margaret Hampson James Brian Dittmer Thomas Harry Dittmer Sarah Jane Dittmer Graham Taylor Maureen B Lynch Benjamin (Ben) Mathew Taylor Andrew Taylor 1893 - 1966 Harry (Harold) Dittmer 73 73 Lived at 4 Brumwick Road, Sculcoates,  Kingston upon Hull in 1901 (aged 6).

The family were at 56 Mossman Street, Windhill, Shipley in 1911.  Harry was 18.

Was living at Doctor Lane, Idle, Bradford diring the 1920's and 1930's.  Mum's family always went to Idle, Bradford for their holidays.  It was all they could afford.

Harry was an Engineer at the Bus Depot at Laird St., Birkenhead.  He smoked a pipe, and had an occasional cigar (at Christmas).

When his father died in 1950, he inherited £231, a tidy sum in those days. He retired early about this time due to ill health, presumably helped by this inheritance.

1926 - 1989 Clifford (Cliff) Dittmer 63 63 Cliff was discharged from the Army because of his back or posture.  He worked for a printers in Birkenhead, near the gas works, opposite the Bus Depot.  When that printer closed, he went to work in Liverpool for Dickens(?) Printers.

While in Liverpool he lived-in (or lodged), returning home at the weekends.  Frank Brereton (a boss in Western Ship Builders, aka Camel Lairds) got him a job at a plater there.

Cliff was a bit of a loaner, and lived with and cared for his mother Elsie for most of his life.  He enjoyed reading and gardening.
1920 - 1976 Harry Dittmer 56 56 Peggy and Harry lived at 47 Broadway, Bebington. 1922 - 2009 Dorothy “Joan” Dittmer 87 87 My mum (Joan) was born 20-Jan-1922.  She went to school in Tollimash Road, Birkenhead.  They lived at 44 Upper Brassy St. until 1933, when they moved to 37 Devonshire Road, Upton.

When she married Walter, they moved to Town Lane, Bebington, which is where she lived for her entire married life.
1894 - 1987 Elsie Brereton 93 93 Elsie is my Grandmother.

Spelt "Brearton" in 1901 census.

Living at 17 Mauon Grove, Birkenhead in 1901

Elsie was aged 17 and living in Birkenhead in 1911.
1870 - 1939 Friedericke (Freda) Dorothee Westpfahl 69 69 Before Friedericke Dorothee Westpfahl (Freda) arrived in Liverpool, Henry Dittmer was lodging with Christian and Sophie Westphal in Everton, Liverpool in 1891. She came to England about 1881.

Her father is recorded as Christian Westpfahl, a sugar refiner on her marriage certificate of 1892.

Freda arrieved in the UK about 1881-82 but wasn't on the 1891 census, so may have returned with Henry to introduce her to his sister in Germany that year, before they were married, but I cant find any Immigration record on  Her father however was in Liverpool in 1891.

Married Henry (28-Feb-1892) in Liverpool, Lancashire while living a 2 Gt Nelson Street.  Freda used to work in service in a Big House in Liverpool when she was first married.

Fred also worked part-time as a carer for Mrs Lindley, a cripple in a wheel-chair, at Cottingly Cliff, Bingley.  She was a smart, thin lady.  Her husband was some form of business man.

She (and Henry) were recorded as German subjects on the 1901 census, and later, during WW2, there was concern in the family that they may be interned for the duration of the war.
1867 - 1950 Johann (Henry) Peter Heinrich Dittmer 82 82 Johann Peter Heinrich Dittmer (known as Henry) was born 17 Aug 1867 in Diersbüttel,  Rehlingen, Germany and went to school at Rehlingen (a 40 minute walk).

Henry arrived in the UK from Germany in 1886 (he had been here 41 years when he applied for citizenship April-1927), and during WW1 he was interned in the Isle-of-Man.

According to his marriage certificate, Henry's father was also Henry (actually Heinrich), who was a farmer.  There was a Henry Dettmer (b.1837) from Hanover living in Tunbridge, Kent in 1891, but he was a School Teacher. Henry's father had died before he married in 1892.

Johann Heinrich Christoph Dittmer's father was also Johann Heinrich, farmer (deceased) in 1874, so Chris and Henry were brothers.

England Probate Records are most revealing, showing his name as "DITTMER Peter Henry, otherwise Henry".  He left his estate of £231 to his son "Harry Dittmer (the elder) engineer".

He was a lodger (single) at St. Polycarp, North Everton, Liverpool in 1891 (aged 23).   Here he worked in the sugar refining industry - It was hard and sometimes dangerous work!

Henry married Friedericke (28-Feb-1892) in Liverpool, Lancashire while living a 2 Great Nelson Street.

About 1901 Henry returned to Germany for 2 weeks to visit his sister (her name not disclosed) in Diersbuttel, Germany (which is also where Henry went to public school).

He also moved to Hull (Sculcoates), Yorkshire with wife Friederike and son Harry (aged 8) in 1901.  Here he worked as a labourer at the Sewage works.  Perhaps this is the port from where he entered the country, as a Heinrich Dittmer arrived there 12 Aug 1854 on the Britania from Hamburg. However, this Heinrich was a ships cook.

After they married, Henry and Freda lived at 6 Doctor Lane, Idle, Bradford.  Henry worked for the sewerage company. He was recorded as a German subject in the 1901 census, living in Sculcoates, Yorkshire. and living in North Bierley, Yorkshire in 1911, aged 42 with wife Frederika (aged 41) and son Harry (aged 18).

Mum recalls that after Freda’s death, Henry (and son Harry) came to live in Devonshire Rd, Upton for a while (~1939).  However, there wasn’t much space for him there so he went to live in lodgings at Glebe Park Rd (near Arrowe Park) for a while and then moved to Liverpool (about 1940), where he lived with some distant Dittmer relatives, possibly two old aunts.

Marriage (a child) 2nd Marriage (1920) No more children Widowed (two children) 1st Marriage (1907, Birkenhead) No more children Engagement and separation 2013 No more children Divorce (two children) 21-May-2017 No more children Marriage (a child) 9 June 2018 No more children Committed (long-term) relationship (a child) Marriage 1940 (Birkenhead) Marriage (two children) 1942 (Ormskirk) No more children Marriage (a child) 1971 (Accrington) +Possibly more children Marriage (five children) 18 Aug 1892 (Hoylake) No more children Marriage 1933 No more children Lives with: In 1939, Charles Hawkes was a Journalist, living at 33 Devonshire Road, Upton with his (assumed) son Eric (and May) Hawkes. Lives with: in 1942, George Edward Rogerson was living at 33 Devonshire when he died, the home of Eric and May Hawkes 1885 - 1963 Arthur Thomas Hamer 78 78 Arthurs parents were Francis Hamer and Ann Rawlings (married Ludlow 14 Apr 1875).

In 1911, Arthur and Catherine Hamer (26 & 31) were at 13 Clarendon Street. Birkenhead with sons Peter Leonard (2) and Arthur Frances (6mo).

In 1939 at 1 Devonshire Road, Upton, born 1 March 1885, Inspector for NSPCC.
1896 - 1949 Bessie Rogerson 53 53 Peggy's mother Bessy was blind in later life.

Bessie was was 14 in 1911, living at 36 Walker Street, Hoylake

Bessie was born in Hoylake (MMN Jackson), daughter of George Edward Rogerson and Maggie Jackson from Hoylake who married in 1892. She had three sisters Maggie (b.1893), Amy (b.1898) and May (b.1904), plus two that died as infants.

In 1901, parents George Regerson (a House painter from Manchester) and Maggie (34 & 31) were at 36 Walker Street, Hoylake with Bessie (4), Amy (2) and Elsie (3 mo)

In 1939, Arthur and Bessie Hamer were a 1 Devonshire Road, Upton with their daughter Margaret B (corrected to E) Hamer.

CKD has a high 96cM DNA match with Ian Roberts, grandson of  Ethel Rogerson, possibly Bessie's cousin.  Ethel married Earnest Guntrip at Chorlton in 1910.  Ethel and Ernest (both 21, born Manchester) were boarding in Southborough, Kent in 1911.

Bessie's father George Edward Rogerson was living at Fairfield, 33 Devonshire Road, Upton  when he died 13 Nov 1942.
1879 - 1919 Catherine Walsh 40 40 1908 - 1997 Peter Leonard Hamer 88 88 Peter was in the British Army

In Q2/1940, Peter L Hamer married Elsie A Melling at Birkenhead
1910 - 1997 Arthur Francis Hamer 87 87 Arthur was in the British Navy.  He gained the RN Long Service awars (1940-1944) on the Ship Pyramus.

In 1942, Arthur married Lillian Heskith at Ormskirk, Lancashire
Richard (Richie) Hugo Leo McEnery Laura Sarah Smith Martha Dittmer Ricky Chaplin Reba Margaret Dittmer Mari Randeberg ~1910 Elsie A Melling 1910 Lilian Ellen Heskith Jennifer Ann Hamer Wendy Lilian Hamer Philip John Rawcliffe Hamish John Rawcliffe 1865 - 1942 George Edward Rogerson 76 76 In 1911, George and Maggie (45 & 41) were living at 36 Walker Street, Hoylake with Bessie, Amy and May (14, 12 & 6) two children had died.

In 1938, George is listed in Kelly's Directory living at 3 Heygarth Drive, Greasby, Wirral.

In 1939, George E Rogerson (b. 24 Dec 1865) a retired painter and Maggie (b. 26 Feb 1870) are at 3 Heygarth Drive, Hoylake with Amy Johnson (their married daughter)

13 Nov 1942, George died, abode registered as 33 Devonshire Road, the home of his son Eric Hawkes.  Administration of Margaret Rogerson Widow (who is this?)
1870 Maggie Jackson 1893 - 1893 Maggie Rogerson 1898 Amy Rogerson Amy was 12 in 1911, living at 36 Walker Street, Hoylake 1901 - 1901 Elsie Rogerson Elsie was one of the two daughters that had died by 1911 1905 - 1989 May Rogerson 84 84 May was 6 in 1911, living at 36 Walker Street, Hoylake 1910 - 1993 Eric George Joseph Hawkes 82 82
In 1911, Eric George Joseph Hawkes was with his parents at 36 Cressington Avenue, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead, aged 3 months.

4 Jul 1993, Eric George Joseph Hawkes of flat 20, Aughton Court, Church Road, Upton died (probate £142,926).
1867 Charles Fairland Hawkes Eric was the son of Charles Fairland Hawkes and Amy.

In 1911, Eric George Joseph Hawkes was with his parents at 36 Cressington Avenue, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead, aged 3 months.

In 1939, Charles Hawkes, Widow, was a Journalist, living at 33 Devonshire Road, Upton with his son Eric and May Hawkes.
Margo Emmy Dittmer- Chaplin Randeberg Dittmer ?
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