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Family Subtree Diagram : Descendants of Geoffrey le de Spencer (1185)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Parent (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) (a child) 1185 - 1242 Geoffrey le de Spencer 57 57 Son of Thomas le de Spencer
Child of Geoffrey Le De Spencer is:
1. John De spencer was born in Loughboroughm Leicestershire, england. He married Anna.
1530 - 1581 Michael Spencer 51 51 1500 - bef. 1560 in Edworth, Bedfordsh John Spencer apr. 1505-09 - 1561 Anne Merrill Children of Anne Merrill and John Spencer are: i. Michael Spencer, b. abt 1531 in of Edworth Bedfordshire, England. He married Agnes 20 Jan 1556 in Edworth, england. She was born abt 1535 in Edworth, England. He married Mrs. Elizabeth Spencer She was born abt 1540 in Edworth England.  ii. John Spencer was born Abt 1533 in of Edworth Bedfordshire, England.Died young.  iii. Gerald Spencer was born abt 1543 in of Edworth england and died bef 20 Mar. in Edworth, England. He married Ellen Whysson 30 Jul 1568 in Edworth. She was born abt 1547 in Edworth, England. He married Helen Ulys--aft. 1568 She was born abt 1530.  iv. William Spencer was born abt 1545 in Edworth, Bedfordshire, England.GIRLS-  Jane b. abt 1539,  Christian, b. abt 1535, Mary, b. abt 1533,  Margaret, b. abt 1539 in London, England. NOTE- "GOOD ANNE"  GREAT GRANDMOTHER OF THE AMERICAN IMMIGRANT SPENCER SIBLINGS.  Actor John Wayne, publisher Henry Robinson Luce, first Lady Nancy Davis Reagon, John Pier Morgan, Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of "Uncle Toms Cabin"), Tennessee Williams (playwright) "Streetcar Named Desire", titanic Passenger William Augustus spencer, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Taylor Farnsworth (inventor of television), and three important Revolutionary Generals--Gen. Champion, Gen. John Glover, and Gen. Joseph Spencer are descendants. WILL OF ANNE SPENCER of EDWORTH, BEDFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND dated June 13, 1560.   Calls herself WIDOW in Edworth,
Beds. and names her son GERARD (age 17): son Michael, to have chest that was his brother John`s; John spencer, son Michaels son, to have 20 lire; Elizabeth Lym have 4lire at marriage; Alice Aystin, to have a calf; servants; for the mending of "London Brygge wa-- --s; brother Edwards children`s, to have the 1lire that he borrowed of her, and the barley he gave her sister, his children; Nicholas Merryll and John Merryll his brother, to have the barley their father gave her and the poor of Edworth, to have 2 of her beasts to be lett for 2 shillings a cow, with the parson and churchwarden to have the letting of them and the distrubuting of the money to the poor, and to see that they are maintained, etch of them to have 3 d. of the v`s for the panes to se this truly done.  Witness:  Michael Spencer  Will Proved April 21, 1561.
1469 - 1520 John Spencer 51 51 Married C. Baker 1474 - 1532 Christian Etheldreia Baker 58 58 Death at age 58 years of age. Child of Christian Baker and John Spencer are:  John Spencer born abt. 1505 in St George`s Parrish Edworth, Bedfordshire, England.  ii. William Spencer b. abt 1506 in South Mylles, Bedfordshire, England.  iii. Robert Spencer, b. abt 1508 in of South Mylles, Bedfordshire, England. 1430 - 1465 Robert Spencer 35 35 Married Anna Peake,  Married Eleanor Beaufort, Child of Robert Spencer and Eleanor Beaufort is:  1. Margaret Spencer was born 1466 in Spewncercombe, Devorshire, England, and died 16 Aug 15--. She married Thomas Carey Abt 1492 in Spencercombe, Devorshire, England, son of Cary and Alice Fulfort. He was born Abt 1460 and died at Tewkesbury, Glouscestershire, England. 1464 - 1539 Anna Peake 75 75 Child of Anna Peake and Robert Spencer is:  John Spencer 1392 - 1476 Henry Spencer 84 84 Children of Henry Spencer and Isabel Lincolnare:
1. Sir John Spencer, b. 1418 in Hodnell, Warwichshiore, England.
2. Thomas Spencer, b. abt 1420 in Hodnell, Warwichshire, England.
3. William Spencer, b. 1422 in Hodnell, Warwickshire, England.
4. Nicholas Spencer, b. 1424 in Hodnell. Warwickshire, Engl;and.
5. Robert Spencer was born abt 1430 in Spencercombe, Devorshire, England. He married Eleanor Beaufort 1465 in England, daughter of Edmund Beaufort and eleanor de Beauchamp. She was born abt. 1431 in London, England, and died 16 Aug. 1501
Isabelle Lincoln Child of Isabel Lincoln and Henry Spencer is:
i. Robert Spencer was born Abt 1430 in spencercombe. Devonshire, England. He married Eleanor Beaufort 1465 in England, daughter of Edmund and eleanor de Beauchamp. She was born Abt 1431 in London, England and died 16 Aug 1501.
1366 - 1435 Thomas Spencer 69 69 Son of Nicholas spencer Mrs. Thomas Spencer 1340 Nicholas Spencer Son of John Spencer and Joan Polard.
Child of Nicholas Spencer is"
1. Thomas Spencer was born 1366 in Badby, Northamptonshire, England, and died 1435.
1300 - 1386 John Spencer 86 86 Son of William le de Spencer and Alice Deverell 1344 Joan Pollard Daughter of Richard Polard.
Child of John Spencer and Joan Polard is:
1. Nicholas Spencer was born 1340 in Defford, worcestershire, England.
1263 - 1328 William le de Spencer 65 65 Son of John le de Spencer and Anne de Lou.
Child of Joan Deverell and William le de Spencer is:
1. John Spencer was born 1300 in Defford, Worcestershire, England, and died 1386 in Defford, worcestershire, England. He married Joan Polard, daughter of Richard Polard. She was born in Kent, England.
1305 Alice Deverell Child of Alice Deverell and William le de Spencer is:. John Spencer was born 1300 in Defford, worcestershire. England. 1235 - 1274 John de la Spencer 39 39 Son of Geoffrey le de Spencer and Emma de Harcourt. He married Anne de LOu, daughter of Robert de Lou. She was born 1244.
Childe of William de la Spencer ann Anne de Lou is:
1. William le de Spencer was born 1263 in Belton, Worcestershire, England, and died 1328 in Defford, Worcestershire, England. He married Alice Deverell, daughter of Giles Deverell. She was born in Defford, Worcestershire, England.
Anna Spencer UNKNOWN Emma De Harcourt SEE Emma De Harcourt in other parts of this tree.
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