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Family Subtree Diagram : Mather, Samuel+Ellen

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? Baptist family, so Bolton RO marriages. 1911 census shows Elizabeth had no children. They moved to Watford but came back to Bolton Maud and Francis moved to Essex, where they ran a sub-postoffice Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Biological Child Adopted Child Parent Parent Parent Parent Biological Child Parent Parent Biological Child Marriage (four children) Sep-1867 (Bolton RO): Chorley Old Rd, Halliwell No more children Marriage (five children) 25 Dec 1842 (Bolton) No more children 1846 - 1888 Samuel Mather 41 41 NOTE: There are 4 other MATHER+MORRIS marriages, and one family lived in Little Bolton (ours in Halliwell).

Samuel was a Carder at the Cotton Mill in Halliwell.

In 1871, Samuel, 24, was at 116 Chorley Street, Little Bolton. His widowed mother Elizabeth was next door at 114 (54, a stationer).  Samuel was an under Carder (Cotton works), living with Ellen and daughter Elizabeth (1).

In 1881, Samuel, a cotton carder, and Ellen (both 34) were at 121 Chorley Old Road, Halliwell with their children Elizabeth (11), John (4) and Maud (1).

In 1888, Samuel died, aged 42.
1846 - 1906 Ellen Morris 59 59 1851, Ellen, daughter of James, a General Provision dealer, and Elizabeth at Cross Street, East Bolton.

In 1881, Samuel and Ellen were at 121 Chorley Old Road, Halliwell.

In 1891, Ellen was Head and a Widow aged only 43.  She still had Elizabeth (21), John (14), and Maud (11) with her.

In 1901 Ellen (now 52) still in Little Bolton (now at 19 Plesant Street) had John (24) and Maud (21) with her.  Oldest daughter Elizabeth had left and married.

Ellen may have died in 1906, or been placed in an institution in 1911.
1869 - 1951 Elizabeth Mather 81 81 Aged 1 year in 1871, at 116 Chorley Street, L.B.

Aged 11 in 1881 at 121 Chorley Old Road, Halliwell.

Probably married between 1891 and 1901.  4 Elizabeth Mathers married in Bolton during this period with several possible husbands:

By 1911, Frederick and Elizabeth (41 & 40) had moved to Watford.  They had been married 17 years and had no children.
1880 Maud Mather Living at 121 Chorley Old Rd, Halliwell. Lancs by 1881

Moved to 19 Pleasant St., West Bolton by 1901, still unmarried.

Maud probably married Francis Sharp in Q2-1911, but cant confirm (as two Maud Mathers were born in 1880).  Also, cant find Maud on the 1911 census. 

Maud had emigrated to the US in 1915. There is a US Social Security Application for Maud Mather, born 17 Dec 1879, daughter of Samuel and Helen
1822 Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith Elizabeth was living at Crook Street in 1842 when she married, and so was John Mather (at the time when his wife Ellen died).  25 years later, her daughter Ellen Morris married John's son Samuel Mather.

Elizabeth was called Betsy on the 1881 census
1822 - >1884 James Morris 62 62 James's father was Thomas 1845 William Morris William had left home by 1871 1843 Alice Morris Alice was still with her parents (unmarried) in 1871, aged 28 1853 Thomas Morris Thomas was still with his parents (unmarried) in 1871, aged 18.

He probably married Betsy, and was living at 14 Horatio in 1881 with a son William H Morris (aged 2) and new child Alice.
Marriage (a child) June 1911 No more children Marriage 1893 (Bolton RO) No more children Marriage 1945 (Essex) XTo be completed 1849 Sarah Ann Morris Sarah Ann was still with her parents (unmarried) in 1871, aged 22 1877 - 1905 John Mather 28 28 There is no birth registered for John.  He may have been adopted, possibly a nephew.

Aged 4 in 1881, living at 121 Chorley Old Rd, Halliwell.

Aged 14 in 1891, Living at 5 Kirk Street with mother Ellen (43 and a Widow), and Elizabeth and Maud.

In 1901, John  (24) was at 19 Pleasant St., West Bolton, still unmarried with mother Ellen (52) and sister Maud (21). 

Did not marry Eliza Royal in 1903 as that John was the son of Ellis Mather.  May have married Lydia Annette in 1910, then working as a cloth dryer at the bleach works, but he was born in Turton.

Not the Bolton RO marriage to Margaret Croston.  That John Mather was born 1822, Blackrod (and Margaret born 1876, Westhoughton). They had their 3 children registered at Aspull, the first Leonard Croston Mather was born 17-Jan-1909

Born in Bolton, probably Little Bolton (as living in Halliwell, aged 4), so this also eliminates more marriages.  He isnt on the Lancashire BMD list (unless adopted).

Only two deaths for John in Bolton with matching DOB, and both past the 1939 register.  Not John (b. 21-Nov-1876), son of Ellis and Matilda, a Chief Estimating Clerk for a cotton manufacturer in Bolton, married to Eliza Royal (b. 19-Sep-1878), and probably not the Widow in Eccles either.
1883 Francis Sharp Francis moved to West Ham, Essex where he was a Sub-postmaster and stationer in a shop. Their daughter Kathleen was a clerk in the post office.. 1870 - 1932 Frederick Nightingale 62 62 In 1901, Frederick was a Leather Dresser Machine Minder, aged 32.

By 1911, Frederick and Elizabeth (41 & 40) had moved to Watford.  They had been married 17 years and had no children.
1914 Kathleen M Sharp In Sep 1952, Kathleen M Beggs married Clinton R Hanington in Wallasey, Wirral.  There is also a death for an old Albert Beggs b.1901 on the Wirral in 1973, so did they divorce and Karthleen remarry? ~1914 Albert Beggs There are no BEGGS+SHARP births in Essex. 1874 - 1876 Margaret Alice Mather 1 1 Like Maud's, Margaret's birth and death were registered at Halliwell.
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