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Family Subtree Diagram : Brereton, Richard+Lydia Timmis

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Great Grandparents Only Glenn confirmed, so possibly two families. There are other Pearson+Harrison marriages in 1964 & 1969 Representative of: Richard Timmis Brereton was witness at Elsie's marriage to Harry Dittmer. Funding of: ROBINSON Lydia Timmis of 36 Storeton Road Oxton Birkenhead widow died 7 November 1963 at St. Catherines Hospital Chruch Road Tranmere Borkenhead. Probate Liverpool 7 February to Nicholas Pearson wages clerk. £808 Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Adopted Child Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Adopted Child Adopted Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Marriage (seven children) 21 Sep 1887 (Birkenhead) No more children Marriage (two children) 1927 (Birkenhead) No more children Marriage (four children) Mar 1944 (Birkenhead) No more children Widowed (three children) Sep-1918 (Burnley) No more children Marriage (a child) 1926 (Claughton) No more children Relative of: Julie had an illigitimate child, Andrew.  He was adopted and brought up by Julie's parents. 1894 - 1987 Elsie Brereton 93 93 Elsie is my Grandmother.

Spelt "Brearton" in 1901 census.

In 1901, Elsie Brereton (7) was living at 17 Marion Grove, Birkenhead with parents Richard & Lydia.

In 1911, Elsie (17) and living at 7 Tunnell Road, Birkenhead (The Red Lion).  Her father Richard was a Beer House Keeper.

3 Jul 1919, Elsie Married Harry Dittmer at St. Pauls (Tranmere), Birkenhead.

In 1921, Elsie and Harry were still in Birkenhead with Frank (her yonger Brother) and son Harry.

1858 - 1920 Richard Brereton 61 61 Richard and Lydia are my Great Grandparents.

There is no birth registered (i.e. indexed) for Richard or George in Birkenhead or elsewhere, although there are other Brereton's (9 girls) registered in Birkenhead 1856-66.

Richard is one of my 2 Great Grandfather.  He was a publican and a heavy drinker.  He ran the Red Lion at 7 Tunnel Road in Birkenhead, now pulled down to make way for the Tunnel approach roads.

In 1878 a Richard Brereton (Cheshire) was sentanced 2 months for larceny.  Is this the same person?

Name spelt "Brearton" in 1901 census.

Richard was aged 52 and living in Birkenhead in 1911.  Like his father, he also ran a pub, the Red Lion, Tunnel Road, Birkenhead. 

His mother Esther Brereton left Richard ┬ú100 in her will when she died in 1917.  In those days, that was a lot of money!.

Richard Brereton, Beer Retailer, died 9 Feb 1920 at 7 Tunnel Road (Birkenhead), aged 61 years.  The cause of death was Cirrhosis of the liver and Exhaustion.  R. T. Brereton, Son was in attendance.

1902 - 1994 Ethel Whyte 91 91 Ethel has a sister Bessy(?) who died of Altzimers.

Frank and Ethel lived in Mallory Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead.
1921 - >2009 Nicholas (Nick) Pearson 88 88 Dot and Nick were friend of my parents.

Nickie was at 36, Storeton Road, Prenton, Birkenhead CH43 5TR in 2003 (electoral register) and had a Mountwood phone number: 608 3488.
1923 Lydia Pearson An attractive and jolly lady, who lived on the Prenton Estate most of her married life.  Lydia was a friend of my father's (Walter Mather) before he met my future mother Joan.

Lydia used to write poetry, and wrote a poem for my mother on her death.

Lydia a Jack lived at 7, Pennine Road, Birkenhead CH42 6SA
1929 John Robinson Family lived in a caravan before emigrating to Australia with his family after WW2 (in the late 50s), to get away from his in-laws. However, they followed him there a few years later.  The Australian tourist office made a promotional film about them and some of the Dittmer family went to a special viewing at a cinema in Liverpool about 1964/5

John married, possibly in Australia.
1917 - 2003 Jack Bowdidge 85 85 Jack's parents are believed to be Fred Bowdidge and Ethel Jane Hodge, and born in 1917, not 1918 as recorded on the death record.

Sergent Jack Bowdidge was in the Devonshire Regiment and sereved in North Africa.  Service Number 5621077

Jack was at 7 Pennine Road, Birkenhead CH42 6SA in 2003 before he died.
1931 Ethel Glennie Brereton Glennie was bridesmaid to Joan Dittmer

in about 2005 Glennie was at 65 Willowbank Road, Birkenhead CH42 7JX
Anita Paulette Bowdidge Julie Carol Bowdidge Nicola (Nicky) Jane Bowdidge Andrew John Bowdidge 1897 - 1963 Lydia (Lillie) Timmis Brereton 66 66 Spelt "Brearton" in 1901 census.

Lydia Timmis was aged 14 and living in Birkenhead in 1911.

Lydia T Robinson, widowed (again) was at 38 Olive Mount, Birkenhead in 1939
1903 - 1972 Frank Eddowes Brereton 69 69 Born: After 1901 Census. Aged 8 on 1911 census and living in Birkenhead.

Lived in Mallory Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead.

Frank was a manager at Camel Lairds.  Helped uncle Cliff Dittmer and Les Thomas get jobs there.
1870 - 1930 Walter John Adams Robinson 59 59 1863 - 1918 Lydia Timmis 54 54 Richard and Lydia are my Great Grandparents.

21 Sep 1887, Lydia Timmis married Richard Brereton in Birkenhead.  Civil Register Index 8a, page 686.

Lydia (recorded as Lydia Trumis) working as a nurse (domestic servant) at Rock Lane Highfield No 50, Eastham, Wirral in 1881.

Living at 17 Marion Grove, Birkenhead on 1891 and 1901 census.

Lydia was aged 47 and living in Birkenhead in 1911.
1888 - 1978 Ellen (Ginnie) Jane Brereton 89 89 Daughter, aged 1 on 1891 census (handwriting difficult to read).  Aged 23 on 1911 census.

Ellen Jane and Tom were married for over 60 years.  Ginnie, as she was known, worked as a dressmaker in Devours, Claughton Road, Birkenhead.  They were members of the Grange Baptist Church, Whetstone Lane.
1890 - 1925 Ernest Pearson 35 35 Lived in Burnley, Lancs, which helps confirm the marriage in 1918. 1890 - 1964 Richard Timmis Brereton 74 74 Spelt "Brearton" in 1901 census.

Indexed as Richard James Brereton, aged 21 on the 1911 census (but is actually written Richard Timmis).
Marriage (two children) 1955 (B'head) No more children Marriage (three children) 1953 (Birkenhead) No more children Widowed 1982 (B'head) Marriage 1977 Marriage (a child) 1897 1925 - 1981 Thomas (Tom) Henry Mortimer 56 56 Thomas H Mortimer was and errand boy and still with his parents in 1939.  His father, also Thomas H was born 1 Jun 1898  and his mother's, Elanor (nee Swan) was born 3 Sep 1899.  He also had a younger brother Geoffrey, born 30 June 1930 who was still at school. Michael Mortimer Hazel Mortimer 1892 - 1893 Ethel Brereton 1 1 1899 - 1900 William Brereton 2m 2m 1919 - 1922 Frank Desmond Pearson 2 2 1938 Stuart Brereton This person wasnt known in the family tree, so may have died an infant. 1930 - 2009 Dorothy (Dot) Harrison 79 79 Dot and Nick were at Prenton around 2005.  Dot died in 2009 Raymond Escobar Ramon E Mora and Ramond Escobar given od different marriage records of 1982 (Birkenhead). Brian L King Glenn Pearson 1960 - 1960 Stephen N Pearson Mark I Pearson 1904 Dorothy Norah Brereton 1871 - 1947 Samuel G Brereton 75 75 Samuel was the son of Alfred and Caroline Brereton from Runcorn.

He married in Claughton and had a child in Birkenhead, but is not closely related.
Catherine Thomas
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