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Family Subtree Diagram : Buckley, Benjamin+Sarah

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? This family is from Oldham. Benjamin and Sarah were Widow and Widower John Buckley, was b.1776, and John's marriage does record him from Oldham. Ann and John were baptised at Sheldreslow (adjoining Latham), Saddleworth Benjamin was baprised at Shaw (3 miles N of Oldham) Sarah, with Hanna and Ann were also living at Latham, Saddleworth in 1841, which is where John was from (1851 census) Hannah's baptism shows father is George (but no baptism for Ann) After 1816, the family are at Waterhead Mill Chadderton Family (West Oldham) when married There are three John and Ann families here, one with James baptised 1790. John Buckley, 47 of Edgelane died Sep-1800 and buried at Royton (so this is another family) John and Mary Crook also had daughters Ellen and Mary (1813,1816) Neighbor Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Adopted Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Neighbor: Samuel was from Moorside and also had parents John and Ann 1776 - 1853 John Buckley 76 76 John and sister Ann were baptised at Sheldreslow which adjoins Latham.  John was recorded as born in Latham on the 1851 census.  Both are ancient hamlets of Saddleworth.

In 1841, there are Many John Buckleys on the census, but the one married to Mary was also an Oil Sheet Worker.  Cornelius and Eliza's family were living together at Crook Street, Bolton as well as daughter Mary (servant) and son Benjamin, also working as an Oil Sheet maker.

John Buckley was recorded as Ellen's father on her wedding certificate.  He was an Oil Sheet Maker.  After Ellen married John Mather, John also became an oil cloth Maker for a short while.  We can be confident this is the correct John and daughter Ellen!

In 1851, John and Mary (75 born Latham, Yorks & 70 born Bolton) are at 34 Crook Street, Bolton.  Gorge and Leah Holroyd and family (3 children) were visitors.  They may be relatives (TBC). They also had 4 lodgers.

I have several DNA matches to Buckley that are not linked, and John may have been married for a few years before he married Mary.  "Ellen wife of John Buckley, Clough Bottom" died June 1800.  "Martha wife of John Buckley of School Lane, Cloth Dresser" was buried at St Chad Rochdale 18 Jan 1801. Also Ann wife of John Buckley of Pendleton died April 1801. Ann of Middleton is very close to Prestwich where John married Mary in 1802.

John may have been married before he married Mary Crook in 1802.  It wasn't Ann Hilton (and a sister Ann also married), both from Chadderton. That John Buckley weaver of Chadderton was buried at Middleton in 1812.

There are no Oldham baptisms for John an Oil Sheet Maker 1798-1802 before he married Mary (although others for Shoe Maker, Spinner, Weaver and other). 
Marriage (seven children) 13-Jul-1761 (Oldham). Abode: Coldhurst high barn; Holdend No more children Widowed (four children) 1753 (Oldham). Abode: Newearth; Coldhurst High Barn No more children Marriage (eight children) 1806 (Saddleworth) +Possibly more children Marriage (seven children) 14 Jul 1723 (Greenacres, Oldham): Abode Waterhead Milne No more children Marriage (five children) 3 Dec 1749 (Saddleworth) +Possibly more children Widowed Marriage 1787 XTo be completed Marriage (four children) 27 Jul 1794 (Prestwich). Chadderton No more children Marriage 17 May 1799 XTo be completed Marriage (three children) Crompton, Royton +Possibly more children Relative of: Possible grandson of Joseph (based on possible DNA link) 1734 - 1777 Benjamin Buckley 43 43 Benjamin named his first two children after his parents.

He was living at New Earth, Oldham when he married Hannah, and when their first son James and daughter Sarah was born.

By 1758, when Abraham was baptised, and 1760 when daughter Sarah died he was at Coldhurst High Barn. He was still there in 1760 when wife Hannah died. Benjamin was at Holdend fom 1764, soon after he married Sarah, although his father "Old James" remained at Colhuurst High Barn until he died there in 1767. 

From 1772 to 1776 Benjamin and Sarah were at Shelderslow, whene Ann and John were born.  Benjamin died there in 1777 a year after John was born.

Benjamin and Sarah Ogden (Widower and Widow) married in 1761.  They visited Bury in 1770 where son Benjamin was born (and died the following year).
~1735 - 1782 Sarah Ogden 47 47 Sarah Ogden was a widow when she married Benjamin, so her maiden name was not Ogden, although it is recorded as Sarah Ogden on some of her children's baptisms!

If her maiden name was Ogden and from Oldham, then her first husband may have been James Patter, Josiah Wylde or Samuel Bury.  Otherwise Sarah Stott who married Abraham Ogden in 1753 or two others (in 1752 and 1751) at Oldham.
~1772 - 1772 Anne Buckley 1762 Mary Buckley 1765 Joseph Buckley Joseph probably married Margaret Elson 14 Jan 1787 at Oldham. 1768 - 1791 Josiah Buckley 23 23 1735 - 1760 Hannah Crossley 25 25 1754 James Buckley 1756 - 1760 Sarah Buckley 4 4 1758 Abraham Buckley Abraham of Coldhurst High Barn 1772 - 1848 Ann Buckley 76 76 There are 7 marriages for Ann Buckley at Saddleworth St Chad and 5 at Prestwich between 1790 and 1800. The St Chad marriages do not record abodes, so is imposible to match up with Anns family Also no witnesses match with John Buckly's marriage of 1802. The Prestwich marriages do record an abode or parish where the person is from.

The marriage of May 17 1799 at Prestwich St Mary betwen Isaac Hall and Ann Buckley borth of Chadderton is a good match as the family did live at Chadderton before they moved to Saddleworth. Unfortunatley the 1851 census show Ann was born about 1781 (age 70), and Isaac about 1778 (age 73) so not a good match.

There was an Ann Vickers (aged 70) with John and Ann Buckley in 1841.  This could have been John's sister.
~1772 Sarah (Sally) Andrews Living (and farming) at Latham in 1841, so probable relative of John Buckley, also from Latham.  Sarah (65) has daughters Ann (35) and Hannah (30) with her in 1841 and 1851.

By 1851, Saral is called Sally (80), but still with daughters Ann (45) and Hannah (43).
George Buckley ~1806 Ann Buckley Hannah and Ann are probably not sisters.

There are 9 Ann Buckleys from Saddleworth christened between 1805 and 1808, but only one of mother Sarah (father William), b.21 Oct 1804, and they didnt have a daughter Hannah christened.
1807 Hannah Buckley Hannah was a proprietor of houses in 1851, head in 1861 and a gentlewoman (with a servant) in 1871 1760 Betty Buckley Betty may have married Joseph Lees, Weaver of Oldham on 1 Sep 1777. Betty was from Saddleworth parish, but married at St Marys Oldham.  However, there is another Betty, daughter of James (Inn Keeper) and Alice of Shaw, Oldham, and another marriage to Thomas Bradley 16 Jan 1782. ~1700 - 1767 James Buckley Jnr 67 67 Clothier from Greenacres when married, and later of Waterhead Mill, Oldham.  James left a will (1767, Clothier from Sadworth), available from

Shown as "James Buckley Jnr Greenacres" on marriage, so father was also James.
~1700 - 1762 Sarah Cooper 62 62 1723 William Buckley 1732 Sarah Buckley Sarah daughter of Ja's Buckley of Waterhead Mill Clothier by Sarah 1728 - 1742 Bette Buckley 13 13 1726 - 1735 Mary Buckley 9 9 1739 Mary Buckley 1738 - 1739 Anne Buckley 1 1 1746 - ~1747 James Buckley 1 1 James son of Mary Shaw of Waterhead Mill Single Woman by William Buckley of Strines in Saddleworth Singla Man. 16 Nov 1746 Mary Shaw (Dronsfield) 1750 James Buckley James son of William Buckley of Waterhead Mill  1755 - 1755 Betty Buckley 1d 1d Betty of Sun-field, Oldham 1754 John Buckley John Buckley, son of William from Greenacres (also where William was Born) 1758 Ben Buckley Ben of Greenacres Moor.

There was William and Mary Buckley at Greenacres Moor almost 100 years later, as Alice was baptised there 27-Apr-1842.
1774 - 1839 Isaac Hall 65 65 <male> Ogden 3 Oldham Marriages:
1751 John Ogden & Sarah Winterbottom (no detail)
1752 James Ogden & Sarah Cheetham (no detail)
1753 Abraham Ogden (of Shaw Edge) & Sarah Stott (of Crompton)

John Ogden of Boothered Stile died 7 Sep 1759
James Ogden of Horsedge fold died 4 June 1761
1788 - 1861 Joseph Buckley 72 72 DNA match to gail_alguire and Avansouth1, the only UK connection 1770 - 1772 Benjamin Buckley 1 1 Unlike his sibling, Benjamin was born and baptised in Bury. ~1765 Margaret Elson 1806 - 1806 Joseph Andrew Buckley 2m 2m 1814 Mary Buckley 1817 John Buckley 1811 - 1829 Samuel Buckley 18 18 1809 Joseph Buckley 1799 Sarah Buckley ~1770 - 1799 Ann Hilton 29 29 D. 1807 Ellen Buckley Ellen dau of John is buried in the same graveyard as her possible mother Ann.  However, there is nothing else to suggest this is Ann's (or Mary's) daughter, and John and second wife Mary were in Bolton by 1807. 1796 - >1871 John Buckley 75 75 Who did John Marry: Several John Buckley and Ann marriages at Oldham: Ann Ogden (1821), Ann Fitton (1821), Ann Harrison (1822), Ann Woodhead (1823), Ann Newton (1826), Ann Mellor (1826) ... and more!  Son Richard was born anout 1825-6 and was 15 in 1841.

In 1841, John and (wife) Ann were at Crompton (where John was Born).

John was a pauper and lived in Oldham Union Workhouse from 1851, 1861 and 1871.
1798 Joseph Buckley 1798 Samuel Buckley Samuel was from Moorside and also had parents John and Ann.  There are many children of John and Ann Buckley baptised at Oldham. John Buckley Ann 1798 - 1798 James Buckley 9m 9m 1799 Mary Buckley 1794 Ellen Buckley 1796 Mary Buckley 1764 - 1812 John Buckley 48 48 John's parents may have been John (also a Weaver from Chadderton) and Alice.  Alice Buckley, wife of John died June 1769 , five years after John was born. 
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