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Family Subtree Diagram : Mather, William+Jane

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Williams, baptised Westhoughton, Worsley and Bank St Bolton Only three Bolton Marriage, 1805 - 1825: Marriage: 31 Jul 1816 St Peter, Bolton, Lancashire, England William Mather, weaver and Catherine Pilkington - both of This parish Marriage: 2 Nov 1825 St Peter, Bolton, Lancashire, England William Mather & Martha Bleakley - both of This parish Married by license Marriage: 12 SEP 1824 Deane, Lancashire, England William Mather (1798-1874) & Martha Tyldesley After William died, James and William appear to have been passed on (adopted) to John Mather and Jane Welsby of Edgworth. Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Adopted Child Biological Child Widowed (two children) 2 Nov 1825 (Bolton) Marriage (five children) 18 Aug 1803 (Bolton) +Possibly more children Marriage 1838 (Bolton) Marriage (a child) 10 Jan 1797 (Manchester Cath) Widowed (a child) 17 Feb 1836 Marriage (two children) 2 Sep 1840 Work with: In 1851, Betty and William Mather (prssibly not related) were both servants, working for Dr Samuel Chadwick Representative of: In 1825, Nancy Bleakley was witness to Martha's marriage to William Mather Know each other: Margaret and William Blackley may be brother and sister.

John Lomax was an Attonrey Clerk when he married Margaret Blackley,
William Mather was an Attorney-at-Law 1798 - 1874 William Mather 76 76 According to the baptism records of his children, William was a Labourer, although for Alice, the record shows he was a husbandman, so therefore probably an Agracultural Labourer (which is confirmed in the census records).

This Richard was Christened in Worsley, so is assumed to be the one who married Martha Tyldesley and lived at Mather's Fold in Little Hulton.

William was still at Mather's fold, Little Hulton in 1861, widowed with sons John and Edwin (both coal miners).
1805 - 1838 Martha Bleakley 33 33 Martha Bleakley or Blackley

18 Apr 1838, Martha Mather of Wood Street, widower, daughter of William Blackley, manufacturer married by licence  Richard Fielding, widower, a grocer, son of Henry.  Her second marriage did not go well.  Martha died 5 months later.

1774 - 1820 William Blakeley 46 46 A manufacturer in 1803 when married and also in 1838 when daughter Martha remarried.

William, a Manufacturer, died in Sep 1820 leaving a Will.
1782 Nancy (Ann) Wrigley In 1851, "Ann" Bleakley (68), born Tong, was with her unmarried niece Ann Piklington (29) and two grandaughters Jane and Alice Piklington (3 & 1)

In 1861, "Nancy" Bleakley (78), born Tong, was still with her unmarried niece Ann Piklington (39) and three grand-nieces Jane, Alice and Mary Piklington (13, 11 & 7) at Tong Fold.
1804 James Blakeley 1810 Elizabeth Blakeley 1781 - 1835 William Mather 54 54 William came from a prosperous family, an "Attorney at Law" and he married Martha by license. After he died, Martha married by licence again.

It is unlikely William was married before.  There are no birth records where Willias is an Attorney.

If similar age to Martha, he is probably the son of Samuel Mather and Elizabeth Crosland, married 1797 at Manchester Cathederal (as he has a son William Corsland Mather).  However, age at death may suggest he is much older.

~1783 Margaret Blackley ~1806 Richard Fielding In 1836, Richard Fielding, widower, married Ann Settle, widow by licence.  They had a daughter Elizabeth before Ann died a year later.

In 1838, Richard Fielding was a widower when he married Martha Mather, a widow by licence.  Richard's father was Henry, a gentleman.

Martha and Ann both died very soon after Richard married them, and then 2-Sep-1840, Richard, Grocer of Manor Street and son of Henry a gentleman married Charlotte Harrison by licence, his 4th wife.

In 1841, Richard, a Grocer and Charlotte (45 & 30) were at Manor Street, Little Bolton with dau Elizabeth Fielding (4) and step-dau Elizabeth Harrison (3)

Samuel Mather Elizabeth Crosland 1829 - 1851 William Crossland Mather 22 22 In 1841, John (an overlooker), Jane and family were at Barlow Street, Little Bolton (and 1851).

In 1841, brothers James and William (14 & 12) were with parents John and Jane at Barlow Street, Little Bolton.  James and William are not their sons they only just married in Oct 1829, and Jane is too young to have them.

1 Jan 1846, William Mather, Striker of Little Bolton, illegitimate,  married Alice Stevenson at St Peter's, Bolton.

In 1847 and 1850, William (a Striker) and Alice had sons named James, before William died in 1851, aged only 22.

In 1851, probably another (?) William Mather (21) is a servant and Druggist in E Bolton for Samuel Chadwich, a doctor of medicine. Betty Mather, another servant (29) is probably unrelated as from Blackrod.

1827 - 1875 James Mather 48 48 James and William were baptised in Bolton, the sons of William Mather and Martha (Bleakley).  They came from a prosporus background and were professional people.  William was an Attorney of Law, who died in 1835.  His wife Martha remarried in 1838, so the boys probably went into service.  James became a druggist.

In 1841, James and William (14 & 12) were not with their parents.  Instead, they were with John (an overlooker), Jane and family were at Barlow Street, Little Bolton whom had just married in Oct 1829 (so too young to be their parents).  They may be adopted by John, a relative.

In 1851, James is not with the family and may may have married Mary Stott at Deane in 1851, but there are no possible Bolton marriages.
1822 Betty Mather In 1851, Betty Mather was a servant for Dr Samuel Chadwick, where William Mather was working as a Druggist.  There is no evidence to suggest she is a sister of William. 1808 Nancy Blakeley 1808 Sarah Blakeley 1800 - 1837 Ann (nee Settle) 37 37 1836 Elizabeth Fielding Aged 4 in 1841 1812 - 1880 Charlotte Harrison (nee Longworth) 68 68 In 1840, Charlotte was a widow when she married Richard Fielding.  Her father was William Longworth, a farmer.

In 1850, Charlotte Fielding (38, Widow) married John Orrell, a Post Office Clerk.
1838 Elizabeth Harrison Elizabeth Harrison (3) was the daughter of Charlotte from her first marriage, so a step-daughter of Richard Fielding, living with them in 1841. 1846 Edward Fielding
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