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Nir family anscestors and relatives

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This is a family tree containing all the information I (Danny Nir) collected over the years. I believe that before you decide where you want to go, you must first understand from where you came. This is just a small part of the family history. Every person listed had a life, had hopes, concerns, dreams and troubles. A placement in a family tree does not do their lives justice.

Whole sections of the tree end, not because I did not find any information about these people. Rather, they were murdered. A great many of them. Just for being Jews.  Please note that according to best practice, those murdered in the Holocaust for which we have no exact information, the date of death is listed as 1942.

I hope that when you view this information, you too will have a glimpse of their lives. You should be blessed to know from where you came, and to where you should strive to go, and most important is the way you get there.

I welcome all corrections and updates.  If you have pictures or stories you would like to add, please send them and I will include these in the tree.  Please send email to

Most Popular Family Names

Gaon  (11), Mar_Zutra  (7), Hagadol  (5), Huna  (4), Hazaken  (4), Yeshaya  (3), Shmaya  (3), Nechemya  (3), Aharon  (3), Yoseph  (2), Yochanan  (2), Yehuda  (2), Yaakov  (2), Ukvan  (2), Shva  (2), Shlomo  (2), Shchanya  (2), Shaphat  (2), Rav_Huna  (2), Natan  (2)

Most Popular Places

United States  (16), New York  (4), Israel  (4), France  (1), Rome  (1), Italy  (1), Poland and Austria  (1), United Kingdom  (1), Australia  (1), West Australia  (1), Pennsylvania  (1), Massachusetts  (1), Lucia  (1), England  (1), Maryland  (1), Poland  (1), Canada  (1), New Jersey  (1)
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