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This portion of the web site has documentation of genealogy research into the ancesters of my father, Bernard Holbrook Bailey Jr. These pages were complied from our current family known information, genealogy records compiled by my great grandfather William Lewis Phinney, many years ago.

Without the hard work of all these people, this genealogy would not have been possible. There are still many puzzle parts missing. If you have additional pictures or information please email me and I will post to this site.  I'm sure that some of my information is not correct and I would welcome documented information where available to make necessary corrections.

As you can well imagine, the quantity of Bernie's family ancestors would make the whole family tree very hard to print out large enough to read. The software used to collect our family's genealogy was developed to present the information in a fashion that allows one to investigate in various ways.  Below is a partial ancestral tree of Bernie's first five generations (out of 129 documented herein) to give a sense of the where various family names fit into the puzzle. This tree only shows the direct ancestors without showing any siblings or their families.  But fear not, they are represented in the complete family tree data base.  When looking at one individual (an index of names is shown on the left), a portion of the overall family tree will be shown on the right with the specific branch highlighted.  This branch view can be expanded to allow the nearby family members to be viewed.


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Five Generation Ancestral Tree For Bernard Holbrook Bailey Jr.

Links to Various Family Geneaology Documents

Sarah Thompson's Family Bible.pdf
Phinney Genealogy Journal
Descendants of Bernard and Ruth Bailey.pdf

Most Popular Family Names

Bailey  (122), Thompson  (42), Phinney  (29), Lane  (26), Holbrook  (23), Woodbury  (21), Tilden  (20), NN  (20), Davis  (19), Young  (17), White  (17), Small  (17), Johnson  (16), West  (14), Hatch  (14), Morton  (12), Hamilton  (12), Thayer  (11), Shirley  (11), Pike  (11)

Most Popular Places

Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts  (55), England  (33), Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts  (30), Plymouth, Massachusetts  (27), Rowley, Essex , Massachusetts  (25), Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts  (24), Sharon, Norfolk, Massachusetts  (24), Braintree, Norfolk,  Massachusetts  (23), Marshfield, Massachusetts  (19), Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts  (16), Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts  (16), Lee, Strafford County, New Hampshire  (15), Scituate, Massachusetts  (15), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts  (14), New Hampshire  (14), Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  (11), Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts  (11), Kittery, York, Maine.  (11), Berwick, York, Maine.  (11), Massachusetts  (11)
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