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Family Subtree Diagram : Brereton, William+Mary Ledsham

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Another George Brereton, born about 1806, so another possible match for grandfather on Ann Hall (nee Brereton) 5x Great Grandparents Baptisms at Tixall, Staffs (near Haywood Mill) Are wifes Sarah & Mary the same person ? Sarah and Mary A, and Sarah Brereton dau-in-law was present in 1861 Abode: Peckforton, Baptised at Bunbury Baptised at Harthill. Baptism records 1741-1747 are missing Abode Beeston is shown for Richard, Sarah and Hannah Also for their first son Richard. William, a malstor from Farndon NeighborThomas moved to Overton which is where his brother Abrham was buried. Thomas spells his name BRUERTON, and interesting that is the spelling of Abraham's burial record. Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Marriage (nine children) 7 Aug 1769 (Bunbury, Cheshire) No more children ~1749 - 1794 Mary Ledsham 45 45 AFN: L2NW-FR
Born about 1750 of Bunbury, Cheshire
1770 - 1860 Richard Brereton 89 89 A Labourer in 1804 when his son John died.

Richard was one of the executors of his father's will.  There seems to have been a problem, and the will was reserved.  A second grant was made 8 April 1820, 2 years later.
1742 - 1818 William Brereton 76 76 William is one of my 32 Great Great Great Great Great (6X) Grandfathers.

William Brereton is confirmed as the father of William from his sons marriage certificate of 1839.

There was another William Brereton of Overton (evedent from a will) who had a sons Ralph, George and daughters Hannah and Sarah (also William, Ann, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary & Ellen)
Marriage (seven children) Malpas No more children Marriage (seven children) 4-May-1740 (Bunbury, Nantwich). Abode: Beeston +Possibly more children Marriage (a child) 29 Sep 1720 (Chester) No more children Marriage (three children) 7 May 1708 (Calveley, Cheshire) Marriage (two children) 1820 (Stowe) Love Affair and separation (two children) No Marriage! Marriage (two children) 21-Nov-1713 Bickerton Marriage (three children) 1786 (Bunbury) 1787 Samuel Brereton In 1841, Theere was a Samuel Brereton (55, Ind.) living with Ann Brereton (65, sister) at Canal House, Over, Middlewich.
In 1851, Ann (75, proprietor of saltworks, born Little Budworth) was still alive with "Brother" Samuel (68, Organist). Ann was Widow, so probably a sister-in-law, not sister as recorded.  However, this appears to be another Brereton family.
1782 - 1863 John Brereton 81 81 John, a Journeyman Miller, may have married a 20 year younger Sarah from Staffs.

At Miller at Haywood Mill, Great Haywood (near Colwich) in 1841 and later.

In 1861 he was a Miller aged 84, and Sarah his wife 63
1785 - 1820 James Brereton 35 35 1777 - 1839 George Brereton 62 62 George may have been a Blacksmith at Weston, died in 1844  leaving effects under ┬ú300, Thomas and James the executors. However, there other George Brereton baptisms from Wybunbury that may be a better match.  More likely George was a Cordwainer, and died Aug 1806.

George Bruerton of Liverpool, joiner married Ann Hough of Liverpool 19-Sep-1802 at Liverpool St Paul, which may be him!  Bruerton was an alternate spelling for this branch of the family.
1790 - 1812 Abraham Brereton 22 22 Abraham may have been living with his brother Thomas when he died, as Overton was the home of Thomas after 1808. 1774 - 1866 William Brereton Jnr 92 92 William is one of my 16 Great Great Great Great (5x) Grandfathers.

William jnr was a farmer, like his father William before him.

In 1839, After William was Widowed, (1834) he maried Hannah Warburton at the Malpas Parish Church.

In 1834 William Brereton was Church Warden of Harthill, and signed the page with Mary's burial on it. Probably this is William before he and the family became Methodists.

Thomas Brereton, son of William Lea and Jane was living in Harthill in 1841, a neighbour of William and Martha in 1841

In 1851 William (75) is married to Hannah (49) and farming 90 acres at Woodend Farm, Harthill.  His son samuel (aged 10) was with them as well as Anne and Elizabeth Warburton (servants, 21 & 13), probably nieces of his young wife Hannah.  William was 66 and Hannah 40 when son Samuel was born.

By 1851 it is probable he (and almost certainly his son William) was attending Brown Knowl Chapel, as William and Mary's infant son John Brerton was the first of this Brereton family to be buried there in 1851, aged only 4.

He was reported (in the newspaper) to have sold up and retired from farming, "The Dark Lane Farm, Broxton" in 1858 (aged 84), but was still recorded as a farmer on the 1861 census.

In 1861, William (86, Wid) is farming 100 acres at Woodend Farm with his son Thomas and Martha (56 & 53).

In 1866. William died, aged 92, and was buried at Brown Knowl (Methodist) with his second wife Hannah.
1773 Mary Brereton When Mary was 24 she had an illegitimate daughter.
"Elizabeth base daughter of Mary Bruerton of Harthill ... Interrd Jan 8th 1797"
~1770 Thomas Brereton ~1770 Elizabeth 1800 Ellen Brereton 1803 Barnabas Brereton Barnabas is an unusual name in Cheshire, and Barnabas may be from Norfolk. 1804 John Brereton 1808 George Wright Brereton 1806 Abraham Brereton 1801 Benjamin Brereton 1790 Thomas Brereton 1721 - 1787 Richard Ledsham 65 65 On the marriage licence/bann, Richard Ledsome is a "Joyner" of Bunbury (and Ann Lucas a spinster) 1710 - 1788 Ann Lucas 78 78 1740 - 1799 Richard Ledsham 59 59 Richard son of Richard Ledsham of Beeston 1695 - 1744 Benjamin Richard Ledsham 49 49 Benjamin's father was probably Richard Ledsham (1670-1744).

7th October 1670 William Ledsham of Beeston wrote a short will (hard to read), but shows sons William, John, Thomas, and two daughters Maria and Jane. This must be an earlier generation, but does show Ledsham families at Beeston for several hundred years.
1696 - 1768 Mary Sellers 72 72 ~1690 Richard Lucas Richards father was Timothy Lucas. 1687 Elizabeth Chancelour ~1712 Mary Lucas 1716 Elizabeth Lucas 1748 Sarah Ledsham 1752 - 1815 William Ledsham 63 63 William may have married Elizabeth or Rebecca:  Richard, son of William and Eliz. Ledsham was buried 11 Apr 1804 at Bunbury.  Also, Rebecca, daughter of William and Rebecca Ledsom was baptised 30 Sep 1804. 1755 - 1783 Ann Ledsham 28 28 1757 Martha Ledsham 1760 Hannah Ledsham Hannah married James Morris 9 July 1786 at Bunbury 1825 Sarah Brereton Daughter-in-law of John on 1861 census 1830 Mary Ann Brereton 1833 Samuel Bond Brereton 1795 - 1863 Sarah (Hannah) Harraman 68 68 1822 - 1867 William Brereton 45 45 Mary Brereton 1779 - 1859 Thomas Bruerton 80 80 Thomas and his oldest brother Richard were the executars of his father's will.

Thomas married Ann Vickars (or Vicars).

I thought Thomas may have emigrated to Wanurp, Victoria, Australia (see 1904 picture), but this now seems incorrect (as he cared for his father).

This family seem to have kept the name Bruerton. They moved from Harthill to Overton, and when George was baptised in 1812, Ann Vickers, his mothers maiden name is given, so we are sure this is the same family.

Thomas (70, father-in-law, born at Hart Hill) now a retired farmer is still alive in 1851 with his daughter Ann Hurst and her family and others at 1 Wood Street, Ashton-under-Lyne.
1736 - 1804 William Brereton 68 68 William of Frodsham, 24, Batchelor and Martha Jennion of Chester, 20, spinster married 5 May 1760

William Brereton of Overton left a will 18-Oct-1804 before he died.  He names all his children, so this is a valuable document.
1744 - 1777 John Ledsham 33 33 ~1695 - 1784 William Brereton 89 89 William was the son of Thomas Brereton of Farnham Jane Pate Jane was the daughter of John Pate of Socklidge Richard Brereton 1719 Thomas Brereton Farmer of Holt 1761 - 1807 James Morris 46 46 1790 - 1790 Anne Morris 1791 Anne Morris 1792 Hannah Morris
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