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Male Antiochus Theos Antiochus

Antiochus Theos' father is Antiochus Soter Seleucus and his mother is Stratonice daughter Demetrius.  His paternal grandparents are Seleucus Nicator Antiochus and Apama of Spitamana; his maternal grandfather is Demetrius Poliorcetes Antigonus.  He is the oldest of four children.  He has a brother and two sisters, named Seleucus ben, Apame daughter and Stratonice daughter.  He has a half-sister named Phila daughter.

Antiochus Theos' first family with Berenice Syra Ptolemy

Antiochus Theos and Berenice Syra are married (further details are not known). They have a son named Son ben.

Antiochus Theos' second family with Laodice daughter Achaeus

Antiochus Theos and Laodice daughter are married (further details are not known). They have two sons and four daughters, named Antiochus Hierax, Berenice bint, Daughter of, Laodice daughter, Seleucus Callinius and Stratonice bint.