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Researching a family tree should always start with the current generation and work backwards in time. At every step you should check and cross-check your findings. Make a mistake, and you'll be researching the wrong family!

Before you start you should consider what you want to research. Some people focus on following their family name back in time, and therefore narrow their research to just one name. This can be broadened to a single name study, where the name is not only traced back in time, but also forward to find relatives around the world who share a common ancestor. Others want to find out about both male and female branches of their family tree. This becomes an ever increasing research front, as with each generation you double the number of names you're tracing.

It is also worthwhile making an early decision about how to record your findings. This report was generated from the GenoPro genealogy program. The program can be downloaded from their website. The GenoPro data file containing all the family tree information is included with this website. There are a number of other very good genealogy programs available if GenoPro doesn't suit. If you decide to subscribe to a commercial Genealogy website, they often have a facility for building your family tree online.

The major sources for family history research are detailed below: