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John's BIG Family Tree

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Thank you for you interest in my family tree (Jan 2017 version).  This family tree originates in the north of England around the time of the English Cival War, and we have spread to America, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere.

The Mather family worked in the cotton mills of Bolton, Lancashire in the 1700’s and 1800’s.  Most had moved to Birkenhead by the 1900’s.  I’m still trying to find another living Mather to whom I’m related!  The Tomlinson’s originate from Warrington and moved to the cotton mills to Bolton in the 1800‘s.  The Stocks family are from Berry Brow and Huddersfield, parish of Almondbury.  They were woollen weavers, who turned their hand to Stone Masons as the Yorkshire woollen industry declined.  On my mothers side, the Dittmers originated from Hanover, Germany.

If you are related, I would like to hear from you, and if you don't object, I'll add any additional information you can provide.  Thank's for your interest.

Most Popular Family Names

Mather  (977), Stocks  (342), Brereton  (323), Hopley  (118), Buckley  (103), Pickles  (93), Smith  (89), Foulds  (78), Lomax  (77), Grimshaw  (75), Crosland  (72), Tomlinson  (70), Wood  (60), Dittmer  (57), Eddowes  (56), Nightingale  (54), Kay  (53), Robinson  (50), Batho  (49), Brooks  (43)

Most Popular Places

Bolton  (1159), Birkenhead  (748), St. Peters (Bolton)  (477), Almondbury  (276), Huddersfield  (252), Bingley  (247), Liverpool  (238), Little Bolton  (204), Turton  (197), Shocklach  (167), Malpas  (166), Harthill  (150), St. Peter (Huddersfield)  (124), Lancashire  (116), Deane  (112), Cheshire  (111), Yorkshire  (109), Manchester  (102), St. Mary (Deane)  (100), Keighley  (96)
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