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Family Subtree Diagram : MATHER, JOHN

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? John & Ellen are my 2x Great Grandparents Joseph is my Great Grandfather Joseph's son, John is my Grandfather Emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand Lomax Mather, assumed closest brother of John Neighbor: Neighbors in 1871 at 114 and 116 Chorley Street, Bolton Know each other: In 1837, Lomas Mather was witness at John and Ellen's wedding.  
This is the only Lomas Mather in Lancashire, or was it Lomax Mather, who may have been Happy Mather (nee Lomax), John's grandmother? Representative of: Joseph, the oldest son, was present at the death of his father, John in 1865 Representative of: Sarah Alice Mather was a witness at sister Ruth's marriage of 1879. Other: Ruth was burried in the same grave as John, her father. Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Marriage (six children) 20-Sept-1843 (Dukes Alley). Abode Cooper's Square, Little Bolton No more children Marriage (seven children) 30 Sep 1850 (Bolton) Widowed (three children) 9-Oct-1837 (Halliwell, Deane parish) No more children Marriage (four children) Sep-1873 (Bolton RO). Emigrated to N.Z. No more children Distrust: William is the son of James Mather and Charlotte Renshaw from Stockport, not a son of Lomas Mather. Representative of: The newsclip reports that eldest sister was Bridesmaid to Sarah Alice Representative of: Hannah was a witness to brother Samuel Mather's marriage to Ellen Morris. 1840 - 1918 Joseph (Joe) Mather 78 78 Joseph Mather (sometimes known as Joe) was born 7 Feb 1840 in Little Bolton.  His birth is missing from the BMD index because it is indexed as Buckley, not Mather.  However the birth certificate clearly shows him born a Mather, son of John Mather and Ellen Buckley.

In June 1841, Joseph was living with parents, John and Ellen Mather at Blackburn Street, Little Bolton.

In 1851, Joseph (11) was living with parents at 58 Chorley St., Bolton, Lancashire.  Family moved to 114 Chorley by 1856, which is where his father John was living at the time of his  death, and were still there in 1861.

In Oct 1865 there was a Joseph Mather who was alleged to have had a bastard child by Nancy Shaw (see Blackburn Burrough Petty Sessions).  This is hopefully another as our Joseph of Choirley Street, Bolton married Ellen Tomlinson in July year!

in 1871 (and later) another Joseph and Ellen Mather (26 & 36) lived in Halliwell with daughters Margaret and Ellen.

In 1871, Joseph Mather (31, Iron Moulder) had moved to 48 Brassey St, Birkenhead.

Was living at 304 Beckwith St, Birkenhead at 1881 Census

Joseph, Ellen and family (John, Richard, Mary and Elizabeth) at 342 Beckwith St., Claughton, Birkenhead in 1891.  Note: Spelled “Mathen” on index.

Living at 282 & 284 St. Anne St., Birkenhead in 1901, where he died in 1918, but not there in 1881 (John & Ellen Butler were).

In 1911, Joseph and Ellen (71 & 69) were still at 284 St Ann Street, Birkenhead with Elizabeth Alice Mather (24).  They had been married 24 years and had 8 children, with 6 still alive.

Joseph was a well-known North-end mad, who died on Friday at his residence, 282 St Anne-street, at the age of 78 years.  He came to Birkenhead in 1870 and was an active member of the community.  He was an ardent Liberal, and Vice-president of the North End Liberal Club.  He was a Nonconformist and a member of the Laird-street Baptist Church.  He was 58 years in the Iron Moulders’ Society. A staunch follower of the Birkenhead Park Rugby Club he was also for 23 years a member of the Birkenhead Park Bowling Club.  He was for over 60 years a member of the Oddfellows Society.  
1852 - 1928 John Mather 75 75 In 1861, John was aged 8, at school, living with his parents at 114 Chorley Street.

In 1871, John was an Iron Turner, aged 18, still at 114 Chorley Street.

In 1881, John was still unmarried, aged 28, and living with mother and sister Hannah at 114 Chorley St., Little Bolton. 

In 1891, single, living as a lodger at 409 Brook Street, Birkenhead.

Single and living as a Boarder in Barrow-in-Furnaess in 1901. (A different John H Mather died in Barrow-in-Furnace 26-Nov-1920, aged 40, leaving £100 to Elizabeth Mather, widow).

In 1907, on Christmas Eve John , aged 55 (born 1852) was admitted to the Farnworth, Bolton Workhouse. He was destitute and had fractured ribs. His older sister Hannah, also destitute was admitted two day later.

In 1911 John was in the Bolton Workhouse, 54, shown as "deaf", working as a clamper at the bleach works.

In 1918, John was still alive, attending his brother Joseph's funeral in Birkenhead (news clip).

In his old age maybe to be closer to his family in Thompson Street, Tranmere, John moved to 10 Monk Street, Birkenhead (near the old market).  At the time of his death he was an Engineer's Turner (Journeyman), so he may have moved for the purposes of work.  My uncle Albert once recalled how a black sheep of the family used to hang out around the market asking him for money.

In Feb 1922, John died aged 75 (recorded as 74) at 56 Church Road, Tranmere (this was the Birkenhead Workhouse which later became St Catherine's Hospital).  The cause of death was Cerebral Haemorrhage (cerebral bleed).

Note: Don't confuse with another John Mather from Bolton of same age who married Isabella!.  He was a general labourer.  Also not John aged 22 (a year too young), son of John who married  Eliza Horrobin in Bolton 1854.
1829 Susannah (Susan) Flood Born: Bolton, Lancashire

Living at 10 Slater Fields, Great Bolton in 1851

Had brother, "James Hood" (or Flood) with them (aged 69 from Edinborough, Scotland) in 1861.  Noble Flood (probable brother) and Ellen and family was a neighbour in 1861.
1823 Peter Kay Born: Bolton, Lancashire

In 1851, living at 10 Slater Fields, Great Bolton.

In 1871, Peter and Susan (52 & 42) were at 14 Rishton Lane, Bolton, with John (22), William (19), Christopher (17), Ellen  (14), Jane (6), Mary (4), and Noble (1).
1816 - 1842 Ellen Buckley 26 26 Ellen Buckley married John Mather in Deane, Bolton in 1837 with witness Lomas Mather.  Soon after, she had a son Benjamin, named after her close brother, but the child died aged 2.

In 1841, Ellen and John were living together with son, Joseph at Blackburn Street, Little Bolton.  Ellen Buckley was recorded from Lancashire, probably Halliwell where she was living before her marriage.

The Manchester times reported Ellen's death:  "DIED: - On the 7th instant, aged 26 years, Mrs Ellen Mather, of Crook-street, Great Bolton".

John was a Widower when he married Elizabeth in 1843, so Ellen died in 1841/2.  There are four recorded deaths for Ellen Mather over this period (3 in 1841, 1 in 1842) in Bolton.  Ages were not indexed at this time, so cannot easily confirm which one, but clearly the certificate for Sep 1842 shows John as an oil cloth maker, so this must be the one.
1844 - 1908 Hannah (Susannah) Mather 63 63 Hannah was born 31 July 1844 at Lum Street, Little Bolton, Lancashire (on Birth Cert), registered 2-Aug-1844 (1 month after birth).  The birth certificate confirms parents as John Mather and Elizabeth Kay. 

In 1851, Hannah was aged 6, living with her family at 58 Chorley Street.

In 1861, Hannah was 16, at 114 Chorley Street, Little Bolton with parents John and Elizabeth and all six other siblings. Abraham Crook (distant cousin) and family were at 116 Chorley Street.

In 1871 Hannah was still single, aged 27 at 114 Chorley Street. She was with her mother Elizabeth (54, Wid, a Stationer) and four siblings. Neighbours at 116 were her brother Samuel and his wife Ellen and child.

In 1880, Hannah, "Miss Mather, eldest sister of the bride" (Sarah Alice) was her bridesmaid.  "Susannah" (36) was still living with mother Elizabeth Mather (63) and brother John (28) at 114 Chorley St., Little Bolton, Lancashire in 1881 (Unmarried).

In Q4/1887, Hannah married Robert B Richardson, a Scott.

In 1891, Hannah (45) was living with Robert B Richardson (71, Cotton Spinner) at 35 Beckett Street, Halliwell.

In 1901, Hannah (57) was living with her much older husband Robert B Richardson (82), sister Ruth Inman (47) and her three daughters at 2+4 Nobel St., Royal Tiger, Bolton.

On 26 Dec 1907 Hannah was admitted to Bolton Workhouse.  "Hannah Richardson born 1842" (actually 1844) aged 65 (incorrect)   Jack Frame Tenter  Destitution, Filthy and Cellulitis of the neck.  She died 2 weeks later.  Why didnt her husband Robert, who lived another 12 years, care for her?

Hannah is the third and last in the grave, buried 9 Jan 1908, after her father John Mather buried 1845, and sister Ruth Inman 1902.
1854 - 1902 Ruth Mather 48 48 Ruth Mather was born on 2 August 1854 at 58 Chorley St.  Her father John was then a time keeper according to the birth certificate. Ruth was probably named after her Grandmother, Ruth Kay.

She was aged 16 on the 1871 census but there is a line is across the employment column so we don't know whether she worked prior to her marriage.

After mother Elizabeth and two other Deaths in Birkenhead n the early 1890's, Ruth moved in with sister Hannah (and Robert) in Bolton in 1901 with Elizabeth D and Margaret H, working form them as a domestic servant at the Royal Tiger Pub.  She may also have been ill, as she died soon after moving in 1902 at the young age of 47.
1817 - 1892 Elizabeth Kay 74 74 Elizabeth is the daughter of Ralph Kay, a finisher (from 1843 marriage).

In 1841, Elizabeth (25) was living on the New Road Halliwell, Deane (near the Halliwell Road) with mother Ruth (49), Sarah (20), Samuel (17), James (15), John (13), Hannah (10), Mary (8), Ruth (8) and Rachael (4).

In 1843, Elizabeth was living on the Halliwell Road, Halliwell at time of marriage to John.  Correct marriage to John confirmed as "formerly Elizabeth Kay" on daughter Hannah's Birth Certificate of Hannah in 1844.

Living at 58 Chorley St., Bolton, 1851. Moved to 114 by 1861 and 1871 and 1881.

In 1871, Elizabeth was living at 114 Chorley St, next door to her brother-in-law Samuel Mather at 116.  She is listed as a Newspaper and Periodical Dealer in Worral's Bolton Directory.

In 1891, Elizabeth was living with youngest Daughter Ruth Inman and family at 7 Vine St., Birkenhead (aged 74).  The following year (1892), her death (burial) was recorded as 34 Vine Street.  After her death there was a Coroner's inquest.

1850 - 1924 Sarah Alice Mather 74 74 Born: Little Bolton, Lancashire in 1851 (Sarah was 8mo old on 1851 census). She was known as Sarah in 1851-71, but after marrying Reuben, appears to use Alice more.

Sarah Alice was a teacher at Claremeont Sunday School.

In 1879, Sarah Alice was a witness at sister Ruth's marriage.

in 1880, Sarah A Mather of Brink's Brow married the Rev Reuben Handford

Possibly known as Alice. In 1881-91 she is Sarah A, and by 1901 has become S Alice and Sarah Alice in 1911.

In 1921, Reuben Finn and Sarah Alice were at Loughborough with Esther Maud.
1846 - 1888 Samuel Mather 41 41 NOTE: There are 4 other MATHER+MORRIS marriages, and one family lived in Little Bolton (ours in Halliwell).  Samuel was a Carder at the Cotton Mill in Halliwell. Hhis is definately the correct one with his sister a witness.

3 Aug 1867, Samuel Mather, aged 21, a Card Grinder living at 114 Chorley Street, Little Bolton married Ellen Morris of Hekile(?) Street, Great Bolton, daughter of James Morris.  They married at the Baptist Chapel, Astley Bridge.James's sister Hannah was witness.

In 1871, Samuel, 24, was at 116 Chorley Street, Little Bolton. His widowed mother Elizabeth was next door at 114 (54, a stationer).  Samuel was an under Carder (Cotton works), living with Ellen and daughter Elizabeth (1).

In 1881, Samuel, a cotton carder, and Ellen (both 34) were at 121 Chorley Old Road, Halliwell with their children Elizabeth (11), John (4) and Maud (1).

In 1888, Samuel died, aged 42.
1880 - 1969 Florence Agnes Kay 88 88 Living in 73 Pikes Lane, Great Bolton, Lancashire in 1881 (8 months old).

Between 1911 and 1963, Florence Agnes was on the Waitemata, Auckland, NZ Electoral Rolls.

Florence Agnes Kay died 9 Aug 1969.  She never married.
1877 - 1931 Robert (Fred) Frederick Kay 53 53 Living in 73 Pikes Lane, Great Bolton, Lancashire in 1881.

Robert was a fruit-grower, and joined New Zealand Rifle Brigade to fight in WW1.  New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 30th Reinforcements H Company, Rifleman, s/n 62579.

The Auckland Cenotaph database records he sailed on the Corinthic 13-Oct-1917 (during WW1) from Wellington NZ to Liverpool, but it is unclear what happened to him.  The Corinthic was not sunk during the war.
1875 - 1944 Elizabeth Gertrude Kay 68 68 Living in 73 Pikes Lane, Great Bolton, Lancashire in 1881.

Emigrated to Auckland, NZ where she died in 1944.

Married Joseph Adam Clark, the son of a (Baptist - TBC) Minister.  They had 13 children (all born NZ)
1848 Margaret Mather Unmarried at 1871

Married, and living in 73 Pikes Lane, Great Bolton, Lancashire in 1881

Did Margrate marry her brother Joseph's wife's nephew?

Whole family cannot be found after that (1891/1901), as  Emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand in about 1882.
1849 - 1921 John Green Kay 72 72 John Green Kays Mother's Maiden name was GREEN, so not the daughter of Susannah Flood.  He may belong to another family (as never named John Green on the UK census records).

In 1851, John Kay was living at 10 Slater Fields, Great Bolton.

In 1876, John Green Kay is listed in the Post Office Directory as a Cork Cutter at 73 Pike's Lane.

In 1881, Married, and living in 73 Pikes Lane, Great Bolton.

The family emigrated to Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand about 1882.  John G Kay was a fruitgrower.  Councillor John G. Kay was well known as a member of the Birkenhead Borough Council, and was repeatedly elected by the ratepayers on account of his public spirit and valuable services.

Shortly after his arrival he went to Birkenhead, Auckland, where he quickly discerned the natural suitability of the soil for the successful growth of fruit, and immediately set up as an orchardist. His untiring energy and practical knowledge of fruit growing have made him supremely successful in business.  A memorial park was named after him.

Was at Birkenhead, Auckland at the time of his daughters Elizabeth's marriage in 1901.

In 1917, his son Robert recorded his next-of-kin as J.G. Kay (father), Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand.

There is a memorial and park to remember him at Verrans corner, Birkdale, Auckland.
1815 - 1865 John Mather 49 49 John and Ellen are my 2x Great Grandparents.  I.e. John is my great great grandfather.  John was a baptist, and probably attended Moor Street Chapel, although he later married Elizabeth Kay at Dukes Alley Chapel.

9 Oct 1837, John, a spinner, and Ellen were living in Halliwell when they married at St Mary's, Deane.

After he married Ellen, he stayed at their family home at Crook Street (1838 when Benjamin born and 1843 when wife Ellen died), although his family house was at Blackburn Street.

In 1841, John (25) was living with Ellen (20) and son Joseph (1) at Blackburn Street, Little Bolton (not with parents), working as a Cotton Spinner.

In 1843, John was living at Coopers Square, Little Bolton (on Wedding certificate).  The newspapers reported John Mather of Little Bolton marrying Miss Elizabeth Kay of Halliwell.

Between 1844 and 1854, John and Elizbeth had 6 more children, all registered at Little Bolton. Elizabeth Mather registered in 1841 is another family (Joshua Mather and Elizabeth Kay) also in Little Bolton.

In 1851, John was living at 58 Chorley St., Bolton (a labourer at the Iron Works, age 35) with new wife Elizabeth (32) and son Joseph (11), Hannah (6), Samuel (4), Margaret (2) and Sarah A (8mo)

Samuel Mather confirmed as father on marriage certificate.  Making a fair assumption that Isaac Mather (the only other Mather family living in Little Bolton in 1851) is a brother.  Isaacs father is also known to be Samuel.

In 1856, John was a witness to younger brother George's marriage to Mary Marsh. Both could sign their names.

In 1861, John and Elizabeth (45 and 43) are at 114 Chorley Street with their children Joseph (21), Hannah (16), Samuel (14), Margaret (12), Sarah (10), John (8) and Ruth (6).

In 1864, John of 114 Chorley Street died.
Widowed (a child) 5 Sep 1831 (Manchester) No more children Marriage 1901 (NZ) XTo be completed Marriage XTo be completed Marriage (a child) 5 Aug 1845 (Manchester) No more children Committed relationship and separation (two children) Little Bolton No more children Representative of: In 1845, Edward Lomax was witness of Lomas Mather's marriage to Sarah Wood (nee Henshall) 1818 - 1876 Lomas Mather 58 58 Oct 1837, Lomas Mather was a witness at John and Ellen's wedding.  He is the only Lomas Mather living in Lancashire in 1841.  He is possibly John's brother for several reasons:

1) He was witness to John's marriage
2) Named Lomax after their grandmother, Happy Lomax
3) All except Isaac have no baptism record
4) Had left home before 1841, so not with family
5) Father was Samuel, a weaver when he married in 1845

In 1841, James and Lomas Mather (25 & 20), cotton carders, were living at Marsh Lane, Atherton. Also Thomas Thompson (20) and Joseph and Mary Hayes (both 45).

5 Oct 1845, Lomas married Sarah Wood nee Henshall, both from New Islington (Ancoats, Manchester) at Manchester Cathederal.  This is NOT the Sarah Henshall who was married to David Wood (as she was still married to him in 1841 and 1851).

In 1846 Lomas and Sarah had a daughter Rebecca at  Manchester. 

In 1871 Lomas Mather (50, Unmarried) born Bolton was a lodger (and a Hatter) at a lodging house with 12 lodgers at 20+22 Queens Street, St Pauls, Bolton.

In 1858, Lomas Mather died aged 58.  The death was registered at Haslingden.

In 1876, Lomas Mather died, aged 58.  George Tattersall was present at the death.
1867 Mary Kay 1870 Noble Kay Nobel was probably named after Susannas brother, Nobel Kay who was a neighbour in 1861.

Nobel Kay appears on the 1930 US Census (assuming it's the same parson).
1851 William Kay 1853 Charles (Christopher) Kay 1865 Jane Kay 1857 Ellen Kay 1838 - 1840 Benjamin Mather 2 2 1841 - 1843 Sarah Ann Mather 1 1 Sarah Ann died in Q1/1843, just a few months after her Mother Ellen. ~1811 Sarah Henshall Sarah's father was John Henshall, a shoe maker.

In Q1 1845, Sarah has a son Matthew Wood at Manchester.

In 1845, Lomas Mather and Sarah Wood (widow) were at New Islington, Manchester when they married.
1811 - 1845 David Wood 34 34 David was born 1811 (if died aged 34).

5 Sep 1831, David Wood, Wood Turner married Sarah Henshall

Only Manchester death record for David Wood after 1837 is in Q4 1845, aged 34, but Sarah was a widow in August 1845. There are no other matching records, so David must have been terminally Ill, the death was registered late, and Sarah remarried immediately after. They had Matthew in 1845 so hec must have only recently died.
1875 - 1941 Joseph Adam Clark 66 66 1890 - 1982 Margaret Mary Brook 92 92 1844 - 1845 Matthew Wood 10m 10m 1850 William Mather William is the son of James Mather and Charlotte Renshaw  (married 1837) from Stockport, not a son of Lomas Mather.

William aged 6m at Stockport in 1851 with James and Charlotte and family.
1846 Rebecca Mather There is only one Rebecca Mather born 1846±2.  There is no matching Rebecca Mather on any census records. 

1 March 1846, Rebecca Mather, daughter of Lomas Mather and Sarah Mather, a spinner, formerly Henshaw was born at Rollinsons Street, Manchester (see image/record).

In 1861, "Rebecca Ann Mather", 11, born Manchester, was living with her uncle and aunt Richard (b.Hindley, 1827) and Jane Mather, a Boot Maker from Hindley, Wigan.  This isnt her (instead Rebecca Ann Ingram, born 1849)

Rebecca may be Rebecca Lomas living at the Manchester Barracks in 1864 when she married Sgt Major Charles Miles, in which case Lomas Mather is Alfred Lomas, a tailor.

~1818 Edward Lomax In 1845, Edward Lomax was witness of Lomas Mather's marriage to Sarah Wood (nee Henshall).  The only Edward Lomax of similar age was born Bolton, 1822, a master printer, and was married Hannah in 1881.

1874 - 1874 Jane Gertrude Kay 6m 6m 1862 Alice Kay <female> Green 1848 - 1848 John Kay
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