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PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a GRAPHIC IMAGE of a family tree here but are seeing this text instead then it is most probably because the web server is not correctly configured to serve svg pages correctly. see for information on how to correctly configure a web server for svg files. ? 1350 - 1397 Richard III Fitzalan 47 47 Beheaded ~1343 - 1385 Elizabeth De Bohun 42 42 ~1276 - ~1321 Humphrey Viii De Bohun 45 45 4th Earl of Essex and Hereford; Lord Constaple of England; Killed in Battle. ~1310 - 1360 William De Bohun 50 50 1537 Elizabeth Perkins 1699 - 1776 Mary Child 77 77 1696 - 1728 Nathaniel Whitney 32 32 1740 - 1807 Eli Whitney 67 67 1740 - 1777 Elizabeth Fay 36 36 1765 - 1825 Eli Whitney 59 59 Whitney, Eli (1765-1825), American inventor, best known for his invention of the cotton gin.

Whitney was born in Westboro, Massachusetts, on December 8, 1765, and educated at Yale College (now Yale University). In 1792 he visited the plantation, near Savannah, Georgia, of Catharine Greene, widow of the American Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene. There he designed and built a model for a machine that would separate the seeds from the fibers of the short-staple cotton plant, work that until that time had been done by hand. He completed the machine-the first cotton gin-in 1793. This invention had a great impact on the development of the southern United States. With the gin, cotton could be cleaned so efficiently that it became the most important crop in the South and the basis of the region's profitable agricultural economy.

Whitney entered into partnership with the plantation manager, Phineas Miller, to manufacture cotton gins at New Haven, Connecticut. A disastrous factory fire prevented the partners from making enough gins to meet the demand, and manufacturers throughout the South began to copy the invention. Although Whitney and Miller received a patent on the gin in 1794, a decision protecting their patent was not rendered until 1807. In 1812, the Congress of the United States denied Whitney's petition for renewal of the patent. In all, he profited very little from his invention.

In 1798 Whitney turned to the large-scale manufacture of firearms. After signing a contract to supply the federal government with 10,000 military muskets, he built a factory near New Haven, at present-day Hamden, in which he experimented with a system of manufacturing standardized, interchangeable parts. He died in New Haven on January 8, 1825.
1540 John Perkins ~1542 Edward Perkins ~1546 Luke Perkins William Gedney Tracy Charles Tracy Frances Louise Tracy 1837 - 1913 John Pierpont Morgan 75 75 John Pierpont Morgan, known as J. P. Morgan, b.  Hartford, Conn., Apr.  17,
1837, d.  Mar. 31, 1913, the son of Junius, was a major figure in
international finance before World War I.  An agent for his father in New
York, he formed (1871) the banking house of Drexel, Morgan, & Co., which 24
years later was renamed J. P. Morgan & Co.  After the crash of 1893, Morgan
was active in railroads, reorganizing several lines in the eastern United
States.  He also marketed U.S. government securities on a massive scale.  In
1898 he entered the field of industrial consolidation, forming the Federal
Steel Company and (1901) the United States Steel Corp.  The latter firm
included the Carnegie steel interests, which were purchased for $400 million.
Morgan had wide-ranging influence over many of the companies that he financed,
an influence that was, however, probably exaggerated in public opinion.  A
great art collector, he gave many works to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in
New York City.  His collection of manuscripts and books is housed in the
MORGAN LIBRARY in New York City.
1867 - 1943 John Pierpont Morgan 75 75 John Pierpont Morgan, Jr., born in Irvington, New York, Sept. 7, 1867, died  Mar.  13, 1943, inherited the family's banking house.  He was instrumental in financing
$1.5 billion in Allied military purchases during World War 1 and in arranging $1.7 billion in reconstruction loans after the war.
~1548 Isache Perkins 1534 - 1603 Thomas Morgan 69 69 1391 - 1425 Edmund Mortimer 34 34 3rd Earl of Ulster. 1371 - 1409 Edmund Mortimer 38 38 1342 - 1408 Henry De Percy 66 66 <1342 - 1386 Hugh De Stafford 44 44 D. <1337 Phillippa De Beauchamp ~1538 Elizabeth Bodenham D. 1396 Margaret De Stafford Isabel De Beaumont 1341 - 1369 Blanche Of Lancaster 28 28 1817 - 1891 Rebecca Staples 74 74 1870 keeps house, River Falls, WI.
1880 wd, keeping house, River Falls, WI.
1828 - 1908 Sherman Roger Staples 79 79 1880 farmer, River Falls, WI.
1900 none, River Falls, WI.
1831 - 1907 Maria Staples 75 75 1833 - 1917 Martha Staples 83 83 1900 mother of 7, 7 still living. 1835 - 1901 John Staples 65 65 1860 with father. 1836 - 1872 Mary Staples 35 35 1838 - 1871 Sophia Staples 32 32 ~1562 Edward Morgan 1842 - 1934 Samuel Staples 91 91 1880 farmer, Adams Twp, Butler, PA.
1900 farmer, North Adams Twp, Butler, PA.
1910 farmer, own farm, Callery, PA.
1920 farmer own, farm, Callery, PA.
1930 none, wd, Callery, PA.
1801 William Cashdollar WILLIAM CASHDOLLAR was born in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, in 1801, came to Butler county in boyhood, and was reared by Joseph PARKS, of Middlesex township. After reaching manhood he married Margaret RICHARDSON, a daughter of Joseph RICHARDSON, of Adams township, to which union were born twelve children: Catherine, who married Robert HOON; John F.; William S.; Joseph; James; Margaret A., who married Jacob M. MILLER; George W., deceased; Mary E., wife of Samuel STAPLES; Rosanna, wife of John A PURVIS; Samuel B.; Thomas D., and Matilda, wife of Samuel RAMSEY. Mr. CASHDOLLAR died July 4, 1882, at the age of eighty-one years. He was a member of the United Presbyterian church, and filled the office of elder in that denomination. He was a stanch Democrat, and was tax collector of Cranberry township, and supervisor [p. 1150] of Adams township. Mr. CASHDOLLAR was one of the substantial and respected citizens of Butler county. 1810 Margret Richardson 1835 John Fowler Cashdollar JOHN F. CASHDOLLAR was born in Cranberry township, now Adams township, Butler county, January 19, 1835, and was reared and educated in his native township. He was married December 16, 1858, to Catherine BEERS, a daughter of James BEERS, of Adams township. They are the parents of eleven children, as follows: Jane, wife of Frederick McNEAL; Samuel J., deceased; Margaret E., wife of John B. HILL; James M.; William O., deceased; Elizabeth B., wife of Harvey MILLER; Robert F., deceased; Charles A.; Albert C.; David R., and Walter F. Mr. CASHDOLLAR and wife are members of the United Presbyterian church, in which he is a trustee. In politics, he is a Democrat; was elected county auditor in 1878, and filled that office for three years. He takes and active interest in educational matters, and has served as school director. 1837 - 1917 Joseph F. Cashdollar 80 80 JOSEPH CASHDOLLAR, was born in what is now Adams township, Butler county, upon the old homestead near Myoma, December 6, 1837, and is the third son of William CASHDOLLAR. He grew to manhood engaged in the usual routine of a farmer's life, and was engaged in that vocation when he enlisted in Company D, One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteer's, August 7, 1862. He served in the battles of Antietam and Fredricksburg, and was honorably discharged from the service June 3, 1863. Returning to his home, he was married to Sophia STAPLES, daughter of Job STAPLES, of Adams township, in September, 1864. Mrs. CASHDOLLAR died in 1871, and the following year he married Elizabeth P., a daughter of Anthony RAMSEY, of Cranberry township, to which union were born five children: Lawrence B.; Walter; Anthony S.; Edith E.; and Elizabeth, deceased. The mother died in 1881, and he married Miss MARBURGER, a daughter of Milton MARBURGER, of Adams township, in 1882. Three children are the fruits of this marriage, as follows: Milton; William, and George. Mr. CASHDOLLAR is a member of the United Presbyterian church, and is a deacon in that denomination. He is filling the office of notary public at the present time, and has also been a justice of the peace. 1849 - 1926 Mary Elizabeth Cashdollar 77 77 1782 - 1789 Sophia Staples 7 7 1791 - 1813 Sophia Staples 21 21 1807 - 1886 James Beers 79 79 JAMES BEERS was born in Down county, Ireland, in June, 1807, and was reared to farm life, and also followed boating. He married Jane, daughter of Samuel FERGUSON, of the same place, to which union were born eleven children: Ellen, and Sarah, both deceased; Catherine, wife of John CASHDOLLAR, of Adams township; Samuel; John; Ellen, wife of J. M. LITTLE, of Callery; James; Margaret, wife of Robert MCKEE, of Fayette county; Alexander M.; Robert, and Eliza, wife of R. J. PARK, of Adams township. Mr. BEERS came to the United States in 1827, first settled in Missouri, then removed to Louisiana, and from there to Pittsburg, whence he came to Butler county. He purchased the Patterson farm in Adams township, also the Johnson farm, and part of the Patton farm, making in all 106 acres. He also bought mining property in Fayette county, where he mined fire clay and quarried rock. He owned property at Dunbar, Fayette county, and was quite a prosperous business man down to his death, in July, 1886. His widow survived until March, 1888. The were members of the United Presbyterian church. In politics, Mr. BEERS was a Democrat, filled the office of school director for several years, and took an active interest in public affairs. 1815 - 1888 Jane Ferguson 73 73 ~1564 - <1610 John Morgan 46 46 1838 Catherine Beers ~1813 - <1868 Pyrrhus Dunbar 55 55 Thora D. 0475 Theodemir I Erelieva ~0455 - 0526 Theodoric 'the Great' 71 71 Theodoric, in Late Latin Theodoricus, in German Dietrich, often called
Theodoric the Great (circa 454-526), Ostrogothic king (474-526) and founder of
the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy. Born in the Roman province of Pannonia, he
was, from the age of 7 to 17, a hostage at the court of the Byzantine Empire
in Constantinople. In 474 Theodoric was elected king after his father's death,
and during the following 14 years he and the Byzantine emperor Zeno engaged in
alternate warfare and alliance. In 488, under the auspices of Zeno, Theodoric
invaded Italy. He defeated Odoacer, the first Germanic ruler of Italy, in
three decisive battles and blockaded him in Ravenna. In 493, when all of Italy
had been subdued by Theodoric, Odoacer surrendered and was treacherously slain
by the Ostrogothic king. Theodoric then assumed the leadership of Italy and
made Ravenna his capital.
Theodoric's reign of 33 years was devoted primarily to the consolidation and
development of his new kingdom, and it was a period of nearly unprecedented
peace and prosperity in Italy. He zealously promoted agriculture and commerce.
Although himself an Arian Christian, he exhibited an unusual tolerance for all
other Christian sects. The government was administered by Romans on Roman
lines; separate codes of law were used for Romans and Goths. Among the Romans
who held high office under Theodoric were the statesmen Anicius Boethius and
Flavius Cassiodorus; Boethius, however, incurred the suspicion of the monarch
toward the end of his reign and was executed for treason. Theodoric's last
years were also marred by growing tension with the anti-Arian Byzantine
emperor Justinian I. Theodoric was succeeded by his daughter Amalasuntha as
regent for her son Athalaric. The magnificent mausoleum of Theodoric still
stands in Ravenna.
~1566 David Morgan ~0469 - 0535 Theodora 66 66 Died: Murdered! D. 0507 Alaric II Alaric II (died 507), king of the Visigoths (484-507), succeeding his
father, Euric (died 484). He ruled all Gaul beyond the Loire and Rhone
rivers and most of Spain. Like most Visigoths, Alaric adhered to Arianism;
this gave the Frankish king Clovis I, an orthodox Christian, an excuse for
making war on him. Alaric's forces were completely routed at Vouillé, near
Poitiers (in present-day France), and he himself was overtaken and slain by
Clovis. This defeat brought to an end the rule of the Visigoths in Gaul.
Alaric is also known for the Breviary of Alaric, an abstract of Roman laws
and decrees prepared at his direction for use in his domains. This document
is a primary source of knowledge about the application of Roman law in
nations formed from the disintegrated Roman Empire.
Theodegotho ~0494 - 0521 Eustšre 27 27 0486 - 0533 Theoderic I 47 47 ~0511 - 0548 Theodebert I 37 37 0503 - 0548 Deuterie De Reims 45 45 0534 - 0555 Thšodebald 21 21 0520 - 0555 Waldrada De Lombardie 35 35 0555 - 0599 Grimaud D'aquitaine 44 44 ~1568 Blanch Morgan 0560 - ~0612 Itte De Gascogne 52 52 D. 0484 Euric 0520 - 0584 Chiliperic I 64 64 King of Neustrie. 0543 - 0598 Fredegund 55 55 0584 - 0628 Clotaire II 44 44 ~0582 - 0618 Bertrude 36 36 0600 - 0638 Dagobert I 38 38 King of the Franks (629-39), son of Clotaire II. He became king of Austrasia in 623 and at the death of his father the sole king of the Franks. By 632 he had also brought Burgundy and Aquitaine under his rule, becoming the most powerful of the Merovingian kings and the most respected sovereign in the West. He made Paris his capital. St. Eloi (588?-659) was Dagobert's principal adviser, and his rule was marked by the building of numerous monasteries and the strengthening of the royal power. At his death the Frankish kingdom was divided between his sons. Ragnetrude 0632 Daughter Of Dagobert I ~1572 Elizabeth Morgan ~0633 - 0652 Clovis II 19 19 ~0635 - ~0680 Bathildis 45 45 ~0651 - ~0690 Theoderic (Thierry) 39 39 ~0650 - 0692 Clotilde Dode 42 42 ~0660 - >0721 Bertrade De Pruem 61 61 Founder of the Pruem Abbey. ~0660 - <0696 Martin Of Leon 36 36 Theodard ~0669 - 0718 Irmina 49 49 ~0665 - ~0697 Hugobert Of Bavaria 32 32 N.n. De Burgondie ~1574 Jane Morgan Gondobald ~0385 - ~0436 Gundicar 51 51 Took refuge in Gaul in 411 from Allemani as allies of the Romans; established themselves in certain cantons of the Soquani & of upper Germany; thus founded the first kingdom of Burgundy under Gundicar & later his son Gunderic. Gunderic ~0433 - >0470 Syagrius 37 37 ~0470 - >0500 Syagria 30 30 D. 0473 Gunderic ~0465 Latinus ~0485 Gondobald Augin Agia ~1578 Ann Morgan N.n. Of Soissons D. 0500 Godogisel De Burgondie Theodelinde Daughter Of Godogisel N.n. Of Toulouse N.n. Of Toulouse D. 0527 Theodon II D. 0567 Theodobald I D. 0584 Theodebert D. 0549 Desire ~1580 Margaret Morgan ~0533 N.n. Of Dijon Gondoald Of Meaux N.n. Of Dijon Syagrius' brother. Garnier I Of Burgundy N.n. Of Neustrie Garniers II's Brother. N.n. Of Dijon N.n. Of Meaux Bodilon D. >0677 Sigarde D. 0676 Guerin Of Paris ~1582 Catherine Morgan Gunzie Childebrand ~0985 - 1048 Humbert I Bianco Mano 63 63 ~0989 Ancelie Von Lenzburg ~1534 William Winter ~0947 - >0980 Adalbert Of Ivrea 33 33 Marquis of Ivrea. ~0952 Gerberge Of Burgandy ~0930 Letald Of Macon ~0916 - ~0942 Adelaide Of Burgundy 26 26 ~0525 - ~0590 Garibaldi 65 65 D. 0609 Tassilon I D. 0610 Romilde Of Frioul D. 0611 Gisulf II De Frioul Geila De Frioul D. 0640 Garibaldo I ~1538 Maria Lanston D. 0630 Theoden III D. 0613 Regintrude Of France D. 0717 Theoden V Folchaide De Salzburg ~0610 - 0642 Nanthilde 32 32 D. 0677 Robert De Salzburg D. <0678 Theodora (Theoda) Erlebert Of Therouanne Severus Alberic ~1520 - 1551 William Parke 31 31 Adele ~0550 - 0611 Arnoldus 61 61 Bishop of Metz 601-611 ~0523 - 0570 Ansbertus 47 47 0558 - ~0603 Blithilde 45 45 Ansbertus Ferreolus Dode De Montfaucon ~0541 - 0572 Wultrade De Lomardie 31 31 ~0493 - >0511 Tonantius 18 18 Industrie ~0475 - 0509 Cloderic 'the Parricide' 34 34 Murdered 0509 by agents of his kinsman Clovis I. ~1525 Margaret Roddon Of Bavaria ~0420 - >0475 Tonance Ferreol 55 55 ~0463 Papianille Niece of Emperor Avitus. Probus Eulalie ~0445 - 0509 Sigebert 'the Lame' 64 64 Murdered by his own son at the instigation of Clovis I. D. 0491 Chilperic II Agrippine Wacchon Austricuse ~1547 William Parke N.n. Syagria Magnus Thaumaste I ~0430 - 0483 Childebert 53 53 ~0435 - 0478 Amalaberge 43 43 Zucchilo Afranius Syagrius ~0398 - 0448 Clodion Le Chevelu 50 50 0399 - ~0450 Ildegonde De Cologne 51 51 Clodoweg ~1551 John Parke Wedelphe De Saxe D. ~0490 Claffon ~0374 - 0414 Theodemir 40 40 Ildegonde Of Lombardy Marcomir Blesinde Gondeon Lething ~0350 - 0384 Richimir 34 34 Ascyla Chlogio I 1530 - 1575 William Chaplin 45 45 Held messuage called Lyons in Whatfield jointly with his son Edmund; will dated 15 NOV 1575 and proved 25 JAN 1577/8 Blesinde Of Sueve Mildeon Lething 0320 - 0376 Mellobaude 56 56 Ascyllius Leth ~0295 - ~0360 Malaric I 65 65 First King of Franks in Toxandrie. ~0270 - ~0307 Ragaise 37 37 ~0245 - ~0289 Gonobaud I 44 44 ~0220 - 0281 Marcomir 61 61 Sandregisisle Joan Froste Hugues Of Austrasie Theodebald De Baviere ~0560 - 0649 Garitrude D'hamage 89 89 Basin Menia D. ~0529 Baderic De Thuringe Daughter Of Baderic Pretextat Parovius ~0525 Betton ~1540 Francis Anstey ~0465 - 0508 Ragnomer 43 43 ~0505 Ragnoara ~0500 Pastor ~0530 Aiga Austregilde ~0555 - >0607 Richomer 52 52 ~1029 - <1090 Guillaume Bertrand 61 61 ~1030 Adelaide (Adelais) Cavanez ~1003 - ~1054 Guillaume Bertrand 51 51 ~1008 Aldegarde ~1004 Guy Of Cavanez 1534 - 1585 Thomas Freeman 51 51 ~0981 - 1018 William II 37 37 ~0986 Gerberge De Burgundy ~0968 - 1018 William I 50 50 ~0960 - 1029 Adela (Blanca) D'anjou 69 69 ~0908 Bozon ~0946 Constance ~0931 - 15 MAR 973 Renaud De Roucy ~0930 - 15 MAR 973 Alberade De Lorraine ~0956 - ~0985 Gilbert De Roucy 29 29 ~1562 John Freeman ~0890 - 0939 Giselbert 49 49 Lay Abbot of Echternach 915-939 ~0932 Henri Of Lorraine ~0937 Wiltrude Of Lorraine ~0850 - 0916 Regnier I 66 66 Fl. 877-886; markgraf between the Meuse and the Schelst; lay abbot of Echternock (Luxembourg) 897-915. ~0865 Hersent Of Lorraine ~0860 - 0932 Alberade Of Lorraine 72 72 ~0830 - ~0892 Giselbert Of Darnau 62 62 In 846 kidnapped and carried off to Aqitaine the Emperor Lothair's daughter, whom he subsequently married. ~0830 Ermengarde 0795 - 0855 Lothaire I 60 60 Holy Roman emperor (840-55), and eldest son of Holy Roman Emperor Louis I, the Pious, and grandson of Charlemagne. Lothair became coruler with his father in 817 and was crowned by the pope six years later. He twice conspired with his brothers in revolts against their father. In 839 Lothair received the eastern part of the empire in addition to Italy, which he had received in 822. After the death of Louis I, Lothair attempted to assert his power over his brothers, but he was defeated by them at Fontenoy, France, on June 25, 841. By the Treaty of Verdun (843), the title of Holy Roman emperor was guaranteed to Lothair, together with sovereignty over Italy, Burgundy, Alsace, Lorraine, and the Low Countries. After having divided his kingdom among his three sons, Lothair retired to a monastery. His second son, sometimes called Lothair II (circa 835-69), reigned from 855 to 869 over the
kingdom of Lotharingia.
~0800 - 0851 Hermengarde D'alsace 51 51 ~1564 Elizabeth Freeman ~0820 Rotrude ~0825 - 0875 Louis II 50 50 Designated King of Italy 839 and crowned king at Rome by Pope Sergius II 15 June 844; in 850 crowned joint emperor at Rome by Pope Leo IV; on the death of his father in 855 became sole emperor; involved with his brother Lothair's divorce proceedings; in 863 received the kingdom of Provence on the death of his brother Charles; with help of Basil I fought against the Saracens who were ravishing southern Italy, but could not follow up his successes for want of a fleet; crowned a second time as emperor by Pope Adrian II 18 May 872; won further victories against the Saracens; named as his successor his wife's brother Carloman, son of Louis the German. ~0828 - 0863 Charles 35 35 ~0827 - 0869 Lothaire II 42 42 Received the territory known as Lorraine for his kingdom on death of his father in 855; did little for its government or defense - his reign chiefly occupied by his efforts to secure a divorce from his wife Teutberga in order to marry Waldrada; sought consent of his uncles Charles the Bald and Louis the German; he put away Teutberga but had to restore her in 858; finally got his divorce and married Waldrada in 862; threatened with excommunication he took back his wife but now she wanted a divorce; Lothair went to Rome to get consent of the new Pope Adrian II; on his return journey was seized with a fever and died at Piscenza; his kingdom was divided between Charles the Bald and Louis the German - a kingdom lost for love. ~0832 Beletrude ~0834 - 0861 Gisle 27 27 Dode Of Italy ~0765 - 0829 Hugh II 64 64 ~0779 Ava D'alsace ~0798 Luitfrid III ~1566 Blase Freeman ~0819 - ~0866 Adelaide D'alsace 47 47 ~0740 - >0765 Luitfrid II 25 25 ~0744 Hiltrude Of Alsace ~0707 - 0747 Luitfrid 40 40 ~0719 Edith Of Alsace ~0742 Theitbaldus Of Alsace ~0675 - 0741 Adalbert 66 66 ~0679 Gerlinde Of Alsace ~0697 Eberhard ~0699 Eugenia Of Alsace ~1537 - ~1591 Edward Edwards 54 54 ~0701 Attala Of Alsace ~0703 Gundlindis Of Alsace ~0705 Maso Of Alsace ~0643 - 0690 Eticho I 47 47 Obtained the duchy of Alsace 662; head of the Alsatian House of the Ethiconides; Duke of Alsace 662-690. ~0652 Berswinde Of France ~0673 - 0723 Eticho II 50 50 ~0677 - 0722 Ottilia Of Alsace 45 45 ~0679 Rosvvinda Of Alsace ~0620 - >0643 Lendisius 23 23 ~1544 - 1606 Ursula Coles 62 62 ~0590 - >0620 Erchembaldus 30 30 ~0594 - >0620 Leudefindis 26 26 ~0584 Grasulf I Chlodwig I Basine De Saxe Eadburh Of Mercia D. 0997 Geza Was converted to Christianity in 975. Sarlota Of Transylvania ~0975 - 1038 Saint Stephen I Arp d 63 63 Stephen I, also called St. Stephen (975?-1038), first king of Hungary, founder of the ArpÏd dynasty. A pagan at birth, he was converted to Christianity in his youth. He became duke of Hungary in 997. Shortly thereafter a pagan revolt broke out in several Hungarian provinces; Stephen immediately attacked the insurgents and defeated them at Veszprém. He was crowned king in 1001; on the occasion of his coronation Pope Sylvester II sent a crown from Rome and accorded him the title "Apostolic Majesty," which was borne by Hungarian sovereigns until the overthrow of the Hungarian monarchy in 1918. His reign was notable for the propagation of Christianity and the suppression of paganism throughout Hungary. He was canonized in 1083 and became the patron saint of Hungary. His feast day is August 16. ~0960 - >0992 Hildouin II 32 32 ~1566 Peter Edwards ~1010 - 1057 Manassess 47 47 ~0930 - >0970 Helpuin 40 40 ~0934 Hersinde ~0950 - ~1013 Regnier IV 63 63 ~0972 - >1013 Adwige (Avoise) Of France 41 41 ~1000 Rotilde De Hainault Hugues III ~0924 - 0973 Regnier III 49 49 Reformed his monasteries; captured at war with Emperor Otto the Great; died in exile. ~0929 - 0961 Adele (Alice) Of Equisheim 32 32 ~0952 - 1015 Lambert I 'the Bearded' 63 63 Slain in battle. ~1571 Francis Edwards ~0890 - 0932 Regnier II 42 42 His capital was at Mons but his principal residence was in the castle of Hornu ~0903 Adelaide Of Burgundy ~0903 Hugh 0955 - >1007 Savery III 52 52 0925 - 0969 Herbert I 44 44 0930 Alderde D'aunay ~0970 - 1031 Thibault De Montlhery 61 61 Ansaud II 'la Riche' ~1573 Richard Edwards Reitrude D. 1106 Arnold II Adelaide De Rameru ~0883 - 0942 Idwal Voel Ab Anarawd 59 59 King of Gwynedd. ~0917 - 0986 Meuric Ab Idwal Voel 69 69 Toscanda ~1575 Robert Edwards Bodilon Sigrada D. 0677 Warin Kunza Of Treves Lambert Of Hasbaye Robert Of Hasbaye ~0700 Williswinda D. 0772 Guerin Adelindar D. ~0811 Bouchard 'the Constable' ~1577 Nicholas Edwards D. ~0801 Aubre 'the Burgundian' D. ~0876 Bouchard Geoffrey Aubri 'dux' Geoffrey Aubri Geoffrey II Aubri II ~1579 Elizabeth Edwards Hoedlyw Urban Tehvant Coel Hen Ceneu Gwrst Meirchion Gul Elidir Gwawr D. ~0600 Llywarch Hen ~1475 - 1528 Thomas Perkins 53 53 Had lands and tenements in towns of Fylds, Hilmorton and Lylborne, Northamptonshire; will made April 13, 1528; proved April 21, 1528; directed that he be buried in church of St. John the Baptist before thr Rood. Dwywg Gwair Anna Pendragon Tegid Algyn Sandde Ap Algyn Elidir Ap Sandde Cunedda Moved from north of Hadrian's Wall to drive out Irish invaders of Wales. Vala (Princess Gwawl) Einion Yrth At war with Gaels settled in Anglesey, 5th century. ~1470 - 1538 Alys De Astley 68 68 Will dated July 31, 1538; proved Oct. 15, 1538; buried in Church of St. John the Babtist. D. 0517 Cadwallon 'the Long-Handed' Defeated Irish in Anglesey in a decisive battle D. ~0570 Brochmaeli D. 0599 Cynan Glodrydd D. 0615 Selyo Sarffgadau Tryffyn Ap Merfyn Isabel Ivor Cynelin Gwyn 0932 - ~1010 Elystan Glodrydd 78 78 1508 - 1577 Roland Morgan 69 69 Gladys Brockwell Rhyn Severus Manne ~0970 - 1029 Alberto Azzo I 59 59 1512 Blanch Thomas Waldrade Of Venice ~0976 - 1047 Guelph III 71 71 ~0990 - 1055 Ermingarde Of Luxembourg 65 65 Elicho I ~0920 Henry I ~0766 Isembert D. 0780 Warinus ~0920 - 0988 Albert I 'the Pious' 68 68 ~0935 Gerberga Of Lorraine ~0955 - 1000 Herbert III 45 45 ~1536 Mary Morgan ~0970 - >1035 Ermengarde De Bar 65 65 Ermengarde Of Alsace D. 0753 Childebrand I Sonsored the continuation of Fredegar's Chronicle. Jean De Contville 1267 - 1302 Richard I Fitzalan 35 35 ~1271 - 1292 Alisona Di Saluzzo 21 21 ~1256 - 1286 William Plantagenet De Warren 30 30 ~1264 - 1293 Joan De Vere 29 29 1246 - ~1302 John III Fitzalan 56 56 ~1248 - 1274 Isabel Mortimer 26 26 1536 - 1603 Henry Morgan 67 67 ~1245 - ~1296 Tomasso I De Saluzzo 51 51 ~1245 - ~1299 Leugia Di Ceva 54 54 1231 - 1304 John Plantagenet De Warenne 73 73 John Plantagent de Warren - Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning, p. 79 ~1224 - 1291 Alice De Lusignan 67 67 Alice le Brun - Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning, p. 79 ~1251 - ~1282 Eleanor Plantagenet De Warren 31 31 ~1230 - 1296 Robert De Vere 66 66 ~1231 - 1317 Alice De Saundford 86 86 D. 1331 Robert De Vere 1223 - 1267 John II Fitzalan 44 44 ~1225 - 1283 Maud Le Boteler De Verdon 58 58 ~1542 Mary Morgan ~1166 - 1240 William Plantagenet De Warren 74 74 Named in the Magna Carta. ~1210 - 1263 Hugh De Vere 53 53 Great high chamberlain - Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning,p.43 ~1164 - 1240 John I Fitzalan 76 76 ~1193 - ~1243 Isabella D'aubigny 50 50 ~1175 - 1220 William D'aubigny 45 45 Crusader. ~1173 - 1233 Maud De Meschines 60 60 ~1143 - 1219 David Huntingdon 76 76 D. ~1237 John Huntingdon Isabel Huntingdon Ada Huntingdon ~1544 Elizabeth Morgan D. ~1233 Margaret Huntingdon ~1364 - 1425 Ralph Neville 61 61 6th Baron Neville of Raby. Joint Warden of the Marches. Created Earl of Westmoreland in 1397. Took part against Richard II in 1399 and conveyed his resignation to convocation. Captain of Roxburgh Castle 1402.  Warden of the West Marches after Battle of Shrewsbury, wher Hotspur was slain. In the 1405 revolt, routed the Cleveland forces and took Scrope and Mowbray prisoners. Benefactor of Staindrop and a great builder. ~1341 - 1388 John Neville 47 47 ~1345 - 1378 Maude De Percy 33 33 ~1301 - 1352 Henry De Percy 51 51 ~1303 - 1365 Idonea De Clifford 62 62 1274 - 1314 Robert De Clifford 40 40 ~1279 - 1327 Maud De Clare 48 48 ~1243 - 1282 Roger De Clifford 39 39 ~1254 - 1291 Isabel Vipont 37 37 ~1543 Catherine Morgan ~1215 - ~1285 Roger De Clifford 70 70 ~1215 Hawise Botterell ~1168 - 1231 Roger De Clifford 63 63 ~1052 Maud D'avranches Ermentrude De Clermont D. ~1032 Adalbert Of Holland Adeliza De Clare ~1069 Emma De Gant 1122 - 1168 William De Percy 46 46 ~1134 - 1205 Agnes De Percy 71 71 1512 Roger Bodemham ~1069 - 1120 Alan De Percy 51 51 ~1130 - 1189 Josceline De Louvain 59 59 ~1160 - ~1194 Henry De Percy 34 34 ~1193 - ~1245 William De Percy 52 52 ~1228 - 1272 Henry De Percy 44 44 ~1272 - ~1315 Henry De Percy 43 43 ~1274 - 1328 Eleanor Fitzalan 54 54 ~1490 - 1531 William Parke 41 41 ~1275 Ralph De Monthermer ~0920 Angharad Verch Hywel ~0918 Tudor 'trevor' Ap Ynyr ~0965 Robert II ~0970 Alix De Vexin ~0939 - 0967 Robert I 28 28 ~0944 - 1027 Gauthier II Le Blanc 83 83 ~0944 Adele De Senlis ~0972 Raoul I Crespy ~1504 Robert Chaplin ~0985 - ~1030 Raoul II 45 45 ~0990 Adele De Bretuil ~0919 - ~0944 Gautier I 25 25 ~0924 Adele (Eva) De Dreux ~0919 Bormard (Bernard) De Senlis ~0989 Toustien Le Goz ~0994 Judith De Montanolier ~1015 - 1071 Robert Bigod 56 56 ~1017 Humphrey De Tillieul Or Bigod ~1508 Elizabeth ~0963 Ansfred Le Goz ~0937 Ansfred 'the Dane' ~0942 Helloe Of Beulac ~0909 Rollo Thurstan Gerlotte Of Blois ~0921 Godfrey (Ginbert) Adeliza De Grentmesnil ~1401 - >1494 Dafydd Mathew 93 93 1505 - 1585 Henry Freeman 80 80 Prospered as steward of certain manors, probably in service of William Vaux of Harrowden, and invested in his lands; at same time, for social reasons, entered his four sons in a London Guild, the Skinner's Company. ~1401 Gwenllian Verch Dafydd ~1378 - >1419 Mathew Ap Ieuan 41 41 ~1365 Jonet Fleming ~1384 Dafydd Ap Gwilym ~1385 Gwenllian Verch Philip ~1358 Ieuan Ap Gruffudd ~1344 Crisli Verch Gawdyn ~1344 Jenkin Fleming ~1348 N.n. Rayne ~1334 Philip Ap Llywelyn 1511 Joan Rudd ~1338 Nest Verch Gwilym ~1325 Gruffudd 'gethin' Ap Madog ~1329 Joan Verch Rhun ~1318 Gawdyn Ap Llywelyn ~1324 Verch Rhys ~1300 - >1377 Llywelyn Ap Cynwrig 77 77 ~1300 Jonet Verch Cynfyn ~1373 Leuen Kemeys ~1399 Gwilym Kemeys ~1769 - <1829 John Hamilton 60 60 ~1536 - 1590 Blase Freeman 54 54 1769 - 1849 Elizabeth Erskine 80 80 1802 - 1852 John Hamilton 49 49 1850 farmer, Cranberry Twp, Butler, PA.

Buried Old Union Church next to William Hamilton.
1812 - 1883 Patrick Hamilton 71 71 Buried: United Presbyterian Church Cemetery 1800 - 1875 Alexander Hamilton 74 74 Buried in the Brownsdale Prebyterian Church Cemetery. 1808 - >1880 Mary Gibson 72 72 1860 seamstress, Cranberry Twp, Butler, PA.
1870 keeping house, with Hugh, Riga Twp, Lenawee, MI.
1880 keeping house, Riga Twp, Lenawee, MI.
1832 Eliza Hamilton 1834 - 1870 Mary Jane Hamilton 36 36 1836 John Hamilton 1860 farmer, with mother.
1870 carpenter, Riga Twp, Lenawee, MI.
1880 farmer, Riga Twp, Lenawee, MI.
1835 Sara Hamilton 1870 seamstress, with mother.
1900 mother of 1, 1 still living.

Died; left 1 boy in Michigan; had big farm.
1838 Nancy Hamilton 1880 with mother.
1900 wd, mother of 5, 2 still living, with James.
1910 wd,  with Mary.
~1541 John Freeman 1840 Rosanna Hamilton Died in St. Paul; had 2 boys. 1842 Hugh A. Hamilton 1870 farmer, Riga Twp, Lenawee, MI.
1880  South Branch And Center Plains, Crawford, MI.
1900 carpenter, Gaylord, Bagley, Otsego, MI.
1910 in Gaylord, MI.
1848 Malinda Hamilton Husband was in tobacco business; had 2 girls, 1 boy who lived in McDonald; girls in Allegheny.

1900 mother of 7, 3 still living.
1846 Frances "Fanny" Hamilton 1860 with Robert and Mary Boggs.
1870 dress maker, with mother.
1880 single, with mother.

Married well to do German with grown children; lived across street from Sarah in Michigan; had no children of her own.
1829 - 1916 Eleanor McCully 87 87 1900 in Forward Twp., Butler, PA. 1849 - 1869 Ellen J. Hamilton 20 20 Cause of death: tuberculosis 1863 - 1898 Mary Emma Hamilton 35 35 Cause of death: tuberculosis 1850 - 1872 John A. Hamilton 22 22 Cause of death: tuberculosis 1854 - 1929 Elizabeth Ann Hamilton 75 75 1858 - 1882 Melinda Hamilton 24 24 Cause of death: consumption ~1544 Oswolde Freeman 1859 - 1920 Robert E. Hamilton 61 61 1900 farming in Forward Twp., Butler, PA.
1920 farmer, general farm, Forward Twp, Butler, PA.
1855 - 1933 Margaret Hamilton 78 78 1860 Jane Cashdollar 1871 - 1945 William Alexander Ralston 74 74 1910 farmer, Slippery Rock Twp, Butler, PA.
1920 farmer, general farm, Slippery Rock Twp, Butler, PA.
1930 mail carrier, US mail, Slippery Rock Twp, Butler, PA.

Lawyer and farmer.
1905 - 2001 Raymond Hamilton Ralston 96 96 1930 none, with parents.

Name: Raymond H. Ralston
SSN: 263-03-5449
Last Residence: 16057  Slippery Rock, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born: 14 Aug 1905
Died: 23 Oct 2001
State (Year) SSN issued: Florida (Before 1951 )
1910 Ruby Mae Fennell ~1546 Elizabeth Freeman ~0946 - 0992 Conan I 'le Tort' 46 46 Count of Rennes and Duke of Brittany; Killed at battle of Conqueruex. 0950 Ermengard Grisgonele D'anjou Daughter of Godfrey Grisgonelle, Count d'Anjou. Previously married. ~0931 - 0952 Juhel (Berenger) 21 21 Leader against the Northmen. Gerberge D. ~0903 Parkuritan II Daughter Of Erispok Granddaughter of Berenger I (Count of Rennes 887 - 890) and heiress of Rennes. ~1549 Mary Freeman D. 0907 Alan I 'the Great' Son of Ridoreh Count of Nantes. Duke and King of Brittany abt 888. Orequem D. 1368 Henry De Percy D. 1372 Margaret Neville 1316 - 1336 John Plantagenet 20 20 1318 - 1355 Eleanor Plantagenet 36 36 1321 - 1362 Joan Plantagenet 41 41 1324 - 1371 David II 46 46 David II (1324-71), king of Scotland (1329-71), son of King Robert Bruce. He
succeeded his father at only five years of age, but soon after his coronation
(1331) he was deposed by Edward de Baliol, an English-backed claimant to the
throne. For the next eight years David lived in exile in France. In 1341 he
returned to Scotland, and five years later went to war with England as an ally
of France. The English defeated both the French (at Crécy) and the Scots (at
Neville's Cross, October 1346), taking David prisoner and capturing large
parts of Scotland and France. David remained a prisoner in England for 11
years. In 1357 he was freed in return for the promise of a ransom, and
thereafter enjoyed friendly relations with the English. David was succeeded by
his nephew Robert II, founder of the Stuart dynasty.
~1551 Edward Freeman 1274 - 1329 Robert I 'the Bruce' 54 54 His place of birth uncertain; it is also reportedly Turnberry, Ayshire or in
Essex. In 1296, as Earl of Carrick, he swore fealty to Edward I at Berwick.
In 1297 he renewed that oath at Carlisle.  Shortly afterwards, with his
Carrick vassals he joined the Scottish independence fighters under Sir
William Wallace.  in 1298, after Wallace's defeat at Falkirk his lands were
wasted by the English. One of the four Regents of Scotland in 1299; he
rejoined the battle against Edward in 1306.  Originally supported by John
Comyn, the nephew of John Baliol, they eventually quarrelled and Comyn was
killed during the final rising of 1306 by Kirkpatrick. Bruce assembled his
forces and two months later was crowned at Scone, but was forced to retreat
to Ireland.  In 1307, the Bruce landed a force at Turnberry and defeated the
English under the Earl of Pembroke at Loudon Hill. After the death of Edward
I in 1307, the English were cleared out of Scotland and all of the great
castles recovered except Stirling, which the Governor promised to surrender
if not relieved before 24 June.  This led to the battle of Bannockburn when
the Engliish armies of some 100,000 men under King Edward II were totally
routed by Robert the Bruce with 30,000.  In 1317, Bruce passed over to
Ireland to help his brother Edward and defeated the Anglo-Irish at the
battle of Slane.  Hostilities continued until a truce in 1323 and then
resumed in 1327 with a great Scottish inroad into the northern counties.
The war at last closed with the Treaty of Northampton (1328) which
recognised the independence of Scotland and Bruce's right to the throne.
Bruce died of leprosy at Cardross Castle.  His heart was to be carried to
Palestine [this was the period of the Crusades] but Douglas who was carrying
it was killed fighting the Moors in Spain.  Bruce's heart was returned to
Scotland and buried at Melrose Abbey.
D. 1327 Elizabeth De Burgh Daughter of Richard de BURGH, Earl of Ulster. {Burke's Peerage} 1210 - 1295 Robert Bruce 85 85 In 1251, on the death of his Mother, he did homage to Henry III for her lands in England. He was made Sheriff of Cumberland and Constable of Carlisle. His claim to the crown based on a verbal nomination (tanistry) by Alexander III. In 1290, on the death of the Maid of Norway, he and John BALIOL claimed the succession. The arbitrator, King Edward I of England, decided in favour of John BALIOL. To avoid swearing fealty to his rival, Robert resigned Annandale to his eldest son. D. 1292 Margaret Carrick Daughter of Neil, 2nd Earl of Carrick. D. 1245 Robert De Brus Great-great-great grandson of Robert de BRUIS a Norman knight who accompanied William the Conqueror to England in 1066. N.n. De Brus Ordmaer ~1552 George Freeman Donada Macmalcolm D. 1020 Finlaed Mormaer Of Moray D. 1057 Macbeth Macfinlaec His kingdom was confined to the country South and West of the Tay; the rest remaining under control of his Northman ally Thorfinn. He was slain by Mailcolm, son of Duncan I. Isabella Of Mar D. 1316 Margery De Bruce 1293 - 1326 Walter Stewart 33 33 Joan Beaufort ~1337 - 1406 Robert III 69 69 Earl of Carrick ~1367 - ~1401 Annabella Drummond 34 34 1394 - 1437 James I 42 42 James I (of Scotland) (1394-1437), king of Scotland (1406-1437), only
surviving son of King Robert III, born in Dunfermline. In 1406, shortly before
the death of his father, James was sent to France for safety from rebellious
Scottish nobles. The ship was seized by the English, and James was kept a
prisoner until 1423. Having inherited the Scottish throne in 1406, James was
crowned king when he returned to Scotland in 1424. He married Joan Beaufort,
niece of the English king Richard II, and granddaughter of John of Gaunt. By
1429 James had forced the Scottish nobles to submit to royal authority. He
tried to improve the administration of justice and for the first time
published parliamentary acts in the language of the common people. He angered
the papacy by preventing church revenues from being sent to Rome. He formed a
closer alliance with France and gave his eldest daughter, Margaret, in
marriage to the Dauphin, later King Louis XI. James, however, had antagonized
the Scottish nobles by confiscating their estates, and he was assassinated in
1437 by a group of nobles. He was succeeded by his son James II.
~1516 - 1552 Peter Edwards 36 36 1430 - 1460 James II 29 29 James II (of Scotland) (1430-60), king of Scotland (1437-60), son of King
James I, born in Edinburgh. He was crowned shortly after the murder of his
father in 1437. A regency led by the Douglas family ruled until 1449, when
James began to govern by himself. His efforts to promote social welfare were
greatly obstructed by the nobles, especially by William, 8th earl of Douglas,
who was involved in treason and who was stabbed to death by the king. James
crushed a revolt of the Douglas family in 1452 and seized their estates. He
then became entangled in the Wars of the Roses, a contest between the houses
of York and Lancaster for the English throne. In 1460, at the head of an army,
he was killed during the siege of Roxburgh Castle in Scotland. He was
succeeded as king by his son James III.
Marie Of Guelders 1451 - 1488 James III 36 36 James III (1451-88), king of Scotland (1460-88), son of King James II, born
in Stirling. He was crowned king in 1460 after the death of his father. A
regency ruled until 1469, when he began his personal rule. Through his
marriage to Margaret of Denmark (1457?-86) in the same year, James gained
control of the Orkney and Shetland islands. James was unpopular with the
Scottish nobles, who were led by his brother Alexander Stewart, duke of
Albany (1454?-85). The nobles seized the king and kept him prisoner in the
castle at Edinburgh. Under the duke of Albany, English forces took Berwick
and advanced to Edinburgh. In 1487, James made peace with the English,
thereby further alienating his turbulent nobles, who rose in rebellion and
induced James's son, later James IV, to become their nominal head. In the
ensuing battle at Sauchieburn between the nobles and the Royalists, James
was defeated, and he was murdered after the battle by one of the rebels. He
was succeeded by James IV.
~1457 - 1486 Margaret Of Denmark 29 29 1452 - 1479 Mary Stewart 27 27 D. 1479 James Hamilton James Hamilton of Cadzow, Knight, was created Lord Hamilton 28 June 1445 and
surrendered all his lands and baronies for erection into a new barony of
Hamilton, the name used thereafter for the town of Cadzow. His loyalties lay
initially with his Douglas kinsmen, with whose chief he visited Rome in 1450
and Canterbury in 1451, and with whom he joined in the league with the Earls
of Crawford and Ross against James II, but he subsequently moved over to the
King's side to help suppress their revolt. He was rewarded with the office of
sheriff of Lanarkshire 1 July 1455, and on 23 October was granted a new
charter of his lands and baronies. He m 1st (by dispensation of 2 Feb 1440/1)
Euphemia, who d 1468, eldest dtr of Sir Patrick Graham and Eupheme, Countess
of Strathern, and widow of Archibald, 5th Earl of Douglas, and had issue:
~1475 - 1529 James Hamilton 54 54 James Hamilton, 2nd Lord Hamilton, b ca 1475, Privy Councillor, created Earl
of Arran 11 Aug 1503, Admiral of the Scottish Fleet 1513, Lord of Regency
under the Duke of Albany 1517, commanded the Royal army against the Earl of
Lennox September 1526. He is supposed to have m 1st 1490 (he was 15 and the
bride 13) Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Hay of Hoprew, Master of Yester, dtr of
Alexander Home, 2nd Lord Home, and is believed to have divorced her
subsequently in 1504 on the grounds that the Master, although believed to be
dead, was actually alive at the critical time. (In fact, the Master had m in
1483 Elizabeth Borthwick, who was alive at the time of his death, so the
grounds for the Hamilton divorce appear suspicious, even though it was
confirmed four years later.) He m (perhaps as his 2nd wife) Nov 1516 Janet,
widow of Sir Robert Livingston of Easter Wemyss, dtr of Sir David Beaton of
Creich. Among several natural children of the 1st Earl of Arran, three were
legitimated 17 Jan 1512/3 by James IV, their first cousin of the half blood:
Janet Beaton Of Creich D. 1574 James Hamilton James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, chosen as Regent of Scotland following the
death of James V, and declared on 13 Mar 1542/3 Heir Presumptive of the Crown.
During the subsequent religious troubles he attempted to compromise but
finally favoured the Reformers. For his services in promoting the marriage of
Queen Mary to the Dauphin of France he was created Duc de Chƒtelherault. In
1554 he resigned the Regency to Marie de Guise-Lorraine, the Queen-Mother, and
in 1565, after opposing the marriage of the widowed Queen Mary to Henry Stuart
(known to the English as Lord Darnley, but to the Scots in sequence as Master
of Lennox, Duke of Albany and King Henry), he went abroad for four years,
returning to oppose the Regency of the Earl of Moray (assassinated by James
Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh 1569/70) and then of the Earl of Lennox (killed by
the Hamiltons 1571), but submitting finally on 15 Feb 1572/3 to the 4th Earl
of Morton, ("the grimmest of that grim race from which he sprung"), the
husband of his wife's sister Elizabeth, who lost the Regency in 1578 and was
executed 1581). Much of his life was strongly influenced by his nearness in
blood to the Queen, the strength that gave to the candidature of his sons for
the r“le of Consort and the power of King, and the temptation that might arise
when only an infant was between his family "and home" (as it was once said
aloud). He m Sep 1532 Margaret, eldest dtr of James Douglas, 3rd Earl of
Morton, by Catherine, natural dtr of James IV, and d 22 Jan 1574/5 having had
Margaret Douglas ~1511 Susanna Samwell ~1542 - ~1604 John Hamilton 62 62 Commendator of Arbroath; created Marquess of Hamilton 17 April 1599; ancestor of the Dukes of Hamilton. Margaret Lyon ~1589 - ~1625 James Hamilton 36 36 Anne Cunningham 1606 - 1648 James Hamilton 41 41 Died: Beheaded D. 1638 Margaret Feilding 1606 - 1648 William Hamilton 41 41 Died: Beheaded Elizabeth Maxwell ~1543 - ~1621 Claud Hamilton 78 78 Commendator of Paisley; created Lord Paisley 29 July 1587; ancestor of the Dukes of Abercorn. D. 1616 Margaret Seton ~1542 Nicholas Edwards D. 1617 James Hamilton D. 1662 Marian Boyd D. ~1670 James Hamilton D. 1648 Claud Hamilton Jane Gordon D. 1668 George Hamilton Elizabeth Fagan D. ~1691 Claud Hamilton D. 1701 Charles Hamilton D. ~1679 George Hamilton ~1546 Amy Edwards D. 1680 Mary Butler D. 1673 James Hamilton Elizabeth Colepepper D. 1734 James Hamilton D. 1754 Elizabeth Reading 1685 - 1744 James Hamilton 58 58 D. 1776 Anne Plumer 1712 - 1789 James Hamilton 76 76 Died unmarried. D. 1755 John Hamilton Died: Drowned D. 1769 Harriet Eliot ~1518 - 1575 Richard Coles 57 57 1756 - 1818 John James Hamilton 61 61 D. 1791 Catherine Copley 1786 - 1814 James Hamilton 27 27 D. 1833 Harriet Douglas 1811 - 1885 James Hamilton 74 74 D. 1905 Louisa Jane Russell 1838 - 1913 James Hamilton 74 74 D. 1929 Mary Anna Curzon 1869 - 1953 James Albert Edward Hamilton 83 83 D. 1958 Rosalind Cecilia Bingham ~1522 Jane Bond 1904 James Edward Hamilton 1843 - 1925 Claud John Hamilton 81 81 1845 - 1927 George Francis Hamilton 81 81 D. ~1676 George Hamilton Knight. Frances Jennings John Hamilton Sir Knight ~1537 - 1609 James Hamilton 72 72 ..A1 James Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Arran, b 1537-8, Commander of the Scots
Guards in France, 1550-7, proposed by the Lords of the Congregation as husband
for Queen Elizabeth of England 1560, and proposed himself as husband for Mary,
Queen of Scots, 1561. Soon thereafter, in 1562, he was judged insane, although
he was probably only scatterbrained, and in this state he resigned the Earldom
of Arran to James Stewart of Bothwellhaugh, 1581, but this was reduced by the
Court of Session in 1586 "as the act of a person incompetent in consequence of
insanity," whereby he was restored to his honours. He dsp Mar 1609, his titles
passing to the heirs of his brother John.
Ine Indorb 'the White' Finn 1430 - >1495 William Perkins 65 65 ~0214 Gymer ~0218 Orboda Of Berg ~0239 Gerd Gymersson ~0214 Njord ~0235 Yngvi- Frey ~0256 Fjoinir Yngvi- Freysson ~0277 Svegdi Fjoinarsson Vana ~0298 Vanlandi Svegdasson Snaer 1434 Joanna Read ~0302 Driva Snaersson ~0319 Visbur Vanlandasson ~0340 Domaldi Visbursson ~0361 Domar Domaldisson Drott Danpsson ~0382 Dyggvi Domarsson ~0403 Dag Dyggvisson ~0424 Angi Dagsson ~0424 Skjalf Frostasson ~0445 Alerk Angisson 1456 John Perkins Dagreid Dagsson ~0466 Ygnvi Alerksson ~0487 Jorund Ygnvisson ~0509 Aun Jorundsson ~0539 Egil Aunsson ~0551 Ottar Egilsson ~0572 Adils Ottarsson Yrsa Helgasson ~0594 Eystein Adilsson ~0616 Ingvar Eysteinsson 1460 - 1536 William Perkins 76 76 1820 - 1879 Frederick Staples 58 58 1850 farmer, Cranberry Twp, Butler, PA.
1870 farmer, River Falls, WI.

Buried in Big River Presbyterian Cemetery (aka Davison Cemetery) Pierce County, Wisconsin.
1822 Catherine Staples 1827 - 1870 Susannah Staples 43 43 1826 - 1902 Seth Staples 76 76 1860 farmer, Forward Twp, Butler, PA.
1880 farmer, Adams Twp, Butler, PA.
1900 farmer, North Adams Twp, Butler, PA.
~0562 - 0588 Bodogisel II 26 26 ~0500 Munderic Very young in 509, when his father was murdered; revolted against Thierry I, who killed him. ~0535 Bodogisel I Palatina Gallus Magnus A Gallo-Roman nobleman. ~0500 Arthemia Sister of Gondulf, Bishop of Metz. ~1470 Richard Perkins ABT 0480/85 - >0513 Florentin ABT 0480/90 Artemie Gallo-Roman noblewomen. ~0455 Rustique Daughter Of Rurice Brunulphe Crotechilde D'ostrogothie Tonnance III ~0430 Aquilin Rurice I Hiberie ~1482 - 1538 Thomas Morgan 56 56 Son Of Decime Son Of Adelphius Ommace Decime Rustique Artemie Adelphius Pontius Anicia Faltonia Proba Quintus Clodius Turrenia Anicia Iuliana 1476 Elizabeth Vaughan Anicius Auchenius Bassus Turrenia Honorata Amnius Paulinus Amnius Manius Caesonius Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus Amnius Anicius Iulianus Sextus Anicius Faustus Quintus Anicius Paulinus Daughter Of Caius Quintus Anicius Fautus Paulinus Legate of Mesie Inferieure (229-230). D. ~0250 Caius Asinus Nichomachus Iulianus ~0324 - 0396 Priarios 72 72 ~1510 Rheinallt Morgan ~0358 - 0400 Sunno 42 42 ~0390 - 0445 Merovee 55 55 Hatilde Asturius ~0367 - ~0407 Merowna 40 40 Merwig I Elizabeth 1770 Francis Hays Moved to Butler County, PA in 1820.  Were the parents of six sons and six daughters. Rebecca or Beckley Drennan 1750 - 1808 Abraham Hays 58 58 Boucher, John Newton,  A century and a half of Pittsburg and her people
New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1908, 2211 pgs.

HAYS FAMILY. Among the pioneer Scotch-Irish families who settled in the vicinity of Greater Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, none are more worthy of mention in history than the family whose name heads this sketch. According to Dr. Eglee, the author of genealogical works of the state of Pennsylvania, this name has been spelled in a variety of ways-the American branch of the family spelling it Hays, while at an earlier period it was spelled Hayes, Hay and De La Haye. William Hays, a native of Scotland, left that country dur­ing a period of religious .persecution and settled in county Tyrone, Ireland. He was present at the siege of Derry and suffered with others of his faith until relief came, being absent from his family twenty months.
(I) Abraham Hays, the first of the family to settle in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, removed to that county from Maryland in 1767, locating one mile above what is now Homestead, opposite Braddock's Field, and remained there nine months. On account of the Indian troubles they returned to Maryland, and three years later again came to Allegheny county, where they took up land still in the possession of their descendants. In his religious faith he was a Presbyterian, and he was of an upright and manly character. He and his wife died on the old homestead where they first located about one mile from the present borough of Homestead. He married Fannie Pittee, a French lady, sister of the wife of James Whittaker, and the two families had as neighbors: Robert Byerley, who also came from Maryland; Andrew McClure, Samuel Hamilton, Samuel Ferguson, James McKinley, Edward and Joseph West, John Neal, Judge McClure, John Risher, Davy Calhoun, John Irvine, Robert Patterson, William Furl, William Brown and David McKee, all being men of about the same age. Abraham and Fannie (Pittee) Hays had children: i. Francis, born in 1770, married Beckley Drennen, and in 1820 moved to Butler county, Pennsylvania, and were the parents of six sons and six daughters.
~1512 John Morgan 1750/1756 - 1818 Frances "Fannie" Pittee LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF FRANCES PUTTEE HAYS IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN.

The fourth Day of September one thousand Eight Hundred & Nine- I, FRANCES HAYS of The township of Mifflin and County of Allegheny & Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Being frail and weak in Body but of Perfect mind memory thanks be to God therefor Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all of the human Race once to die Do make and Ordain this my Will and Testament That is to say first of all I Give & Recommend my soul to God that gave it & my body to the Earth to be Buried in a Decent Christian Manner at the Discretion of my Executors Nothing Doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall Receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God and as touching such Worldly Estate Wherewith it hath been pleased God to Bless me in this life I Give Demise and Dispose of the same in the following Manner and form

Imprimis I Give and Bequeath unto my son Frank A Clear and full discharge of Note I have against him for four Dollars, Also a Clear Discharge of all book accounts Whatever that I have against him provided he does not produce any account against my Estate but if he should produce an account I do allow my Executors to settle with him all that I have against him and I should fall in his Debt to pay it out of my estate but if he should fall in my Debt I Give him a clear Discharge and one Dollar as a legacy to be paid out of my estate-
Item I Give and Bequeath unto my son Isaac Hays the sum of fifty Dollars to be paid out of my Estate
Item I Give & Bequeath unto my son Abraham Hays the sum of forty Dollar to be paid to him by my Daughter Sarah Harden out of the Legacy I shall leave her-
Item I Give and Bequeath unto my son John Hays one feather bed that one that is Generally in the Kitchen with its furniture-
Item I Give & Bequeath unto my son Jacob Hays one Dollar to be paid out of my Estate by my Executors-
Item I Give & Bequeath unto My Daughter Sarah Hardin all my Household Furniture of every Description
Together with all my Beasts Consisting of one Mare & Colt and one horse & A Cow and Calf with all the sheep & hogs and every thing or things that I might or could claim on the premises where I now Live she paying all my Just Debts and A Legacy to my son Abraham Hays of forty Dollars and farther if there should be any money Left after all my Just Debts are paid and all the Legacies paid of I Will and Bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Hardin-
Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Marthew Heirs one Dollar Each-
Item I Give & Bequeath unto my son Thomas Hays one Dollar to be paid to him out of my Estate by my Executors- & furthermore I Do Constitute Make and Ordain my trusty friend Abraham Hays & James Hardin Executors of this my Last Will & Testament and I Do Utterly Revoke and disannul all and Every other Testaments Wills Legacies and Bequests and Executors by Me in any Way Named Willed and Bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this & None Other to be my Last Will and Testament.

In Witness Whereof I have Hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year above Mentioned.
Signed & Sealed as the last Will & Testament of Frances Hays in presence of us.

I, Geo. H. Stengel, Register of Wills, etc., in and for said County, do hereby certify the foregoing to be a full and perfect copy of the Original last Will and Testament of Frances Hays, Deceased, as the same remains on file, and is of record in my office at Pittsburgh, in Will Book, Volume 2, page 131. Will probated March 11, 1818.

Witness my hand and seal of said office, this 16th day of March, A. D. 1904.
Geo. H. Stengel
1647 - 1692 Joseph Staples 45 45 JOSEPH, Taunton, prob. s. of John the first of Weymouth, had John, b. 28 Jan. 1671; Amy or Ann, 13 Apr. 1674; Mary.. 26 Jan. 1678; Joseph, 12 Mar. 1680; Hannah, 17 May 1682; and Nathaniel, 22 Mar. 1685. SAMUEL, Braintree, m. 30 Aug. 1652, Mary Coles, had Mary, b. 24 Sept. 1655; Rachel, 31 Oct. 1657; and Sarah, 10 July 1660. THOMAS, Fairfield 1645, is on freem.'s list 1669. He had by w. Mary, Thomas; Mary, wh. m. Josiah Harvey; ano. d. m. John Beach; Mehitable; and John; but the order of success. is not kn. He d. bef. 1688; was a man of import. and spirit eno. to prosecute Dept. Gov. Ludlow, not long bef. his rem. to Virg. for defam. in report. that the ws. of S. was a wtich. The trial for satisfact. of both parties was in the neighb. Col. of New Haven, where the Court wisely held, "that there was no proof that goodw. S. was a witch," mulct. L. to pay L10 to the h. for repar. of his w's name, and L5 for his trouble and cost. Happily in a later day the New Haven Col. pass. unharm. by the doleful delus. spread in Mass. by rampant vanity and insane apprehension. Four of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Yale, and three at some other N. E. Coll. says Farmer.

A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Before 1692 Volume #4
Stanhope - Starbuck
By James Savage
1643 - ~1723 Mary Macomber 80 80 Made maintenance Deed 7 MAR 1721/2 in favor of Eldest son John; Deed recorded 2 APR 1722. ~1610 - 1683 John Staples 73 73 May have come over with the "Dorchester Emigration", settling for a time in Dorchester, MA; removed to Weymouth, MA, first appearing on records there in 1636; made freeman 10 MAY 1648; surveyor; Fence Viewer 1660, 1661, 1662; took Oath of Allegience 1678/9, Weynouth, MA; successful farmer; will dated 18 MAR 1683, probated 2 AUG 1683. Rebecca Died before husband. D. 1694 John Macomber Cooper successful mill owner, large land owner; in 1643 listed as able to bear arms at East Taunton, MA; made settlement of Estate 31 MAR 1694; will filed Taunton 2 APR 1723, recorded 30 OCT 1723.

John Macomber was admitted as a freeman and enrolled in the militia of Taunton in 1643. He was granted permission to build a mill in Taunton in 1659. There were then four persons in his family, and there is no record of more. The name of his first wife has not been learned. He was in a military company in 1680. He was living in 1687, as shown by a deed. Another deed shows that he died before 1690. He was a carpenter by trade. His property was equally divided between a daughter, Mary Staples, and a son, John Macomber.
Source: 'Macomber Genealogy', 1908, Everett S. Stackpole, p 10.
~1645 - 1687 Samuel Bishop 42 42 A.B. Harvard College 1665; in Indian Wars. ~1656 - 1704 Hester Cogswell 48 48 ~1653 - 1710 Caleb Fobes 57 57 Probably born Duxbury; to Preston, CT before age 27; owned land in Norwich, CT 1672; Volunteer in Narraganset Campaign of King Phillips War; An original proprieter of Voluntown, CT; First Deacon in Church of Preston; Constable 1684-5; Selectman; Town Treasurer; Committeeman on Land and Highways; deed from the Sachem Owaneco, 10 Dec. 1683, conveys to him 110 acres of land south of Connoughtug Brook; left an estate of œ625, wife and 5 children. 1651 - ~1702 Sarah Gager 51 51 ~1514 - 1595 Edmund Morgan 81 81 ~1618 - 1670 Thomas Bishop 52 52 In Ipswich by 1636; representative Ipswich 1666; at death estate valued at œ5000.1.1 D. 1681 Margaret D. 1700 William Cogswell 1633 - 1696 Susanna Hawkes 63 63 ~1600 - 1660 John Fobes 60 60 Grew up in Holland; one of 15 young men who landed in Plymouth in 1636, in- dentured to Isaac Allerton, richest man in Plymouth Colony to pay for pass- age; granted land ts Powder Point; tailor by trade; an original proprietor of Bridgewater, MA; made a Freeman with voting rights in 1645; a man of standing and local influence; Constable in 1651 and juror in 1659. Constant Mitchell <1625 - 1703 John Gager 78 78 Probably came with father to Boston 1630; received money from Gov. Winthrop originally due his father; resided Norwich, CT; made Freeman 1675; Constable of Norwich 1681; will dated 21 Dec. 1695, mentions Caleb Fobes as son-in-law, and gives him 20 shillings besides what his wife has slready received. ~1627 - 1703 Elizabeth Gore 76 76 D. >1603 John Standish In 1597 appointed coroner of the Sheading of Ayre in which Lezayre is situated in 1587 appointed Clerk of the Parish of Kirk Andreas by Henry then Earl of Derby and Lord of Man; in 1592 appointed Clerk of the Parish of Lezayre; in 1593 was member of House of Keys (Lower House of the Manx Parliment), mention- ed as a member in 1595. Mallie (Mary) Moore ~1516 Margred Morgan Huan Standish Of Ormskirk and of Ellanbane, Isle of Man; with his brother John went to Isle of Man about 1540 as Tenants of the Stanleys, except for a short period before the monastaries were broken up; at least 21 in 1540, for in 1540 'Huyn Standish' was recorded as a tenant of Lezayre Abbey and paid an annual rent of 24 shillings for the property known as the Ellabane estate; evidentley
cheated out of the lands of Ormskirk, Burscough, Wrightington, Newburg, Mawdesley and Croston by hid brother Thomas.
D. <1529 Robert Standish Of Ormskirk; described in 1567 by a Royal Herald as 'a son of Gilbert Standishe, a younger sonne descended owte of the house of Standishe'; in 1502 inherited lands in Newburgh and Ormskirk from his father. Margaret Croft Brought certain lands in Mawdesley, Wrightinton and Croston as her dowry; as a widow in 1529 paid rents for a whole year for 'Ormskirk, Borscoghe, Croston, Mawdisley, Wryghtington, Newburghe' Gilbert Standish Appears in a deed dated at Ormskirk on 17 JUN 1502, whereby he was granted a life interest in lands at Ormskirk and Newburgh by Peter Gerard and Richard Hulme. D. <1492 Robert Croft Alice Standish Hugh Standish One of the earliest known members of the Ormskirk branch; in 1481 received rights and claims to lands in Newburgh and Ormskirk; granted without any consideration by Evan or Ewan Standish of Weryngton, heir of the late William Standish, these lands already being in the possession, having descended by inheritance or gift to Hugh Standish from his aunt, Alice Standish Burscough; involved in a fray at Wigan Church along with his nephew, Alexander Standish against the Gerards and Langtons. Isabel Avenal D. ~1492 John Croft Made will 6 AUG 1492 leaving all his lands to the children of his son John in succession. Christopher Standish ~1518 Barbara Morgan Margaret Unton D. >1437 Thomas Croft In 1437 gave his lands in the town and townfields of Ormskirk to his son John. ~1325 - >1410 John Standish 85 85 In 1410 held lands in Mawdisley, Wrightington and Croston. Alice De Bretherton Brought the lands in Wrightington and part of those in Croston as her dowry. Robert Unton ~1360 - 1434 Laurence De Standish 74 74 Lord of the Manor 1418-1434; marriage settlement dated at Shevyngton 30 SEP 1398; in which he received from his father part of the manor of Shevynton and 12 acres of land; disputed title of advowson of Wigan Church 1414 - dispute settled by King Henry IV against the Standishes, although they did get damages ~1375 Lora De Pilkington Robert Standish Knighted after being appointed High Sheriff of Lancaster; held lands in Mawdesly and Croston. Isolda Widow of William de Lea, knight. Henry De Bretherton 1520 Maud Morgan Margery ~1333 - 1418 Ralph De Standish 85 85 Lord of the Manor 1396-1408. ~1337 Cecilia Bradshaigh Brought a valuable dowry with provision for cattle, household utensils, and even ploughing of land. ~1349 Roger Pilkington Thomas Gerard Of Byrn. Isabel ~1286 - ~1353 John De Standish 67 67 Lord of the Standish Manor 1326-1353; renowned as a soldier and honored in court circles; in 1345 was at Battle of Nevill's Cross under Queen Phlippa when King David II of Scotland was captured; was an equerry of King Edward III and Queen Philippa. ~1292 Margaret ~1316 - ~1396 Henry De Standish 80 80 Lord of Standish Manor 1353-1396; a second son who inherited the manor in 1353 pre-occupied with preserving family's manorial possessions in aftermath of the Black Death and the Peasant's Revolt. ~1316 Joan De Worsley ~1522 Jane Morgan ~1311 Roger De Bradshaigh ~1292 - 1379 William Le Boteler 87 87 Of Bewsey. Elizabeth De Argentine ~1256 - 1322 William De Standish 66 66 Lord of Standish Manor 1296-1326; rendered due homage and service to the
Baron of Penwotham and he was also bound to do service at Penwortham Court,
a kind of magistrate's duty, which was required of him every three weeks;
was a judge at the trial of Robert de Clitheroe, Rector of Wigan Church, who
had been arraigned for treason against King Edward II; was also 'in
summons', that is to say duty bound to attend the Great Council of
Westminster and was held in high esteem there; in 1304 unsuccessfully
claimed the advowson of Wigan Church and prepared a pedigree of his family
stating that the advowson had been held by his ancestor, Radulphus de
Standish, whgo had provided rectors in the reign of Richard I (Lion Heart)
1189-1190; in 1310 received a plot a land in Wygan from William de Wyan.
Allianora (Margaret De Euxton) D. >1330 William Le Boteler ~1234 - 1290 Jordan De Standish 56 56 Lord of Standish Manor 1288-1290; succeeded as lord of Standish manor in 1288 after the death of his two elder brothers; in 1289 granted lands to the three children of his sister Alicia who had married Sir Robert de Haydock, rector of the Church of Standish. D. ~1328 William Le Boteler Succeede his grandfather in 1280; 14 JUN 1294 summoned to attend the King in the French wars in Gascony; summoned to Parliament 23 JUN 1295, 26 AUG 1295 and 6 FEB 1298/9; in 1305-06 he was in the expedition to Scotland. Sybil Living in 1330. ~1524 Constance Morgan ~1208 - ~1288 Radulphus De Standish 80 80 ~1241 - 1298 Robert De Plumpton 57 57 ~1243 Isabella De Westwick D. 1297 Henry Le Boteler Did not inherit, died before his father. Ralph Fitzhugh ~1182 - ~1246 Alexander De Standish 64 64 Rector, Lord of Standish manor 1220-1240; succeeded as lord of the manor when an elder brother (Ricardus) became Rural Dean of Standish, and two other brothers senior to Alexander also entered the Church. ~1592 - 1669 John Cogswell 77 77 Immigrant on Angel Gabriel 1635, in passage wrecked at Pemaquid, Maine; settled Ipswich, MA 1635; admitted freeman 1636. 1594 - 1676 Elizabeth Thompson 82 82 D. 1671 Adam Hawkes Immigrant in Winthrop Fleet 1630; soon thereafter in Charlestown, MA; in Lynn, MA 1638. ~1595 - 1669 Ann Hutchison 74 74 ~1526 Mary Morgan 1566 Thomas Mitchell Aged 56 on 15 Aug 1622 ~1568 Margaret Williams D. 1630 William Gager Immigrant in Winthrop Fleet 1630 with Gov. Winthrop, reckoned as one of Gov's household; given salary from public treasury; deacon of first Church at Charlestown, now Boston. D. 1643 Samuel Gore "Citizen and grocer of London" Elizabeth Hill 1554 - ~1615 Edward Cogswell 61 61 Will dated June 23, 1615; proved Jan 12, 1616. 1570 - 1616 Alice 46 46 Will dated June 25, 1615; proved May 11, 1616. 1575 - 1623 William Thompson 48 48 Vicar of Westbury, Wiltshire, ENG for 20 years, 1603-1623. ~1578 Phillis John Hawkes ~1528 Elizabeth Morgan 1510 Robert Cogswell 1518 Alice Thomas Rudd Katherine Parris D. 1492 Robert Pemberton Alice Lago D. 1511 Thomas Gifford D. 1535 Joan Langston Richard Coles Gentleman; held lands in Preston Capes, Everdon, Litchborough Maidford, Adston , Woodford, Church Brampton & elswhere; through his daughter Anne he was ancestor in the ninth generation of George Washington. Henry Somerset ~1474 John Thomas Elizabeth Browne Thomas Rudd William Pemberton Stephen Lago ~1431 - 1506 John Gifford 75 75 Commisioner of peace 1479 and 1483; high sheriff of Bucks County 1497; on 24 NOV 1487 granted his lands in Fringford, Oxfordshire to son Thomas & daughter-in-law Joan and their heirs; on 25 SEP 1506 also gave lands of Twyford to Thomas. Agnes Winslowe D. 1506 John Langston had 22 children, of whom 17 died unmarried. Amy (Amice) Danvers D. >1474 William Coles Alice ~1460 - >1490 William Parke 30 30 D. ~1280 William Le Boteler Of Warrington, who held the Lordship of Warrington in 1212; sheriff of county Lancashire 1258-1259; governor of Lancaster Castle. ~1183 - 1235 Piers Fitzherbert 52 52 Adult by 1204; living 19 May 1235; through his mother heir to one third interest in the barony of Miles of Gloucester, Earl of Hereford; died shortly before 6 JUN 1235; marriage settlement made on 28 NOV 1203. D. 1225 Alice Fitzrobert Hugh Fitzralph Agnes De Greasley ~1160 - ~1220 Radulphus (Ralph) De Standish 60 60 Adopted the name de Standish from his manor which he soley possessed about 1206, when he and his brother Siward parted the townships between them and divided the church advowson; Radulphus took the manor of Standish and adopted the name de Standish, and Siward adopted the name of his manor, Langstre; begand the ancestral line of the Standishes of Standish. Juliana D. 1212 Richard Le Boteler Aquired the Lordship of Warrington by marriage. Beatrice ~1153 - 1186 Everard De Ros 33 33 Still a minor in 1166; adhered to the King in the rebellion of 1173; was a benifactor of the abbeys of Newminster and Rievaulx. ~1487 Thomas Rudd 1151 - >1194 Roese (Rose) Trussbut 43 43 Said to be 34 in 1185 and to have two sons, the elder (Robert) aged 13; she was living in the summer of 1194. ~1150 - 1204 Herbert Fitzherbert 54 54 Lucy Fitzmiles Lady of Blaen Llyfni and Bwich and Dinas, Brecknock; heir to one third interest in barony of Miles of Gloucester her father. ~1160 - 1214 Robert Fitzroger 54 54 Lord of Clavering; Sheriff of Northumberland. D. >1231 Margaret De Chesney Ralpd De Greasley ~1135 Leising Believed to have been the first rector of the ancient Standish Church, built about the end of the 12th century. Daughter Of Richard D. 1400 Robert Parke