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Family Subtree Diagram : Mather, Betty

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Marriage (a child) Q4/1922 (Birkenhead) No more children Marriage (a child) 2nd 1970 (Birkenhead) No more children Divorce (a child) 1953 (Oswestry) No more children : In 2004, Stephen lived with David and Lesley Spenser at 19, Hose Side Road, CH45 0LA 1886 - 1966 Elizabeth (Betty) Alice Mather 79 79 Joseph, Ellen and family (John, Richard, Mary and Elizabeth) at 342 Beckwith St., Claughton, Birkenhead in 1891.

Moved to 282 & 284 St. Ann Street, Birkenhead by 1901.

In 1918, Elizabeth (24) was still single (at the funeral of Joseph Mather) and was the only daughter remaining with Joseph and Ellen.

In 1911, Elizabeth Alice Mather (24) was still single and with her parents at 284 St Ann Street, Birkenhead.

In 1921, Elizabeth Ellen Mather was living in Birkenhead.
1894 - 1953 William John Cole 59 59 There's another William Cole married to Alice and son Terrence in Wallasey in 1939. This is another family! 1924 - 2001 Thomas (Tom) Mather Cole 76 76 1932 - 2000 Mary Christine Arthur 67 67 Mary C Echlin married Tom in 1970.  Was this her maiden name or her married name?

Mary Christine was the only daughter of John Arthur of Oswestry.

Mary had Lesley from her first marriage and Stephen soon after marrying Tom Cole.

Mary did a lot of good charity work.  The Mary Cole House (Arc Project) in Birkenhead was named after her.  The house was opened 20-Sep-2001 by the Princess Royal, sadly after Mary had died the previous year.
Lesley M Echlin Stephen Maxwell Cole 1925 - 2007 Sir Norman David Fenton Echlin 81 81 Lesley was from his first marriage.

Sir Norman David Fenton Echlin, 10th (and last) Baronet of Clonagh, Kildare. Sadly it was a riches to rags story, with the fortune (and it seemed to have been considerable) being mostly lost due to a 20 year lawsuit at the beginning of the 1800s.

He was born 1 Dec 1925, and succeeded to the baronetcy (cr Ireland 1721) on the demise of his father, 1932; edcuated a the Masonic Boys' School, Clonskeagh, co Dublin; Capt (ret) Indian Army; m 1953, Mary Christine, only daughter of John Arthur, of Oswestry, Shropshire. No children. Heir: none.

Norman did well in the Army. He was we believe the longest serving Baronet in the UK, as he was only about 6 when he inherited the title. His family were staying at a house in rural N Ireland when the 9th Bart died and Gillian's  father, then 16, was dispatched with a neighbour on a motorbike, to a nearby town to send a telegram about the news, but the bike was hit by a van and her dad was badly injured. I think Norman and his mother went to a relative of hers on the I of Wight.

One of the Ryde Inshore Rescue lifeboats is named Sir Norman Eclin Bart, as he was so active in fundraising for it.
Marriage 2002 Birkenhead Marriage (six children) 1961 (Liverpool) No more children Marriage (a child) 1932 (Dorset) Marriage (two children) Mar 1983 Marriage (nine children) 1 June 1884 (Birkenhead) No more children Marriage 1919 Marriage 1927 Lives with: Ellen Cole was living with Richard Gregory and her daughter at 46 Laird St, Birkenhead in 1939 Camilla Jane Fraser Anthony J Fraser Rita M Trainor Catherine M Fraser Edward J S Fraser Leo Joseph Fraser Clare Louise Fraser Joseph Duthac Fraser 1905 - 1979 John Francis Arthur 74 74 1903 Dorothy A Gosling David G Spencer Jonathan David Spencer Megan Rebecca Spencer 1855 - 1924 John Cotton Cole 69 69 Family living at 262 Cleverland Street, Birkenhead in 1911 1865 - 1941 Ellen Stuart 75 75 Ellen's father was Robert Stuart, a labourer, living at 58 Duke Street, Birkenhead, aged 19, when she married John Cotton Cole, 10 years her senior. 1885 - 1947 Susannah Grace Cole 62 62 1887 - 1976 Alice Jane Cole 88 88 1890 - 1945 Robert Stuart Cole 55 55 1892 - <1901 Mary Ellen Cole 9 9 Missing on 1901 census (deceased ?) 1899 - 1918 Thomas James Cole 19 19 1901 Florence Desbury Cole 1906 - 1976 Edith Cole 70 70 In 1929 Edith married John Howard (on the Wirral). 

Edith died in South Africa in 1976.
1896 Barbra Lilian Cole 1883 Richard Gregory Richard, Susannah and Susannah's mother Ellen Cole were living at 46 Laird Street, Birkenhead in 1939. 1869 - 1943 Walter Turner 73 73 Walter married twice.  His first marriage was to Aderlaide Fogg on 4 July 1907, but she died in 1917.  Ten years later he married Alice Cole.
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